Touch and Giggle, Sunday Morning

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It was the first thing she became conscious of as she woke that morning. His hand on her ass. She was laying on her stomach and he was sprawled on his back next to her. His hand rested on her right cheek, fingertips hooked over the soft underswell.

His thumb caressed her and she sighed, completely content.

Only a few minutes later, they were both at the bathroom sink; she brushing her teeth, he finishing a quick shave. As he was leaving, she bent to spit.

She felt his hand pat and squeeze each cheek in turn as he passed.

It was Sunday morning. While making toast and oatmeal and splitting a grapefruit, they passed each other a dozen times. By the time they sat to eat, she felt like her cheeks were humming. Whether it was on her thick cotton robe or when he got under to fondle her little panties, each touch made her feel warm.

She changed into yoga pants and an old T-shirt. He slipped on his work shorts, planning to mow the lawn. She got herself a feel of his ass as he went by. He chuckled and adjusted the lay of his manhood but continued on his way.

Stacy took care of some e-mails and talked to her mom on the phone for a bit. She stood at the kitchen window and watched Jared as she talked. She didn’t absorb much of the conversation. She toyed with her nipples under her shirt and watched him start to sweat.

She said goodbye to her mom and started putting clean dishes away from the washer. When he came into the kitchen, he didn’t content himself with a pat and squeeze. Jared came up behind her when she bent over and pressed himself against her perfectly presented ass.

Among other things he’d noticed was a lack of panty lines under her tights.

Stacy pushed back against him, feeling a firm rod splitting her cleft. He bent over her, one hand slipping around and up under her shirt to take possessive hold of her breast. He kissed the back of her neck and whispered, “I saw you watching me. Maybe I should mow nude next week?”

She shook with laughter and then shook a little more just to twerk on his bulge.

But then he just stood up and wandered away. She pouted but didn’t say anything.

When she closed the washer, Jared was in front of the fridge, door wide open, drinking from his jug of water. Rather than admonish him like a child, she came up behind him and grabbed one of his cheeks while whispering in his ear, “I’ll let Mrs. Armstrong next door know. I’m sure she’ll like the show.”

He choked on the water and Stacy laughed. Manly bun still in hand, she stuck her other down the front of his shorts to palm his mildly aroused snake. “Oh, don’t laugh. I’ve seen the way she looks at you. That nice old lady is a horny fuck.”

She laughed again as she released him and wandered away. “Didn’t she just turn eighty?” Jared asked, nonplused.

“What’s that got to do with anything?” Stacy called back from the next room.

While she was watering the roses, he snapped the waistband of her tights. A few minutes later while he wound the hose for her, she tickled the inside of his thigh, making his leg shake.

He got in a good loud güvenilir bahis slap while she was digging the salmon out of the bottom-load freezer. Her hands were damp and ice cold when she caught up to him and ran them down his back. He yelped dramatically.

He chased her around the kitchen island a few times but she wasn’t in the mood to be caught yet. He stared her down across the counter and reached back to turn on the faucet. Drawing like an old-west outlaw, he pulled the sprayer out and got her in the chest.

Laughing and sputtering, she didn’t do much to get out of the way. When he cut off the spray, they both looked down at her wet t-shirt.

Her hard nips had been visible all morning but now every detail and delicate swell of her breasts were visible and those hard little points were aimed right at him.

Cackling madly, she turned and fled. Jared put the sprayer back in its metaphorical holster and adjusted his shorts. He was sorely tempted to run her down and just take her. Sorely, sorely tempted. He shifted his package again.

But the day was just beginning and the young husband and wife had apparently found a new game to play. Cop and Dodge? Hands, Hands, Hands? Squeeze and Tease? Maybe they’d come up with a name for it. Or maybe not.


At around two, Stacy was making the bed after doing the laundry. When she straightened and turned, Jared was in the doorway, watching her. His eyes were slow to rise from where they had been burning a hole in her upturned ass.

“Looks like you’ve got me trapped,” she said playfully. But then her eyes spied the dramatic tent in his shorts. Her husband wasn’t just feeling playful. He looked ready to burst.

“Oh,” she said quietly. The air crackled. Still at the doorway, Jared thrust his shorts off and kicked them to the side.

When she saw her man’s beautiful cock in all it’s glory, throbbing thick and bobbing unerringly in her direction, the game ended.

Her mouth went dry and her nipples tightened. He leered, able to actually see not just the points but her whole areola puff up under her shirt.

Oh god. She knew in just a few seconds he’d be able to see a wet mark on her tights. Her pussy was slobbering.

Definitely done with games and now that Jared’s focus had moved up to her perky B-cups, she slowly raised the hem of her shirt. Jared took hold of his rigid piece and just watched, waiting for the unveiling.

She wanted to see his eye when her nipples appeared. No matter how many timed he’d seen them and ravaged them, her man never got enough of her perfect little palm-fulls.

She got the reaction she was waiting for when her bunched-up shirt pulled her swell up for a moment and then released her modest bounty with the subtle, delicious little jiggle he loved.

He gripped his cock tighter and just sighed “fuck”. She saw a glistening drop form at his slit.

She swept her shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. The cool air and Jared’s torch-like gaze made her shiver.

She slowly turned back around and bent over the bed again. She bent real low, laying türkçe bahis her head down and arching her back. She made a show of taking tiny steps to widen her stance, setting her foot down in a little stomp each time.

Jared watched her tightly clad ass dance.

She didn’t say anything. She got settled into position, feet only a foot apart or so and let her derrière do her begging.

She closed her eyes. His steps were soft but the floor creaked slightly. She shivered when he laid a hand on her proffered globes. He rubbed her softly in little circles.

The burning head of his cock tapped at her hip.

Jared slowly slid the waistband of her tights down. So slowly she wanted to scream. She could hear him panting with arousal. Her heart pounded and her pussy wept. When cool air struck it, she groaned and tried to widen her legs against the tension of her bunched up tights.

Jared went back to caressing his wife’s pale ass. With nothing between his hand and her baby-soft cheeks, she could feel the callouses of his work. The delightful, intimate friction made her knees week.

He polished Stacey’s sweet ass for many long minutes; raising blood to the surface and turning them a delicate pink. She became hypersensitive, feeling her man’s love through every pore.

He was so smooth when he eventually brought the fat head of his cock into position, she had no time to anticipate the delicious stretching of her lips. One moment she was zoned out in gentle euphoria, the next Jared’s plumb had slid past her opening and was halfway to her womb.

“Ohhhhh!” she exclaimed as he filled her. Her eyes were wide and she pushed herself up off the bed. Jared put a hand on the back of her neck and forced her back down.

With his cock fully embedded, he gave her pink tingling ass a meaty slap.

At the moment of contact, he felt her velvet sheath tighten. “Fuck,” she groaned into the comforter.

Jared pulled all the way out. Cool air licked her wet folds for a moment and then he was back in her.

He slapped her ass again, harder. “God damn, I love that I own this sweet piece,” he said. He pulled most of the way out and nudged her legs together with his knees.

The pressure went way up for both of them. Jared forced himself back into his wife. “Oh god that feels incredible!” she moaned. She twisted her hands in the comforter and pushed her ass into him.

The wet friction as he slowly sawed into her honeypot several more times was lighting her nerves on fire.

Jared knew Stacy was ready to erupt but he was going to play things out. He sunk in deep and held himself here. He caressed her ass some more, the same soft rubbing motion as before.

Stacy felt like her ears were going to burn off her head. She was flushed all over, panting and beginning to sweat. Her tits felt tight and her heart was racing. Her pussy was stuffed full of man heat and her ass was singing.

And she knew exactly what her man was going to do next. She just didn’t know when.

It felt like a year. It may have been all of three minutes. Just when she thought she couldn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri take the intense stimulation a moment more, Jared Lancaster planted a hot, loud slap across her glowing backside.

“Ah,” she screamed; not in pain but in release. He spanked her again, hard, and jabbed her with his pleasure stick and she came like a nova.

“There you go. Cum like a little bunny!” Jared barked. He held himself deep inside her grasping sex and ran his hands over the prints he’d made on her shuddering ass.

“Fuck me!” she shouted, pushing herself up and back against her husband. She rocked and humped. “Come on, stud me, baby. Make me cum all day long.”

That was his Stacy. A good hard climax just made her wetter and hornier.

If Jared was ever forced to find a flaw with his wife, he’d admit that he wished she had longer hair. She kept it rather short, never even long enough to reach her shoulders. She insisted that her air was too stiff and unruly.

But Jared really wanted a nice thick cascade of hair to take hold of in situations like this.

Instead, he had to settle for locking his hands atop her hips and power-fucking his bride through half a dozen more screaming orgasms, planting numerous hand strikes across her perfect ass along the way.

Jared didn’t explain anything when eventually, panting and dripping with sweat, he pulled all the way out of Stacy’s now foaming pussy. Jacking himself briefly, he unloaded blast after thick blast of his potent cum all over her now red ass. She vividly felt each impact. If she hadn’t already been in mid climax when he withdrew, it would certainly have set her off yet again.

The pitter-patter of baby batter eventually came to an end. Stacy half slumped to the bed, trying to catch her breath. Her magnificent husband had just about been too much for her that time.

When he began to giggle evilly, she didn’t know what he might be up to. He began working the waistband of her tights back up, keeping it pulled out and away from her ass.

When he got it pulled up high, snug against her dripping, swollen pussy, he let it snap into place. Still giggling, he smoothed and caressed the fabric against her soiled buttocks.

He bent over her and said softly, “Every time I see this ass today, I’m going to remember what a dirty, dirty girl you are. We are not done.”

He half staggered into the bathroom, adding over his shoulder, “And leave the shirt off. Those little tits are my next target.”

As it turned out, Jared never put shorts back on either. The tension in the house never diminished as the couple went about a poor simulation of the day’s chores.

It didn’t help that within minutes of pulling her pants back up, her used-up pussy had soaked through to the extent that the dark stain reached halfway to her knees. Between the Jackson Pollack on her ass, a visible dripping camel toe up front and a pair of hard and high nipples constantly in view, Jared was hard and almost trembling within less than an hour.

But it was Stacy that quietly slipped the ruined yoga apparel off while his back was turned and tackled him onto the couch, sinking her enflamed clam onto his rod and riding it like Slim Pickens falling out of a plane.

“Yippee ki yay, you fabulous fucker!” She shouted.

Stacy wasn’t actually much of a film buff.

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