To Bask in Breastford Ch. 21

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Air was teasing his legs as Coach Dick made his way across the gym. The gym itself was very well-cooled, and after building up a sweat it made one feel as though he were on an icecap. He took the towel from around his neck and wiped his face with it; trying to rid himself of all the sweat he had managed to collect.

As he stepped out of the gym and into his office he was met with a slightly warmer scenario, but when he saw that the busty duo of Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust were in there waiting for him he was met with a significantly hotter one. The two had been in mid-conversation when he walked in, but had ceased as he had entered the room. The room itself seemed to be succumbing to the heat the two chesty blonde teens were projecting simply by being there; Coach Dick found himself sweating all over again as he took in the sight of the two teenage virgin bombshells.

“What’s…er…what’s going on?” he stammered.

He took his towel in hand and began drying himself as he walked around the two beauties to his desk. He could feel their eyes on him, but he was trying not to look at them directly until he could drink a bit more StaminaX. He failed, however; and noticed that the duo had their skinny arms crossed underneath their mammoth breasts, causing each of their big globes to monstrously balloon out.

He tried not to focus on them, or the amount of titflesh that spilled out over their tiny forearms, as he reached into his desk and pulled out a squeeze bottle. As he took a long swig form the bottle, his eyes now remained glued to their gargantuan jugs; he hadn’t even noticed that the stacked girls were staring at him with serious looks on their faces.

“Coach Dick!” Brooke said, a small smile spreading across her face. “I know your secret.”

The sweaty coach now looked at the busty blonde’s face as he took another drink from his bottle.

“My secret?” he said as he finished his drink. “What are you talking about?”

Brittany took a step forward.

“We know all about that little rule of yours. Or should I say, Madeline’s?” she said.

The coach’s eyes went wide for a brief moment, but he quickly put on a cool face and put his drink down.

“I have…no clue what you are talking about.” He said.

“Don’t play dumb.” Brooke said, stepping forward. “We know full well that you were given special permission to have sex with the entire Cantaloupe Committee…but not us.”

Coach Dick pretended to cough in surprise and shock.

“Sex?” he said. “Sex…like, sex sex? You’re talking about sex?”

“Oh please.” Brooke said, rolling her eyes. “You want us. You want me and Brit so bad that it’s threatening to tear your pants apart.”

She gestured to his crotch.

“That…my crotch…that’s none of you—”

“Relax.” Brittany said. “We’re prepared to make you a little deal.”

Coach Dick stopped all thought for a moment. He hadn’t thought of this. This was something he was unprepared for. Was the busty duo about to do all the work for him?

He leered at the two girls with squinting eyes.

“What kind of deal?” he asked.

“Well,” Brooke said. “Since we know you can’t have sex with us, obviously we won’t be doing that.”

“Okay…” the coach said, not sure where this was going.

“But…” Brittany said. “If you do something for us we might be willing to bend that rule a little bit.”

Coach Dick nodded his head slightly, intrigued. He had hoped the motion would draw the attention away from his bulging crotch; it was telling him that it liked this deal very much.

“I thought you said that you wouldn’t have sex with me?” he said.

“We won’t have sex with you.” Brooke said. “But…we are willing to show you our boobs, right here, right now.”

The horny coach felt his cock throbbing at the concept. He forced his voice to maintain composed.

“Interesting…” he said, his boner still throbbing. “And what would I have to do in return?”

“In return…” Brittany said. “You have to make sure that whatever changes are made, Brooke and I get to stay on the team. FIRST team.”

Coach Dick’s mind lit up at this concept. He had never intended to pull the duo off the team; that would mean less time to watch them bouncing around in the gym. Essentially, what Brooke and Brittany were saying was that they would show him their boobs for free!

But…it wasn’t just a look he was after.

“I don’t know…” he said. “That really messes me up work wise. If I were to do that, then I would need to have more than just a look.”

“Fine.” Brooke said. “Brit and I will just go. We don’t really want it that bad.”

Coach Dick watched as his free look at their big, juicy boobs starting turning the doorknob to his office, ready to walk out of his life forever.

“Wait!” he said, causing the two girls to stop and turn back around. “You girls…you babes have some big, MASSIVE hooters…”

“Do you want to see them?” Brooke asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I…er…YES!” the coach said. “But…but canlı bahis şirketleri I want to keep seeing them. Tomorrow. The next day. Always.”

“Sorry.” Brittany said as she and Brooke hooked their fingers under the bottom of their shirts. “One time only.”

Coach Dick began to protest, but stopped. He wasn’t sure of what he would say. He just stared at the two beautiful big-boobed blondes with their hands tucked under their shirts, ready to rid them as well as their bras and show him their massive tits…

“So what’ll it be, Coach?” Brooke asked; she and Brittany staring directly at him as their hands rested beneath their tops. “Yes…or no?”

“I…er…er…” Coach Dick replied.

“C’mon, Coach…” Brittany said.

“FINE!” Coach Dick decided. “I’ll take the deal.”

“Good boy!” Brittany said, with a smile on her face.

“Now…” Brooke said, as she and Brittany stepped a little closer. “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the one-time only show…”

Coach Dick was beside himself. He felt light-headed as though he was having an out-of-body experience. His eyes were glued to their mega-sized racks, and he was careful not to blink as he watched the busty blonde duo slowly ridding themselves of their tops.

He wasn’t sure who to look at as both Brooke Biguns and Brittany Bust pulled their gym shirts over their busts with some difficulty. As they revealed their bras to him the sight of their huge knockers pressing into the cups of their straining bras was awe-inspiring. His eyes grew wide, and he found himself staring at their bra-encased beauties as though he were at a strip club.

The “Breastford” wording on the front of their shirts could no longer be seen; both girls had managed to scrunch her shirt up over her chest where it rested. Coach Dick made note of the fact that neither one of them was wearing a sports bra; rather they were each wearing black ones like those he had seen women wear in fashion magazines.

Brooke was staring down at her bust and having some difficulty getting a proper view over her scrunched up shirt. Her small hands were pinching the material and adjusting it comfortably over the top of her massive chest. Coach Dick opted to think that the busty blonde was adjusting herself in order to give him the best possible view.

On her left Brittany was doing the same thing with the material of her bra. Coach Dick watched her as she adjusted the cups which housed her massive mammaries. Although he didn’t understand the purpose of all these adjustments he was perfectly content to let the girls feel as comfortable as they pleaded; seeing their huge boobs covered by nothing but their bras was more than enough to keep him busy.

Neither girl was looking at him as they were much too focused on themselves. Coach Dick decided it was for the best; the less they knew about his raging boner, the better. As it was, he was having difficulty keeping himself restrained. All he wanted to do at this moment was jump on the two girls, rip their bras apart, and start groping their huge jugs and burying his face in them. Or at the very least free his cock and start jerking it.

That light-headed feeling began to grow, and his aching cock was pushing boundaries he never even knew he had. With every ounce of will power he had, he willed himself to stay composed.

“So what do you think, Coach?” Brooke asked as she cupped her tits through her bra.

Next to her, Brittany was doing the same thing.

“Yeah…” She said. “Are you turned on?”

Coach Dick cleared his throat as he thought of how to respond.

“Er…erm…” he began. “Err…yes. A little.”

Brittany and Brooke gave each other ominous smiles. He was obviously lying.

“Well good.” Brooke said, turning her attention back to the distraught coach. “Because the show’s not over yet. We wouldn’t want you BLOWING your load too soon, now would we?”

Coach Dick grunted. He was finding the situation extremely erotic.

“Are you ready?” Brittany asked as she reached behind herself. “Are you ready to see the greatest show in the world?”

Her words echoed in his ears. He wasn’t even sure if he had responded as he watched both girls fiddling with their hands behind their backs while they reached to unhook their bras. It wouldn’t have mattered even if he had said no; these girls were determined to make him spew his load. Realizing this, he quickly reached for the bottle of StaminaX. Careful not to take his eyes off the action, he swallowed gulp after gulp of Paula’s blue concoction.

Brittany and Brooke arched their backs just a little bit further as their bra straps came flinging around their sides. Both girls immediately reached up to the cups of their bras and held them there; making sure the eager coach didn’t catch a premature glimpse of their melony goods. Brittany’s hand slid along the straps and followed them all the way to her shoulders.

Coach Dick pulled his eyes away from Brittany’s mesmerizing motions to look at Brooke. She, too, canlı kaçak iddaa had her hands poised on the straps of her bra.

It was an erotic sight watching the two chesty teens sliding their bras off their shoulders and wriggling their way out of them. Coach Dick was all too aware that they still had not let him sneak a peek. As the girls held their black bras over their bare boobs by nothing but their cups, Coach Dick decided that he had to have another swig of StaminaX. He reached for the bottle and as he gulped the last of the blue liquid down he prayed that it would be enough.

“Like what you see so far?” Brittany asked of him, her hands resting comfortably on her bra cups.

“I ain’t seen nothing yet.” The coach replied, as cool and calm as he could.

The two girls threw each other another glance.

“Are you ready?” Brooke asked.

Coach Dick threw his drink bottle aside so that it flew across the room, empty.

“Yeah.” He said. “Let’s do this!”

With one more ominous smile thrown at each other the two busty girls pulled their bras away and let them fall to the floor.

Coach Dick’s eyes grew wide in awe as their big, bare boobs filled his vision. The four huge globes of flesh jiglled slightly in his sights as the girls’ motions ceased and they let him eye-hump their big hooters.

Never in his life had he seen more perfect pairs of tits; not in magazines, not in porn, not on the internet…never. Brittany and Brooke were in a league all of their own. Their huge funbags defied gravity with a perk that was uncommonly found; teasing him with their youthful vigor and bounce. They were every bit as round and smooth and unblemished as he had imagined; every bit as perfect as he had dreamed. Paula’s tits paled in comparison to these; no…not just Paula, but most every woman in Breastford. There was only one who could possibly compete…but she had not yet entered his mind.

Brittany and Brooke threw each other a quick smile as they gauged the reaction on their coach’s face. It was priceless! He had gone from a dim-witted stare to full on gawking, and he had dribble coming out of the corners of his mouth.

The girls cupped their boobs in their hands and put them on display for their coach. Their petite hands were immediately overwhelmed by vast amounts of titlesh; boobmeat spilled over their fingers as they slowly jiggled them for Coach Dick.

“Are you impressed?” Brooke asked.

Coach Dick was still gawking. He didn’t even answer her as he continued to stare at the two sets of enormous jugs in front of him. He hadn’t even realized that his jaw had dropped and his mouth was now agape. He saw Brittany’s lovely fingertips sliding over the slope of her breasts; teasing him as they scaled her mountainous globe lightly. Next to her, he saw Brooke doing the same thing. Her fingertips could be seen pressing into the soft, abundant flesh of her massive jugs as they loomed over her swelling bosoms.

“Oh my God…” Coach Dick moaned. “Those are…those…”

“You like?” Brittany asked.

“Perfect!” the coach exclaimed. It was taking everything he had to play it cool. “Those look…I’ve…I’ve never seen…they’re so huge!”

Brooke looked down at her beautiful boobies as she squeezed and kneaded them to the delight of her coach.

“Mine have recently gotten bigger…” she said.

Brittany threw her friend a nasty look, as though she’d just been blindsided. Jiggling her jugs with a little more enthusiasm, she spoke up.

“So have mine.” She proclaimed.

Now it was Brooke’s turn to throw Brittany a stern look.

Hearing the two topless girls commenting on their huge breasts was not helping Coach Dick calm himself in the slightest. But he realized that he now felt a little tension between the two girls, and this set his mind racing. The possibility of an impending quarrel between two busty, topless teen right there in his office was enough to take his mind off his erection…but it still did nothing to calm it. If anything, the prospect of a busty-babe catfight was like fuel to his hard-on’s fire. He cleared his throat again.

“Impressive…” he said, almost trailing off as he tried to sound as composed as he could. “Those boobs are all impressive…what size are they?”

At this question the two girls eagerly turned their attention to him at the same time. When they spoke, it was simultaneous as well.

“Triple D.” they said.

As soon as they said it, they turned to look at each other.

“DDD?” Brooke asked Brittany, in a mock tone. “Are you kidding?”

“As if!” Brittany responded. “What about you?”

Brooke now took to arching her back proudly.

“I’ve been a size 34DDD for a while already.” She said.

“So have I!” Brittany rebutted, arching her back just like Brooke. “My boobs have been a size 34DDD for weeks!”

“Girls, girls. Don’t fight.” Coach Dick said, trying to take advantage of the situation. “You both have huge, beautiful racks.”

The busty duo now turned their canlı kaçak bahis attention back to Coach Dick. They had almost forgotten he was there.

“You know…I could settle this little squabble.” He said.

The two girls looked at each other.

“You can?” Brooke asked.

“Yes, I can.” The horny coach said. “Those huge boobs are so big and round…and JUICY! I might have to give each pair a thorough examination.”

Brittany and Brooke were staring at him as he pined over their big, braless breasts.

“Yeah I might have to squeeze both pairs of jugs, and pinch those nipples…and lick them!”

Coach Dick was drooling as the two busty beauties stood before him topless.


The girls stayed put; their bare boobs still dangling free in front of their coach.

“Umm…yeah…no.” Brittany said, as she pulled her shirt down over her tits.

Next to her, Brooke was doing the same thing.

Coach Dick’s member was still throbbing and aching as his heart raced from the sudden shock of losing everything he had just had. The busty girls covering their massive tits up was probably the worst thing that had ever happened to him.

“What—”he said. “Wait…what’s…what are you girls doing??”

“You know what we’re doing.” Brooke said as she knelt down to pick her black bra up from the floor.

“No, no no!” Coach Dick exclaimed. “Wait, it doesn’t have to stop! It’s okay, I’m sorry. Bring those tits out again!”

“Not on your life.” Brittany said as she, too, knelt down to pick up her bra.

“You…you can’t just leave me like this!” Coach Dick said. “You busty girls have such massive, juicy melons!”

“Yeah,” Brooke said. “And if you ever want to see them again in all their naked glory you’ll keep your end of our deal.”

“Yeah…” Brittany added. “And if you’re a good boy maybe we’ll even let you jerk off to them.”

She threw him a wink, coaxing a small giggle from Brooke as the two of them turned toward the door.

Coach Dick’s mind was racing as he thought of what he could say. This whole encounter had been a struggle to keep his cool, and he’d been losing. Thinking quickly, he decided to try to end this on a good note.

“Okay.” He said. His mind was telling him this was the right thing to do, but his body was telling him otherwise. All he wanted to do was stop the two chesty teases from leaving and have his way with their massive breasts, but he fought that urge with all his might. “I’ll keep my end of the deal, just like I promised.”

Brooke and Brittany turned to look at him just as they had reached the door. This was much unexpected of their new coach, or anyone for that matter.

“Thank you, ladies, for showing me your lovely tits.”

Brittany looked confusedly toward Brooke, who was busy trying to figure out what the coach was up to.

“Erm…er…” Brittany said.

“You’re welcome.” Brooke said, quickly.

She hurriedly opened the door and coaxed Brittany into exiting. She quickly followed, and Coach Dick watched the two busty teen beauties leave; bras in hand.

* * * * * * * *

“You’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately.”

Coach Blue could vaguely hear his wife speaking as he stared out the window. It had been a slow day. There had been nary a sign of Brooke, Brittany, or even Gretchen. He had contemplated going for a jog, but that was just a ruse to strike up a conversation or two with some busty babes. Since there had been no one out and about he had taken to standing by the window for the last fifteen minutes.

“Huh?” he said, finally giving up and turning to his wife.

“I said you’ve been home a lot lately. It’s been nice.” Laura said.

“Oh.” Coach Blue said. “Yeah. I’ve been thinking.”

“Oh?” Laura said, standing closer to him. “About what?”

“Things aren’t exactly going my way.” He said.

“Well…” Laura said. “They gave you an assistant, and now you have less work and more time to spend at home. That’s sounds like everything is going your way to me.”

Coach Blue gave a mock laugh. Once again she had assumed that what was best for her was also what was best for him; she just didn’t understand. With Coach Dick around he had had to be more wary at practices. That meant less time staring, less time “accidentally” grinding into a girl when he showed her a jump shot, and definitely less time trying to cop a feel of all those big, bouncing-basketball breasts of theirs. To make matters worse the Cantaloupe Committee had given Coach Dick just as much power over the team as he had, if not more. With him around, what did the women of Breastford need him for?

“I know what will cheer you up.” Laura said. “I talked to Samantha today. She said that she’d be happy to come over and help me…cheer you up.”

Coach Blue shivered at the thought. The last thing he wanted right now was sex with two fat cows. As a matter of fact, that wasn’t even something he wanted. He would have rather killed himself. Lost in his thoughts, he realized that Laura had had her hand on his crotch for about a minute already. Feeling violated, he jumped back and turned toward the door.

“I have to go!” he said. “Running.”

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