Too Good To Be Forgotten

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Stella was sensible. She knew that Paul would be at the meeting, and that they might meet again and chat, but she also knew that the likelihood of anything happening between them was so remote as to be not worth considering. In any case, they were both now married again to other people and years had past since their divorce.

Steve was not so sure. He and Stella had been married for nearly 25 years, but now that Paul had risen through the ranks of local politics to be a leading City Councillor, it was more than likely that they would bump into him again. The fact that he had personally intervened to insist that Stella join his City Centre Regeneration working party, as a representative of local traders told Steve all he needed to know. Paul had become aware of Stella’s success as she had bought and taken over new shops to extend her chain of hair dressing salons and his interest in her had been revived.

Stella told Steve it was all nonsense. So Paul had personally made sure that he was on the working party. So what? It was typical of him, she reasoned, to surround himself with people that he knew and, if he had any thoughts about trying anything on he would get short shrift anyway.

Steve knew he could trust his wife implicitly. There had been several times over the years where he had seen her turn heads and attract male attention, both on holiday and at home. Why wouldn’t she? At 5’9”, with her copper red hair and an irresistible 36-24-36 figure that she kept in trim through a rigorous fitness regime, she was the ‘perfect 10’. She would always laugh it off the attentions of others and, he was 100% sure had never strayed. Still, this was different. She had been married to Paul for five years before they divorced and, by her own admission, they had enjoyed a superb sex life. She didn’t talk about it voluntarily, but had responded to Steve’s questions by telling him frankly that, yes, sex with Paul had been excellent. It was because Paul wanted and had sec with several other women at the same time that they had divorced.

Now, though, came the crunch meeting where the working party proposals were due to be voted on. Paul had again insisted that Stella be there, not only as a member of the working party but to add glamour to the press photographs that would be taken once the plans had been passed, which he had already ensured they would through careful and persistent lobbying of his council colleagues.

Steve had been out a men only dinner the night before, so wasn’t in a rush to get out of bed and go to work. He watched though as Stella dressed and prepared herself to go to the meeting.

She returned from her shower and took off her bathrobe. She looked magnificent, as always, and Steve felt his cock stirring in appreciation. It stirred even more when he noticed that she had trimmed her pubic hair to near baldness.

“You’ve – er – had a haircut,” he ventured.

“What?” she said, not expecting or keen on conversation this early in the morning.

“Your bush,” he said bluntly, “you’ve taken the clippers to it.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, in a very matter of fact way, “I just wanted to tidy it up. I thought about shaving it away altogether. What do you think?”

“It’s our body,” he replied, “but, yes. I think that would be very nice.”

As he spoke he pushed the covers back slightly and started to gently stroke his hardening cock. When she saw it, she smiled but carried on dressing.

She opened canlı bahis a shopping bag and took out a new bra and a new pair of panties. She cut the labels off both and out them on. The bra was designed to accentuate her already wonderful cleavage and it worked fantastically well. The panties turned out to be a thong. Both were silk trimmed with tiny filigree lace and both were a pink colour that toned perfectly with her skin so that, apart from the extra push-up that the bra gave to her breasts, you could be forgiven for thinking at first glance that she was still naked.

She reached inside her wardrobe and pulled out a black suit. He pulled the skirt on and tightened the tiny zip at the back. The skirt finished nearly 3 inches above her knee. There weren’t many 46-year old women who would try to get away with such a short skirt, let alone succeed, but Stella had no problems in doing so.

The jacket was waisted and wrapped around her perfectly, its plunging front showing an ample amount of cleavage. He make-up, always immaculate, and a pair of black stilettos with 5” shiny silver heels completed the ensemble.

She turned to Steve.

“What do you think?” she said, smiling again at his now fully erect cock, which he was still slowly wanking.

“You can see what I think,” he replied, “ and Paul will think exactly the same.”

“Well,” she countered, walking towards him and sitting on the bed next to him, “he can think all he wants. He can think, he can look, but he can’t touch. Got a tissue?”

Steve pulled the box of tissues from his bedside locker and she grabbed a handful. Holding them in her left hand over his knob end, she pushed his hand aside and took over wanking him with her right.

“Come on,” she insisted, almost under her breath, “Cum for me Steve. Empty this big cock for me.”

He needed no second bidding and cum, pumping hot spunk into the tissue she was holding.

She placed the cum-soaked tissue in his hand, stood and kissed him. Saying their farewells, he set about getting his breath back and getting up to face the day and she drove to the meeting.

The meeting over, the photo’s taken, a buffet lunch was served and Stella was in conversation with the female Council Chief Executive. They had been through the small talk about families, home and holidays and had moved on to business rates and the local economy. Paul joined them and they reached a natural pause in their conversation.

“May I drag her away for just a minute?” Paul said, and without waiting for a reply he took Stella by the elbow and guided her to a quiet corner of the room.

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ for all you’ve done on this committee,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied, “I’ve enjoyed it”.

“I noticed. So much so that I have a proposal for you.”

He took her arm again and ushered her out of the meeting room, down a corridor and into a large, well-appointed office. His name was on the plate on the main desk, behind which was a huge black leather swivel chair. A matching Chesterfield settee ran along one wall and he gestured for her to sit down. He sat behind her and put his arm behind her, resting on the Chesterfield.

“Well,” she asked, “What’s all this about?”

“I want you to run for the Council.”

“What me? Politics? No, no – that’s not me…”

“Yes it is. You made mincemeat of the others on that Committee and you’ve got all the attributes. You’re bright, you’re bahis siteleri clever, you think on your feet – and off them if I remember rightly – and you look fantastic. People would vote for you just because of that!”

“Well, thank you. I suppose I’m flattered, but…”

“No ‘but’s’. Say ‘yes’. You said ‘yes’ to me once, remember, and we had one hell of a good time together didn’t we?”

“Yes we did,” she replied, half smiling at his one sided recollection, “but you couldn’t keep your dick out of other people’s knickers, otherwise…”

She paused and looked away.

“Otherwise what?” he asked, “Otherwise we’d still be together now? Well, we could be again. You and I could run this town. We could really make it happen. I can do so much by myself and I am going to win the election to be Council Leader next month, but if you were with me we could really achieve something.”

She looked him squarely in the eyes, long and hard.

“You really mean it don’t you?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“And there was Steve thinking all you wanted was to fuck me.”

He stood up and walked to the office door. Taking a key from his pocket, he put it in the lock and turned it. He pulled the blinds at the window and flicked off the light. Anyone walking past would now assume the room was empty.

“Well,” he said, “He was nearly right.”

He walked towards her, reached out a hand and pulled her to her feet.

“I want that too.”

He leaned towards her and, against her better judgement, she responded and they kissed slowly at first, then with great passion and desire.

They broke apart both off them sucking in air like divers just surfaced for air. He took off his jacket and threw it on the couch, his tie, shirt, trousers, boxers and socks soon followed.

She was more deliberate. Fighting her conscience all the way, she slowly undid her jacket and tossed it aside. She reached behind her and undid the tiny zip and then let the skirt fall round her ankles.

Stepping out of it she stood before him in flesh coloured bra and thong and her black stilettos.

He pulled her to him and they kissed again, his giant erection pressed between them. As she felt it she remembered why she was doing this. Steve was good and she really did love him, but Paul’s cock and the way he made love were unbeatable. She had missed this so much.

He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe in the way that he knew really turned her on. She felt her cunt moisten as he did.

He undid her bra and bent his face to her breasts. Licking her right nipple he heard her moan. When he played with the other between his finger and thumb she moaned again and opened her legs wide.

Still kissing and sucking her tits, his hands moved down her body and found the thong. He eased it over her hips and she did the rest, making sure it slid down her legs. She kicked it off over the shoes that she kept on, because she remembered how much he liked that.

He laid her gently on the floor and straddled her so that his cock hung in front of her face and his mouth lingered above her cunt. Deeply breathing the scent of her sex, he bend to her and kissed her cunt lips, before opening her very slowly with his tongue.

As he did so, she opened her mouth and took his cock deep into her, until she felt his knob end tickle the back of her throat. They both knew that she wouldn’t last long like this and within a minute she bucked her hips bahis şirketleri and he felt her juices flow over his mouth and down his chin.

“Stop, stop, stop”, she pleaded when she could take his sucking no more and he eased himself up from her at both ends.

Turning above her, he lowered his cock against her pussy. She pushed him back and pulled her knees up to her shoulders. She then extended her legs round his neck as he pushed his cock inside her.

God it felt good. Steve was well endowed, but felt like a midget compared to Paul. She wanted this more than she had realised. As he fucked her she looked at him and knew what a bastard he was. Knew she hated how he had cheated on her. Knew how much she wanted him to fuck her – now and always. Knew that she had dressed for him today, not knowing where it would lead, not allowing herself to even consider anything like this, but now wanting this to last forever.

He looked in her eyes and saw the pent-up lust. He knew he’d been wrong to shag around, but he always knew that she was the best fuck he’d ever have, and boy, how the years had been good to her.

He drove his cock in and out of her with lust but with love to, he wanted this woman and he was about to fill her once again with his hot, powerful seed. He moaned as he felt her perform her great trick. On every stroke in, she tightened her cunt walls, on every stroke out she relaxed them, so that she was effectively wanking his cock with her cunt while he fucked her.

He leant to her and they kissed as they fucked. He leant back up and knew he was close now. He quickened his stroke and she moaned with total pleasure.

At that moment, loud voices came from the corridor outside his office and the sound of women laughing. He put his hand over her mouth to silence her, but maintained his rhythm. Her eyes widened and the restraint of his hand heightened her excitement. He was almost stopping her breathing and she felt her tummy tightening. She was going to cum again too.

She pulled him to her and he replaced his hand with his mouth. They sucked and breathed into each other’s airways as he fucked her harder and faster and as he reached his climax so did she. He felt his cock pumping hard deep inside her and she was oozing all over him.

She felt him fill her yet he still kept cumming. She had forgotten how much he produced each time and as he pumped she tightened her cunt round his cock.

When he was spent, he rolled off her and they both lay panting for a few seconds.

He sat up first.

“Better get on,” he said. “People will start to wonder where I am”.

They dressed in silence and when they were respectable again, they kissed deeply once more.

“I was serious,” he said. “About the Council.”

“I was serious too,” she replied with a smile, “once. God, Paul, you are a great fuck and always will be. But we are both married to other people now. I have no regrets about what we just did. A little guilt, but no regrets. If I join you on the Council, we will do it again and again and then I may well have regrets, so I’m afraid…”

“Don’t say ‘no’,” her interrupted. “Think about it. Tell me when you’re ready.”

“Oh that’s the problem,” she answered. “I would always be ready for you. But, yes, I will think about it – possibly for a long, long time.”

It was a month later that Stella discovered that Steve, convinced that she had been having an affair with Paul, had started his own extra-marital relationship with his secretary who was now pregnant with his baby. Steve moved out and Stella started divorce proceedings immediately.

The following day she took a deep breath and phoned Paul…

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