Tryst with Lena

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Mathew Parker got home from his practice at 6:30, tired out from a day processing wills and trusts of elderly clients, dealing with gold-digger wives, and greedy heir kids from fifth marriages. The job was boring for a Harvard law grad. But it paid for the mortgage on his upper East Side condo, which gave a lovely view of the orange sun setting over Central Park.

He could smell the herbs as he walked into the door, a wonderful contrast to the sulfuric and sweaty smells of the subway. His wife, Claire, already had prepared a light meal of rosemary-encrusted Chicken over a crispy Caesar salad. Claire greeted him in the foyer still wearing her black business skirt, with a thin line running up mid thigh and simple white blouse hugging her frame. She pecked him on the cheek as he ran his hand up her neck to her brown tussle of hair, still in a loose bun.

They had only been married four years, but were very tight since their first meeting at Harvard. They likely were so warm to each other because of their working-class backgrounds. She, originally from Jersey, was training to be an secondary school teacher, while he waited tables in little Italy between classes and a clinic in Chinatown. Moving up in the world, they had their baby son, Gerrard, only one year ago.

“I brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige region,” Mathew said, looking his wife in her blue eyes, little brown tendrils of hair grazing her cheeks . “I thought we could use a little relaxation tonight before you head to your conference tomorrow. I’ll get Gerry set up in his chair while you put something on a bit more comfortable.”

“You’ll serve me up then,” Claire said through her red lips, flashing him a smile. She accentuated her neckline in a way that he noticed the cleavage from her C breasts coming from the white blouse, with top two buttons undone. She had put on a little more weight since having Gerrard, but her ivory-hued body distributed her curves in a way that was even more sexy. Slightly thicker at the hips, she could still be a model for an underwear catalog.

“Certainly, my dear,” he responded after patting her shapely butt and flashing a smirk.

Mathew went for Gerrard, who was in his crib smiling with a rattle gently shaking in his hand. Mathew nuzzled his baby boy. Gerry was one of the easiest kids a parent could have, often sleeping through the night, and actually eating his food instead of throwing it around the room. Mathew set him up in his chair, served Claire and himself, and sipped his wine while giving applesauce to junior.

Claire came out in a silky, floral robe, her hair in a ponytail, smelling of lilacs after a quick rinse of her face. They chatted about their days between feeding junior. Mathew told of promotions for several partners, while Claire talked about the upcoming three-day conference on teaching high school for students who didn’t speak English as a first language.

The couple were happy to have their nanny, Lena, come stay with them as Claire was gone. Lena, a transplant from Romania, was a freshman at NYU, and Gerrard seemed to love her. They were happy to help Lena pay for college in return for her attentiveness and good care.

After dinner, Mathew washed the dishes as Claire put Gerry to sleep. They both sat on the couch, sipping the rest of the wine and looking out at the lights of New York as Vivaldi played in the background.

Claire loosened her ponytail as Mathew nibbled on her ears with his lips and rest his hand on her thigh as robe parted to allow her white skin glow in the moonlight.

“We often don’t get to do this anymore,” Claire said after a soft giggle.

“I know we’ve been busy, hon,” Mathew said. “But if I get this promotion at work then we’ll be able to spend more time together. You are growing more beautiful than the day I first met you, and…”

Claire shut him off with a kiss, not wanting to waste more time. Her tongue intertwined with his as her hand snuck down and released him from his trousers. He didn’t even take off his shirt as she moved to the floor and laid down in the moonlight, gazing at him as her legs flowed out from her loose robe and chest grew full of wind with excitement.

Mathew kneeled before his bride as she put her hand between her thighs, through a patch of thin, black, curly hair and manipulated her clitoris. She smelled like tulips in the spring. He kissed the tops of her feet as she breathed, alternately kissing and caressing her calves, knees, and thighs, traveling upward until they were face-to-face.

Claire bit her lip as Mathew nestled his penis against her labia, entering slowly after she nodded directly into his eyes. She dug her heels into his back as he thrust into her hips and she pressed her lips to his, wide-open eyes looking into his.

As the top of her robe fell to the side, Mathew could see Claire’s bright pink nipples sit atop her heavy breasts. As he felt her slippery vagina squeeze, engulfing the thrusts of his penis, he cupped her canlı bahis left breast in his hand, tickling the nipple as his fingers gripped it’s girth.

Claire felt hot to the core as she edged her fingers between Mathew’s loins and her soft rosebud. Initially, she pinched her clit and cried in wondrous pain before realizing she was about to wake the baby. She clenched her curvy thighs around his waist as she flicked her clit and whispered in his ear.

“I love you,” she said, going to savor the juicy softness of his lips as she looked at him with her dark lashes

Mathew brushed aside the damp strands of hair from his face, kissed as his tongue probed her mouth in response. He could feel her spasming, the muscles of her vagina alternately grasping and releasing his penis as she wiggled her hips to his thrusts. He lowered his lips to graze her ear, sweat dripping off his brow as he whispered, “You are my one and only.”

Claire’s toes curled and her legs tensed as Mathew locked his lips around hers to keep her volume down. As electricity emanated from her warm, wet core, she pulled her hand away from her clitoris and grabbed Mathew’s butt with ferocity, digging her nails in as he shot his semen into her, a flood of warmth rushing to her cervix.

Mathew gasped with release as Claire’s womanhood took in his semen, almost milking his penis after flood after flood of warmth raced through his body and into hers. Her tightening nails drew blood on his ass as their bodies tensed together in delirium.

After both their breaths returned to normal, Mathew picked up his bride and took her to the shower. Starting a slightly cool stream of water flowing down his lover’s body. She shivered slightly as he held her up in his arms while he gently soaped her hair and massaged her head. The ivory color of her skin glistened under a lather of soap as he whispered in her ear, “I love you.”

After rinsing and toweling off, Claire and Mathew snuggled in bed, catching a fit of sleep before kissing goodbye at 6 am the next day so that she could catch the flight to her conference. Mathew knew it was a short time away, but that he would be waiting on edge for his lover to return home. The slight tingling in his crotch from the previous night persisted.

Such a shame that he had to go to work….

Lena dropped by later that morning to check in with Mathew before he returned to his practice. She was wearing a simple pink summer dress with spaghetti-straps over her shoulder, her straight shoulder-length reddish hair put up in chopsticks.

“Mr. Parker, you look like you are fatigued,” Lena said. “I bet you miss your wife, but work will keep your mind busy. I can clean the house while you are gone”

Thank you Lena,” Mathew said. “I really appreciate you’re being available to take care of Gerry. I left two hundred dollars on the kitchen counter so you could pick up a few things at the grocery store and get Gerry out of the house. I left a list, but you should have a little left over if you want something special for yourself.”

“Oh, Mr. Parker, you are too kind,” Lena smiled back as she bounced on her muscular legs. “I will be sure that Gerry is ready for bed and prepare a meal for when you get home.”

“Your very sweet,” Mathew said. “Thanks again, and I’ll see you when I get back.”

Mathew took off work early, having not slept much the night before. When getting home around 5pm, he could smell the sizzle of garlic, artichoke, and white wine blending with chicken.

“Mr. Parker, welcome home!” said Lena, running out with her bare feet. “I prepared you a sumptuous meal.”

Mathew blushed, having noticed Lena looked rather pretty, cheeks slightly flushed as she stood in her pink dress, her crimson hair was in a bit of a mess. Her smooth, long legs made her look taller than her 5’6″ frame, and a peach shade of lipstick contrasted with her slightly tan skin.

“Let me just check on Gerry,” he said. “I know you’re only 19, but we could open a Riesling that would probably be delightful with your meal. You don’t have to be anywhere, do you?

“I would like that very much,” Lena said with her cute accent. “I will prepare a dish for you.”

Mathew loved his wife, but had to admit to the sexual tension with Lena. He had been a one-woman man for so long that he felt he needed to try someone as giddy, lively, as…

“You’ve just got to be a gentleman,” Mathew whispered to himself. “You’ve got a beautiful wife whom you love very much and cannot give in to some boyish urge to explore a sugar daddy fantasy.” He picked up Gerry and kissed his son on the forehead. Gerry in turn gave a smile to his father. Dad carried him out to the table and put him at his chair.

“Please sit down, Mr. Parker” urged Lena. “Your food will get cold. I prepared special dumplings that my family taught me to make with cream reductions.”

Lena wore a golden necklace bearing a heart charm. The charm, with little quartz embedded, lay in her slight, tanned bahis siteleri cleavage, which, though smaller than Claire’s, looked much more firm.

“This looks lovely, Lena,” Mathew said. “I’ll have to give you a little time off tomorrow for the extra effort. It will be Saturday after all. I’m sure you’ll want to go to the clubs.”

“I enjoy making you comfortable,” Lena said after she fed Gerry a spoonful of orange puree. “Perhaps we could just take a walk in the park and we could check up on the free jazz later in the afternoon. Music is good for the baby, so we could bring Gerry to join us. I’m usually afraid to go there alone.”

Mathew, Lena, and Gerrard took in the wonderful meal, sipping wine with the garlicy, artichoke feast before them. Lena talked about her home country’s customs for Sunday dinners, while Mathew talked to her about the challenges of law school as a 23-year-old.

“You still look rather young for being 30,” Lena said with a wink, giggling softly, admitting to being a bit tipsy.

“I think it’s the wine and my affinity for being around attractive women that helps,” Mathew responded.

Gerrard, unlike most nights, broke the conversation at the end of the meal after eating too fast.

“Don’t worry at all Mr. Parker,” Lena assured him as she got up, giving him a sneak glance of or breasts as her neckline went down. “I will take care of everything. Just go and relax with your newspaper. I’ll get Gerry ready for bed.”

After he watched her dash off, with the hem of her dress dancing at her legs, Mathew picked up the table and started loading the dishwasher. He always liked to see Lena’s expression after she discovered a male doing “women’s work.” He was happy to hear Gerry was quieting down, and admitted that he was feeling a little tipsy himself. He didn’t notice the slick of olive oil on the floor, only yelling as his bare feet slid out from under him….


Mathew opened his eyes to see Lena teared up, a face flush with worry as her breasts hung down in the top of her dress. At least he could see clearly despite the pain in his head.

“Oh Mr. Parker, I am so sorry,” she said dabbing a goose egg on his head with a cold damp cloth. “I spent most of the day cooking and must have missed that area of the floor when cleaning up. Are you okay?”

“Well, I just got a little smack on the head, but there’s only a little pain, “Mathew said. “Just need to lie down for a bit. I’m not bleeding am I? I wouldn’t want to create more of a mess for you.”

At this, Lena’s lips curled into a wry smile, but she still had a bit of worry in her eyes. She gradually helped him up, making quick “shushing” noises if Mathew went too quickly. Mathew gazed into her green eyes, eyebrows scrunched in worry as her hair was put up in a clip.

They made it over to his bedroom, where Lena helped him lie back down after taking some Ibuprofen, maneuvering a pillow to prop his knees up and straighten up his back. By know she had stopped crying, and was beginning to unbutton his shirt and unfasten his pants. She gazed at him eyes, flush cheeks on her tan face, wisping away some strands of red hair as she sat on her feet. The cotton of her pink summer dress was ruffled from all the commotion.

“Lena, honey, you’re gorgeous, but I am a married man and this is getting to be a little awkward,” Mathew said. “I think I just need a good sleep to get back into feeling better. I look forward to hanging out with you tomorrow though.”

A worried look returned to Lena’s face. “You will send for me if you need anything?” she said. “I just want to make you feel comfortable.”

“It’s all right, we all just need a good sleep,” he responded.

“I will check in on you later to see if you need anything,” Lena said. “Good night, Mr. Parker.”

“Good night, Lena,” Mathew said.

She gave him a quick kiss on the forehead before briskly walking out of the room.

Though Mathew had thoughts racing through his head about the beautiful girl staying in his condo, his lovely wife, the bump on his head, work, and Gerrard, he drifted off as the clock hit 11:00 pm. The sleep consumed him.


The sun filled up his bedroom as Mathew awakened -unplanned- to his alarm clock at 6 am. He wandered over to Gerry to find that his little boy, though quiet, still needed to learn potty training. Mathew thought about waking Lena, but decided to change the boy himself. After cleaning up Gerrard, Mathew put on his terry cloth robe, and he found that his son still wanted to sleep some more.

The scent of French roast filled the air as Mathew picked up his newspaper at began the crossword puzzle. At about a half hour after waking, Lena stumbled out of the guest room, still wearing her pink summer dress. Though a little disheveled, she still looked stunning with her bahis şirketleri hair up in a clip. She grabbed some coffee, perching next to Mathew on the couch, putting her legs sideways so that her feet settled beneath her butt.

“I’m sorry if you felt awkward about last night and letting you fall, Mr. Parker” Lena said in a groggy, but sultry voice that came through slightly pouting pink lips.

“There’s no need to be sorry,” Mathew said. “I understand, you are a very attractive girl. Let’s just forget about it and move on.”

After setting down her coffee, Lena reach over and began to caress Mathew’s thighs through his robe.

“Lena, I…”

Lena silenced Mathew with her lips locking to his, her tongue gently parted her lips as a tingling started between her thighs.

Mathew’s inhibition towards cheating on his wife was melting fast. He took Lena almost forcefully by the shoulders to stop their embrace. He looked directly in her green eyes, her cheeks flushed and lips pursed. The tendril of hair trailing across her youthful, yearning face was too much for him. He needed her now. He now put his lips to hers, caressing her tongue with his as his shaft grew harder.

Lena responded by straddling his waist, her dress inching up her thighs, positioned on both sides of his now nude hips as he put his face between her breasts. He pulled down the thin straps of her dress on her shoulders, the collar bone contrasting with the gentle slope of the top of her breast. Mathew rested his hands on her curled feet, taking in the roundness of her ass as she perched upon him.

Lena’s nipples popped out from her dress, forming little peaks on the handful-sized globes of her breasts. Mathew edged his face forward to bite at them softly and lick them with his tongue before sucking at them with his lips. A blushing Lena began to gyrate her hips as she bit her lower lip, her head back and her eyes closed with the fulfillment of a long-burning need.

“I need to have you inside of me,” Lena said hoarsely as she looked back at Mathew.

She lifted the hem of her dress to her trim abs, waiting for Mathew to make his move.

He knew this was the point of no return if he wanted to remain faithful to his wife. But something inside, or rather sitting on his lap, made Mathew decide that this was not an experience he should cast aside. A beautiful, 19-year-old, red-haired beauty from Romania was asking him for his cock, and he had to oblige. The fragrance of her sweat and sex hung around and seduced him, making his mouth water.

Mathew pulled aside Lena’s yellow cotton panties as he put the tip of his penis at her mound. The pink lips of her slit already wet, waiting in anticipation under a tuft of red fur. She gasped out as she slid slowly down his cock as he buried his face in her breasts.

Lena’s grip around Mathew’s cock was tighter that when Claire first had sex with him. The heat of her pussy spread in his pelvis as she began to gyrate her hips and he met her with his thrusts.

Lena herself felt tingling sensations throughout her body, starting in the pit of her stomach and jolting to her nipples, her thighs, and residing in her toes. She panted as Mathew’s thrusts grew more frequent, edging from the tip of his wide penis and rushing toward her cervix in a vortex of pleasure that almost hurt. She tussled his hair with her hands as she lowered herself and kissed him passionately on the lips, sweat dripping from her brow onto his face.

Mathew let his hands caress Lena’s ass cheeks as she continued to ride. His fingers slid inside her panties as they parted her crack. As she slowed her rising and falling, his middle finger touched her anus, rubbing in circles as she clenched her thighs together and her pussy gripped Mathew’s cock.

As Lena felt a rush of sensation engulf her entire pelvis, she gently manipulated her clitoris. Her body convulsed as she screamed out in ecstasy, her entire love canal becoming a vice on Mathew’s penis. With heat from both their bodies creating steam on the windows, Mathew felt the common sensation in his balls, reminding him that he has about to release.

“Inside me, it is fine,” Lena whispered in his ear before he looked directly in her green eyes, noticing that she was licking her salty lips.

A stream of cum flowed from Mathew’s penis into Lena’s womb, the spurts of semen causing spasms in her inner wall. She kissed him on the lips as she took everything into her womenhood. She continued to swirl her hips seductively as he emptied his balls inside of her.

After they both stopped convulsing, Lena got off Mathew’s lap and sat beside him, opening a view of her panties half-covering her ravaged pussy. As Mathew’s seed began to drain from her flush pussy, she put a hand underneath, collecting the goo before putting it to her lips and tasting it.

Mathew looked incredulously at his penis as it rose slightly at the sight of Lena eating their sex. She immediately knelt before him, cum still dripping out of her panties. She readjusted the straps of her dress so that they once again lie on her shoulders. Her previously exposed breasts were now seductively straining against the cotton, accentuating her cleavage.

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