Trailer Park Woman

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I just don’t know how to start telling you about this woman I met in the trailer-park. She was absolutely nothing to look at – she wasn’t ugly at all – she just didn’t have the very pretty face most exciting incidents have as a focal point. She was reasonably tall, about 5’10” and her figure wasn’t exciting but not bad just the same. Her breasts seemed to be full but never seemed to have a bra supporting them. Her legs were long and quite shapely but the one exciting thing about this woman was her navel!

He was about 32 years old and had long dark hair which fell to her shoulders. I never found out her name but that doesn’t matter. And what was it about her navel which excited me so much? Well, she was wearing a colored top which came down to about 2″ above her navel and her shorts which seemed to be a little bit tight came up to about 2″ below her navel and it was this midriff which got me going.

I first saw her standing around a playground for children while she was watching her two youngsters. They were about 3 and 5 and seemed to be good kids. I had been standing in front of her looking out for my kids when I had turned around and saw this navel looking at me! She had a little bit of a belly – not much mind you, just enough to make her look exciting – and because her shorts were a little tight around the band at the top it caused her navel to form a vertical crease. This crease would look like someone pouting their lips if looking at it side on. It wasn’t only the crease which excited me because she had a number of black hairs growing around her navel. Now you mightn’t think this is very exciting but I can assure you any lack of excitement is only because of my inability to describe what was a very sexy scene.

She wasn’t looking at me when I first spotted her navel so I was able to have a good look from about 4′ away and it looked exciting to me. One of my children came running over to me shortly afterwards and I moved her behind me (in front of this woman) and also pushed her a little closer to her. I then bent over and made out I was talking to my daughter but in reality I was staring at her lovely navel quite close up – I was not only a couple of feet from her belly.

I had been staring at her navel for about a minute before I became conscious she was looking at me! I looked up into her face and she smiled at me which broke some of the tension I was experiencing. Out of politeness I said, “Hello, it is a lovely day for the children to be playing!” and she replied “Yes, I always think there are lovely sights to be seen here in the trailer-park.” I was sure she was alluding to her navel when she said that but I didn’t know for sure. My child (3) wanted to go to the toilet and so I wandered off towards the conveniences.

My wife and I have two children and we are enjoying this holiday immensely. We haven’t been on a holiday since the kids were born and we were lapping up the freedom. Carlene was taking a well-deserved rest from the kids while I was minding them but now I had a problem. Although it would probably be alright for me to take my daughter into the men’s conveniences, it certainly wasn’t right for me to take her into the ladies room. I was standing outside the block wondering what I should do when this woman with the navel came up to me and said, “Yes, I know the dilemma you are having right now. My husband usually has the same problem and usually comes rushing back looking for me but quite often it is too late and a lot of cleaning up is necessary. Would you like me to take your daughter into the toilet for you? You can mind my son while I am in there with her if you don’t mind!”

This was such a relief I gladly accepted her offer. I talked to her son who seemed to be a lovely lad, and he played well with my son until they came out. The navel woman smiled at me and told me I had a very relieved look on my face. I thanked her profusely and then took my daughter’s hand and we parted.

I didn’t see her until the next day when I was again looking after the children. She was standing up in a line of people waiting for an ice-cream for the children. She smiled at me and asked me if my children wanted an ice-cream and, of course, they did. The line was fairly long so she offered to take my money and she bought ice-creams for everyone to save me waiting. She was wearing a very similar top to yesterday but it was a different color. Her shorts seemed to be the same and best of all her navel was still visible with the vertical crease in it!

We sat on the ground under the shade of a lovely tree to eat our treats and I sat opposite her so I could look at her navel. At times, when she bent over, it wasn’t visible but as soon as she straightened up I could see it again. It looked lovely. She explained she lived permanently at the park in a trailer home as her husband worked at a nearby factory but they would only be here for another 3 months and then would be leaving. Renting the trailer home was much cheaper than renting an apartment especially with the bahis firmaları young children.

When the ice-creams were finished and it was time to leave she stood up in front of me and stretched her arms above her head which, of course, pulled her top up exposing about 8″ of bare belly. But best of all, there was a growth of fine hairs, black hairs, growing from her navel up as far as I could see towards her breasts. This was a very exciting display and she knew she was getting me hot watching her.

We said goodbye and went our separate ways. I couldn’t get this vision of her belly button and the black hairs out of my mind for the rest of the day. When I fucked Carlene that night I was only thinking about this woman – not Carlene but my wife thought I was thinking of her and we had wonderful sex, cumming together!

The next day came very slowly and I was impatient to get out with the children for a walk to look for my navel woman again. At first I couldn’t see her but at last I saw her near the bathing pool and she was wearing a bikini costume so I just had to get close for a better look. A high steel fence was erected around the pool for safety reasons and she was on the inside so I took my children inside and moved over near her. She smiled at me and invited me to sit down in the shade with her while the kids ran around. She leaned over on her side a bit and I could see where the hairs I had seen yesterday were heading. They formed this fine, sparse but black carpet up to her cleavage from her navel and I couldn’t help feel excited. It was when she moved her legs a bit that I saw she had another carpet of fine black hairs from her navel down to the top of her bikini pants. It was obvious she was very hairy but best of all her navel still had this lovely crease in it even though her belly wasn’t pulled in tight by her bikini bottom. I couldn’t help myself and kept glancing at these hairs whenever I could. She seemed a very happy person and kept smiling at me and in a way, encouraging me!

While we were chatting and I was looking at her navel, I mentioned we were leaving the trailer-park the morning after next and therefore tomorrow was our last day. We spent perhaps an hour around the pool because the children were all playing well together and we were enjoying each other’s company. I knew my wife would be starting to get anxious soon and I didn’t want her to come looking for me and see me with my navel lady so I said goodbye and started to wander off with my children.

Navel woman called me back and said in a very quiet voice, “Would you be able to get away for an hour or so tomorrow without the children? If you could meet me around 10.30am near the food kiosk we might be able to have an uninterrupted chat!” I could see this was definitely an invitation for something so I told her I would try but if I couldn’t be alone I would come by with the children so she would know I wasn’t free.

I kept thinking of this woman for the rest of the day and Carlene got the biggest fucking for a long time that night while I was thinking of navel woman! Next morning I asked Carlene if she would mind having the children for a time today as I had been with them each other day and I thought I deserved a spell! Happily she said that was O.K. and so it was arranged I would go off on my own for a walk about 10am tomorrow.

It was almost 10.15am when I finally left our trailer to go to meet navel woman. She was standing under a tree near the kiosk dressed as she had been on the previous occasions in her colored top and shorts but today she looked even more exciting and I could only think it was her navel which attracted me. We chatted for a few minutes before she asked me if I would like to see where her trailer was parked. Of course I accepted her offer and we wandered off together, walking about 6′ apart, with me trailing her as she walked amongst the many trailer-homes.

When we reached her trailer she quickly opened the door and slipped inside. I hesitated for just a short time before I too slipped inside the trailer. She was standing inside the door with her arms stretched above her head holding on to the ceiling of the trailer. This stance, of course, showed off her navel and the hairs on her upper belly very well because she was standing under the sky-light above her. I didn’t know whether to touch her, or to kiss her or even if she had invited me for any reason other than to look at her trailer. She soon made the reason for the visit clear when she grasped the bottom of her cotton top and whipped it off over her head! There she was, standing topless in front of me and her lovely breasts and nipples looking right at me! I moved over to her and put my arms around her body and kissed her. She responded excitedly and the return of the kiss was an indication of how turned on she was.

She then led me by the hand to the bedroom section where there was a lovely big double bed. The room had thick curtains which were drawn back but very fine netted curtains in between the thick kaçak iddaa ones let in all the light but we weren’t visible from the outside. She pulled my shirt up over my head and rubbed her hands over by chest. Next she hooked her thumbs in her shorts and pulled them down quickly – she wasn’t wearing panties and so now she was naked in front of me! As soon as she was standing upright from pulling down her shorts, she reached over and pulled my shorts down too! Now I was standing naked in front of her with my big cock sticking out in front of me just begging to have her suck me or fuck me!

She came closer to me and took my cock in her hand and began stroking it! I also reached down between her legs and grabbed her pussy and all the hair around it! We stood like that for about 30 seconds before our kissing became so intense I thought I was going to shoot my load in her hand. I knew she was turned on because of the wetness of her cunt in my hand. She knew she had to do something to slow things down so she said, “Let’s not rush this too much – I love to take things slowly!” Please continue to play with me and make me cum. She still held my cock in her hand but she wasn’t stroking it and I had some respite from her stroking.

I played with her cunt, the hair around it and also her clit until she began to tremble and then she stiffened up and reached a magnificent orgasm. God, she looked lovely having this orgasm and I clung tightly to her until she came down. We held each other for a few minutes before she told me she wanted to suck my cock and make me cum. She also said she wanted to swallow my cum and then we could fuck properly and it would take a long time and she loved to be fucked for a long time!

She knelt down in front of me and took my weeping cock into her mouth after licking off the pre-cum which was evident at the head of my cock. She began sucking me and although I tried to hang on as long as possible I just had to shoot my load. She had my cock into the back of her throat as I let forth my first shot. Subsequent shots she took in her mouth with my cock not so far in. She loved to suck my cock and swallow my cum and I could see the look on her face telling me that!

We laid side by side on the bed for about 15 minutes while we were resting and regaining our strength. She asked me what had first attracted me to her and I had to tell her it was her navel – the way it had the crease down the middle and the fine black hairs growing around it. She smiled at me and told me I was the first to ever like her for her navel! We both laughed but I told her that was the truth! For the first time I was now able to look closely at her hairy navel and the treasure trails above and below her navel. I licked her navel and kissed the hairs in both directions from her navel. She had my cock in her hand and was evaluating it’s hardness all the time. When she was satisfied it was now hard enough, she whispered to me, between kisses, “Please fuck me!”

She rolled on her back and spread her legs for me and I spent a couple of moments looking close up at her lovely cunt with all the hairs around it. I positioned myself above her and she guided my cock into her warmth. She was so wet my cock just slipped into her all the way – I was actually fucking this woman! I began moving my cock in and out of her tight cunt as she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me closely to her. We were kissing as we fucked and after a while I could feel my orgasm starting to hurt just that little bit between my legs – I knew I was about to shoot my load right into her willing cunt! Although I tried to hold back I started to cum. I asked her if it was alright to cum inside her and she told me “Of course” and so I began to shoot my load right up inside her. At the same time I could feel her trembling and knew she was about to cum too. When we were finished, she said we needed a rest so we rolled over on to our backs and she held my cock and I had my hands over her cunt! Perhaps we dozed, I am not sure, but sometime later we were both awake and kissing again.

She asked me when I had to be back with my wife and I told her I had the whole day because Carlene thought I was going into the nearby city to look around. Fucking Carlene was great but this was absolutely wonderful! We talked some more until I felt my cock getting hard again. One of my main attributes is that I can cum and then get hard again within 10 minutes and that is not only once, but many times. I once came 7 times in 3 hours with Carlene but that was a while ago but right now I felt as if I could even better that record.

Navel woman asked me if it was really her navel which had excited me most and, rather than embarrass her too much, I said I thought she looked very nice and she had a nice body but it certainly was her navel which caught my eye first! She then rolled over on her back and spread her legs and said, “Please fuck me again, but this time, would you please pull our when you are about to cum and see if you can fill my navel kaçak bahis with your cum – I would love to see what it looks like full of your cum!” Oh, Boy, now there is a challenge!

I was between her legs and had my cock in her cunt almost before she finished speaking and I was fucking her for all I was worth. She could tell I was getting near and I knew she was trying to cum before I pulled out. She hung tightly to me and I could see she was working hard by the expression on her face but sure enough, she started to cum just before I had to get ready to pull out of her cunt. She quickly said she had cum so I pulled out and wriggled my body astride her hips and placed my cock into her navel. I had no time to spare – I began shooting my load right away. I held back enough to make sure my cum didn’t spurt everywhere and I was thrilled to see I not only filled her navel but the indentations around her navel and this was a thrill because her black hairs were sticking up out of the pool of cum!

I know she was thrilled I had done that and she pulled me down on top of her and kissed me hard. I could feel my cum against my belly but I didn’t mind – this was an experience of my life and I didn’t want to forget it! We kissed long and hard and I could feel my cum sticking to my belly.

When we took a break and I rolled off her we had been stuck together and we both laughed when we looked at her navel. There was still some cum at the bottom of her navel but the rest of it had been spread around quite an area near her belly and her black hairs were matted with my cum. She asked me if I liked her navel now and I told her very much so!

We were now rested and my cock was starting to get hard again! She asked me if I would like to do a 69 with her and I agreed at once. I moved around until my cock was in her mouth and my mouth was over her cunt. I licked and sucked her cunt and her clit until she came again. I hadn’t realized how wonderful it is to be sucking a woman’s clit and cunt as she cums! She became wetter and I just loved having my face in her cunt lips. I was in heaven but at the same time I knew I was about to blow my load in her mouth. I spoke up and told her I was cumming and she clung to my ass holding me so I couldn’t jerk away from her mouth. I shot my load into her mouth and when I was finished I felt her pushing me off her face. I looked at her and saw she had a complete mouthful of my cum and she was holding it in her mouth to show me. Once I had looked at it and told her it looked lovely in her mouth, she swallowed the lot and then licked her lips as if asking for more.

I had been with navel woman for over two hours now and she asked me if I would like something to eat? I laughed and told her I had been eating for the last 20 minutes – wasn’t that enough for her? She thought that was a great joke but she meant lunch so we took a break while she prepared a light meal for us. We didn’t bother dressing and were both naked while we prepared and ate the meal. My cum in her navel had all dried and she had this whitish layer in her navel and it looked lovely.

She told me she had to pee but didn’t want to go over to the ablution block and wondered if I would mind if she peed in a dish! I told her I wanted to pee too so she took a flat dish with high sides out of a cupboard and squatted down over it on the floor. It didn’t take her long before she was peeing into the bowl. I have this perverse streak and so I dropped down onto my hands and knees and watched her peeing! It was a very intimate moment and I got hard while I was watching her. When she had finished it was my turn. She watched closely while I directed my stream into the bowl and commented in the 10 years she had been married she had never seen her husband or any man pee like I was doing for her! I could see she was turned on too.

She pushed the almost half-full bowl under the table out of the way and we returned to the bed. I think she was impressed with my stamina and asked me how many more times I might be able to cum before I left her? I told her if she played her cards right I could probably cum at least 3 more times! She smiled at me and told me she had a plan and if it was alright with me she wanted me to fuck her normally, next to cum in her mouth and lastly to fuck her in her asshole! She told me she particularly liked to be fucked in the asshole but her husband didn’t like that and would only do it on special occasions. She also told me she loved the taste of cum and would like me to cum in her mouth again!

Fucking her normally was no problem at all – she loved it and so did I and she came again at the same time as I did. I wish Carlene could cum when I did but she was usually unable to cum and I had to play with her clit to get her off afterwards!

After a spell she got my cock hard again and this time she asked me if she could get on top and fuck me! I love that position and so I laid down on my back and she sat down on me, making my cock go all the way inside her cunt. She did all the work this time and she came well before I was ready but it is a wonderful feeling to have a woman cum while I am still fucking her. Eventually I came and she came again at the same time – she got a double reward.

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