To Say Good-Bye

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As I walk down the wet streets to Sabrina’s house I knew it wasn’t going to be a pleasant evening…I had something to do, I knew it had to be done. I have an obligation to her. Walking in the rain up her walkway I felt a deep throb in my throat.

The door opens…”Hi Nick…come in here your soaked”…walking in I could see the gleam in her eyes…I knew what I had to do and it wasn’t going to be pleasant…Nick, slip out of those wet clothes before you catch a death of cold…put on this robe while I put your clothes in the dryer.

“Thank you Sabrina” he replies with a quiver in his voice

Getting out of my wet clothes handing them to her…I sit trembling…wanting to have the right words…as she returns into the room she looks at me…”Nick, are you alright?” She asks with a concerned look on her sweet face.

” I’m not sure Sabrina…we really need to talk”. Sitting next to him on the couch taking his hand into hers…looking deep into his eyes…

“Oh Nick…we can talk later…right now, I want you to make love to me right here in front of the fireplace.”

I can’t Sabrina not tonight…leaning in toward him she kisses him softly…the feel of her lips against mine, made me want her so badly…I had to try to resist…I knew if she got her way, I wouldn’t be able to do this…I wouldn’t be able to tell her.

“Sabrina please don’t,” he moans softly as she kisses him…her hands beginning to open his robe slowly.

” I won’t take no for an answer Nick” her hand slowly sliding around his hardening cock…caressing it gently as it continues to grow in her hand.

She steps back slowly unbuttoning her blouse lowering it off her shoulders seductively…dropping her skirt to the floor, standing before me in her black lace bra and silk panties.

“Take me Nick…god I beg you, I want you so badly” she whispers to him with a look of lust and desire in her eyes…standing, I move behind her slowly…slipping her bra off… my hands move slowly around the front of her caressing her firm breasts.

Sliding her panties down…caressing her eagerly awaiting cunt…turning her around to look at me…taking her face into my hands I kiss her like I’ve never kissed her before…gently lowering her to the shag rug in front of the fireplace.

Kissing my way down her chest…licking and sucking her nipples, working my way down her stomach…almost to her pussy, she grabs my neck, gently pulling my face down between her legs…my face now buried in her screaming aching cunt…turning my body so she could take my hardened bulging cock into her mouth.

Devouring each other as the passion, lust and desire takes over…we cum together…as we enjoy each others hot creamy juices.” güvenilir bahis Nick I love you…don’t stop babe…I want us to wallow in the taste of one another’s juices.”

“Sabrina, I can’t stop you taste so good” as we continue to devour each other I slide my tongue into her tight asshole…her body jumps lightly as my tongue enters her.

“OH NICK, DON’T STOP BABY” she cries out as her tongue slips into my ass…as she strokes my half hardened cock…as her tongue plunges deeper into my ass…my cock hardens again to the feel of her hand and her tongue working their magic.

“Sabrina…I want to fuck you”…turning me onto my back she straddles my lap…sliding her wet cunt slowly down my shaft…rocking back and forth, she digs her fingers into my asshole…causing me to cum harder and faster.

Exploding into her wanting cunt…she looks at me…her nails running over my chest…”oh god Nick I love you so much” she cries out in joy.

” I have a surprise for you Nick”…close your eyes and just lay there” are the words whispered sweetly in my ear…suddenly I feel you placing a warm blindfold over my eyes…and the feel of cold steel against my wrists…realizing I am now handcuffed and blindfolded.

” Sabrina what are you doing”…I cry out in a nervous voice

“Trust me Nick…I am going to remove your blindfold now…I have someone I want you to meet.

Opening my eyes trying to get them to refocus…”Nick this is my twin sister Alex…Alex this is my boyfriend Nick” laying there in complete bewilderment…Alex comes over and views my naked body.

“I like that Nick” she strokes my cock…Now lay there like a good boy and watch two pros make love.”

Alex begins to undo her blouse revealing the most beautiful set of breasts…from the looks of them I would have to say a 38d…she slides her tight jeans off…standing in front of Sabrina…she takes her sisters nipple into her mouth sucking it gently… she slides Alex’s thong down her long slender legs. Caressing Alex’s red hair cunt gently, Alex moans softly.

“Take me Sabrina…show Nick how a woman makes love to another woman”. Alex lies down next to me opening her legs so I can watch them make love. Sabrina moves to her sister…taking a nipple into her mouth…suckling it like a baby would…as she slides two fingers into Alex’s hot wet cunt…finger fucking her…as Alex is getting ready to cum she pushes Sabrina’s head between her legs so she can lick the wetness of her cunt as she drives Alex over the edge to uncontrollable orgasm…holding Sabrina’s head as she fucks her face…pushing Sabrina deeper into her cunt.

“Oh Sabrina, that feels so ungodly awesome…I want to eat your pussy…do a 69 türkçe bahis with me so we can enjoy each other at the same time”…Sabrina lowers her pussy down to her sisters mouth…Alex’s tongue waiting in anticipation to taste her sister… licking and nibbling on each others clits they both cum profusely in each others mouths…gasping for air they both swallow each others sweet pungent juices.

“Are you enjoying watching us Nick? They ask together almost in harmony.

“Oh yes… I wish I could have you both” HMMM, “would you like to have a mannish et tua? I am game if Sabrina is.”

“Oh Yes I am game I’ve never had that before”…Sabrina shrieks in laughter.

“Nick you have to give up something for the joy of having us both…would you be willing to…lets say spank you?

“Sure girls”…I reply relishing in the wonderful thought of having both sisters at the same time…Sabrina turns me over pulling my head between her legs ordering me to lick her sopping wet cunt…she props me up holding my arms and shoulders with her legs as my face is buried in her cunt.

Alex reaches into the bag on the side of the couch pulling out this short handled paddle…caressing my ass gently…”are you ready for this?” she asks in a stern voice…rubbing the paddle over my ass gently.

“Oh yes I am ready…I am your slave do what ever you wish to me” Sabrina pushes my face back into her cunt, Alex lowers the paddle across my ass…Sabrina stops me…she turns and takes my cock into her mouth…yelling to Alex to pick up the pace…with each swat of the paddle my tongue pushes deeper into Sabrina’s cunt.

“How does that feel Nick?” the girls inquire in a slight giggle.

I begin to cum in Sabrina’s mouth from the excitement of the paddle scalding my ass. “Don’t stop” I yell…”Swallow my cum Sabrina” Sabrina turns me over onto my back…laying down between my legs and continues working the head of my cock with her warm lips…causing me to cum over and over again in her mouth…Alex kneels on the side of my head positioning herself over my face…she starts to finger fuck her red swollen cunt…as she gets ready to cum she lowers herself closer to my mouth…as the orgasm rips through her body and her juices start to flow my tongue enters that pussy catching all that I can of her sweet nectar. Gently biting on her clit she cums in my mouth repeatedly as Sabrina works my cock with her tongue.

“God girls…I’ve never had an orgy like this before…its like giving a dying man his last meal.” Not realizing the irony of the comment both girls laugh.

“Well Nick and Sabrina I really have to get going…let me blow you one last time for the road Nick…I want to taste your güvenilir bahis siteleri cum”.

Alex’s mouth replaces Sabrina’s, I cum one last time…this time in Alex’s mouth…as she swallows she says good bye and acknowledging how nice it was to meet me.

Lets do this again some time you two…if you’re game…”fine with us” we reply. Be careful going home.

Sabrina I’m afraid I have some bad news…the words were sitting in his throat like a sinking anchor…”I am leaving you…after tonight I won’t ever see you again” tears in my eyes as I turn away from her.

“Oh Nick you cant mean that…after all we have done and been through.”

” I am so sorry Sabrina…I must leave now”…I gather my clothes getting dressed. ” Its not another woman is it Nick?” Sabrina asks with a tear in her eye

“No I just have to go”…walking out the door. Walking down the driveway I look back one last time to see your naked body standing in the door way glistening in the light with tears streaming down your cheeks.

The following morning Sabrina still sitting by the fireplace…with a loaded gun in her hand she points it at herself…pulling the trigger…the bullet pierces her skin…traveling into her chest.

As she lay there with her life fading away she hears a knock on the door as two police men enter…”are you Sabrina? One of the officers inquire…

“Yes I am, is something wrong officer?” she asks in concern

“I am afraid there is…do you know a Nick Pirelli?”

“Yes I do what’s the matter with him?” I am afraid he’s dead…we found his dead body in his room this morning with this note attached with your name on it…it looks like a suicide note.”

Sabrina reads the note dropping to her knees she cries out…”Oh Nick why? As she read the note this is what it said…

My dearest Sabrina… By the time you read this note I will no longer be in this world…for months now I have been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease…I only have a short time to live…so rather than putting you through the agony having you watch me deteriorate into half a man…I decided to go out the way you remember me…as a whole man. I’m sorry for what I said last night about leaving you but I just couldn’t tell you the truth…I will always love you and I will see you in heaven some day…may god grant you a wondrous life.

As she lies there with the last ounce of life being drawn out of her body she realizes now why Nick said goodbye…as she closes her eyes for the last time she prays that her and Nick will be together again in heaven.

* * *

To the readers…

The credit for this story should be given to the very special man that actually wrote it…Thank you Phil for allowing me the honor of helping you to broaden this story and most of all for always being there for me…you are the most wonderful example of what a true special friend should be…to me you will always be my special friend.

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