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truth or dareI was 16 years old. I’d been gay for about 3 years, always checking outother boy’s penises in Boy Scouts. And now, I was finally in a tent withanother boy, and it looked like he would be willing to fool around with me.I had waited for this moment for so long. I’d seen so many naked boys inthe showers and tents and cabins, and jacked off to the memories of all ofthem. But I’d never reached the point of actually “fooling around” withanybody else. The closest I ever came was the occasional “do you jack off?”conversation that never led anywhere. But here I was now, with a horny 13year old named Jack, in a tent, about to finally realize my dreams.Jack was about 5’4, with dark brown hair and a wide grin. I was 5’10 withbrown hair and a 6 inch cock. We were both built rather averagely, notparticularly athletic. I had seen him with his shirt off that morning whenhe changed clothes, and he had just the very beginning of abs.”Let’s play truth or dare,” he said, smiling in a conspiratorial way.”OK. Who will go first?” I replied.”How about you start. Truth or dare?””Truth.””OK, ummm… Have you ever kissed a girl?”I had. It was true. When I was 9 I had a crush on a girl in theneighborhood. We kissed behind the community center building, just once.It was totally innocent, I don’t think she had anything sexual in mind.”Yes.””What was her name?” he asked.”Hey now, that’s two questions,” I said in mock complaint.”Fine then. It’s my turn now.””Truth or dare?” I asked.”Truth,” Jack replied.”Have you ever french kissed a girl?”Wow, getting personal, are we? No. I haven’t. Truth or dare?””Well I already did Truth, so I guess I have to do a dare then,” I said.”I dare you to strip to your underwear.”This was bold. I was surprised at how fast he was moving. I stood up,ducking slightly under the roof of the tent. As I removed my shirt, myhands shook slightly. I had literally waited for years for this to happen.I was nervous, but there was no turning back now. Thoughts raced through myhead: *What if he tells someone later? What if he is just k**ding and isn’tgay or bi or anything? What if I’m too scared? What bahis firmaları if? What if?***I had my t-shirt off. There was almost no real hair on my upper body, justthe fine light hairs that most boys have. I moved for my pajama pants. Icould see the look of anticipation on his face by the dim light of theflashlight propped against his sleeping bag. My hands pulled the pants downand I stepped out of them, standing in my white briefs. (I knew that whitebriefs weren’t considered cool, but boxers were expensive and I reallydidn’t care what the jocks thought of my underwear. Screw them.) I stoodthere for an awkward second, then sat down. *What if I get a boner now andit turns out he’s not gay? What if he’s grossed out or yells or tellssomebody or makes fun of me? What if? What if? *I decided to opt forcontrol, and breathed deeply while avoiding thought about my penis in orderto keep from getting hard.”You look good,” said Jack.”Thanks. I’m kinda skinny, but I don’t mind.””Neither do I,” he replied with one of his grins.”OK, it’s your turn. And it’s gotta be a dare, right?””Yeah, it does,” he said.”OK. I dare you to strip down to *your* underwear.””No problem.”He stood and lifted his shirt off, revealing those almost-defined abs andnearly giving me a raging boner right then and there. Then his hands wentto the waistband of his sweatpants, pulling them down and showing me…White briefs! So maybe they were pretty cool after all! I could see thebulge of his still-soft cock.He sat back down and smiled at me. “It’s your turn,” he said in a differenttone of voice. I looked at his eyes and immediately, I knew what he wasthinking. I could see some of the same nervousness I had, maybe not asstrong, but it was there! And the same desire. The same longing. “Truth ordare?”I wanted to stretch things out a bit.”Truth,” I said.He almost looked a little disappointed. “Alright, hmm… Do you masturbate?””Yes. Absolutely.” I don’t know why I said ‘absolutely’. Maybe it was theraging hormones talking. I knew what I had to do next. I didn’t wait to say’truth or dare’, I just cut straight to it. “Do you?” I asked.”Yeah, perabet güvenilir mi I do it all the time.” He was still smiling that slightly nervoussmile. “I’m tired of playing truth or dare. Do you want to, you know…Fool around?”I started to open my mouth. I wanted so bad to say yes. Dammit, I wanted topush him over and hump him right then and there, so why the hell was I notsaying yes?. But the same thoughts from before were running through myhead. I was furious with my stupid teenage brain and my stupid teenage bodyand my stupid life and-“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.” That was all it took. I was stillspeechless, but my doubts were gone. I nodded. He moved over to my sleepingbag. “This is gonna be fun. Have you ever fooled around before?” he asked.”No, I haven’t,” I replied rather sheepishly.Jack giggled. “That’s OK, neither have I.”His hand reached for the waistband of my underwear. I have no idea how Imanaged to hold back a boner until then, but somehow I managed. He pulledoff my briefs,and then reached back and pulled his off, too. “Well, we’renaked,” he said after a moment. And somehow that was the most hilariousthing I had ever heard. We both cracked up laughing quietly, and keptlaughing until we were both crying a bit. I know some of my tears were fromrelief, from finally being at this moment. I saw his penis. It was stillsoft, which surprised me. It was a good 3 inches soft, and it wascircumcised like mine, with a little bit of wispy hair above it. I hadslightly more hair than him, and I could see him looking at mine. “You canfeel it if you want,” I told him. He reached over, and for the first timeever, another boy’s fingers brushed against my penis. It felt like heaven.It felt so much better than my own jacking off. He rubbed my cock lightly.The look of pure, desperate bliss was obvious on my face. He smiled at meand said, “Touch mine.” My hand reached over, and for the first timetouched another boy’s penis. It was so soft and fleshy and spongy. I rubbedhis as he rubbed mine, which was fully hard by now. His was starting togrow and I could tell that tipobet it was a bit above average for his age. Itswelled to its full 5 inches, twitching a bit.”So, what do you want to do?” he asked.”I’m not sure, I’ve never done this before.”His hand wrapped around my dick and massaged it a little bit. I followedsuit and we both masturbated each other for a while. Then he said, “Let’stry something.”He rolled me over on my back and got up on his knees, straddling me. Thenhe laid down on top of me, and pressed his hips into mine, our erectionsrubbing against each other. He humped me for several minutes, his weighthard to get used to at first, but then perfect. I spread my legs apart andwrapped them around his waist, my hands rubbing along his back, pulling himinto me. The tingling, warm feelings grew more and more in my groin, moreintense than ever before. He grunted slightly as he thrust his hips intomine faster and faster, until suddenly…”I think I’m gonna have an orgasm,” he said, still grunting. His faceshowed a look of pure glee and desperate pleasure as his orgasm approached.He came, pushing his penis against mine for several seconds. There was justa little bit of jizz, as his dick pulsed and twitched against mine. I wasalmost there myself, and we were both a little sweaty and breathing hard.His orgasm finished and he collapsed on top of me, causing the air to comeout of my lungs with a woosh. “Sorry,” he said. “That was amazing. It feltso incredibly good. Did you jizz yet?””No, I almost did. That felt so good”.He smiled and said, “Well then I’ll finish you off. His hand reached downand wrapped around my boner, making it even harder than before. “Niceboner,” he said. His hand moved up and down on my penis. “I like to startslowly to build excitement,” he said.”That feels amazing,” was all I could muster. His hand slowly started tomove faster and faster, driving me into a frenzy of pleasure and ecstasy.”I’m almost there. Please don’t stop!” I said desperately. As my orgasmstarted, he reached between my legs with his other hand and used twofingers to push just below my balls, stimulating my prostate gland. Icannot describe the feeling that gave me. I grunted and gasped as Idribbled out three spurts of semen. He kept rubbing until all the semen wasout, then stopped. “How did you know to do that trick?” I asked him.He grinned. “Practice.”~end of part one~

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