Under the Sheets

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This is a fairly simple one-off. Generic characters, slightly interesting scenario. More on the sensual side than most of what I’ve posted.


He was just a hook-up. Someone she’d found on one of those dating apps. One of the ones where mostly people just wanted sex and everyone knows it. It was their fourth night together. But something about this man made Anne feel more sexual than ever in her life. He was older, very well put together and exuded confidence. He was really just a player; she knew that. But that’s all she wanted right then and when a man can play the game that well, letting him score was reward enough.

In her bedroom, he took control. Really, he’d been in control since they first met. His hands, his lips, his voice. It made her feel warm and heavy and compliant.

The light from the bedside lamp was soft and yellow. She was fascinated by Ben’s hands, watching as they caressed her. They looked so big. And they were just a little calloused. Those hands grabbed the two sides of her blouse and he didn’t hesitate before ripping it apart, popping every button at once and skinning it off her shoulders and half way down her arms.

She would have never permitted any other man to do that but with Ben, it made her knees week. When he buried his face in her revealed neck and he inhaled her and ran his teeth along it’s length, she almost hit the floor. Only his powerful grasp kept her on her feet.

It was silly but she didn’t even know what he did for a living. All he would talk about was the food, her clothing and her body. And the dirty things he would do to her. He would quietly say the filthiest things across the table. At their first meal, before the food even arrived, he had said to her, “I hope you’re wearing panties under that skirt. I want them to be nice and wet when I take them off you later.”

It was a line that should have earned him a knee to the groin but Anne was already enthralled. She’d answered him, “I am and they will be.”

Now she’d let him rip her blouse apart and her chest heaved as he stared at the sheer black lace of her bra. She’d bought it for him. She wanted to be sexy for him.

He released her ruined shirt and held the back of her head with one hand. The other squeezed her tit flesh through the thin material. Her mouth opened with pleasure and he covered it with his. Ben’s tongue invaded, soul kissing her. She grabbed his head and pulled her body harder to his.

He released her lips. Staring into her eyes, still holding her close, he ordered her, “Unhook the bra.” She quickly reached behind her back and complied. She let it untangle from her arms as he roughly pulled it away. He tossed it aside and then squeezed her flesh again. His strong, masculine hands sent tingles through her entire body as he rolled and pinched her throbbing nipple.

His fascination with her tits was so arousing. Her heavy C-cups with dark Italian nipples where her best feature. He tested the hardness of her nipple and squeezed and kneaded her flesh, playing with it, pushing it into different bahis firmaları shapes. He smiled hungrily. “Shoes. Skirt. Those wet fucking panties. Off.” he ordered and released her.

While she quickly complied, he stalked around her bed. He was grinning. There was something both dark and playful about him. Anne thought the darkness was just for show… nevertheless, it excited her.

He pulled down the covers. On previous nights together, he’d dumped them on the floor and ravished her in the open on bare sheets. Tonight he turned them down neatly. “Anne, my dear. I think I will tuck you in now.” He gestured to the bed.

She wiggled under the covers, eager to know what would come next. She lay on her back and Ben arranged the covers over her. They were pulled up only to her midriff. He smoothed them down around her. “Anne, put your arms at your sides and keep them there. Under the covers.” His eyes bored into the softly rising peaks of her exposed breasts.

Now he stood over her, almost menacing. With slow deliberation, he undid each button of his shirt. When done, he pulled it open and let it hang loosely. Anne licked her lips. He had a great chest and strong shoulders. His middle wasn’t model perfect but it absolutely did not matter. He was sex on a yummy stick.

He pulled the belt from his pants with a flourish. She felt a moment of fear that he might do something to her with it… and he obviously wanted her to feel that moment of fear… but he then tossed it aside.

Staring at her still, he opened his pants and then slid them off. Now Anne stared at the long, sharp mound in is boxers. She’d gotten a very good look at (and taste of) what Ben was packing before but it still thrilled her to see it barely restrained like this.

He removed his shirt the rest of the way. He didn’t quite pose but he did swing his arms around a bit as if loosening up, letting her get a good look.

100% grade ‘A’ male.

He moved closer to her, standing just at her side. His hidden protrusion hung over the bed. It had to be her imagination but she swore she could feel the heat radiating from it.

She moved to reach for it but Ben immediately stopped her, keeping her hands under the covers. “I said don’t move.”

When she stilled, he grabbed himself through the boxers. A small hint of pre-cum stained the material. “I’ve been thinking about your body for days. Especially those perfect fucking tits.”

He started to slowly lower his waistband. “And I know you’ve been thinking about my big fucking cock.” Anne’s mouth watered as his manhood fought to win free of the elastic.

Ben’s cock had given Anne a lot of pleasure in a few short weeks. She’d grown infatuated with it. Everything about it seemed wonderful.

It was very long but surprisingly thin. She hadn’t had an opportunity to measure it but it was over three hands long and she could pretty much wrap a hand all the way around it. The shaft was pale and the plum head usually beet red.

It had turned out to be a perfect pussy pleaser.

It bobbed before kaçak iddaa her eyes, slit glistening in the soft light. Again, she moved to claim it. To grab it with both hands and engulf it in her salivating mouth.

He stopped her, firmly. She stared up at him, pleading. He ignored her looks and climbed onto the bed. He straddled her cover-encased body.

Her arms were completely trapped now. The covers and Ben’s overwhelming weight had her strapped down like a madhouse gurney. She looked up at him, questioningly. But quickly her eyes were drawn down his body to his steely sex. She also saw her own splayed cleavage and heaving chest.

He bent low over her and slowly caressed her tits from either side. His hands moved so softly and yet his eyes burned so hot.

Goose bumps chased across her chest and her nipples sparked and throbbed. She was trapped beneath Ben, couldn’t move at all. She whimpered with need. “Let me suck you cock. Please Ben, I’m so horny. Let me touch you.”

He didn’t say a thing. His long cock bobbed and his hands polished her soft hills. Anne tried to twist beneath him but all that happened was his cock swayed from side to side. She felt a trickle of her pussy juice run down her ass crack. She whimpered. “Then fuck me! Please fuck me. You can have my ass again. Anything Ben. I need your cock.”

She was answered by only a glint in his gaze. His fingertips teased the very tips of her nipples, touches soft as goose down. Blood was rushing to her tits. She was flushed and her areolas throbbed. She struggled again. “Ben, I’m already horny out of my mind. Fuck me please! Fuck me now.”

He still didn’t answer but abruptly, both hands dug strongly into her generous tit flesh. “Uuaagh.” She shouted. He was almost crushing her tits now. Squeezing them hard using the tips of his fingers.

His fingers seemed to probe into her chest. She felt it deep, deep in her breasts in a way that made her stomach tumble.

And he kept squeezing and kneading her chest. Like a deep muscle massage, he was stimulating nerve endings normally idle. Anne grunted and panted. “What the fuck are you doing to me?” she whined.

This went on for too long for Anne to comprehend. Something was happening to her tits. They seemed both loose and hot and swollen.

And through all of it, time and time again she would catch herself staring at his massive, drooling cock. Her ass and upper thighs and the bedding around them were soaked by her clamoring pussy.

Finally, Ben shifted above her. But he kept her pinned, now laying low over her. Still silent, he stared into her eyes and he lowered his head to her chest and captured a nipple between his lips.

He had a hand wrapped around her other tit, just fondling it for the moment. He just stared at her, holding still with her nipple resting between his lips for at least a full minute.

When she finally opened her mouth to speak, he abruptly sucked her nipple in deeper. He sucked hard, vacuuming half her tit into his mouth. And he dug his fingers aggressively into her other kaçak bahis tit at the same time.

“Christ” she screamed, heaving at his weight. She could move just a little more with him in this position but still not enough to do anything… either to escape or reach for his cock or her own desperate pussy.

He was sucking as hard as he could on her tit and Anne began to see stars. She was hyperventilating. Between being trapped for so long and the bizarre tension in her chest she didn’t know what was happening.

Ben dug a thumbnail into her free nipple and grazed his teeth along the engorged flesh of her other breast… and Anne fucking came.

She didn’t really recognize the sensation at first. She heaved and panted, her body burning. It wasn’t until she felt her pussy dribbling what she knew was girl-cream that she understood. “Holy shit, I’m cumming.” She shouted. With no stimulation to the cunt or clitoris other than her own thighs, she had cum.

Ben surged to his knees again, still binding her to the bed. He spit in his hand and ran it along his cock, spreading his natural lube along the shaft. While busty Anne climaxed under him, he stroked his cock four or five times and then came all over her pink and abused tits.

Anne watched his exploding cock surge again and again, painting her chest in hot syrup. Her orgasm went on, each landing glop of molten passion sending a new little spark into the inferno.

It took five minutes for Anne to stop gasping. Her eyes were wide and glassy.

They went even wider then Ben put his hands back on her sperm-coated tits and began massaging and squeezing them again. He spread his cum all over. From time to time he would press them to his slowly softening cock.

Anne began to feel very tired. It was so warm under the covers and her lungs weren’t filling properly under the weight. At the same time, sex hormones continued pump through her body. Ben’s hands never stopped moving. Sometimes he was gentle, fingers feathering across her heated flesh.

Sometimes he clawed her breast deeply.

After long minutes of this, Anne’s body simply didn’t know what to do. She felt the burning surge of another climax pass through her body but as if through a fog. Her mind was sluggish, everything felt very warm like she was on a drug.

Anne zoned out completely. Ben watched her features slacken. Her eyes weren’t quite closed but there was no one home. Her mouth hung open a little and her head slumped to the side.

He released her delightful chest-fruit and eased himself off the bed. Anne didn’t stir beyond the soft rise and fall of her breath. He stared at her for a good two minutes, smiling to himself.

He went to the bathroom and soaked a hand-towel. He ran the water carefully, making it warm enough to be pleasant but not hot. He gently cleaned her chest. Though her nipples rose hard again she did not stir.

When she was clean, he slipped under the covers beside her and eased her onto her side. She went naturally as if turning in her sleep. He pressed himself to her back and wrapped her in his arms. His resting cock nestled under her buttocks and her soft tits filled his hands.

He knew that soon she would rouse and beg to be fucked. His cock began to rise in anticipation.

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