Twins Ch. 5

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As we drove out to the drive-in that evening, I kept glancing over to Jean, who grinned wickedly the whole way. Her nipples were standing erect thru her translucent blouse, and once at a stop light, she pulled her mini skirt up to show me her pussy. I groaned, “You better stop that, or we’ll never make it to the movie!”

“We can’t have that, I’m looking forward to it so much, I’m about to soak the car seat!” I leaned over and kissed her, until the cars behind me started to honk, because the light had changed.

We got to the drive-in fairly late, and had to park towards the back. That was all right with me, as I was not too enthusiastic about witnesses. Nevertheless, we had a fairly good view.

The movie started a few minutes later. Before too long Linda in the movie was engulfing the biggest dong I had ever seen all the way to the root. This apparently really got to Jean, as she took my hand and stuck it right into her soaking pussy. I fingered her for about five minutes while all sorts of wild sex was happening in the movie, then she came right on my fingers.

Without a word, she undid my pants and pulled my very stiff boner out. She quickly went down on me, and started licking and sucking the head all over. I caressed the back of her head and just groaned. She took the head into her mouth and slid her soft lips about halfway down the shaft. She raised back up to the head, then slid back down, taking in slightly more. This went on for a few moments, until she was almost to the root. However, she had trouble taking the rest, even though I was not nearly as big as the guy in the movie. I reached back behind her and started to finger her pussy again to give her inspiration. It apparently worked, as she moaned, sending tingles all down my spine, and with a sudden rush, rammed the entire length of my dick down her throat. She paused for a moment to get adjusted, then started bobbing up and down the full length.

I couldn’t stand too much of this, canlı bahis and started to come. My first spurt hit the back of Jean’s throat, and she growled like an animal and tried to devour me. I came over and over, until her mouth was filled, and come started to drip down her chin. She raised up gasping for air, wiped her chin with her fingers, and licked up the rest of my come so sexily my cock started to stir again.

She gently started to lick my sensitive cock, until it started to rise again, and regained its former hardness. “Fuck me with that big thing,” she growled. “There’s not enough room in this damn tiny car,” I replied. “Let’s go around back and do it on the trunk, there’s no one behind us.” With mixed emotions, I followed her to the back of the car.

She bent over the trunk facing the screen and raised her skirt. I quickly slid in doggy style, and started banging away with a fury.

While we were busy fucking our brains out over the trunk of the car, with Jean coming rapid-fire and trying to keep from screaming, some guy staggered out of the woods behind us. He was completely disheveled, his shirt was undone, and he was zipping up his pants. He looked like he had been mugged, but there were no bruises or blood. He just looked at us and staggered on his way.

A couple of minutes later a girl appeared from the same direction. She too was disheveled. She only had on a denim mini-skirt and a blouse that was completely undone, exposing a pair of absolutely massive tits completely uncovered. They were magnificent, as was their owner. She was a stunning redhead, tall, with long, slender legs, a tight little ass, and as already noted, the best tits I had ever seen.

Unlike the guy, she came over to us and watched us fucking for a moment. Jean and I were so horny, we didn’t care, and kept fucking away furiously. This apparently got to our visitor, as she slid up on the trunk beside us, pulled up her skirt and started finger-fucking herself. bahis siteleri I could easily see that she was a real redhead.

This was almost too hot. Jean and I were at a porno drive- in, fucking on the trunk lid, and some strange woman starts fingering herself right beside us. I felt my load finally start to rise in my shaft, and I started to pound into Jean with all my might.

Seeing that I was about to come, the sexy redhead pulled out one of her huge tits, pushed it up as far as it would go, bent her neck over, and started to lick and suck her own nipple.

That did it. I started to come in a massive orgasm, filling Jean’s tight pussy with spurt after spurt of my hot load. The redhead was coming too, with her firm little ass bouncing all over. I pulled out with cum dripping everywhere.

“God you guys, that was so hot!” moaned the redhead. “Honey,” she said to Jean, “could I please borrow your boyfriend’s dick for a while? My date didn’t come anywhere near satisfying me, and I’m so horny I could die! I’ll do anything you want. You’re a sweet little thing,” she grinned at Jean, “how would you like me to lick your pussy while that stud you’ve got fucks me doggy-style? I’ll lick all of his sweet cum out of that tight little pussy you’ve got.”

Well, it was the moment of truth. Was all of that wild talk from Jean just talk, or would she follow thru? I didn’t have to wait for the answer, as Jean just grinned and grabbed the redhead by one enormous tit and kissed her right on the nipple.

Jean leaned back on the trunk and Red dug into her pussy like a starving man at a banquet. I flipped up her skirt from behind, found her red-haired love-hole, and stuck my rock- hard boner into her full force. If anything, she was even more responsive than Jean as she started coming non-stop about 30 seconds after I plunged into her. Her moans and cries were muffled by Jean’s pussy, in fact, Jean had her by the hair and seemed to be trying to pull her into bahis şirketleri her twat headfirst.

I was more aroused than I had ever been in my life, but I had been fucking so much that 30 minutes later I still hadn’t come. Both girls had been coming pretty much non-stop, and were starting to slow down. After Jean and Red both came again, Red lifted her head and gasped, “Fuck me in the ass with that big thing! I want to feel you come in my ass!”

This was something I had never done, but I didn’t hesitate a second. I pulled out of Red’s drenched pussy, took some of her pussy juice and rubbed on into her asshole. I took my steel-hard boner and started to gently push into her ass.

Red, however, wanted none of the easy stuff, and suddenly pushed her tight ass back against me as hard as she could, plunging my full length into her rectum. I took the cue and started stroking in and out of the tightest place my cock had ever been.

Jean, who had had her fill for a while, got off the trunk and knelt underneath the bent-over redhead. She started to lick and suck her huge hanging tits and fingered her clit. This started to bring Red closer to coming. After a few moments of this, Jean slid down to her cunt and started to lick her clit while she also fondled my balls. With a tongue on her clit and a cock up her ass, this was too much for our wild redhead and she started to come wildly, hissing and thrashing about. I still was not ready to come, and sensing this, Jean again switched positions and got behind me. To my great astonishment, she spread my ass cheeks and started to lick my ass, while also fondling my balls and fingering Red’s clit.

That did it. I grabbed Red by the tits, pulled her to me as hard as I could, and came in the biggest orgasm I had ever had. It must have lasted 5 minutes and after it was over, I fell back on the grass with the girls, one on each side of me, gasping for breath.

We all kissed and caressed each other until we recovered our senses. We exchanged phone numbers with our wild redhead, and made a date to get together again soon for another threesome. Jean and I pulled ourselves together, and drove back to her house for some much-needed rest.

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