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This the story about how I met a German woman at an industrial club that turned into one of the many wonderful women that became regular play partners for the three years I spent living overseas. I’m Afro-Latino and it’s obvious. I stood out of the crowd in Germany without even trying. I jump around a lot in my time line from living there because it was a busy time both social and professionally. This took place sometime after Maria and Inge were both my regular fuck buddies, but before Cassandra, Melanie, Aria, Katja, Michelle, Heather, Jenni, Karen, Rose. You get the picture.

I had made friends with another couple of Americans. I’ll call them Jay and Dee, that I met at the Irish pub I regularly patronized and even though they were about as pasty white as a lot of the Germans I was acquaintances with they didn’t treat me any differently. Maybe it’s because we are all American in a foreign land, but it was kind of cool. They invited me to go to a goth club with them after we had some drinks and talked about common interests. There weren’t too many, but we could all agree that the current musical trends, this was the late 90s, sucked donkey dick.

So, we walked through winding cobble stone streets to what seemed like an even shadier area than where I lived. Out of some distrust I was already planning on defending myself if these two guys decided to turn on me. We approached what looked like a pretty large warehouse type of building near the river and there was a line of people waiting to get in. Out of habit I went to get in line and Jay said, “Nah, man we don’t wait in line. My girl works here they know us.” We walked past the people waiting in line most of them dresses in leather, spikes, what was basically fashionable BDSM gear. Most of them looked cold, mind you this was in the spring, but it was still chilly at night.

At the door this huge stereotypical bouncer scowled out direction then smiled, a real smile with the eye squint and everything, as we approached. He got let in without even being patted down. As soon as the door opened I could hear the music. It wasn’t what I was expecting. Well not entirely. I was like if someone took techno, slowed it down and only used minor chords in a lower scale. That’s beside the point. The point is we walked in and we stood out like a shit in a punch bowl. Everyone, and I mean Everyone was wearing black, everyone had eye liner, or elaborate haircuts and styles, platform boots. It looked like a Nine Inch Nails video produced by Stephen King. My two friends seemed to know a lot of the people that and mingled right away.

I tried to stay at the peripheral of their social encounters still not feeling at place or comfortable at all, but there was plenty of liquid courage to be had. Cheap beer and, oddly enough, Southern Comfort. Which I found out later is considered a gay culture drink. It would explain a lot of the overly friendly dudes. The night passed well. I danced a bit, but it was difficult to get into the dancing because it all seemed so ritualistic. Everyone seemed to face the center of the dance floor and do the same moves of swaying back and forth feet planted firmly to the ground. I mean they were swaying to the rhythm, but that’s about it. I was dancing pretty much like I was at a slower rave whenever I didn’t have a drink in my hand.

I’m rambling. Let me get to the purpose of this story. So anyway, my two American friends split up and did their own thing, Jay with his girlfriend that was working at the bar and Dee chatting up this woman wearing what looked like a skin tight piecemeal leather outfit. I walked off the dance floor and just leaned up against the railing that overlooked the scene and that’s when I spotted her across the way. She was tall, I found out later 6′ even, creamy white skin, a spiked mohawk black lipstick a spiked collar on her neck. She was wearing a black mesh top with just bahis firmaları a black bra underneath, a black and red mini skirt with fishnet stockings and mother fucking Dock Martins. She was like a god damn goth punk archetype from any cheesy 80s movie. She was toned; either she had a manual labor job or actively worked out. She still had that curviness of a woman in her hips though and I knew then that I wanted her.

Problem was, how in the fuck was this much shorter, dark skinned Latin guy that barely spoke German going to approach this? I noticed she was by herself so that’s one advantage. She was drinking a hefeweizen which means I know what I can buy her on my way over to introduce myself. The only thing left was to just go do it. I made my way over to Jay and his girl ordered two hefeweizen and then bee lined right for the gothic queen. I walked up, smiled and handed her the glass and said in my best German, “möchte einen Döner Kebob bekommen? ” I could have fucked it up, but it was do you want to get a doner kebab. It’s similar to a gyro, but just better in every in a sense that pussy, ass and mouth will always be better than jerking off. I’m so not exaggerating.

She laughed and thanked me for the beer and said in really broken English, “You’re are one of the Americans. I saw you come in with them” I said absolutely, if i hadn’t walked in with them it wouldn’t be hard to tell I’m not in the scene based on my clothes. At the time I was wearing regular faded jeans and a black t-shirt covered with a dark grey hoodie. The only article of clothing that was even slightly similar was that I wore Doc Martin shoes. Never the boots. Her name was Kristina, Tina for short. We had a bit of conversation. She worked for the water company and it was a physical job, she also played in a punk band, which later on had asked me to fill in on drums and bass occasionally. The club was still jumping around 2am when she said she would take me up on that doner kebab.

I told Jay and Dee I was leaving and thanked them for inviting me out. Tina grabbed her leather jacket off the back of a chair as we walked out. It was even colder than when I had arrived to the club earlier. The bouncer was still working the door, but he looked more relaxed and he gave me the thumbs up. A week later he told me that several guys have tried to take her home, but she always rejected them so my ego shot through the roof.

We walked mostly in silence until we got to the doner stand and we each got a doner with a couple Fantas and a baklava to split. She asked me why I approached her, I told her honestly that the look of her shocked and attracted me to her. I was expecting to be rejected because even with her boots off she had to be taller than me by about 4 inches. She told me I was cute and she liked that I wasn’t trying to look like everyone else. We finished eating and when I asked her to walk her home she suggested we go back to me place. I wasn’t going to argue. We walked a few blocks to my place went up the flight of stairs and into my tiny studio. Pointed out the bathroom for her and I got out of my clothes it stunk of cigarette smoke.

She came out of the bathroom with all of her clothes off and yes she was still taller than me. She helped me out of my clothes as we moved to my bed. She was totally taking charge and I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I was a little scared and loving it. She pushed me down on my bed and then dropped to her knees on the floor pulling my boxer briefs down and grabbed my cock in her hands. I’m proud to say as big as her hands were my cock still impressed her. She went down on me like she loved it. It wasn’t like she was just doing it to make me happy, she was savoring it, worshiping it. Watching her mouth take me as she looked into my eyes and seeing the spiked mohawk of hers bob up and down will be burned into my memories. I told her I was going to kaçak iddaa cum and she gripped me hard with her mouth sucking my head. Her other hand pushed and clawed my chest down. She was a trooper because I cum a lot. She swallowed every drop and then squeezed from the base to the tip making sure she didn’t miss a thing.

She stood up taking off her bra and panties then climbed on my bed taking my hand and pulling me to her. Her other hand grabbed the back of my head and she guided me down between her legs. I didn’t need to be directed. I knew what I had to do. Her pussy was shaved clean and it was beautiful. I took hold of her legs and dove into her. I could smell the sweat from dancing at the club, and it drove me crazy. I sucked on her clit licked up and down her pussy and even rimmed her tight little ass. I knew that ass would be mine, I just didn’t know it would be that night. Her thighs would squeeze me and she would convulse when I sucked and used my teeth just right. My fingers playing on her ass or massaging her clit when I was lower. Every time she would start to cum I would slow down to tease her and the look of anger would flash on her face, but not for long because I would go right back down and continue mastering my work.

She finally full on started to cum and I took that opportunity to climb up and grab her by the neck with my right hand while my left just assaulted her clit. Yes she was much stronger than a lot of women, but not as strong as me. I held her down and kept forcing her to have wave after wave of orgasm on my bed. She was finally mumbling and begging me to stop when I released her. By now I knew she was too sensitive to fuck, but I was hard again. I turned her over and put a pillow below her hips. I was planning on fucking her doggy style, but she needed some support. Looking down on her thick ass, I knew she had to get spanked. I used my right hand to spank down wards and she snapped her head back to look me in the eye. The glare of anger and lust. Not looking away I spanked her again and I could see the wanton lust in her face. The next slap I held on to her ass and squeezed that juice ass. Her pussy was so wet I knew she wanted my cock. I reached over to the night stand and pulled out a condom, slid it on and before I even tried to slid my cock in her I spanked her ass again to remind her who was in charge.

I kept my dick right at the entrance of her pussy sliding it up and down her lips and occasionally teasing her ass. She started pushing back every time my dick was right at her entrance. I finally gave in and I slammed into her and the groan, whimper of her was satisfaction and surprise. I held it deep inside of her and spanked her ass again making her pussy tighten around me. I started to slowly pull out and it was like she didn’t want me to. She kept pushing her ass back to keep me in. So I complied, but on my terms. Slammed nice and deep and hold it grind her then pull out some more only to have her crave me deep again. I must have done this for 10 minutes when I just couldn’t take it anymore and started to fuck her hard my hand reaching up and grabbing a hold of her neck and my other hand keeping my thumb playing around and in her asshole which she loved. I told her i was going to cum and that’s when she surprised me with her strength. She flipped over grabbing me and putting me on my back. She reached down pulling the condom off of me and climbed right on top and sat down deep. She ground down so hard i could feel my dick hitting resistance deep inside her.

When I started to cum she bent over and bit me on the neck and twisted my nipple. Never in my life did I cum like that, my prostate actually hurt. I just kept cumming deep inside her as she rode me and wouldn’t stop. I was literally whimpering because my cock was so sensitive, but I was still hard and inside her.

When I was finally soft she got up and went kaçak bahis to the bathroom and then came back with one of my wash cloths soaked in warm water and cleaned me off. She played with my balls and kissed my cock again playing with me driving me crazy. I started to get hard again and she smile on her face told me this was going to be a long night. She began sucking me off again until I was hard. She climbed up and told me to move to the side. She lay on her back and told me to get between her legs. She wasn’t asking she was demanding it. I thought I was going to fuck her missionary, and I was but that’s not the complete story.

She pulled her legs back and spread them. Looking at her spent pussy made me want to just pound away at her again. Apparently she didn’t care if I came inside her, but that’ not what she had in mind. As I teased her pussy lips up and down she reached down to a hold of my cock and held it tight. She guided me lower and that’s when I got it. This wasn’t my first time fucking a woman in the ass, but it was the first time it was entirely her suggestion. I guided myself to her ass and she looked me in the eye as I first got my head in and she let out a deep sigh. I know I’m girthy, but I didn’t think it would affect her as much considering how tall she was, but apparently the size of the woman has no correlation on insertion size. It took me what felt like 5 minutes before I was able to get all 9 inches inside of her and the whole time she was clawing at my chest and pulling me down to kiss her. When I thought about it we didn’t kiss much at all before we got right down to fucking.

Her ass was so hot and tight on me I didn’t want to start pumping, but she was telling me to fuck her and fuck her deep. So I started rocking my weight and sliding in and out of her. I was familiar with lube, but she didn’t need it. Apparently her pussy was wet enough to migrate to her ass, but I still took it easy until I could feel it was a comfortable motion. Deep inside then pull out half way before burying myself in her again. I watched as her hands alternated between playing with her clit and twisting her nipples. I took initiative and kept my thumb firmly on her clit playing with it while she focused on her nipples. Slowly we increased out pace until her moans and whimpers kept getting louder and louder. At one point her face was a mix of pain and pleasure and she was saying something in German, but by then I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to keep feeling my cock slide in and out of her until I exploded. Her ankles held me deep in her when she started to have her orgasm. My hand reach down and I lightly chocked her while my other hand mercilessly ground her clit. Her hips started to gyrate to the orgasm and just when she was coming down I started to fuck her like I hated her. I grabbed the back of her neck pulling her up and biting her lower lip as I pounded away. Then it happened.

It was like the orgasm started in my balls ricocheted of my cock head traveled up my spine to my brain. Our foreheads were together and we were like savages staring each other down. I started cumming so deep in her. I didn’t feel how she was slicing up my back with her nails, the bite on my lips. None of it. I came so hard I collapsed on top of her. We both had to catch our breath before we washed up. We actually showered together. She cleaned my cock in the shower and I even brushed her now flat black hair. We toweled off and went back to my bed. I got us water out of my fridge and we went to sleep. We woke up a couple hours later as the sun peaked in through my curtains. We lay in bed silently understanding that this was too good to just let it happen only once. We exchanged numbers. She wasn’t on the pill, but didn’t get pregnant. After that we promised that no sex in her pussy without a condom, but her ass was always available no matter what. Of course occasionally that rule was broken, but she became my, not so little, punk-rock-goth anal slut for the rest of the time I was in Germany. My future girlfriend Aria loved her as much as I did and made her a regular play partner for us.

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