Trust Me

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Chapter One

Jack kissed each pulse point before he returned her hands to her lap. “I’ll be right back,” and he walked away.

She was nervous. What had she just agreed to? Had she made a mistake in listening to her inner voice and trusting him? Ali didn’t think so. This was not only the man who had featured in many of her dreams but he was a part of her past that she might actually be able to hold close for at least a few weeks without him being harmed.

Ali felt it would be so easy to care for, no be honest, easy to love the man, and that was scary. Not the loving part but the loving and having to walk away could be the one thing life has thrown at her that could completely break her spirit.

Looking into the flames before she gave herself the usual don’t feel sorry for yourself you are alive to chat. It would have worked but Jack coming up and placing a blindfold over her eyes interrupted the talk.

“What are you doing? Jack?”

“Shhh. Remember, trust me.”

She felt his hands resting on her shoulders and then they moved, gently massaging her neck and shoulders.

“Did you know that you have been my rock for all these years?”

“No, no I didn’t know you even remembered who I was.”

“Not remember? You sell yourself short Ali, you are unforgettable.”

Not sure how to answer that she stayed silent and sunk further into the motion of his hands. She was so relaxed and having decided to hand the reins of this evening over to Jack she felt freed of any pressure. A single thought marred her peace and felt the need to place it out there for him before they went any further.

“Jack? I am not very good at this sort of thing. I ummm, well, I have had…shoot!”

“You have not had many lovers, is that what you are trying to say?”

“Yes, yes that is what I am saying.”

“Kitten, what matters most is what happens between the two of us, not any others. Just tell me if I do anything that you don’t want…although I want you to know this up-front, I will not only see your legs but I will touch them and love them.”


“Yes. I will not allow you to hide anything from me, especially in that bed. This is not a one off night of fucking Ali, this is the start of our relationship together, an adult relationship.” He was holding her firmly by her shoulders as she smoothed her hands firmly along her thighs, as if she would be able to hide them forever beneath the fabric of her skirt.

“I know what damage was done all those years ago. I have seen your legs through your many surgeries as a child.”

She gasped, that was when she started dreaming of the white tiger.

“This shouldn’t surprise you. You know I was a member of the team set to protect your family, and you were mine. Does everything from that time need to be blocked in order for “Alison” to rest in peace?”

“No.” Whispered softly because although they were difficult times that followed the murder of her parents she did remember this man, he was her teenage knight in shining armour and eventually he left her.

“You screamed, whenever you saw me you screamed so horribly. Eventually your doctors demanded I not allow you to see me when there, that after you screamed you were inconsolable and would be administered a light sedative to ease you into sleep. I admit even that had not stopped me from ensuring you were not in any danger, I will never stop seeing to your safety.”

Jack continued easing her shoulder and neck muscles as he spoke softly to her of their shared painful past.

“Do you know why I see you in the mirror in my house? Why I dream of you and in those dreams you look like you do now and not as I knew you before?”

“Later. I have waited so long for you to come to me…I will wait no longer.” He moved her hair over one shoulder and shifted the collar of her blouse to the side, leaned down and dropped a kiss where her neck and shoulder met.

Gently lavishing his kisses on her sweet soft neck in the dark Ali wallowed in the pleasure his kisses freely offered. She could feel his steady breath exhaling against her skin; as he moved up to her ear dropping gentle kisses along the way she felt the heat of his breath. When he twirled his tongue around the edge of her ear she inhaled deeply only for it to escape on a moan as he nibbled the soft lobe.

“Are you ready Kitten?” He asked quietly.

“Yes,” was the only answer she felt able to give.

Working his way back down her neck she felt the gooseflesh rising on her arm, so immersed in his gentle seduction the heat of the fire on her bare breasts surprised her enough to bring her hands up to cover them.

“No hiding Ali.” Jack had untied the side bow so smoothly she hadn’t noticed it happening. Now he spoke gently to her while tugging the neckline of her blouse down, waiting for her to release her breasts. Taking a deep breath she dropped them back behind her so he could take the sleeves off. Only Jack had other ideas and left the blouse caught on her wrists, still behind her back.

“Jack?” Blindfolded and trapped bahis firmaları in her blouse Ali felt vulnerable and exposed.

She felt him move and, just shy of frantic, turned to try and find him before she felt him kneeling before her. He settled himself between her legs and reached around her waist, resting his hands first on her waist then after a squeeze flat on the bench behind her. Jack reached up and stopped just before his lips touched hers.

His bare chest settled against her breasts, the erotic sensation slightly parting her lips.

“Beautiful,” he breathed against her lips before dropping a soft kiss on their moist surface. “Do you know what I see when I look at your uncovered breasts, thrust out as if in offering? Let me tell you what is before me now.”

He shifted away from her tempting lips and sat back on his heels, moving his hands to stroke her knee to thigh through the fabric of her skirt.

Ali didn’t know that he had taken off his dress shirt until she felt his bare skin against hers. She was not aware that both his shoes and sock were gone leaving him except for his trousers. As he spoke he reached under the hem of her skirt and took off her shoes before gently massaging her feet.

“I see white alabaster skin with slight dusting of faint freckles. Me thinks my fair haired lass went out in the sun a little too often at some point. Then I see two large, an overflowing handful of white breasts that through their weight gently drop down. Large dusky rose-colored nipples that are topped by deeper red tips decorate them both. Right now the tips are hard and so temptingly pointing out. My mouth is watering and my fingers twitching with the need to pay them a great deal of attention.”

His words were affecting her, bringing moisture to her pussy. Ali started working her hands to try and free them from her blouse so she could…actually she didn’t know what she wanted just that she felt helpless in the face of this intense desire Jack was brewing in her. The vulnerability was still front and centre in her mind but now she wasn’t sure from where it stemmed.

“What a sexy sight for my eyes to behold. That’s it Kitten, keep wrestling with the blouse. Each one of your restless movements causes your breasts to break into a delicious jiggling motion. Swaying gently back and forth. If I had known earlier this evening what was happening within the confines of your blouse I would have been hard pressed not to unwrap you sooner.”

“Oh, Jack. You say such wicked things.” She couldn’t hide from him and knew he could see the flush he, not the fire, was bringing to her cheeks.

Again she felt him move back up before her, resting his hands on her hips and stopped just short of her lips. He used his diamond shaped chest hair to tease her breasts. Tickling her with the soft hairs. Parting her lips she licked her lips and whispered, “Please Jack, kiss me.”

“You ask so beautifully,” and took his tongue and dragged it slowly across the open seam.

“Please.” She gently panted as she felt him take her bottom lip between his teeth and tug. When he sucked her upper lip into his mouth and laved it with his tongue she could not sit still any longer and moved forward, bring her breasts more firmly against his chest. She moaned at the pleasure she felt against his bare chest and again when his tongue moved into her mouth and took their kiss to another level.

This kiss was a full body experience. Her hands occasionally twisted in a half-hearted attempt to be free. Ali loved the feel of her tender breasts against his hard chest. She had never felt so happy to possess this oversized chest until a few moments ago. They weren’t just for counter-balancing her backside, they were an object of desire.

Moaning with the pleasure she was feeling, needing to somehow let Jack know that she was enjoying all he was doing. She took a thigh-high stockinged foot and rubbed it along his calf, up to his thigh and then hooked it between his thighs to move him closer. Bringing his cock closer to her barely covered pussy.

“Jack?” Ali breathed and pulled back from his intoxicating kiss. “Where is my skirt? My underwear?” She asked as she felt his hands once again smoothing her legs from the knee up, only this time the skirt was gone and her scars were visible beneath the stockings.

“Pooled around your ankles. You are a naughty woman Kitten.” With his hands stroking her ass cheeks, he pulled her closer to the edge of the bench, spreading her legs wider around the width of his chest.

“Underneath that beautifully elegant façade lurked a wanton sex goddess. Breasts bouncing freely, scanty pair of black satin thong panties and a saucy pair of sheer laced-top thigh-highs. My my, can we say erotic?”

He gave her no further opportunity to worry. Jack dropped a firm kiss on her startled mouth then sat back down on his heels. Before she cooled with fear he leaned forward, resting his hands on her thighs, and using the flat of his tongue he licked her hardened tip, sending it dancing. Hearing her kaçak iddaa quiet groan he moved to her breast and used his back teeth to worry this excited tip.

Jack did not pretend that the keloid scars on her thighs were not there, no he decided the best way to help her over that hump as far as he was concerned was a direct attack. He continued working his mouth over her nipples until she realised he had taken her stockings off and was now stroking her legs without any covering.


He heard the worry behind the call.

“Yes Ali, I see them and feel them.” He moved his hands from her legs to her ass cheeks and took her panties off as he kissed her. Once he gently sat her back down he reached up to cup her breasts, squeezed and pressed them back against her chest so the nipples popped out. “You are so beautiful,” he couldn’t seem to hold a thought other than getting inside her as quickly as he could. His cock has been hard since he saw her but it was beginning to take over his thinking process.

Before the dominance of the brain could shift south Jack moved. Abruptly he stood and moved behind her and sat behind her. He moved her back slightly so she was flush against him so her head rested just shy of his shoulder. Her trapped hands were now buried between her ass and his trouser covered hard-on.

He slowly stroked his hands down the inside of her legs and when he reached their knees he lifted them to rest over his, spreading her pussy open to the fire. They were close but she wouldn’t be burned. Slowly he stroked his fingers up the inside of her thighs looking down and following his fingers slow meandering progress.

“Oh Ali, what a beautiful sight you are sitting spread before me. I think we will need to do this before a mirror so we both can see what an awe-inspiring offering to love you are.”

Lightly skimming over her slit he moved up to cup a breast in each hand. “I am becoming quite attached to these two lovelies.” He used his thumb and first finger to tweak and tug the tips as he held the delicate globes.

“I am hot Jack, so hot.”

“Yes you are that Kitten.”

He took a single finger, the mighty first finger, and traced it down to her belly button where it danced playfully around the indentation before it ventured further south. The finger stopped just above her trimmed bush and he her flesh from hip to hip and back again.

“You know, in my fantasies you are naked.”

“You are clothed in mine.”

Laughter burst from his lips, “We will work on how I feature in your fantasies.”

Chapter Two

Jack understood her light banter was a search to find ease in the position she now found herself in. Blindfolded, hands caught behind her back and naked in the lap of a half-dressed man.

Personally he found it a big turn-on and couldn’t bear to change their current position. Hoping she found her inner peace because he was ready to take her further along this road they have found themselves on.

His finger was tracing her soft belly from hip to hip and she was deliciously squirming around bringing is cock forcefully in command of his thoughts. Sighing in defeat he let his hard driven lust for Ali run rampant.

Holding one breast and teasing its nipple incessantly was a diversion. Spreading his fingers wide on his other hand he snaked it straight down and cupped her pussy briefly before he moved his middle finger to flicker in and out of her opened slit.

Her opened mouth gasp was music to his ears. And she thrust her chest out further, “Ohhh Jack.”

Nibbling on her neck allowed him an interesting view of how his hands were occupied in sensually tormenting this woman in his arms. He found her breasts to be luscious and highly sensitive responding to each and every tease he treated them to. Wanting them in his mouth and to see more of them but still knowing he wanted her to come before they moved to the bed.

Using his other fingers to hold her lips open further he dragged his middle finger up and down her slit before dipping the tip in her moist heated pussy. Her hands had turned and were fumbling to grasp his stone hard cock but couldn’t seem to get it right.

“Feel this Kitten, feel my finger thrust deeply into your depths.”

Heatedly whispering against her neck as he thrust more of his finger inside her grasping depths. It was his thumb that broke her down. It had reached up to coax her clit from beneath its hidden.

“Jack, let me have my hands so I can feel you, let me touch you.”

“No Kitten, right now is all about you.”

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“You can do anything. If only you could see how you look sprawled naked before the fire, totally open and I am here to bring you pleasure. To make you scream.”


“Are you a screamer Ali? I bet you are, already I hear a multitude of groans and moans. Hear that? I must have hit a sweet spot…shall I go there again?”

Burying the full length of his finger brought his other fingers squeezing her pussy lips together and the heel of his hand kaçak bahis pressing and rotating her clit into a tumult of emotions.

“Please, please…”

Thrown into the depths of arousal this intense was someplace Ali had never been. She spread her legs further and tried unsuccessfully to bump her hips against his hand. Desire to grab his hand and thrust it harder and faster against her pussy was utmost in her mind but wasn’t sure she could put a voice to the wishes.

“More, Jack please give me more.”

Her passion filled thoughts believed that would do it but Jack was not about to let her hide even from her own physical yearnings.

“Tsk tsk Kitten. You can do better than that. Tell me exactly what you want.”

Shoot, there was no going around the garden path on this one, she had immediate needs for him to see to. Then it came to her, she could voice her wishes to this man with or without a blindfold, without embarrassment or discomfort. The epiphany freed her lascivious appetites from a cage she had not known was held within her, apparently Jack had had the keys.

Watch out Jack a sexy kitten goddess was now on the loose.

Paying more attention to where her hands were she manoeuvred them so one held his solid length within its tenuous grasp. It was thick, very thick and where her fingertips rested atop his balls his cock went beyond her wrist so couldn’t judge its length. Squeezing her captive Ali set out to give Jack what he was looking for, a sensual partner.

“Please Jack, fuck me harder with your fingers. If I can’t have your cock shafting my pussy then use your fingers and make me come.”

“That is the sexy goddess I knew was hiding inside you. Is this good for you sweet cheeks?”

He spread her legs further by using his and added another finger and slowly moved them in and out before his thumb took a swipe at her excited nub.

Ali enjoyed the sounds her moist pussy made as he moved slowly in and out. It seemed with each inward thrust his fingers made that he brought fire as well. She felt on fire and no matter how much passion juice she made the fire could not be doused.

“Do you hear how wet you are Kitten? I so love hearing that sound and your soft grunts each time you try to move your hips to meet my fingers. You can’t though can you? No, you are captive so you must feel and hear how I love your body, the life and passion thrumming within your inner workings.”

“I am, I am…”

“Yes sweet cheeks you certainly are. Now I took care of finger vs fingers now let’s see about the harder part of your request.”

She felt the hand he had been playing with her breast move across her chest and grasp hold of the other. He leaned them both back so her head lolled across his hard chest, her hands lost their rigid captive and she was moved more full on his thighs.

Groaning with her displeasure at the removal of his fingers from her depths was quickly changed once he took a dew-moistened digit and toyed with her clit again. The two fingers moved back into her depths at an easy pace but they dragged on their way out.

After a dozen or so easy thrusts and drags the fingers picked up in speed. She bent her legs as far as they could bend to get more.

“Is this “harder” enough for you Kitten?” He groaned as he breathed deeply against her neck.

Fingers were thrust hard and fast, over and over again. Her body was at his mercy and her passionate pleads were fulfilled by him. In a short span of time he had reduced her to a writhing screaming mass as her climax burst through her body.

“Ah, that is music to my ears. My sexy Kitten screaming with her pleasures culmination.”

Ali was a damp heap lewdly draped across his lap. Her muscles couldn’t move if they had the thought to try. His fingers were still slowly moving in and only slightly out, dancing around her walls as they played.

“You are a passionate woman Ali.”

The fingers left her and she felt him raising his hand higher. Then the sound of sucking brought a gasp forth.

“You taste incredible, sweet, reminds me of hot summer days. You are addictive.”

As best she could she twisted sideways and tilted her head back.

“Kiss me Jack.”

Legs brought together he moved them over his lap and held her close as he gently kissed her. Placing his hands under her knees and around her back he stood up with her and moved them to stand beside the bed.

She felt the blouse being tugged from her hands and they were released. The first thing she did was reach up with her hands to sensually stroke is bare chest before moving them up to his clasp neck and bring his lips down to meet hers. Ali kissed him lightly, “That was amazing. I have never – “

“Shhh,” he placed a finger lightly over her lips. “We are far from being finished.”

He untied the blindfold, twisted and dropped it on the bedside table and stood still, quietly watching her come to terms with what had just happened. When he had covered her eyes Jack had freed her inhibitions and worries of her physical imperfections. Now with the covering off she acknowledge he had not only released her from a darkness of her own creations but that it had also allowed her to open her imagination about many other areas of her life as well.

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