Two Surprises Are Better Than One Ch. 02

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It’s Friday morning, Darnell wakes up with Kim lying next to him still sleeping peacefully. Not making a sound Darnell heads in to the kitchen to make himself and Kim some coffee. Kim starts to wake up with the smell of fresh coffee being made, she stretches and climbs out of bed and heads to the kitchen to see Darnell standing by the counter in his boxers making two cups of coffee. Kim walks up behind him wraps her arms around his chest as far as she could and hugs him tightly.

” Good morning my sweet man.” She whispers in her sexy lil voice. Darnell turns around and wraps his arms around her.

“Good morning my sleepy lil girl how are you feeling this morning?”

“Ok now that I’m back in your arms again.”

Taking their coffee they head in to the living room and sit on the nice comfy couch and start drinking their coffee and Darnell looks over at Kim.

“You will get that surprise I told you about to day baby girl. Kim looks at Darnell with a very big smile on her face.

“When baby when do I get it? Can I have it now please baby please can I have it now?”

“Not yet baby girl finish your coffee and go take a shower and get dressed and then I’ll show you your surprise.”

Kim starts hurrying drinking her coffee really fast wanting to know what her surprise is gonna be.

“Slow down baby girl I still have bahis firmaları to finish my coffee as well before we can leave take your time we have all day.

“The hell we do, I want to see what you have for me. I will be ready in twenty minutes and you better be ready as well. I don’t want to have to wait any longer then I have to so come on drink up and get ready baby please.”

Darnell and Kim both finish there coffee and head in to the bedroom to get ready. Twenty minutes later they are both ready to head out the door. Walking to Darnell’s truck he helps Kim get in to the truck and walks around and gets in the other side and looks over at Kim.

“Ok before we leave you have to put this on.” he hands her a blindfold. “

“Baby do I have to I won’t be able to see any thing please don’t make me put that thing on please.”

“If you don’t put it on we can’t go see your surprise and that’s what I want it to be a surprise.” Kim takes the blindfold and puts it on not wanting to, but she knows her baby wouldn’t ever steer her wrong and does as asked to do.

“Ok are you ready?”

“Yes I’m ready.”

“Are you sure you can’t see any thing?”

“No baby I can’t see a thing. Darnell starts up the truck and heads out of the driveway. Driving down the road Kim gets antsy more and more but doesn’t say a word thinking if she kaçak iddaa does Darnell will turn around and head back home and not show her the surprise he has for her.

Darnell can see the farm house up ahead that himself and Dwayne have been working on for Kim for about a month now slowly pulling in to the drive way, Darnell stops the truck and tells Kim not to take the blind fold off yet. Darnell gets out of the truck and heads around to Kim’s side to help her out, and walks her to the front of the truck so she can have a good look at the new and improved farm house him and Dwayne have redone for her.

“Are you ready baby girl” he asks Standing in behind her.

“Yes baby I’m ready I have been ready every since we have left the house. Darnell takes the blindfold from Kim’s eyes and wait’s for her to get her vision cleared from being blindfolded for so long.

“How do you like it baby girl?” Kim looks and with out question knows it’s the farmhouse she has been looking at for about seven months now.

“Oh my god baby, what did you do?”

“I bought you your dream house baby girl and me and my brother fixed it up for you. do you like it? It’s yours.” Kim takes her arms and wraps them around Darnell’s neck and starts crying.

“I love you baby, this is the most wonderful thing any one has ever done for me and I love it thank kaçak bahis you for doing this for me.

“Baby girl it was nothing, I told you once before there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you and you wanted this house now it’s yours and he pulls the keys from his pocket and hands them to Kim and she once again starts crying and hugs Darnell again and says I love you so much.

Kim runs to the front door and unlocks the door to her new home and walks in side and sees it has been redone from what she had seen before all new wood floors new doors brand new kitchen every room in the house has been redone except the master bedroom. When Darnell and Kim walk up stairs and in to that bedroom Darnell says “this room is yours to do with as you please, I’ll do all the work just tell me what you want done and it’s yours. Ok now there is one more thing I have to show you.” taking Kim by the hand he leads her back down stairs and out the back door and she comes up to another BIG room he hands her another set of keys “go ahead baby girl open it.”

Kim opens the door to this huge room, this room is 18 foot by 18 foot and she sees dead center of the room a Jacuzzi one of the biggest one’s she has ever seen even bigger then her mom and dads which is pretty big. Kim turns around with tears in her eyes once again and says do you really know how much I love you and in playing around Darnell says nope not really and Kim gets this big smile on her face and says oh no well let’s go back in the house and I’ll show you how much I love you and the new house you rebuilt for me.”

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