Toy Boy Dream for Megs

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Megs, employed in the clothing department of a large supermarket store, was keen to impress with the job she had just got after several weeks searching, and she saw that the dust beneath the shelves was bad, so there she was, down on her hands and knees, duster in hand and showing a very keen rump to the delight of young Ned, a shelf filler.

She felt a stare as you do. Looked up and took in Ned’s randy expression. Now Megs was in her thirties but could compete with the slim figure of a girl ten years younger, and Ned of that age group was certainly taking it all in with no doubt a few very lustful imaginings.

“You looking at my bum!?” Megs asked Ned who was startled she’d noticed, looking very embarrassed and tongue tied,

Meg’s smiled and consoled the flushed lad that she was flattered and so Ned continued with his shelf filling, not knowing that now Meg was doing the very same – eyeballing him as he kneeled to fill the bottom shelf.

Later, Megs accidentally disturbed the gents underwear section and sent several packs of boxer shorts tumbling. A couple girls. who also worked there and were passing by enroute for their break, noticed and came to help Meg’s put them back on the shelf..

And when girl’s get together the jokes will come, including the ripe ones – but with girls they laugh, with guys? Well the proverbial tongue hanging out image comes to mind!

Jess said her partner could do with a new pair of boxers as Meg stood there sort of squeezing the gusset of a pair she had lifted off the floor.

“My you have got is bad,” observed Jess, “it is about time your other half was back home and seeing to you I can tell.”

“He will be home in May, Jess” she replied still clutching the boxers, canlı bahis looking somewhat hazy.

“He’s a reporter isn’t he. Meg?”

“Yes, that’s the problem, he travels all over wherever the news is.”

“Well. Meg I reckon you just ought to tell him the news is where you are and you need him home now!” Meg has another squeeze then the girls laughed at Betsy’s remark about how she likes a good bun and sausage wrap.

“Or even a great lunch box” put in Jess.

At that moment young Ned passed by.

“Talking of lunch boxes!” Meg said giving Ned the eye.

“Hmm, Not bad,” said Jess with a glint in her eye. A bit young for me though, he is only about 20. Be okay for you though, Meg, that would see you over until your beloved returned!”

“Jess, that’s awful.”

“Why, Meg – what the eye doesn’t see as the saying goes – and I see the way he eyeballs you – go for it girl, a nice bit of toy boy heaven could do you a lot of good..”

At that moment Ned returned, marching through the clothing section. The girls looked at each other and then glanced mischievously down to Ned’s lunch box.

Megs was turned on and she knew it.

“It’s okay, I saw him kissing you in the store room yesterday and I also noticed where your hand was, like it was feeling the size of the breakfast so to speak.”

Ned grinned mischievously, then asking if maybe Meg would like to meet him at break time, he said it in front of the other girls too, but what the hell, Meg was embarrassed yes, but she said she’d be there.

“And where would ‘there’ be, in the store where it’s all quiet?” Betsy winked after Ned had left…. Jess chuckled and said; “And I bet you’ll share his lunch box, one thing I have noticed how he has come bahis siteleri out of himself, I bet that was your doing!”

In the store during the break, Meg thrilled at the touch of Ned, His keen lips giving hers what for, his French kisses sending her into an absolute whirl. She felt so abandoned from the love bug, she had been a good ten months without it, since her partner had gone to Libya.

His esteem was ferocious and she adored his energy, and how very big were as his prompting hands guiding hers to his trouser zip, wrenching it down to reveal his ripe and eager masculinity, something she had not seen for such a long time, let alone felt.

Feeling it, and while moulding it warmly in the palm of her hand she enjoyed his French kissing even more. Between the passionate kisses Ned whispered that he loved to be with an older woman, a woman who knew her way about.

“Hey, I am not that much older, Ned!”

“Ten years, something like that Baby” he said.

“Something like that!” Meg returned feeling his mouth take hers again but then knowing his hands were beneath her skirt and his face between her bra, moving it down over her nipples as he helped himself to each one at time, teasing and suckling each nipple as it grew with the tip of his tongue, she squeezing him down there now, easing back and sensing his manhood, – she looked down as first he busied with her nipples and then feeling his fingers discover and explore her beneath. Then she saw the full swell of what she had missed for so very long, Ned’s was so full and so wonderfully pink, she enjoyed to touch, to feel the very sensual flexibility which she loved so much to touch and fondle, so warm and vibrant and soothing.

She hoped he would make bahis şirketleri it the whole way, to save himself for that venture, he was so impulsive and like an animal as she squeezed him again for all she was worth, feeling his tongue seething around her nipples really set her off in a very hot flush, she muttering all those things couples share under the influence of beautiful wonderful pairing, how she wanted the taste now of his ripeness, she had kissed that too so much, she urged him to let her, as she slid down to her knees and took it wholly into her mouth, she was that hungry for the feel and taste of young wonderful cock in her mouth , it was divine, she could not stop once she had started, she felt the surge of his need, tasted his pungency divine, licking and sucking every sinew, cradling those wondrous balls in her hands, the feel and touch of them so wonderfully crafted, a perfect size.

Would he make it into her, she feverously and passionately removed her red thong down and down shivering and trembling with excitement. Now she would have him, sure she would, this wonderful and so gorgeous seemingly untainted young man, her toy boy supreme to answer her dream, those fantasies, so secret she had even before she knew he would want her.

She had him lay on the floor then, seated on top, so she could guide his throbbing mass deep inside as he yelled and yelled for her wet fuck.

“Shush, Baby,” she whispered, “It will be alright now, just let our fuck flow and feel its heaven, this is so very good!” and then she was away, they were both away in a wild hot passion of movement, until they both reached the Waterloo of wonderful gratification

The soup was stirred, the lunch box devoured, the feel and taste of young cock, the supreme freshness of having a toy boy all to ones self.

She’d want more and more of course she would, She was hungry and greedy for it….

Watch this space though when her partner discovers …

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