Trey’s Story

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Trey wasn’t the most popular guy in the world, but he wasn’t an outcast either. He was the type of guy who got invited to the party because he was the funny one. His gift was that he could make anyone laugh at anytime he wanted. He was what you would call a “natural salesman”, he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Even though he could be the life of the party, he tried to keep to himself for times of reflection. Allow me to describe Trey. He is a 26 year old Texas male, 6’1 220lbs, with blue/grey eyes and blonde hair. He’s not exactly all muscle but he’s not a guy you’d ever go up and pick a fight with. This story is about the day that Trey found “The One”. This is his story.

Chapter One


Trey just tripped on a rug and fell over a couch in the lobby of his company, right at the feet of the most beautiful, hottest blonde his eyes have ever had the joy of seeing.

“Sorry about that.”

“Not a problem, are you ok?” The blonde asked.

“Yeah, my friends tell me I’m just a big dumb animal.” Trey said, blushing.

“Oh they do, do they? Well you don’t look dumb to me.” The blonde said noticing his blushing and finding it quite cute.

“My name is Trey… Trey Alexander.”

“Jennifer. Jennifer Stone, are you new here?”

“No I’m actually one of founding officers of this company.”

The company he was referring to was Billionaire Mortgage. A company that Trey and a few of his friends started 3 years ago, and had actually done quite well for themselves. In their first year alone they had done $250,000,000 in mortgages. Trey didn’t like to grandstand that he actually owned 33 ½% of the company. Trey liked to go out and get the business and make people happy. He liked to work for his money.

“Oh so you’re the Mr. Alexander I have my last interview with today?”

“Ummmm yes, I guess so. If you’ll give me a few minutes to get everything together I will be right with you.”

“Oh sure, take your time, I’m here a little early anyways.”

“Alright. Can I get you anything to drink? Coffee, water, or a Soda?”

“I would love some water.” Jennifer said, not understanding why she so suddenly became parched.

The receptionist, Melody started to get up to go to the kitchen but Trey stopped her and said, “It’s ok Melody, I’m going in there anyways, i’ll grab one for her.”

As Trey was walking to the company kitchen, he couldn’t believe the feeling he felt. It was a feeling that he’d never felt before. A feeling like he was floating on air and nothing could knock him back to earth. His mind started to wander back to the last girl he had let in, and for some reason, the open wound that was still in agonizing pain… was gone. Heather was the perfect girl for Trey, they always had a great time, always laughed. She was the first girl to ever make him speechless in anyway. They were at the time perfect for each other. Their sex life was phenomenal. They both rocked each others world. But wildly different religions and the fact that she felt guilty every time they did ANYTHING sexual and the fact that she wanted to rush everything just took it’s toll on them, and when she got an offer to take a big job in Houston, Trey helped her pack up and promised to call all the time, but after what happened during Hurricane Rita changed everything and just ruined his heart and thought of women.

Trey was in Pascagoula, Mississippi helping a friend get all of his belongings packed up from his recent business when the tail end of Hurricane Rita hit. The tall building had already been through Hurricane Katrina and was just structurally unsound. As the 90mph winds started to make the building sway Trey pulled out his cell phone and dialed Heather’s #. As she picked up Trey said, “Sweety I’m in Mississippi, and the hurricane is about to hit and I can’t get out of the building. I seriously think I’m going to die.” All he heard from her was, “What sweety? Oh yeah put that stuff in that box over there. Yeah I love you too. Hello? Trey, what are you doing calling me? I’m trying to get packed up for the oncoming hurricane.” free spin “Heather, I’m going through the hurricane right now, I’m scared to death, I think I’m going to die.” “Oh quit being so dramatic, everyone knows that the hurricane is going to hit Houston and no where else. Besides my new boyfriend and I are packing up and leaving so LEAVE ME ALONE!” *click*

As Trey thought of this he closed his eyes and just shook his head in just plain disgust that he could have loved someone that would do that.

“Here is your water, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.”

“Thank you and take your time.”

“How come you didn’t tell me I had an interview this morning, and that the applicant was a perfect 10….. no no a perfect 12.”

“I came in lastnight and told you that Mark and I found a new loan officer that we wanted to hire and that we just needed your approval. Don’t you remember that conversation?” Chris asked.

“Oh right, when I was on the phone with Johnson last night. Ok, well I’ll have my meeting with her and I’ll let you know how it goes.”

About 2 hours later, Trey had heard everything he needed to hear, now he just needed to test her. “Jennifer, I think you’ll be a great asset to the company, but before I offer you the job, I’d like to put you through a test. If you pass, the job is yours. If not, then we’ll work on you passing the test tomorrow. Basically, I want to take you to lunch with me and sell my investor on why he should use our money in his business deals and not someone else’s. Are you up for the task?”

“Oh good God, that sounds like a tough call. I don’t know if I could do it. I’ll give it a try.”

As they were walking out of the restaurant, Trey couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Not only was she extremely beautiful, but she just threw everyone for a loop at the table. Not only had she sold, Johnson. But she also sold a table of business men to the table next to us. So Trey made a call to his partners and explained the deal. Jennifer was offered a large corner office, and a $35,000 a year raise, more than what they were used to starting new employees off at.

About three weeks later, Chris, Mark and Trey were planning their company’s yearly vacation trip and it was decided that in 1 month, they would be going to Jamaica for 2 weeks. It was just a little incentive for all of the employees at the mortgage company given by the owners each year. Jennifer walked in and stated that she had another meeting with a few investors and they had requested that Trey be there to help finalize the deal. About 20 minutes later, the trip was decided on, payment was arranged and Trey and Jennifer were out the door. As they got into Trey’s Corvette, he asked Jennifer if she would be bringing her boyfriend or husband to the company vacation.

“Oh I’ll be going stag for that one. My last boyfriend broke up with me because he started dating some 20 year old college girl. He wasn’t ready for a real relationship.”

“I understand and I’m sorry if I’ve brought up some bad memories.”

After the lunch Jennifer seemed a little flushed and all of the sudden was just quiet. Trey didn’t understand because she just landed a huge deal for the company that would pay the company $5,000,000 a year for 5 years. Here he was looking at this absolute sex goddess and yet she seemed extremely prim and proper. Did she know what she was doing to him and to every guy within eyesight of her? I mean even blind guys were eye-fucking the shit out of her.

As they drove back to the office, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Jennifer kept staring at him. About 5 minutes from the office Jennifer asked him if there was a rush to get back to the office. Trey said not really what did she have in mind? Jennifer stated that just up ahead, a friend of hers, Tina, was having an open house for a property and she wanted to go and look at it. Trey pulled up outside the house and noticed that there was nothing in the lawn about financing and made a mental note to see about becoming the lender for Tina.

As they went inside, Tina came to bonus veren siteler the front door and was just simply dumbfounded. “Jennifer you told me he was hot, but you didn’t tell me I’d drool all over him.” Jennifer’s face turned beet red and cowered away with her friend. Tina approached Trey and told him that she had to step out for a few minutes and asked if they could watch the house for about 20 minutes or so. He didn’t see a problem with it so with that, Tina stepped out.

Jennifer walked up to Trey and said, “I’m so sorry if that embarrassed you. I didn’t think Tina would just come out and say what all women must think when they look at you.” Trey just laughed and said, “You already have the job, and a raise, you don’t need to kiss up now,” “Why would I kiss up to you? You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. I go home at night and dream up really naughty things that I want to do to you…. Oh shit, I said that out loud didn’t I.”

“Like what kind of things?”

With that, Jennifer just walked right up to Trey and dropped to her knees. As she opened up his pants and pulled his cock out, she just froze and stared at it. “This is the best piece of man-meat that I have ever seen. Good Lord it’s big and veiny.” With that she just enveloped the head with her mouth and took his cock to the hilt and down her throat. Trey let out a loud long moan. No one had ever been able to deepthroat him. As she was going down on him, she grabbed his ass and kept pulling him like she was wanting more cock and it was just hidden inside of him. After about 5 minutes of this Jennifer looked at him and said, “I want you to fuck my mouth as hard as you possibly can. I want you to cum in my mouth and let me taste it.” With that, Trey grabbed her hair and shoved his cock all the way to the hilt in her throat. He was fucking her mouth so hard that the only sounds that could be heard were her load moaning and the suction noise coming from the head of his cock going in and out of her throat. He kept this up for about 5 more minutes when she took his cock out and started to suck and jack him off with both hands. She looked like she was in heat. All that mattered in this world was for her to swallow his load. She was going at him like a pro. He tried to warn her but all he could get out was, “CUMMING…. I’M CUMMING” He was afraid that he was going to blow the back of her head off he came so hard. Right as he started to cum in her mouth, she started to have an orgasm. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to hum. She kept lightly sucking on his cock for a few more seconds and slowly let it drop out of her mouth. She then tucked him back into his pants and zipped him up.

Just as they both got their clothes arranged, Tina walked back into the house. Jennifer explained that they had to get back to the office and kissed her friend on the cheek and they walked to the car. “Promise me, that you don’t think less of me or tell the other guys in the office that I’m a whore.” “I would never do that to someone. I just don’t know where we go from here.” “Why don’t you ask me to dinner and we’ll go from there.” “Ok, Jennifer would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?” “Yes I would.”

When they got back to the office, Trey had a lot of work to do if he wanted to leave the office by 6pm to go to dinner. Throughout the day, he couldn’t get Jennifer out of his head. Everytime he stood up his hard dick would hit the desk causing him extreme pain. Trey was walking throughout the office, talking to his sales team when he noticed Jennifer coming out of the bathroom with a toothbrush and toothpaste. She very quickly walked past him in into her own office. After Trey gave the team hints on to where the trip was at, he walked into her office and closed the door. He walked right up to her and stuck his tongue in her mouth and gave her the most sexual hunger kiss he’d ever given in his life. When he was done, he opened his eyes and looked right into hers and said, “God I can’t wait to have dinner with you.” She was just absolutely speechless. She’d never been kissed deneme bonusu veren siteler like that before.

As they were having dinner, Jennifer asked him about his thought of the afternoon. Trey said he was just really confused. He thought she was extremely bright, and the hottest woman he’d ever seen. He didn’t expect such a prim and proper girl to do that with him. She just laughed and said, “Oh, there’s a lot about me that will surprise you.” “Like what?” “Oh I’m a good girl on the outside when I need to be. But when I have a man, I’m a straight up whore for him. I’ll do anything to get him off. I won’t be with another man, but whatever turns him on, I’ll do it.” “Well I kind of have an oral fetish.” “Oh really? Me too. What kind do you have?” “I love oral sex, giving, receiving. Everyday. I absolutely love it.” It was about this time that they noticed the waiter standing there staring at them with gigantic eyes. “Uh check please. What would you like to do next?” “I’ll give you a hint, it involves me not wearing my thong, and you taking it off with your teeth.”

When they got back to Trey’s house, she walked right up to him and grabbed his crotch and said, “I’m going to ride you like a cowgirl getting away from a horny posse.” Trey picked her up and carried her into his room and slowly took off all of her clothes. He took her bra off and her DD breasts just spilled out and begged to be sucked. So not one to argue with begging breasts, he went to town and sucked her nipples like there was no tomorrow. He grabbed both breasts and put both nipples in his mouth and licked and sucked them and the same time. She was moaning as she ground her crotch into his hard cock and just whimpered as he teased her nipples. “I want you to sit on my face and let me suck on your clit.” “I have always wanted to ride someone’s face.” Trey laid down and she lowered her pussy to his face and he took her clit in between his lips and started to lick and suck with all of his might. Jennifer couldn’t decide whether or not to hold onto the backboard of the bed or his head but she felt like she was going to lift off like the space shuttle. Trey did this through 3 straight orgasms with her till she had to jump off like a bull rider getting away from the bull. “Oh God I can’t stop shaking.”

She crawled up next to him and straddled his crotch and leaned forward and started to kiss him. She paid close attention to his tongue and sucked on it like she did his dick earlier in the day. His cock was so hard that it hurt, it felt like it was going to ripe open. She grabbed his cock and slowly placed it at her entrance but it wouldn’t budge. “We need to go a little slow here, I’m not used to someone being this size.” It took about 3 minutes until she had all but about 3 inches in her and said, “I think this is as far as I can get it in me.” “Oh no, we can get more.” And with that he pushed down on her and heard a pop and the rest of his cock slid in. Jennifer started shaking uncontrollably and started moaning extremely load. “Oh God I can feel it in here” , and pointed to her stomach. When she felt comfortable she lifted herself up into the riding position and and started moving back and for and back and forth. This was Trey’s favorite position because he could watch her tits bounce. She started to pick up speed and started to fuck him really fast. She started moaning and talking really dirty to him.

‘Oh you big dicked motherfucker, fuck me, FUCK ME. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck. Oh God I’m cumming again…. I’m cumming.

With that she placed her hands on his chest and started to play with his nipples. She found Trey’s secret spot and his eyes rolled back into his head and started to fuck into her riding really hard and fast sending her into orgasm after orgasm until he screamed out, “OH I’M CUMMING… And with that he released his load inside of her. Jennifer loved the feeling of having a guy cum inside her. Even though he came in her mouth earlier, he came in torrents. He came so much that his balls started to hurt and started to cramp up. And with that, she leaned over and kissed him and he asked, “So I guess we’re dating now?”

To be continued……..

Next Chapter: The trip and how they hide it. Or do they?

Thank you for reading. Please give me your feedback. This is my first story so any “positive critisim? Is GREATLY appreciated

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