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Ask and you shall receive. A warm sunny island somewhere in the South Pacific. Palm trees, white sand beaches and a secluded island resort with secluded beach cabanas spread out among the palm trees. Well almost secluded. For some reason each cabana held two side by side rooms so while they were secluded they weren’t completely secluded.

With few bugs on the island there were no screens in the cabanas allowing the island Iguana’s free access in and out of the room. A little unnerving at first our cold blooded roommates ignored us and after a while we ignored them except for occasional competitions as to who was the largest.

The warm humid air made minimal clothing the dress of the day and we and all of our neighbors wore as little as possible without undressing altogether (except for the French women down the beach who wore less than we did). The minimal dress made for many comparisons and our lizard competition slowly drifted into who was the largest (and most well endowed neighbor) competition. And while not the largest of the bunch our neighbors won hands down in all other aspects.

The man’s smooth hairless body got lots of sun as he insisted in walking around day and night in a pair of loose fitting board shorts that always hung down so low it seemed they might slip off at any moment but somehow managed to stay up. His slim muscular body always seemed to be flexing even when he was sitting still and his muscles bulged every time he moved.

His girlfriend seemed perfectly matched to her shapely roommate. Slim hips, firm, but not too large, breasts, a flat stomach and a rear end perfectly suited for the thong bathing suit she frequently wore. The matching top held only slightly more cloth then the bottoms for her well tanned breasts.

This sexy pair were even more sexy when they were seen together as they frequently gently ran their hands along each others bodies as they walked together. Her gently running her long fingertips along his back and he lightly rubbing his hands on her buttocks not so much rubbing as holding his hands behind her as her checks rubbed up and down as she walked. Our sexy neighbors became the topic of our conversation and eventually the topic of our fantasies as we made love on various secluded beaches around the island.

Traveling occasionally by moped and occasionally by the small catamaran that the hotel provided us we found great spots to sun and sight see, make love under the coconut trees, and then come back to the cabana and do it again. Due to our close proximity our in room love making sessions were mostly more subdued but one day fueled by the soft sounds of our neighbors passion we held one of those love making güvenilir bahis sessions where the world stands still and the sounds of our love making were not quite as quiet as we may have thought they were.

As our hot sweaty passions subsided we drifted in to that deep sleep that only comes after vigorous sexual activity. A short while later I heard a little giggling at the door and a soft knock followed by a masculine and somewhat embarrassed sounding,

“Honey, what are you doing”? Getting up from the bed and putting a towel around me (and a soft white sheet over you while you laid on the bed) I went to the door. There at the door were our amorous neighbors. Her leaning in a little, him behind her, board shorts and all, looking a little embarrassed.

“Hello”, I said.

“Hi”, she said In a soft sexy voice I hadn’t really heard before (despite our close proximity we had never talked before). “Listen”, she said. “I know this is a little embarrassing, but you guys sounded incredible just now. Can we come in?”

I looked back and found you mostly covered up and me with my hotel beach towel and I said, “Sure”. As they came in I sat back down on the bed, you curled up in one corner a little, while board short guy sat in the wicker chair next to the bed (and put his feet on the bed) his sexy companion sat next to us on the bed…and that’s when things got interesting.

We sat and talked for over an hour. Scott (board short guy) and his sexy girlfriend Rhonda took some time to get to know us and make us both a little comfortable with having them around.

While Scott remained on the wicker chair Rhonda sat right next to you on one side of the king size bed. You sat, still naked, under the soft white hotel sheets. I’d already told you that I thought you looked sexy under those sheets with nothing on but the thought of you being naked with these two strange people next to us was getting me more and more excited.

Even though they were strangers to us they weren’t really. We had been fantasizing about them all week and that just added to the excitement. As Rhonda talked you started getting a little warm and slowly one leg drifted out of the sheet toward her and pretty soon the entire side of your leg was out all the way up to your waist.

Without missing a beat Rhonda very subtly started incorporating a little touching every time she emphasized something to you. She would touch the side of your leg just a little. And then a little more and eventually she would leave her hand there. After a while she slowly started rubbing her hands up and down your leg and then the talk turned to sex.

Rhonda did most of the talking and she talked about türkçe bahis how Scott and her had talked so much about their fantasies that they seemed so real to them. But they had never really done anything more about it (except for an occasional rub up against a stranger to see if they could get him hot and bothered).

After a little while of this talk my dick was hard as a rock and I could see that Scott was getting a little worked up also. As Rhonda rubbed her hand on your leg the sheet eventually fell towards the middle of your legs and Rhonda’s hands disappeared beneath the sheet. I couldn’t see everything but I could tell she was just gently rubbing her hands against your pussy. Just getting a feel for it and maybe seeing how you would react.

I leaned over and kissed you gently on the lips and Rhonda licked her lips slightly and kissed you also. While Rhonda kissed you again my hand held your head and I kissed your temples at the same time. Rhonda’s hold on your pussy increased as the force of the kisses increased and the two of you locked in a passionate lip lock while Scott and I looked on.

As I watched I suddenly saw your hips arched and I knew that her fingers had penetrated your pussy lips. She gently rubbed in and out of you and you moaned softly and arched just a little more each time she went in and out.

Eventually she removed her hand and looked down at her index fingers and gently licked your juices off of them. “That is so exciting” she said to know one in particular and then leaned her head over your crotch and gently removed the sheets.

She seemed to be examining you a little before she proceeded. I don’t know if she was just looking at something she hadn’t seen up close before or was worried you might not approve but after a while she leaned in closer and slowly begin licking the outside of your pussy.

You put your head back and I kissed your lips and Rhonda got a little more daring with each flick of her tongue. As she licked she turned slowly around so that her thong clad bikini bottom was facing us.

Emboldened by her daringness I slowly started rubbing her ass as her beautiful rear end got closer and closer to our faces. After a few minutes I pushed aside the thong strap and began rubbing her pussy with my fingers. I could already see how wet she was getting and in short time it was very easy to push my fingers inside her.

She moved with a start at first but then moaned and began pushing back on my hands. With each movement she became wetter and wetter. I moved her leg over the top of you so that she straddled your face and with her thong still pulled aside I began licking her pussy just inches from your face.

By güvenilir bahis siteleri this time I could see the crown of Scott’s dick just sticking out of the board shorts. He gently rubbed a wet finger over the top of it as he watched what was going on. My hard-on was hardly hidden by my own shorts and I rubbed the outline of my dick that showed through the shorts.

I pulled Rhonda’s thong off after a little struggle and got a little farther behind her so that I could lick her a little deeper. As I licked I slowly moved her a little closer to your face and soon it became difficult for you not to become involved. You stuck your tongue out and gently tasted Rhonda’s juices. A soft wet taste from her pussy with just the right aroma to arouse you. You became more excited with each flick of your tongue.

I worked my way up a little and licked her ass while you became bolder and bolder with your tongue and got deeper and deeper with each stroke eventually working your way back out of her pussy to the sensitive clit area.

I was so excited by all this and just when i thought I couldn’t get any more excited I began to feel Scott’s foot rubbing up against my hard on as you and I licked Rhonda’s tanned bottom.

Soon you and Rhonda were moaning loudly and eventually the sound of your orgasm’s shook the hut as the two of you came for what seemed like forever. Rhonda ground her pussy deeper onto your tongue and soon you couldn’t take it and began giggling.

You curled up a little and Rhonda rested for a few moments on top of you. Scott now had his erection in hand and got up and made his way toward you. Rhonda now spotted him and put her still panting mouth over his dick sucking him softly until he was not only hard but very wet as well.

Taking his dick out of her mouth she guided him into your wet pussy and grabbed him by the ass and pushed him inside of you. Your backed arched and you moaned as he began to thrust in and out of you.

By this time I was so worked up and I got on my knees and put my dick in your mouth. Rhonda got up slightly and started rubbing your clitoris with her fingers while Scott increased his rhythmic fucking.

Well Scott and I couldn’t take much more and with a terrific thrust of his fit tanned body Scott came inside of you. The moan you let out was like a vibrator on my dick and I shot my load into your mouth so hard you almost gagged.

Panting furiously the four of us fell down on the bed in a sweaty heap breathing hard and wiped out from this exciting experience all four of us drifted off into a half sleep.

When we awoke Rhonda and Scott were gone. I was still tired and could just barely lift my head. I turned to you and said, “Was that a dream”. You gave me this look and said, “I don’t know” and just started laughing and the two of us soon fell asleep again in each others arms with the lizards looking on.

The end (for now).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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