Undercover Lover

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“You’d look hot in this.” Jill handed Magita the leopard print thong. Already the police detective had purchased a short beige skirt and a low-cut brown silk blouse, as well as a doe-skin bag.

“Might as well,” she thought.

“What?” Jill asked when she heard Magita laugh.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing,” Magita replied. She had laughed because she had just imagined the look on her lieutenant’s face when he saw the bill for reimbursement. Then she reminded herself to stop thinking about anything relating to the police department and stay in character before she did something stupid.

“Try everything on, Maggie,” Jill pleaded with her big smile. Detective Sergeant Magita Pena thought shopping with the subject of her three month’s undercover surveillance was a good way to get to know her outside the club she owned, but Jill Diamond’s choice of fashions was embarrassing the detective.

“Good thing I didn’t strap it on today,” Magita thought as she looked in the mirror. There would have been no place to hide a gun in this outfit. For a moment she wondered if Jill was suspicious and if that was the reason for the revealing outfit. “No,” Magita thought. “She stopped searching my purse weeks ago,” she added, laughing to herself.

Magita looked in the mirror. A five foot ten woman with flowing brown hair and an outfit that made her look “like a hooker” looked back. “But a very high end one,” Magita added, smiling.

She turned around and took another look. As revealing as the outfit was on her, her long strong legs quite well revealed as was the swell of her 38Cs, Magita found herself liking the look. She had never dressed like that before she began doing her undercover work at the Cat’s Meow Gentleman’s club — and she was beginning to like the way she looked.

“I hope to god their not dealing in there tonight,” she thought, beginning to feel naked without her .25 pistol she usually wore strapped to her thigh. For three months she had observed drug deals going down in the club, but still there was nothing connecting Jill Diamond to any heroin dealing — and that was the prize, the owner of the club Jill.

“Come on slowpoke,” Jill giggled from outside the dressing room. Magita pulled the curtain aside and stepped out.

“WOW!” Jill exclaimed, evoking a blush from Magita. Magita turned to change back into her jeans and sweater.

“Oh, no, Magita. Wear that. You look so good. Maybe you can help business tonight,” Jill giggled. Then she giggled again and added, in a cute whisper, “let me see.” Magita knew what Jill was referring to. She shrugged, looked to see if there was anyone else around, and lifted the front of the short, light-weight beige skirt, and showed Jill she was in fact wearing the leopard print thong.

“Oh damn!” Jill giggled again. “I better not let you in the club, no one will be looking at the girls!’

Magita was surprised to feel herself blush.

Magita did not really want to leave her car at the mall, but Jill insisted. And the mall was well lighted. Magita put her clothes in the back seat, moved the items from her purse to the doeskin bag, and climbed on the back of Jill’s Harley.

Fifteen minutes later the pair was back at the Cat’s Meow. Magita took her usual place at the bar, nursing the first of the only two drinks she would have that night. It had taken weeks for Magita to gain Jill’s confidence, and now Jill looked at Magita as a friend and not as a bartender-wannabe she had been unable to hire. Jill enjoyed having someone she could talk to during breaks from counting receipts, ordering alcohol, dealing with cranky dancers, and other club owner duties. Magita in turned was glad she was welcome to sit around and watch for drug dealing. It was a stroke of luck she thought.

Except that Jill knew Magita was a cop.

“How you doing tonight, Maggie?” the bar manager asked with a big smile.

“I’m good, Brian. You?” she replied. This was another bonus. She found the bar manager very easy to talk to and very open about things going on in the club.

“So when are you going to take a turn?” he teased. Magita laughed. Ever since she first met Brian he had always asked her when she was going to try her hand at dancing. She turned and watched the two women halfway through their sensual dance — and the dozen or so men holding out dollar bills for them. Unlike a lot of gentlemen’s clubs, the Cat’s Meow was an old school club. It did not have private back rooms for $200 lap dances and would not hit their customers up for $500 bottles of champagne. The girls made out well bedava bahis with their tips, the bar was always moving trays of drinks, the club’s steaks sold out every night, and everyone was happy. “And,” as Jill had explained Magita’s first night there “we don’t have to worry about some asshole cop trying to set us up.”

It was the little something in the top right corner of Magita’s eyes at the comment that had Jill knowing she was a cop from the very beginning of her undercover role. It was for that reason Jill never conducted business at the club — that and because she was not stupid enough to deal in the club period.

Unaware she had been made for a cop long before, Magita declined Jill’s offer to dance any shifts she wanted and smiled as she always did at Brian’s teasing question.

“I’d give you a grand myself,” he smiled, completely serious.

Magita blushed and took the vodka and tonic Brian held out for her. It was her drink of choice — she could water it down and anyone looking would think she had been drinking all night.

It also gave her something to look at when strangers would approach her at the bar. All the regulars knew she was a friend of Jill’s and “hands-off”.

Just after eight the lights dimmed as they always did. After eight the drinks poured more quickly, and the singles turned to $5s and $10s. The music changed as well, now having a live DJ. The Cat’s Meow was getting crowded and everyone was having a good time.

“On me,” Jill smiled, joining Magita at the bar.

“When are you ever going to let me buy?” Magita laughed. It was not yet time for her second drink, but because Jill sat down Magita let Brian pour her one.

“When you get your pretty ass up there for me,” Jill laughed back, pointing to the stage. “They’d give you $50s” Jill said honestly. She knew with her long legs and large chest Magita would be a hit as a dancer.

“Thanks,” she smiled when Brian handed her the drink. She did not notice the little wink he gave Jill.

Magita had been nibbling on the fried jalapenos that were a favorite in the club and did not notice how much stronger this drink was. She found herself blushing frequently as Jill and Brian took turns telling her hot good she looked tonight.

“You should see what she has on under it,” Jill teased Brian.

“Jill!” Magita exclaimed, suddenly embarrassed.

“Oh come on, Maggie,” Jill exclaimed. “You know he’s got a thing for you,” she added in a whisper.

Magita had sensed Brian was attracted to her, but he had not made any moves which was quite fine with her. She had moved out when she separated from her husband and the last thing she needed was to complicate the coming divorce proceeding. That — and the fact she might have to bust the bar manager one of these days — kept her from letting things go beyond the flirting stage.

“Yeah,” Magita replied. “Me…and all of them,” she added pointing to the stage and laughing.

‘True,” Jill nodded. Then she turned to Brian. “So how many of my girls have you soiled this week, stud?”

Brian laughed while Magita blushed. He never dated the dancers and Jill knew it.

“OK, so what else?” Jill asked, referring to their conversation from the previous Saturday when Magita was last in the club.

“Well,” the detective replied, happy for the segue. “About the only other idea I have is maybe selling t-shirts.”

Jill had liked Magita’s suggestions for the club and had actually been thinking of selling Cat’s Meow items like Hooter’s does.

“Great idea, honey,” she added. She excused herself to take a phone call.

“She’s so great to work for,” Brian said honestly.

“She’s good people,” Magita nodded. Brian had orders to make so Magita sat quietly sipping her unknowingly-strong drink and watching as she always did.

At ten the lights turned almost all the way off. Now it was time for the music to turn very slow and sensual.

A few minutes later Jill returned.

“Would you like to come back for a while?” Jill smiled, inviting Magita back to the office where they often went when the bar became too crowded so they could have some “girl talk”.

“Sure,” Magita answered, surprised her legs were so weak when she stepped from the bar. She figured she was tired from a long day in the detective’s car and now a shift at the club.

She was surprised when Brian came in a few minutes later. When he entered Jill turned on the speakers. The song playing was a sensual one about music and lovers in the night.

“Why don’t you relax bedava bonus and dance a little,” Jill asked Magita softly.

Magita did not like the idea, but she saw Brian hold out his hand. He was nice enough, and it was a very danceable song. She nodded and let Brian put his arm around her. She moved her arms around his shoulders — she loved to dance — and let herself enjoy the company. It had been a long day at work she thought as they began to move, and she was feeling “happy”.

She realized as the dance continued that Brian seemed to be holding her more tightly than when he started. She smiled and held his shoulders tighter as well. She did not mind dancing with the bar manager at all. And it was only one dance.

They moved together to the slow, sensual song. Magita felt herself becoming lost in the music and the dance. Magita moved as sensuously as the music while Brian held her. She did not notice they had moved almost against Jill’s desk.

The song ended and another song, even more sensual, began seamlessly. Her body continued swaying to the music, lost in its stirrings. Just then she saw Brian’s eyes when he moved his head from the side of hers to look at her. Her own deep brown eyes opened as she saw his green eyes looking deeply into hers.

Then moving closer.

She thought it must have been the night, or the tired, but either way she did not reject the kiss.

His hands held her tightly as he kissed her soft, succulent lips. Jill turned the speaker up slightly until the room was flooded with the music of the night.

She was beginning to feel the effects of the drink and knew she would stop, but then Brian’s hands moved to her large soft rear and pulled her tight against him as his lips moved over hers.

Magita felt the table edge against the back of her thighs as her body continued to move to the sensual music and the soft gentle kiss. Giddy now, she did not notice Brian had lifted her slightly until she was almost sitting on the table.

“Oh Maggie,” Brian purred, removing her lips for a moment, then unable to not return to the taste of berries and cloves.

“Lose yourself, Maggie,” Magita heard a soft voice say. It sounded as if it was from her mind but it was Jill who stood watching — and knowing.

Magita opened her eyes to Brian’s deep green pools looking longingly into hers. She smiled, ready to break their embrace. But Brian gently kissed the side of her face and Magita began to become lost.

She continued to move to the deeply erotic song even as she knew she should stop.

Brian began to kiss her more passionately. The music and the night and the drink made Magita respond to the seeking kisses. It was only kissing, that was alright, she told herself even as she realized Brian’s legs were now between hers as she leaned back against the table. She felt his erection under his slacks as he held her. She felt flattered and knew it was only male biology.

Her arms held her partner more snugly in what she wanted to be their final embrace.

Then she felt her skirt begin to creep up her thighs.

“No,” Magita replied to herself as she felt hands moving her skirt up to her hips.

The kissing took was so nice and so long since she had been kissed like that that she accepted the hands. She knew she could stop this.

She knew she could.

Lost in the kiss, she did not notice his legs slowly wedging hers apart as they continued to move to the steamy, sultry music. Only when she felt a hand take hold of the edge of her thong and move it to the side did she realize what was happening.

“I can’t,” she whispered into the mouth kissing her from the very depths of his heart, and stirring long-missing feelings in her soul.

“I’ve wanted you for so long, Maggie,” Brian murmured as his fingers moved to his zipper.

“This can’t happen. I can’t do this,” she screamed at herself.

But only at herself.

Then she felt the soft touch of a penis-head at her folds. She knew she must stop this.

“Let it happen,” Magita heard Jill whisper adding to the confusion.

She knew this had to stop. But the touch of the spongy head at her lips was so gentle. And it had been so long.

“No,” she whispered. “Brian,” she whispered.

“Just tell me to stop and I will, Maggie,” Brian whispered though his deep, probing kiss as he slowly slid the head of his cock between the moist, hairy lips.

Then he leaned back from the kiss, looked deep into her sensuous brown eyes, and gently pressed his head into her.

“Oh!” deneme bonusu Magita whimpered.

She felt the gentleness of the penetration. It was so caring, so gentle — and so erotic.

“Oh Brian,” she whispered. “Please don’t.”

“Just tell me, Magita,” he answered, slowly pressing the first inch into her -moist vagina.

Her reply was muffled in the lips needingly kissing hers.

She felt him slide back slightly, then press half his length into her. She felt the firm, thick penis slide up her vagina, stretching her.

“Yes, Magita,” Jill cooed.

Lost in the night and the voice man kissing her more caringly than any lover she had ever known, her response was to wrap her thighs moved around his hips.

She lay back into the arms holding her and felt the electricity of the heat inside her beginning to move. Unable to do anything else, she purred as she accepted the thick, long hardness into her body.

“Ohhh,” she heard herself purr as she felt him pull nearly out, then felt the full length of the rock-hard penis slide slowly up her needing vagina.

For the first time in five years she had another man’s penis in her. It was all wrong, she began to torment herself though the confusion. She was still married. She was on the job.

Her response was to draw him deeper into her with her thighs.

Brian again drew back, the again slowly fed the full length of his cock into her. This time he watched her eyes widen as he bottomed out in her. She was so hot and damp and tight he could barely constrain himself.

“Go with it, honey,” Jill purred as she watched.

Again Magita heard the voice, oblivious to Jill’s presence. It felt so nice, long and hard inside her.

“Go with it,” the voice repeated. Then almost as if it was someone else Magita felt her hips begin to move and she began to slowly fuck the hard cock in her.

Brian purred this time as he felt Magita’s hips move and her pussy begin to work over his cock.

Then he felt the gentle tug as she bore down and squeezed as she drew the hardness deeper into her and he could no longer wait.

“Oh Maggie,” he moaned as he felt the vice-tight pussy squeezing his cock. “Oh Maggie,” he moaned again and began to fuck her more urgently.

The slow sliding of hard cock into woman’s vagina turned into urgent needing. For a moment her thoughts again turned to what she should not be doing.

Then she matched her moans to his as she began to return his urgent fuck.

“Oh god Maggie!” Brian cooed as he pumped into her snug, wet pussy.

She felt the cock pound deep into her. She had never been fucked so deep like this.

She looked into his eyes and saw his green eyes lost in his fuck of her. She kept her gaze as she squeezed down and drew his cock deeper into her. She watched his eyes close and his head lean back slightly as her clamping sex pulled on him.

Then, feeling his excitement build, she put her hands behind his head and drew her face to her for the kiss she desperately needed. Her lips opened wet and needing to his passionate kiss as she clamped her thighs tight around his.

A moment later she squeaked lightly as he shoved once. Then she felt him hold deep inside her and knew he was ready to cum.

“Oh god Maggie!” he moaned as he felt it build. Then a second later he screamed softly as his cum exploded deep into her steaming pussy.

He didn’t stop and cum for himself like her husband so many times did – she felt his cum explode deep into her as he fucked through his come. Then she felt incredibly flattered as he continued to fuck her after he came, until he had no strength left.

“There’s a little bathroom over there,” Jill pointed when Brian finally pulled out, expended. Magita moved to the bathroom and emptied herself in the toilet.

“How was she?” Jill smiled.

“Everything I imagined, and more,” Brian smiled back as he put himself back in his pants.

Detective Pena returned a few moments later, weak-legged and feeling fully fucked.

She saw a strange expression on Jill’s face. She saw Jill pointing to a small black globe in the corner of the ceiling near the door.

“That’s right,” Jill smiled. “It’s a camera. We record everything that goes on back here.”

Magita was confused for a moment, then Jill spoke again.

“Everything, officer,” Jill said in a calm yet stern voice.

Magita instantly understood and looked angrily at Brian.

“No, Maggie,” he sputtered, trying to take her hands. “This was real.”

“Yeah, real hot!” Jill replied evilly.

Magita suddenly understood that Jill had known all the time. And now she was screwed.

“I can give you some of them,” Jill smiled, pointing to the club. “But as for me,” she began. “Well, I think I’m going to make a couple copies of the DVD just in case.”

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