Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 17

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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 17Trapped and Trained Ch. 17Walking back into the suite, I felt the cold air blowing on my wet skin, causing shivers to flow through my entire body and goosebumps to pop up. Also, another undesirable effect occurred as I felt my nipples become hard as rocks underneath my bikini, which was a detail that did not go unnoticed by Vivian. As soon as the door was closed behind us, I heard the shower running, meaning that Mitch was awake. I felt her presence behind me and then her hands running up my legs and onto my ass, feeling the small bumps and continuing upward until her hands were atop my breasts. She pinched my stiff nipples between her fingers, hearing me whimper.”I bet you need to warm up, don’t you sweetie?” Vivian asked, while continuing to roughly play with my nipples, which were becoming quite sore.”Yes Miss Vivian, please let me go warm up.” I managed to squeeze out, gritting my teeth as I said it while her hands moved underneath my bikini top, now playing directly with my nipples and causing me to squirm in my heels as she relentlessly continued. “Well, you’re in luck. It sounds like Mitch is taking a shower, and he loves a nice, hot shower. So this sounds like a perfect opportunity for another fun little game. Now, I want you to keep your sexy little bikini and heels on and wander on in there to join him. However, your task is only to suck him off, since I know how disappointed you were that you didn’t get to wrap those precious lips on his cock earlier. You are NOT to allow him to penetrate any of your other holes, understood? And when he cums in your mouth, you leave it in there until I say otherwise.”She had essentially trapped me, getting me to agree that I needed to warm up and then giving me a way to, only with the caveat that I had to suck Mitch’s cock in doing so. I slumped my shoulders and made my way into the master bedroom, turning left and heading into the bathroom. The shower was enclosed in completely glass walls with nozzles on all four walls shooting water towards the middle, where I saw Mitch standing. His tanned and toned body glistened in the water when I saw it through the steam, his limp cock dangling between his legs as he washed his body. He heard the clicking of my heels against the bathroom floor and smiled as he looked me up and down in my revealing bikini.I opened up the door and entered the shower, feeling the warmth all around me and the hot water splashing down on my body, the goosebumps quickly fading away. I heard something at the bathroom entrance and saw that it was Vivian wheeling a chair in from the bedroom, video camera once again in hand and a satisfied smirk glowing across her face while she sat next to the shower with a perfect view of what was about to happen.I approached Mitch and put my hands on his chest, feeling the strength in his pecks as he flexed them, the water now falling directly on my head and running down my body. I felt his hands go behind me and then felt the release of my bikini top coming untied, gently falling down to my feet, my breasts bouncing to explore their new found freedom. His hands immediately went to them as he started aggressively massaging them, taking them in his hands and squeezing roughly before rubbing them in tight circles. He spun me around and pushed me over to the wall nearest to where Vivian was sitting, the red light on her camera staring back at me through the glass. He kept his hands on my tits but I felt him sliding his now half erect cock in between my ass cheeks, moaning at the friction it was causing as it easily slid between the wetness. He was becoming more and more aggressive until I finally felt that his cock was fully erect, all eight inches now sliding up and down the crack of my ass, pushing against the small strip of material from my thong, all that was protecting my ass from him penetrating me and me “losing” the game with Vivian. I looked through the glass at her and saw her shaking her head no, knowing what Mitch was about to do, warning me to prevent it from happening or to suffer the consequences of her kinky and devious mind.Panicking, I slapped Mitch’s hands away and spun around. I playfully pushed him back into the center of the shower before dropping to my knees. He smiled a knowing smile, aware of what I was about to do. I took his stiff dick in my hands, gasping at just how thick it was as my fingers could barely wrap all the way around it. I slowly stroked him and licked around the shaft for a few minutes while he groaned in anticipation, finally putting his hands on the back of my head and sliding his cock between my lips and filling up my mouth. He took control and began to slowly thrust in and out of my mouth while I continued to stroke the bottom half. Eventually he took my hand away, now shoving his entire cock in and out of me, shrugging of my gag reflex and taking him until I felt my nose push against his stomach and his balls rest on my chin. Each time he’d hold me there for a second, not allowing me to come back up for air, making me take in my situation of having this long, thick penis shoved down my throat, before bringing it all the way back out.In the midst of all of this I felt a breeze of cold air behind me. I paid no attention to it as I had to put all of my focus on Mitch’s cock if I didn’t want to throw up while he gagged me. Suddenly, though, it had all of my attention as I felt someone behind me. It was Vivian as I felt her playing with my groin region. Surprised, I felt her applying something, after which I felt her peel up one of the corners of my fake pussy. Slowly she pulled it all the way off, taking my cock out of the sheath that it was wrapped in underneath. My heavy, cum-filled balls dropped out of my body as they were finally free, the strange feeling of my dick between my legs distracting me momentarily from Mitch’s pushing in and out of my mouth.I felt Vivian slide something else over my cock – it felt like a condom, but much thicker. Part of me suddenly hoped that she was perhaps going to let me fuck her, as my mind wandered to a point of me having her bent over the bathroom counter, me pulling the back of her hair and relentlessly pounding in and out of her pussy while she screamed in ecstasy. Those visions were quickly put to rest, however, once I felt her slide my dick back into the sheath of the fake pussy and then paste everything back into place.Before I could wonder what that was all about, Mitch began to violently fuck my mouth, his throbbing dick staying inside of me now as he pounded away. I felt it begin to spasm and braced myself for what was about to come as he pushed his dick all the way down my throat, getting ready to shoot his load as if it were directly depositing into my stomach. I knew that I had to keep his cum in my mouth, per Vivian’s instructions, so I struggled against his hands until his cock was resting on my tongue, just in time. It felt like he came for ten seconds straight, stream after stream flowing as his cock slowly began to go limp in my mouth. One more spasm came as he pulled out of my mouth, shooting one last bit of cum on my lips which I couldn’t lick clean as my cheeks were bulging from the deposit, my mouth full of his potent sperm. Apparently satisfied and done with me, he stood me up and pointed me towards the door, giving me a vicious slap on the ass to get me going. I saw the redness of his handprint forming on my cheeks as I walked by the mirror on my way out.Vivian was in the bedroom, stripping down to take a shower of her own. She had a gorgeous body, beautifully tanned, perky breasts, a perfect mound of a shaven pussy. Her jet black hair cascading perfectly down over the tops of her breasts as she turned to see me staring at her, taking in her beauty. She smiled and bent over at the waist to take her heels off, purposely giving me a wondrous view of her firm ass cheeks and long, slender legs. I felt my cock stirring underneath my fake pussy, straining against its fleshy prison and begging to be set free, but to no avail. Vivian stood and strode towards me, the confidence in herself almost palpable as she walked. I felt a bit of cum leaking out of the side of my mouth and quickly wiped it away with my finger.”Very impressive showing, Candi – you’re quite the cocksucker! I guess that comes with all of your practice though, huh?! Well, surely you felt me rummaging around with your little clitty, but don’t you worry about that for now. Now, open wide so I can see how much of a load Mitch gave you.”I tilted my head back and opened my mouth, feeling the gobs of cum sliding around in my mouth. Vivian looked inside and seemed satisfied, then threw in one of those damn pink pills, starting my twelve hour timer all over again. Vivian pushed my mouth closed, but didn’t give me permission to swallow the cum inside. “There we go – I think that’s a wonderful way for you to take your pills – let’s make that a standard practice for the rest of the trip, shall we? Now swallow that tasty spunk down with your pink pill. I took it upon myself to lay out your outfit for tonight on your bed. Off you go to shower and sexy your face and hair up for a big night out in Vegas tonight while I go join Mitch in the shower to see if he has anything left for me!”I walked out of the master bedroom and across the living room, peering at the door, knowing that I had a chance for freedom, knowing that I could run out of those doors and be down the elevator before Vivian and Mitch finished their shower. But I knew that it would only be a short dose of freedom, that I would have to come crawling back for another dose of my pills in a measly 12 hours. I heard Vivian giggling in the shower with Mitch and tiptoed to the edge of the master bedroom, looking inside from a safe distance. I could see the safe where they kept the stash of my pills and, presumably, the anecdote that I needed for permanent freedom. If I could get ahold of that I could disappear within Vegas, nobody would ever find me. Ever so quietly I knelt down and crawled over to the safe, hoping that Vivian had forgotten to close it all the way. No luck once I reached it, a small keypad keeping it locked and, in turn, keeping me imprisoned with these awful people. I would have to find a way to watch Vivian or Mitch enter the code the next time they opened it up. Slowly I crept out of the bedroom and headed back to my room, happily sliding off those dreaded high heels and slipping into a hot shower. More importantly, a hot, lonely shower.Once I was done with my shower I stepped out and went through my routine. I dried my hair and put it up in the towel, then dried off the rest of my body. Once that was done, I put a healthy dose of lotion all over myself. I hated to admit it, but the lotion felt wonderful, my skin so buttery smooth and soft once it had seeped in. I caught myself massaging my breasts with the lotion for what must have been a few minutes, lost in a moment of pleasure as my nipples were so sensitive. My brain screamed at me to snap myself out of the trance, struggling to remind my body that I was a man trapped inside of all of this. I finished up with the lotion and took the towel off of my head. I blow dried my hair and then straightened it, something I was becoming very skillful at, as well as applying my makeup which was next. I found that getting all of this done before getting dressed usually was better, since the outfits I was typically required to wear would sometimes either restrict my movements or just be god awfully uncomfortable, so the less time I could spend in them, the better I figured. Once I was all dolled up with my makeup I stepped out of the bathroom and surveyed the items awaiting me on the bed.There on the bed was what seemed to be a latex collection. There were long, red gloves as well as red leggings that would cover my feet and hands. There was a black miniskirt with a silver zipper as well as another strip of latex that apparently was supposed to cover my breasts with another silver zipper where the ends would meet. The only problem was that the material was only about two inches wide, meaning there was no way it would cover my entire breast – I’d have to strategically place it so that it covered as much as possible, but that still wasn’t much at all. Another problem was, as much as I looked, I couldn’t find any panties anywhere, not even a crotchless thong or anything that ridiculous. Was I supposed to go commando or did Vivian just forget to leave some panties out?I began the struggle of sliding into all of the latex. The gloves were the worst as my lotioned hands kept slipping and losing my grip on them, but eventually I worked both of my hands inside. Everything was so tight fitting that it was hard to squeeze my legs inside of the leggings, but I managed after some fighting with it. I decided to just get dressed and then question Vivian about the missing panties once I was done, so I slipped on the skirt, seeing that it was cut dangerously high and that the slit where the zipper was exposed almost my entire left thigh. I could feel the bottoms of my ass cheeks peeking out of the bottom, exposing just a touch of my thigh before the red leggings started. I tugged and pulled on the latex top, trying with all of my might to make the two ends meet until finally I got the zipper to catch and zipped it up, my breasts smashed underneath. I maneuvered my breasts around painfully underneath the tight material to ensure that my nipples were hidden from view. At the foot of the bed were my heels for the night. They were shiny black platform heels with a 6” stiletto heel. There was a red lining going around them, ending with small bows at the tips to complete the outfit.On the nightstand was some jewelry that I was apparently supposed to wear. There was a small red ball for my tongue ring that I managed to switch out, then a red pair of handcuffs on a small black chain that was to hang from my belly piercing. Some large silver hoop earrings completed the jewelry that I had to wear, so after slipping them on I gave myself a once over in the mirror (with a reflexive twirl that I hated, but bahis siteleri canlı still always did) and made my way out to the living room to inquire about the panties that I needed.Walking out into the living room, Vivian was sitting on the couch wearing a low cut black halter dress, displaying an ample amount of cleavage and finishing just below her thigh as the dress flared out. She wore some modest black high heels with about a 3″ heel on them… looking at those heels I would have done anything to trade mine for hers. Even as stable as I had become from walking on such high heels, it was still hell on my feet, especially now given that my feet were covered in latex and wanting to slide around within the heels, making walking quite a bit more challenging. Vivian stood as I walked in and circled me, cupping my ass as she walked past and giving an approving sigh as she made her way back in front of me and eyed me up and down.”Okay Candi – we will be heading to dine at a restaurant you’ve probably never heard of, it’s call The Cell and it’s a bit of a different dining experience than I’m sure you’ve ever experienced, but the surprise is half of the fun for newcomers, so I won’t ruin that for you. Now, as I mentioned earlier and surely you have noticed, you have a little additional piece of material covering your cute little clitty. This serves a few different purposes. First…”With that, she pulled out a tiny black remote control. I watched her flip a switch and then begin to turn a dial. I felt the piece of rubbery material that was enveloping my cock under my fake pussy begin to vibrate and then slowly massage my dick. It almost brought me to my knees to finally get some attention down there. Even that little bit of attention made me feel like I was on the brink of a massive orgasm, the cum beginning to rush from my swollen testicles up my shaft. But, just before I reached that moment, the sensation was gone – Vivian had stopped the device.”Yes – it can run on a remote control so that I can tease you and play with you all I want. And, the BEST part, is that there is a sensor that will keep your little clitty under control. Once it feels your heart rate has increased enough and it notices the onset of an orgasm, it will send a small electrical surge into your clitty that will subside your orgasm. Now, this won’t work all of the time, but let me tell you, it will take a monster orgasm for you to push past that safety valve and actually cum from that pathetic little thing of yours. Now let me show you the real fun in that device.”Vivian reached down to her purse and pulled out a 6″ black dildo. She led me over to the couch and bent me over it, my ass facing her. She kicked my legs apart to expose my pussy, then I heard the sound of lube being squeezed out of a tube. She must have rubbed it onto the dildo as I never felt anything rubbed onto me – a thought that was validated a few seconds later as I felt the greasy head of the cock at the entrance to my fake mound. Without any resistance it popped inside, but I didn’t feel anything different, so I was a bit confused. As the dildo inched in, I was tempted to question Vivian and ask her if she was sure of what she was doing. Then, once there was only about an inch left to insert, the fake cock pressed firmly against my entrapped dick, pressing against the material and sending the device into motion again. As she pulled the dildo out and the pressure on the device relented, everything stopped until she thrust it inside once again. She held it there for a moment, watching me lose myself in ecstasy. She began to pull it out and I felt myself moving backwards with it, not wanting it to leave me, not wanting the pleasure to stop.”Mmmm, you see sweetie, I needed a way for you to really want a cock inside of you. When men are fucking a slut like you, they want to hear the genuine moans of a whore while they pound in and out of your sweet, tight pussy. They want to know that you’re loving their throbbing cock being inside of you. And, as you can see, this 6 incher barely reaches the sensors in the device, so you’ll be needing to find something at least that big to feel that same kind of pleasure that I know you’re craving now. Also, the harder and faster you get your pussy pounded, the harder and faster that device will work on your clitty, so now I don’t even have to worry about forcing you to be a whore – given that men always think with their dicks, I can imagine that you’ll only be thinking with your clitty once you get a nice thick one up there to give you a proper fucking. And since your cum will leak out of your pussy, the men will just be thinking that it’s either their cum flowing down your tubes or the cum of some of your previous fucks – no one will be the wiser. Plus you have such easy access since you decided not to wear any panties – very slutty Candi. I have to say, I’m a bit surprised, but in a good sense.”I was still coming down from the pleasure that had just been jolted through my body – it was such a foreign feeling to me that I had hardly paid any attention to what Vivian was saying, but I did catch the last piece about me “choosing” not to wear any panties. Before I could tell her that she hadn’t laid any out for me, Mitch was entering the room in a black tailored suit. He walked over to me and lifted up my skirt, raising his eyebrows as he saw that I was completely naked underneath. He looked to Vivian and laughed, then pulled a thin red leather collar from his pocket, slipping it around my neck. There was a ring in front to which he connected a thin black leash, then walked towards the door, giving me a tug to follow him. Humiliated, I lunged forward and did my best to keep up, heading out the door and into the elevator. Mitch hit the button for the garage, then into a black stretch limo that was running and waiting on us when we reached the bottom floor.We rode in the limo for about fifteen minutes, navigating through the traffic of the strip and then, to a mild surprise from me, out of the strip and to the outer parts of the city. We pulled into a building with no significant markings that I could see and pulled up to a main entrance where the limo came to a stop. The driver came around and popped open the door. Vivian stepped out first, followed by Mitch who then pulled on my leash to lead me out. I saw the driver’s eyes light up as he saw me scooting out of the limo, trying to keep up with Mitch and forgetting that I was giving the driver a free peep show under my skirt. I stood and pulled down on the latex, trying to cover myself up and then hurriedly walking after Mitch as the leash pulled taut. I heard the driver laugh as he shut the door and went around to his seat, driving off and leaving me here, wherever “here” was.We walked through the main doors and I found myself in what seemed like a lobby with roughly 20 people inside. I could see from a simple glance around the room that there were both dominants and slaves here – the slaves were quite easy to pinpoint as they were generally wearing scant clothing and looking down at the ground. When we entered Mitch went to check on our reservation while handing my leash to Vivian. She mingled with a few women while we waited for our table, mostly ignoring me while she mostly ignored the slaves of the other women. I could see that one woman had a slave who was completely nude, she was a bit overweight but, all in all, I would consider her cute. She had some welts on her ass that I saw as she turned to face her Mistress that made me cringe.Mitch motioned for Vivian and I to come to the front with him, then we were led down some stairs and through a large, black steel door. Inside I saw that there was a massive black table that must have been able to seat close to 30 people. There was a red tablecloth covering the long table with about 15 people already seated. I saw a grouping of three chairs on the far end that we were apparently heading for. Two of the chairs were black with what looked like red velvety cushioning. Then there was a seat in the middle of those that was black steel with leather padding, along various rings hanging from the parts I could see. I imagined that was my seat.What I didn’t imagine is what I saw once we came around the corner. Vivian and Mitch took their seats, but I hesitated once I saw what was waiting for me. Instead of a normal bottom of a seat as I had expected to see, the seat split off in a Y, which would spread my legs apart. And rather than my ass getting to rest on a normal, padded seat, I instead was staring at a 7″ red latex dildo sticking out of the bottom of the seat. My tailbone would get to rest on a portion of the seat, but there was no way to sit in this thing without that dildo going inside of my pussy. Vivian just smiled and patted the seat, signaling for me to sit down.”You see, Candi? I told you earlier, the surprise is half of the fun. Now sit the fuck down before you embarrass Mitch and I!”She gave a stern pull on the leash, pulling me towards my seat. I eased down onto it, noticing that everyone at the table was watching me, knowing that I was about to have to slide that latex cock inside of me in order to be seated properly. Finally I felt the tip of the dildo at the entrance to my pussy and continued to slide down – the lube from Vivian dildo fucking me earlier making the dildo slide into me much easier. With a few inches left I felt the cock push against the sensors on the device wrapped around my dick, making me jump up. Mitch, growing impatient, grabbed the leash from Vivian and harshly pulled down, forcing me down onto the dildo and shoving it into the sensor. Mitch and Vivian both took some straps that were on the chair and locked them over my legs, trapping me on the chair with the dildo causing waves of pleasure to course through me as I wiggled against the rubbery cock, squealing and moaning uncontrollably, my eyes closed and my back arched, unable to compose myself. I found myself involuntarily bucking against the cock as I felt a massive orgasm approaching, all of these months of pent up cum storming its way out. Just as I felt like I couldn’t take it any longer, I felt a strong surge of electricity pulse through my dick, sapping all of the blood from it and immediately causing it to go limp, causing all of that cum to rush back into my balls and causing a loud, painful groan to come from my lips. Vivian just smiled and continued on with the conversation she had picked up with a lady sitting next to her while Mitch messed around on his phone, my torture going essentially unnoticed. Slowly but surely the sensor picked up again, putting me to the edge before pulling me back down yet again. This was the most frustrating feeling I had ever experienced, plus my cock was beginning to get awfully sore from the tortuous teasing, yet I couldn’t stop myself from bucking against the dildo as the sensor worked its magic. It felt like the tightest, wettest, most amazing pussy imaginable was working itself up and down on my cock, only to jump up and zap me right as I’m about to explode into it.While all of this was going on with me, a full course meal was going on for everyone else. When I would have a minute between the time I was zapped out of an orgasm and when the sensor would pick up again, I would try to eat something here and there. I had a few pieces of bread, a few bites of a delicious salad and then some steak that felt like it was melting in my mouth. I figured I would need something in my stomach other than what I was afraid of what I would soon be ingesting a lot of. After about an hour or so of dinner, the guests slowly started standing and heading towards a door in the back of the room. Vivian and Mitch looked at one another and decided they had had enough to eat, then stood to leave as well. Mitch pulled up on my leash, lifting me up off of the fake cock and pulling me towards whatever back room there was where everyone was heading. I heard him talking to Vivian and mentioning something about a competition, but my head was spinning from what I had been through and I couldn’t catch much of what they had said.Once we were inside the room, I saw there was a large stage at the head of the room with a plethora of video cameras trained on it. As we walked in, Mitch asked someone where to take his slave to present for inspection, and then led me to the area where the man pointed. Mitch took me behind the stage and handed my leash to a large b**st of a man, the lights from behind the stage shining off of his shiny bald head and his muscles threatening the stitching of his black fishnet shirt. The man jerked unforgivably on my leash and led me to a black steel table with red leather padding on top. The table was low, only coming up to about my thigh, and had a steel crossbar over the top a couple feet from the padding. The man slapped the leather and told me to get up on my hands and knees. I hesitated for a moment, not to the pleasure of this apparently impatient man, as he easily picked me up and dropped me on the table, roughly maneuvering me onto my belly and then up on my hands and knees, as he had originally requested.He quickly and efficiently went to work. He pulled out leather cuffs that were attached under the table from all four corners, securing my arms and legs into place. He then took a strand of rope and ran it under my waist, pulling it through a ring on the crossbar and continued pulling until my waist was at the level he wanted it to be at. He gave it a quick tie, leaving me uncomfortably arching my back upwards. To my surprise, he next went to my hair and tied it back into a ponytail. I didn’t understand the purpose of this, but I was sure it had one that I would learn in just a few moments. He went to a table and pulled out something that looked like a large black hook, but where the point would typically be there was instead a ball of steel, a little bit larger than a golf ball. He approached me with the tool, my eyes widened in curiosity as to its purpose.”This part will go much easier if you just relax dat ass of yours, understood?”I bucked against my restraints canlı casino siteleri after learning that he intended to shove that hook inside my ass, but there was obviously no escape. I felt his large fingers spreading some lube on my hole, commenting on how it was nice of me to forgo wearing any panties to make this easier for him. Just as I was about to tell him that it wasn’t my choice, my breath was taken away as the ball of the hook pressed roughly and persistently against my anal opening. It didn’t feel like it would ever slide in, but then suddenly I felt it pop inside of me, then push deeper in as he pushed the hook further into my ass until I finally felt the curve of the steel against the top of my ass. He pulled and pushed on it a few times to ensure that it was secured inside of me, then went back and grabbed another piece of rope. I finally understood the purpose of my ponytail as he tied one end of the rope around the knot of my ponytail, then the other end he ran through the opening on the exposed end of the hook. He pulled the rope through until my head was forced to point straight forward, then tied a tight knot to hold me in place. As he walked away I attempted to lower my head, feeling my hair tug and then tug upward on the hook in my ass, sending a dose of pain through me that I had no desire to experience ever again as I groaned and begged for the man to remove the hook, that it was too painful. He just smirked as he walked back over to me, standing directly in front of me, my face pointed directly at the tent forming underneath his tight leather pants.He pulled on my hair, again forcing the hook deeper inside of me and causing me to open my mouth to scream. Quickly I felt him shove a steel O-ring inside of my mouth, under my teeth, locking my mouth open. He took a leather strap that was connected on both sides of the ring and ran it behind my head, locking it behind me. After this was done he walked a small circle around the table, inspecting his work. All of a sudden I felt the rope under my waist go limp, dropping my back from its high position, which was a nice feeling until I felt the rope from my hair to the hook become tighter, pulling my hair back and pushing the hook in further. I squealed into my gag at this new placement, trying to beg for the man to put the rope back in place and alleviate some of this pain, but he just walked to another table where another woman sat, going through the same motions and putting her in a similar predicament that I was in.After about fifteen minutes of hell on this table, the man returned and began to wheel my table over behind the stage curtain. I was placed in the middle of two other women, the three of us all trapped on our tables, helpless to move or talk. I heard a commotion coming from the other end of the curtain, and as it raised I saw an audience of what must have been 75 people seated in a small auditorium type of room. Ooos and Ahhs filled the room once the curtain was raised and the spotlights were shining on the three of us. I heard a deep voice boom from a loudspeaker throughout the room, staying that the “inspection may now begin – 20 seconds will be allowed per slave”.Once that announcement was made, I watched as ushers dismissed the audience row by row. As a row was dismissed, the people would file over towards the stairs leading up to the stage. I watched the first woman ascend the stairs and come onto the stage, her heels clicking across the wooden floor as she approached the trapped female to my right. She walked around behind the table and must have been playing with the slave’s pussy as I heard a pleasureful moan escape her gagged mouth, followed by a spanking sound and then squeals of pain. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the woman reaching underneath the slave, pulling her dress down to expose her breasts and then pulling down hard on her nipples. A bell rang and the woman focused her attention onto me while another person came across the stage to take her place.The woman went through the same ordeal with me, shoving her finger inside of my fake pussy. I figured she would be disappointed when she didn’t get the reaction she was looking for, but just as he fingers entered my pussy, I felt the device around the shaft of my dick come to life at a high intensity. I squirmed and bucked against the bonds, making it look like I wanted her finger deeper inside of me. I heard the woman giggle behind me and remove her finger. The device continued for a second, then stopped. I wondered how that was possible as I scanned the crowd, finally seeing Vivian waving to me with a wide smile on her face, the black remote in her hand. She was manipulating the minds of these people as they played with my fake mound, making them believe that they were driving me wild just with their fingers, making them wonder how I would act with a real throbbing cock buried inside of me.The inspection continued for what must have been over an hour. Each person would get 20 seconds on each of us, then a bell would ring and they would move on to the next while someone would take their place. Vivian must have been paying extremely close attention as she would always trigger my device just as someone would make contact with my pussy, which seemed to be damn near everyone. Another favorite move it seemed would be to pull up on the rope connecting my hair to the hook in my ass, watching how I would react to the sharp pain. Some people would just want to shove their fingers in my mouth, seeing how many they could fit, most likely gauging if a certain cock or dildo would easily fit inside. And then there were the people that just wanted to tweak my nipples after painfully sliding my latex top down or spank me roughly on the ass for their entire 20 seconds, sending me squirming hopelessly against my cuffs, much to their enjoyment.Finally the last person finished up with the slave to my left. My nipples and ass were stinging in pain, my asshole sore and feeling stretched, my trapped cock sore from all of the teasing and torture it had been dealing with. My entire body ached from being stuck in this position for what was coming up on two hours altogether. And just like that, the three of us were wheeled back off of the stage and the curtain was pulled down. In the distance I could hear a man speaking through a microphone.”Now that the inspection process has completed, allow me to give a refresher on tonight’s rules. When you made your reservations to join us tonight, you all purchased a variety of beads, each bead allowing you a specific sexual act with a slave of your choosing. When the slaves are released to their respective rooms, the competition will commence. Upon entering a slave’s room, you will place whatever color bead or beads you wish to use in the bowl just inside the door. The red beads signify the mouth, green are for pussy, and black are for anal. You will then have access to whatever holes you have chosen to use for that particular slave. Upon completion you will leave the room and either head on to your next slave or, if completed, you will head back down to the lobby and await the results of the competition. As stated, there will be a monetary prize awarded to the owners of the winning slave. One or more of the slaves may be chosen to receive a contract offer, which will be voided at the conclusion of the party if not accepted.”Competition? What the fuck were they talking about? And what contract? There was no fucking way I was signing any contract, and I don’t care how many beads or whatever these people purchased, they wouldn’t have any kind of free access to my holes. Once I was off of this table I was getting the fuck out of this place, I didn’t even care about the pills anymore, I’d deal with that once I was gone.The big bald bull had other plans though, as he uncuffed my hands and legs but left the hook in place. He picked me up and placed me on my hands and knees on the ground. He took my leash and, instead of hooking it to my collar, I watched him hook it to the rope tied around my hair. He then began to walk, the leash pulling tight and making the hook dig into my ass, spurring me on to crawl after him. He told me to walk like a good little bitch as he led me through the lobby in front of the dozens and dozens of people that had filed out of the auditorium, much to their pleasure to see me like that. Through a door in the lobby he took me down a hallway with doors on the right and left, finally entering one at the end of the hall and leading me inside. Inside I saw that it was a lavish bedroom with a massive heart shaped bed, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a huge window with a view of the strip in the distance… and of course, cameras posted at every corner of the bedroom and bathroom. He made me crawl up onto the bed, giving me another unnecessary tug on my leash just so he could hear me yelp in response.Once I was on all fours on top of the bed, he took what looked like a shock collar out of his pocket, replacing my thin red collar with it, the shock sockets right over my throat. He pressed a small button on the side of the collar, followed by a faint beep coming from it.”This collar is bound to this room and this room only. If you exit this room at any time, for any reason, you will receive a debilitating shock that will last until you return to the confines of this room. I don’t care if this building catches on fire, you better not try leaving this room until that collar is properly removed with this key.”He shoved the key in his pocket, then untied my hair from the rope connected to the hook. He then gripped the curve of the hook and slowly started to wiggle it out of my ass. Once all but the ball was out, he slowly worked it from side to side to safely remove that portion of the hook from me while I squirmed underneath him, wanting it out and for the pain to just go away. With an audible pop, the hook was out of me, my ass still feeling like it was gaped wide open, as the man tossed the hook to the corner of the room and walked out, the door electronically locking as he exited. I moved my hands to the back of my gag to try and take it off only to feel a small padlock holding it in place. I looked around the room, seeing all of the red lights of the cameras staring at me, wondering what was to happen next.I didn’t have to wait long. Just a few minutes after he had left, I heard the door unlock and a heavyset black man sauntered in. He smiled as he saw me sitting on the bed facing the door. He held up two beads – a red one and a green one – meaning that he had purchased the right to my mouth and my pussy, apparently. I decided he was going to have to earn it as I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door, searching for the lock, only to see that this door was also controlled by electronic locks. I had no way of stopping him from entering as he pushed his weight against the door. In my heels I had no leverage and slid backwards across the tiles, giving way to him coming inside.”Good, bitch – I like it rough!” he said, grabbing my hair and pulling me back into the bedroom. He shoved me onto the bed on my back with my head dangling off of the side as he pulled his suit pants down, exposing his chubby cock which must have been about 7″. I tried to roll over, but he was too strong as he held me in place. I tried thrashing my head around, but there was no hope as he eventually guided his cock through my gag and into my mouth. He kept his weight holding me in place and began to fuck my mouth, periodically slapping my tits as I felt them jiggle uncontrollably in response. He must have been incredibly horny because it didn’t take long before he was flooding my mouth with gobs of his cum, holding his dick in my mouth until he was satisfied that I had swallowed it all down. He reached over to his pants pocket and pulled out a small key, finally releasing the lock on my gag and removing it from my sore mouth.Next he crawled up onto the bed and pulled me over to him again by my hair, placing my head in his lap and telling me to play with his dick until he was hard enough to fuck me. I began massaging his balls and tickling the head of his cock with my tongue piercing before going all the way down and back up the outside of his shaft while he let out a satisfied moan. It took a good five or ten minutes, but eventually I felt his cock stiffening in my hands. Once he was hard, he threw me down on my back on the bed, staring up at the mirror on the ceiling. He unzipped my skirt and flung it to the floor followed by my top, which hadn’t been covering my breasts for a while now anyways, lining the head of his cock up with my pussy as he picked my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He eased that chubby 7″ dick into my pussy bit by bit until finally I felt him push against the sensors in my device, springing it to life all over again. I closed my eyes as the waves of pleasure washed over me while he began to get a steady rhythm of pushing in and pulling out. For the next few minutes he continued to fuck me until I felt a raging orgasm coming through my body. I needed the device to pick up some steam… I needed to be fucked harder, faster, deeper.”Come on baby, is that all you got?” I struggled to get out through my uncontrollable moans. The man looked almost insulted for a tick, then strengthened his grip on my thighs and began forcefully ramming his cock into me, sending the device into overdrive and almost making me pass out from the sensations it was causing. Finally I couldn’t control my body anymore, slamming my pelvis into him as he drove forward, screaming out that I was about to cum and for him to fuck me harder. I felt the warning zap from the device but felt myself power right through it until I felt a violent orgasm erupt from inside my pussy, my cock twitching out of control in an orgasm so fierce that it was painful, causing me to scream out in a combination of relief and pain. At the same time the man fucking me was reaching his climax, holding his dick inside of me while he shot his second load.He pulled out of me and then pulled me to a standing position, holding his hands underneath casino oyna my pussy while the combination of our cum came pouring out of me like a faucet. He seemed impressed as he thought it was only his cum, obviously not thinking he had deposited that much within me but not stopping to think about it for long. He shoved me back down onto the bed and straddled my chest, holding his hands over my mouth as I clamped it shut.”Open that fuckin mouth, slut, or I’ll shove that fuckin hook right back into your ass like you had it on the stage earlier.”Remembering that the hook was still left in the corner of the room I opened my mouth to protest, which was all the opening the man needed as he opened his hands and let the reservoir of cum poor into my open mouth. He then held them up for me and watched as I obediently licked them clean, knowing that I was defeated. Once he was finished with me he stood up and began to walk out, but not before picking my skirt and top up off of the floor and walking out the door with them in his pocket as a souvenir, leaving me with just my latex leggings and gloves on, with of course my heels.Exhausted from the first orgasm I’d had in months, I laid back on the bed. Just as my head hit the bedding I heard the door pop open. I lifted up enough to see a man and a woman walking in. I was confused as I saw them drop two green beads as well as a black one into the bowl. They were an older couple, perhaps in their early fifties, him dressed in a suit while she wore a lavish black evening gown with a slit up to the thigh, showing off the tips of her black stockings. He wasted no time in climbing onto the bed and stripping all the way down, his chest hair and pubes showing signs of gray as he motioned for me to climb onto his already rock hard 5″ cock. I sighed deeply and crawled over to him, straddling his cock and then lowering my pussy onto it. The device would barely register unless I was fully impaled, which was fine with me as my dick was getting incredibly sore from its surprise workout. He placed his hands on my breasts, pushing me up off of his dick and then letting me slide back down. Suddenly he pulled my chest downward and I felt the head of a strap on cock pushing against my ass, slowly sliding in as I couldn’t stop it. In and in it went – it must have been at least 8″ as the woman continued until I felt the warmth of her naked thighs grazing my ass cheeks. As she slid her dildo out of me, he pulled his cock out simultaneously until they were both just on the edge of being removed, then they both slammed them home, filling me up full of fake and real dick and causing a surprised groan to escape my mouth.The woman continued to ravage me from behind while the man had slowed his pace considerably, mostly just enjoying the show from what I could gather of his wife fucking what he thought to be an exquisite blonde bombshell, my tits bouncing back and forth as she slammed in and out of me with his cock fully impaled inside me. Finally she slowed and then I thankfully felt the fake cock exit my anus, but I was a bit surprised to see that the man hadn’t started fucking my pussy yet. He was still staring at his wife, and eventually I understood why as I again felt her strap on cock behind me. Instead of going for my ass this time, though, she was pushing it against her husband’s cock, trying to push inside of my pussy to join him. Thankfully I had a fake pussy so there wasn’t too much pain until they were both inside of me, then the pressure pushing against my cock was almost unbearable as I cried out and begged for her to pull out. She kept pushing until she was fully inside of me, her fake dick pressed right up against the sensors on the device as it started going wild all over again. She stayed deep inside of me while he began thrusting in and out of me, obviously enjoying the feeling of my now incredibly tight and full pussy combined with her latex cock rubbing against his dick as it went in and out. His hands clamped down on my breasts while his wife held me in position from behind, her hands on my waist, pushing me down hard onto his cock with hers thrust fully into me until he finally gave the sign that he was filling me up with his cum. My dick throbbed as it tried to cum, but was rejected by the zap of electricity.Spent, the man pushed me off of his dick and the woman laid me down on my back. Suddenly I had a fake cock shoved into my face, taking it into my mouth only to have the man shove his now softening cock into my mouth as well. I slid my tongue all around them, trying to clean up all of the cum off of both of them while the woman reached down and took the cum leaking out of my pussy, spreading it all over her dildo before shoving it back into my mouth to start the process all over again. The two of them locked lips for a passionate kiss while the slut underneath them cleaned off their cocks. I was just a tool for their use, otherwise ignored in their passion until they both lifted off of me, dressed and walked out of the room.The next three hours were pure hell for me. Man after man, woman after woman would come in and use me, dropping their various beads into the bowl as they entered and then leaving me like a used up whore after they were done, hardly ever saying a word to me. Sometimes it would be two men, double penetrating my pussy or my ass, feeling like I was being split in half but always managing to take what they would give me until the cum would come gushing from their dicks. Women enjoyed riding my face while their man would use my holes, typically they were spun around so they could face him, watching him fuck me with their pussies and sometimes asses directly over my mouth, forcing me to lick them until they were satisfied with my service. I came four more times that night, each one more painful than the previous as my sore cock begged for mercy, begged to be let out of that horrid device and to go back to being ignored as it had previously been, but I still couldn’t help myself from begging to be fucked harder and faster on occasion as the pleasure was too good to pass up. Occasionally I would remember that I was being video taped and would try to keep my mouth shut, but the libido would undoubtedly take over, something I was sure would cause me endless humiliation when played back.At long last, the door stopped opening and my holes stopped taking their pounding. I laid exhausted on the bed, my last “customer” on his way out the door, taking the bowl of beads with him as he walked out. That bowl was overflowing, a shameful sign of just how much I had been used, each bead signifying one of my holes being used to service a man or woman to completion. My entire body ached from the pure depletion of energy I was experiencing. Every move I felt the combination of dried cum, pussy juice and lube caked on my body, in my hair, in my teeth, oozing out of my pussy and ass. All I wanted to do was sleep, but then the door popped open one last time and that same bald muscle of a man came in, again without saying a word. He could obviously see I was spent, so instead of forcing me to walk he just easily flung me up over his shoulder, smacking me once on the ass and chuckling at the lack of a response. I was simply too tired to resist any longer tonight.He carried me with ease back to the stage. I saw the other two females, my “competition”, sitting in the chairs from the dining hall with one vacant in the middle, the long, red dildo awaiting my pussy to lower down onto it. The man flung me down off of his shoulder and positioned me over the dildo, then let go – I was so tired that I plopped down with all my weight, forgetting what was waiting for me and then shrieking as the dildo penetrated me in one motion to the base, the device on my cock relentlessly starting up all over again. They didn’t even both with any restraints, seeing that all three of us were too spent to offer any type of resistance… the other two females also seemed have some kind of a satisfied grin across their faces while mine showed nothing but anguish mixed with a fear of what was to come.Mitch and Vivian made their way onto the stage with a few other people, then took their place behind me while those that I presumed to be the dominants of the other females took their places behind their slaves. The loudspeaker came to life.”Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll be seated then we will begin the closing ceremony. Thank you. Between the 80 participants from tonight there were 155 beads purchased. There were 70 red beads, 50 green and 35 black. The red beads will be considered one point, green two points and black three points. We will now have the slaves’ owners tally their beads and report their totals, then crown our champion for the evening.”All three owners came to the front and began counting their beads, color by color. After the red beads, the woman to my right was ahead with 27, I had 22 and the female to my left had 21. I was happy to be losing, but wished it had been by more as it felt like a lot of people used my ass and pussy. Next came the green, where the woman to my right had only earned 13 beads to my 17, but thankfully the girl to my left took in 20. So that put the current point total at the woman to my right with 53, me with 56, and the woman to my left with 61. I still felt comfortable with that kind of a gap. Lastly the black beads came out of the bowls. The woman to my right had 10, for a final score of 83. The woman to my left had 11, for a total of 94, and I had 13, for a total of 92. Relieved, I sunk back in the chair, only to hear Vivian coming storming from behind it towards Mitch.”Wait, wait, wait – that’s only 34 black beads. Mitch, you dropped this one here at your feet while you poured them out to count them. I believe that puts our Candi at 95 points, one more than Amanda over there, correct?”She was right… She knelt down and picked up the last remaining black bead, throwing it back into my bowl and, in doing so, declaring myself the “winner” of the competition. I small silver tiara was placed upon my cum covered hair while the loudspeaker came on to dismiss everyone back to the lobby. Mitch and Vivian made their way behind the stage where I saw a healthy sum of cash placed into a briefcase, then handed to Mitch. I suppose that’s one way to come out ahead in Vegas. Next I saw some man speaking with Mitch and Vivian, continually pointing towards me and then handing them a packet of papers and a pen. I watched as Vivian pulled out her cell phone and made a call, speaking to someone for upwards of ten minutes while Mitch read through the papers.With a smile across her face, I saw Vivian hang up the phone and nod approvingly towards Mitch and this mystery man. With that, Mitch signed on a few different places on the papers, handed them to the man, shook his hand and then sent the man on his way. Vivian sauntered over towards me with a devious look on her face.”Candi! Congratulations, you’re the top queen of the night! And, I have wonderful news!”I could only imagine the news had to be awful for Vivian to consider it wonderful, but was too tired to offer up any kind of smartass response.”I have just gotten off of the phone with Miss Vicki. That wonderful man we were just speaking with owns a brothel here in Vegas and just offered you a one year contract to come and work there! Isn’t that so exciting?!”My head was spinning – what was she telling me? A brothel? Wasn’t that just a fancy name for a whore house? How could they sign a contract on my behalf? There’s no way that was legal or that I would be bound to that contract. But then I thought back to everything that had happened to me over the past seven months or so and figured that legalities were a small issue for these people, easily worked around apparently. Vivian was beside herself in excitement.”Yes, it’s called the Shady Ranch, located just outside of town. That was Mr. Big… I’d guess you’ll find out why they call him that soon enough! But anyways, he wants us to go back to our hotel and rest up, then we’re going to head out to the ranch tomorrow night to give you a little tour and a tryout. If all goes well then you can start working there immediately while Miss Vicki has the rest of your things shipped out to you, plus she will undoubtedly want to pay you a visit! All of your revenues will be deposited directly into her account as she has legally been named as your principal guardian, and she OK’d Mitch signing the contract on her, and your, behalf, so everything should be all set! Now let’s get you into the limo and back to the hotel – you’re going to need to get some rest from the sound of it!”Vivian lifted me up off of the dildo on the chair and took one arm while Mitch took the other, carefully leading me off of the stage and to the front door where our limo was running and waiting. I climbed in, crashing into the leather seats and almost immediately wanting to just fall asleep. Mitch and Vivian followed me in with Vivian taking her customary seat next to me and Mitch seated at the back. Vivian clutched her purse and turned to me.”Oh, sweetie – I almost forgot! If you’re going to be crashing once we get to the hotel, then you’ll need to take your pill before then. Lucky for you, watching all of that got Mitch incredibly horny, so following our previously set routine, you’ll need to crawl on over to him to get something in your mouth to wash this little pink pill down with.”I looked at her in disbelief, but saw nothing but seriousness in her eyes. Mitch had already pulled his cock out of his pants and put his hands behind his head, waiting on me. Defeated, I slumped out of the seat and onto the carpeted floor of the limo, slowly crawling over to Mitch’s semi-erect cock. I went through the typical motions of playing with the head and shaft, sucking in his balls and stroking up and down on it until I felt he was ready for my mouth. It only took a few minutes before he delivered another one of his increasingly massive loads, my mouth once again full of cum. I turned to Vivian with my mouth still open as she tossed the pill in, closing my mouth with her hand and wiping up some of the cum that had spilled out, sucking it off of her finger. I slowly crawled back to my seat, fastened my seat belt, tilted my head back and swallowed the contents in my mouth.Then there was nothing but blackness before waking the next evening…

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