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Double Penetration

It was on the third day that Dhea decided to call Paul. Since he hadn’t called her back she felt it was her duty to call him. She would use the excuse to ask about the tests he took and what the out come was regarding her body and the chances of her becoming pregnant.

She was told that the doctor was in with a patient and she left a message for Paul to call her as soon as possible. Then she waited.

As she sat there on her bed Dhea remembered back to the lunch they had together and how Paul had touched her and talked to her and whispered things in her ear convincing her to go back to his office.

She remembered the feeling of her body burning with desire. Her lust was so high that day Dhea didn’t know what was wrong with her. Was it Paul or just that she was so horny? She smiled thinking of how handsome Paul was and his body was very nice and his cock….. “WOW he did have a nice cock”, she said to herself.

Whichever it was Paul was able to relieve it and made her orgasm like she had never done before but which she needed so very badly that day. Dhea remembered the finger vibrators and how his talented hand had drove her wild as he drove them to his office. His hand never stopped moving even when he drove the car.

She remembered how he used the “G” spot stimulator to make her cum so many times. She was sure she was going to pee on him when he worked the toy on her special spot. But then when she climaxed it almost blew her head off. She never came so many times than she did that day.

And she remembered Paul’s cock. She remembered how it felt throbbing in her hands and that it took two hands to hold it and jerk it for him. It was so long and so thick! She smiled thinking of how it looked laying on her pussy mound and extended all the way up to her belly button.

Dhea remembered how it came so much it covered her body with cum. There was so much of it that it shot all the way to her face and tits which were covered with it. He moved it all around and she watched as he kept cumming and covered her thighs and belly and the last few drops dripped on her pussy top.

She was rubbing her pussy now, legs open and her fingers were masturbating her body fast and hard. As she did Dhea remembered how Paul had teased her and made her wild and hungry for his dick. She smiled thinking she was the one who usually teased the man, but Paul was very skilled and knew exactly what he was doing to make her feel good. She had demanded and then begged for his cock and while he rubbed her pussy with his dick he didn’t put it inside her. But he had promised to do it the next time they met.

Dhea loved how Paul had worked so hard and long to please her like no man had ever done before. He was in no hurry or was demanding, his only need that day was to make her cum and please her. She liked that very much. She would repay him when the met and fuck his brains out! Or with that big dick he might fuck her brains out.

She didn’t know how long she laid there playing with her body but when the phone rang it sort of woke her up. When she answered it Paul was on the other end of the line. He said: “I want you to dress up in something sexy and be ready when I pick you up at 6:30PM. We’re going to dinner and talk about your test results. Then we’ll decide if you should come back to my place and let me work on your body again like the other day Dhea. We need to make you cum again like the other day. Did you enjoy the other day baby! Did I make you cum enough?”

Dhea was nude and had her other hand on her pussy as she whispered very low: “Yes, the other day was wonderful Paul. Are the results of the test good or bad?”

He said; “Tonight baby! We’ll talk about all of that tonight. Now be ready at 6:30 PM and wear stockings and a belt. Don’t wear any panties.”

She said: “What?”

He laughed and told her: “Don’t wear any panties Dhea. I will give you a pair I just purchased for you.”

She stuttered: “You, you, you got me panties? What kind what color?”

He said: “You’ll have to wait until tonight. I want to put them on you, Do you like that idea. Do you like that I would buy you panties. They are silky and lacy and I think you’ll love them. But I want to put them on you.”

She sighed and said: “God that is so sexy! Yes Paul I love the idea that you are buying my undies.”

She smiled and rubbed her pussy. Paul said: “Then until tonight. I’ll be there at 6:30 PM and I want to come inside your place and kneel in front of you and put the panties on you. Then we’ll go to diner and talk. I have something important to tell you and ask you Dhea. See you tonight.”

He hung up and she shoved two fingers deep inside her pussy and fucked her cunt hard and fast until she arched her back and lifted up off the bed and climaxed hard!!

When she woke up it was 4 PM. She ran a bath and got ready for dinner with Paul.

At 6:30 PM exactly Paul rang the door bell. He was dressed in a very expensive pair of slacks and a soft polo shirt. When Dhea opened the door Paul smiled and licked canlı bahis his lips she looked incredible. She had on a very short little black dress that showed off her figure. A set of pearls around her neck and ear rings that hung down and shook when she moved. Her make up was great not to much, she didn’t need much. She looked like a million buck standing there in her 5 inch black fuck me heels

She smiled and said: “I’m almost finished dressing Paul. Do you have something for me?”

Paul stepped into her living room and kissed her hard and long slipping his tongue in her mouth. Dhea sucked on it and pressed her body against his. He ran his hands down her back and cupped her ass. It felt so nice and round and firm in his hands. Paul finally pulled back and told her: “You look wonderful baby! You’re so lovely and black is your color.”

She smiled and told him: “Thank you, you look very nice too.”

Paul then handed her the gift which was wrapped in a box and had a nice bow on it. She undid the wrapping and opened it and saw the black sort of a throng he had purchased for her. There were very thin straps and a small cover and that was all there was to it. She said: “This is the smallest pair of panties I ever saw.”

Paul told her: “Well it have just enough material needed for tonight. Now let me put them on you.”

He knelt directly in front of Dhea and told her to lift her dress up. She stood there and lifted her dress until he could see that she was wearing stockings and a garter belt. But she didn’t have on any panties and she opened her legs showing him her nicely trimmed pussy and pink pussy lips. He said: If you are going to wear these types of panties for me you’ll have to start shaving more and closer.”

His fingers rubbed up and down her pussy slit. The he said: “Lift your right foot for me.”

Dhea placed her hands on his big shoulders and lifted her foot as Paul looked directly into her cunt. Then he slipped the straps to the throng over the heels. “Now the other foot”, she said looking up at her.

She lifted her left foot and Paul slid the straps over that heel. Then he slowly ran the throng up her legs until he got it just above her knees. He smiled and said: “When you come back to my place tonight Dhea, I’ll shave you completely so you can wear these all the time. I have fiver more in different colors in the car for you.”

Dhea began to get wet thinking she would wear these types of panties whenever she was with Paul. She was sure he would demand that since he purchased them for her. Maybe, she wouldn’t wear any panties when she was with him. She smiled at that idea.

Before Paul pulled the throng all the way up her thighs he reached into his pocket and pulled out an egg. “Oh yes, I a have another present for you. It’s a vagina egg and you’ll be wearing it too tonight Dhea. I will control the stimulator and you’ll wear the egg. Yes baby it’s a small vibrator. I want to see how you react when I use it while we are out tonight.”

Dhea didn’t’ say anything as Paul inserted it into her pussy and then pulled the throng up securing it in place. The throng was tight around her pussy and covered just enough to hold the egg inside her body. He had again planned everything. Tonight would be more enjoyment for her and him.

Dhea asked what it would feel like and Paul gave her pussy a taste of the vibrations she would feel. He used a light setting, number 2 on a scale of 1-10. Dhea felt the egg vibrating and squeeze her thighs tightly together. Paul smiled and asked: “How does it feel?”

Dhea had to sit down. Then he turned the egg off and then on and then off with his remote. Dhea finally said: “God it feels like I’m going to cum every time you do that Paul.”

Paul told her: “Yes, that’s what it is suppose to do. I want you to wear it all night for me. I will surprise you on and off tonight and see how your body reacts. I think you’ll like the feeling when you get use to it. But I won’t leave it on all the time. It’s to be used when you are not expecting it so much.”

And with that they left for dinner. As Dhea sat in his car and Paul used the remote and turned it to three. The feeling lifted her ass up off the seat. “Better put your seat belt on”, Paul told her.

Dhea moaned and squeezed her thighs tightly as the egg continued to vibrate but he had turned the power down to one. As Paul turned it down, he left it on so he could watch her reactions all the way to the restaurant. When they got there Dhea’s cunt was dripping wet from being vibrated for 20 minutes. She had already climaxed once in the car and now she felt she needed to cum again before they went inside.

“Make me cum again Paul. I need to cum before we go into the restaurant or I’m going to be so embarrassed”, she said in her sexist voice. Dhea was ready to fuck him now!! She would have done it in his car or against a building! Anywhere.

But Paul stopped the toy and told her: “NO! You’ll have to wait until we get back to my place now Dhea. Then I’ll make you cum like the other bahis siteleri night! Do you like how the egg feels baby?”

Dhea shook her head yes and they both walked into the restaurant to eat. They sat in a booth and next to each other. When Dhea sat down she could feel the egg pushing against her vagina opening but the new panties Paul had put on her kept it secured inside her hole. Her skirt was sitting high on her legs with most of her thighs showing as well as those sexy stockings she wore for him. He touched her thigh and slid his hand down between them cupping her inner thigh. She sighed as his hand rode higher just as the waiter arrived.

Paul ordered for both of them and ran his hand higher up her inner leg as the waiter took his order and looked at where his hand was now. He could see the tops of the stocking, which were darker than the rest of the stocking. He stood there until Paul said: “Well? Go on, I gave you the order.”

The waiter left immediately and Dhea blushed when Paul told her:” You know that guy was watching my hand going up between your legs baby. How does that make you feel? Do you like it? Do you like the idea of a man watch me touch your thighs like this?”

He squeezed her leg and moved it a little higher. He was now squeezing her inner thigh about her stockings, the bottom of her panties was visible to anyone who walked by. Dhea moved her hand and said: “Please Paul, that’s too high everyone can see.”

Paul said: “I know baby but I think deep inside, secretly, you enjoy men looking at you, especially between your legs. So tell you what, open your thighs wider for me and the waiter. Let him see the new panties you’re wearing.”

Dhea hesitated until Paul pushed gently on one leg with his hand and Dhea slowly spread her thighs a little wider. It was only about 2 or 3 inches but enough for the waiter to see the small silky patch that covered her two holes. Paul smiled knowing she was doing everything he told her and that he was sure she liked the idea of men looking at her body and especially between her legs.

The tops of her thighs and her panties were there for him and the waiter to see. Paul’s hand was resting on her smooth soft skin right next to the panties leg. He kissed her and whispered: “That’s my girl. Now keep them open like that when he comes back with our drinks.”

Dhea complied and the waiter just stood there looking at her athletic thighs and Paul’s hand. Finally Paul waved him away again and Dhea tried to close her legs but Paul stopped her. Instead he pressed his hand against the egg and Dhea felt the lightest vibrations from the number one setting as Paul cupped her cunt on the outside of her panties. He pressed his hand tighter against her pussy and felt the vibration himself from the egg inside her hole.

Dhea laid her head against Paul’s arm and moaned little as he rubbed her pussy up and down and then took his hand out from between her legs and put it to his face. She watched as he inhaled her sent and then licked his fingers.

During dinner whenever she looked up into his face almost begging him to turn off the toy Paul would bend down and kiss her and gave her his tongue. Sometimes he would turn it off sometimes he would turn it up and then sometimes he did nothing. Soon she was giving him her tongue back as her passion built. Paul smiled as they broke.

Once when they broke the kiss and she was panting with desire and need he whispered: “Soon baby soon we’ll be in my house and I’ll relieve your need. You have such a soft pussy Dhea and I am going to enjoy fucking you.”

She moaned again and lifted up to kiss him again.

Again and again he would move his hand between her thighs which now remained open all the time during dinner. He would cup her panties to feel how wet she was becoming. Again and again he would bring the hand to his face and then licked his fingers as she watched.

Then one time he removed his hand from between her legs and moved it to her face. He said: “Smell, can you smell your need, it’s your gift to me?”

Dhea said: “Gift?”

Paul said: “Yes baby a gift of your wetness, your cum showing me your need that I am giving you. Can you smell it?”

Dhea shook her head yes, she was beyond words. Paul moved his face very close to hers and whispered: “Then lick your fingers Dhea and taste it, taste the gift.”

Dhea did as he told her as her body shook with her sexual lust. Her voice was very low and soft and almost gone. Paul would watch her and he would stop the vibratos until she calmed down. Then he would turn it back on when she wasn’t ready and she would jump or push her pussy against his hand. She began to thrust more and more each time he touched her and he knew she was close to cumming again.

Then the last time it happened was timed with when the waiter gave Paul the bill. Paul turned the toy up to three just as the waiter stood there watching his hand between her open thighs. Dhea moaned and began to hump Paul’s hand as she started to orgasm. She couldn’t stop herself bahis şirketleri even when she saw the waiter watching her. Her hips and pelvis just kept fucking Paul’s hand holding her cunt. Paul said: “Watch her; I’m going to make her cum.”

The waiter stood there and watched as Dhea began to fuck Paul’s hand harder and faster as he rubbed and played with her pussy as the egg vibrated inside her body. Dhea climaxed as both men watched her body cum. When he finally stopped it he removed his hand and lifted it up offering it to the waiter. “Want to smell her, taste her”, asked?

The waiter didn’t know what to do so Paul said: “Your lost.”

He moved his hand to his own face and licked his fingers as the waiter stood there with his mouth open. Finally Paul handed him the bill and payment with a very large tip.

When the waiter left, Dhea put her head on the table and Paul stroked her back as he turned off the vibrator completely. He lifted her face and said: “You did well tonight my pet. Very well and I will reward you for that when we get to my place. Are you ready to go now? I know your body need relief and your pussy, does it need fucking Dhea? Tell me what you need.”

Dhea looked into his eyes and saw the excitement as she said: “Yes….yes Paul I’m ready. God yes, I need you to fuck me so badly. But I need to go to the bathroom first I’ soaking wet and need to pee.”

Paul smiled at her and said: “Good, very good my love. But, first take the egg out and hand it to me.”

She looked at him and he knew what she was going to say, so he said it first. “Yes baby here, right here, take it out and hand it to me here”, he whispered in her ear.

Dhea blushed like hell but she opened her legs and very quietly and quickly pulled her panties to the side and took out the egg that had driven her wild all night. Paul knew it was the one toy that made her cum twice so far, once in the car and once in the restaurant. Paul held out his hand and she placed it there and smiled. He stood up and they walked to the bathrooms.

Once Dhea came out he gave the valet the ticket and while the kid went to get the car Paul whispered: “It’s time Dhea, time for us to fuck. Are you ready for me?”

Dhea looked into his eyes and took his hand in hers and said: “Yes Paul, I am ready.”

He said: “Then let’s go back to my home.”

They got into the car and as Paul drove he said: “I want you to do what I tell you tonight Dhea and do it when I tell you. Will you do that?”

She said yes and looked at him as he drove. He was handsome and strong and tall and very nicely built no stomach and strong arms and a large chest and shoulders.

He turned towards her and said: “Lift your dress up so I can see your vagina. Do it now.”

Dhea lifted her ass up off the car seat and lifted her skirt up it rested on her hips above her pussy. She turned towards him and lifted her left leg up on the seat exposing her pussy. He reached over and ran a hand over her heat. “You’re very wet Dhea, you want to give me your gift don’t you?”

She sighed and told him: “Yes Paul, I want to give everything to you.”

He said: “Spread our pussy lips for me. Show me how wet you are. “You are very excited about what is going to happen aren’t you?”

Again she told him yes. Then Paul told her show me Dhea, put your index finger inside your love hole and then show me how wet it is.”

Dhea did as she was told and when she took her finger out of her pussy hole Paul told her to put it in his mouth. Again Dhea moaned and moved her fingers to his mouth and Paul sucked and licked and played with her finger with his tongue.

Then they pulled into the driveway of his home and he pulled the car into the garage and they stepped out. As Paul came around the side of the car he took her in hi arms and lifted her up carrying her into the house.

He held her to him feeling her heat, and the was she was pressing her body into his, he knew she had a great need to be satisfied. He broke the embrace and asked if she wanted or needed a drink before they started. She told him: “No thank you I want to experienced all of this and feel it all without anything blocking my senses.”

He smiled and took her hand. They walked into his basement and there was a chair just like the one in his office. He turned her around and unzipped her dress. The zipper came down to the top of her ass. He slowly slid the dress off her shoulders and it fell down her body to her feet. Dhea was standing with her back to him and she stepped out of the dress as it lay on the floor.

Dressed in her bra, stockings and garter belt she stood there and he moved into her. She felt his body press against her back and ass and she didn’t move. Paul ran his hands around the front of her body and cupped her firm breasts as his cock hardened against her ass. Dhea felt both and lay back against him.

Paul kissed her neck and shoulder and licked her ear and neck and squeezed her breasts. Then he removed his hands and undid her bra. He pushed this off her shoulders to. Then he tuned her arou0nd and looked at her. She was spectacular. Her long hair hung passed her shoulders. Her eyes burned with lust and desire and she stood there nude except for the stockings and belt.

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