Unfaithful Indian Girlfriend

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Bouncing Tits

Ring ring!

“Good morning, Jaan. Ready to go to the office?” Ayush greeted over the phone as he searched for his bike key, somewhere amongst his office files.

“Good morning, Jaanu. Packing my lunch now, Uber will be here soon. You ready?” Ananya replied.

“Yeah, searching for my keys…got it!!” he said, feeling relieved as he found the keys.

“So…are you going to be free early today?” Ananya asked, hopefully.

“Doubtful! I have a client meeting today,” he replied.

“As expected,” she uttered meekly, rolling her eyes.

“Sorry Jaan, I have to go now, it’s getting late,” Ayush hung up the phone as he started his bike ready to hit the road.

“Bye,” she muttered.

Ayush worked in a well-known MNC as a marketing executive. He was a very conservative guy and had a positive view of everything. His girlfriend Ananya was a bank teller in a well-known bank here in Kolkata. Ayush and Ananya had been a couple for the past five years. They were classmates back in their post-graduate years and their relationship started from the 2nd semester when Ayush proposed Ananya in front of the entire class.

In the first two years, their relationship bloomed fast and wild, their love growing stronger with each day passing. For Ayush this was his 1st relationship whereas for Ananya he was her 2nd. Ananya broke up with her previous lover when she was in her 2nd semester after meeting Ayush. Ayush lost his virginity to Ananya at the age of 26, and Ananya lost it to her previous lover at the age of 23. For Ananya, Ayush was her 2nd. The romance between the couple was spicy and they would always look for chances to make out, whether it be in the bathroom, the cafeteria, the empty classroom, the staircase, etc.

Sex was over the top for both of the lovebirds in the initial years of their relationship. Ayush would always look for chances to get his hands inside her panty and feel her sexy trimmed pussy. Ananya, on the other hand, never left any opportunity to give Ayush a handjob or blowjob whenever she got the chance.

Their relationship was romantic for all of college. By the end of their final semester, both of them got their well-deserved placement and life seemed sorted out for the couple.

“Madam, should I start the trip?” asked the Uber driver, pulling down his seat belt and looking at Ananya through the rearview mirror.

“Yes Bhaiya,” she replied, looking outside the window, still frustrated after her conversation with Ayush.

While on her way to the office, Ananya wondered how all the romance and fun had disappeared from her relationship. Even though Ayush was still the same caring and loving boyfriend he was 4 years back, the spice in her relationship was no longer alive. She still loved him with all her heart, but she knew that something had gone missing. Ayush had become a very busy person and he hardly gave her time. They no longer went out for movies, no romantic dates, no clubbing, no long drives …nothing. Even the conversation over the phone now was limited to yes/no, ok, and hmmm, and WhatsApp texting had replaced long calls. She could not remember the last time she held his dick in her hands, or he played with her boobs. Now whatever spice they had left in the relationship was limited to sharing nudes over WhatsApp.

Ananya knew something was missing and that she had an unattended need inside her.

Ananya was a typical Indian beauty who would turn 29 next month. Her skin color was light brown with a beautiful curvy figure. She did not prefer to work out but had a naturally shaped figure. She was 36-29-38, 5’6” with a medium length bob haircut. The most attractive part of her body was her perfect heart-shaped ass that made heads turn. There was no doubt Ananya had her fair share of men trying to impress her over the years, but she would always turn them down because of her relationship. Even so, Ananya had been to some “friendly” dates, unknown to Ayush, with few of her colleagues and handsome customers from her bank who would occasionally ask her out. This was her way of expressing her lively personality. She believed she loved Ayush, and so these outings and texting over the phone with other men seemed harmless. Truth be told, she liked men ogling her, texting her, and begging her for dates. It made her feel happy, relevant, sexy, and proud. But all of this was unknown to Ayush, even if she had to lie to him.

Ananya had been transferred to a new branch in the city last month, and she was still accommodating to the new environment. As soon as she joined the branch, all eyes were on the “new sexy thing,” the nickname given to her by her new colleagues. Among these colleagues was Suman, the Assistant Operations Manager. The ladies in the branch warned Ananya about Suman and told her to watch out for the branch Casanova.

Suman was a 32-year-old man who hailed from Jharkhand. He stood at 5’11” with stylish facial hair, a bulky man with broad shoulders. The best thing about Suman was that he was a smooth talker and knew his way around women. He had this mysterious canlı bahis şirketleri aura about him and women dug that.

He also had a weakness for women and never failed in impressing any girl he sets his eye upon. At this time, his eyes were set on Ananya. In addition to her sexy figure, her innocence and hard-to-get attitude attracted Suman from the day he first saw her. Ananya was not unaware of Suman’s intention as she caught him blankly staring at her quite sometimes, and she was also aware that even though her lady colleagues did warn her about him, they were also drooling for him. She thought that maybe these ladies wanted her out of their way, as she was the new heartthrob of the branch and the most beautiful and classy lady there.


“Good morning, Ananya,” Suman greeted, trying to find a way to start a conversation.

“Morning,” Ananya replied with a smile.

“So how is the day going? Comfortable in the new branch?” he asked, slowly entering Ananya’s office cabin.

“Yeah…I am trying to pick up whatever I can,” she replied with a little uncertainty in her voice.

“Ok good…so if you need anything just let me know…my cabin is just next to yours,” he told her trying to let her know that he is there as a friend and is the go-to guy for her.

“Sure,” Ananya replied with a smile.

Suman realized that it is going to be hard to get close to this girl. “The first impression is the last impression, dude,” he told himself as his mind started racing, trying to continue the conversation. So he asked, “Have you introduced yourself to your new colleagues?”

Ananya looked up and replied, “No… not all of them.” She knew Suman was trying hard to impress her.

“Hmmm fine…let me do the honor. Come on, pick your ass up from the chair and come,” Suman said with excitement.

Ananya was surprised to hear the word “ass” all of a sudden. That was Suman testing the waters. Typical playboy. She followed him as he gently introduced her to every member of the branch.

Even though he was a playboy by nature he never actually made any advance towards any of his lady colleagues. He was aware of the consequences, should any complaint come against him. But he knew the moment he set his eyes on Ananya that this time he wouldn’t be able to resist. He must tap this ass.

“So now everyone knows you. Don’t worry, you will remember their names gradually,” Suman assured her after introducing her to every individual in the branch.

“Here take my phone number. Call me in case you need any help,” he added.

“Ok sure, thanks,” Ananya accepted his business card with a smile and they both went back to their cabins.

After returning from the office that day Ananya could not shake the thought of Suman from her mind. She was not able to understand if he was a playboy trying his luck or if he was a genuine gentleman. Either way she was happy to have some attention. “This will be fun,” she thought.

She checked her phone and saw a WhatsApp message from Ayush.

Ayush: Hey Jaan how was your day?

Ananya: It was nice. How was yours?

Ayush: Busy… I think I have cracked a big deal. I might be on for a promotion in the coming months. The client today was happy with the idea I pitched.

Ananya: Hmm good for you.

Ayush: You’re not happy.

Ananya: Of course I am happy. But I am tired, Jaanu, I am going to sleep now. Good night.

Ayush: Night Jaan.

“Not a single call the entire day, no text, and now he comes and discusses his great achievement,” she thought to herself.


Days went on and Ananya’s frustration kept on growing. It had been 6 months since Ananya joined this branch and now she had some good friends there. She was now familiar with most of the male colleagues in the branch and some of them even started exchanging text messages with her. But the thing that bothered her was that Suman had hardly made any advances towards her, even though he would often ask her about her well being.

“Ananya, madam, the Branch Manager has called you,” said the office boy.

Ananya was unaware as to why the Boss had called her. Soon she got the answer as a furious branch manager started yelling upon her for a wrong transaction. It was a mistake that could cause her half of her salary for the month. Ananya came back to her office cabin with teary eyes and felt quite stressed. She called Ayush to get some motivation, but he declined her call. She felt terrible and didn’t know what to do.

“Oye madam, what happened? Why the teary eyes?” asked Suman.

“Nothing,” Ananya replied, wiping her tears.

“Don’t worry you can tell me…I saw you coming out of the Branch Manager’s cabin”. He tried to console her as he forwarded his handkerchief to wipe off her tears.

Ananya told him the issue, and Suman began laughing.

“Hahaha that’s it…Oh, man! Oh, man! Oh, man. What is the customer’s name whose transaction has been misplaced and with whose account?”

Ananya gave him the details.

“Ok. Now canlı kaçak iddaa stop crying — a pretty girl like you is not supposed to cry. Give me 5 minutes.” As he said this, he went straight to the Branch Manager’s room.

Ananya was scared and confused thinking about what he is up to. What might they be discussing inside the Branch Manager’s room? It had been 5 minutes already and she thought of checking on them, when Suman walked out of the manager’s room and came straight to her and said, “Ok, Ananya darling, the problem is sorted. Now go home and relax.”

“What? How? What did you do?” Ananya said, a broad smile appearing on her face.

Suman saw her excitement and tried to cheer her up a little more. “Just went in, picked him up by his collar, and warned him not to disturb you again.”

“Hahaha,” Ananya laughed, imagining what it would have looked like.

“Finally, you laugh. Don’t worry, I will handle this. I have requested the manager to let me sort it out. He understood,” Suman consoled her.

“Thank you so much, Suman.” She knew she was grateful and just wanted to hug him. Instead she pulled out her phone and started booking an Uber.

Suman noticed this and asked “Hey, why are you getting an Uber?”

“How will I get home?” she replied as she ran her fingers through the app.

“I thought your boyfriend picks you up every day,” Suman asked her, trying to make it sound not like a question.

Ananya stopped searching and replied, “I wished he did.”

Suman instantly read her face and saw a window of opportunity. “Where do you stay?” he asked.

Ananya replied, “Park Street.”

“Oh that’s great. I can drop you there. It will be on my way home,” Suman insisted trying, to hide his excitement.

Ananya thought for a while and finally said, “Ok.”

That night she just could not stop feeling grateful for Suman. He was a courageous gentleman, to be able to go up to the branch manager and make him understand. She checked her WhatsApp and saw messages lined up from Ayush. She was just about to reply when a new message popped up. She jumped up at once in her bed. It was a WhatsApp from Suman.

Suman: Hey you ok now?

Ananya: Yeah, I am fine thanks to you.

Suman: That’s a good girl…had your dinner?

Ananya: Yeah..did you?

Suman: No I was just finishing my 2nd glass of whiskey.

Ananya: Drinking?

Suman: Yeah…why? Do you mind?

Ananya: No I don’t…just asked.

Suman: You want one (winky face and a wine glass emoji).

Ananya: Hmm I don’t mind (winky face).

Suman: Ooohooo now you are talking…we will try it someday soon, then.

Ananya: Hmmm. We will see, but don’t get any ideas now.

And just then a message from Ayush popped up.

Ayush: Hey Jaan you asleep…not replying?

Ananya: Hmmm about to sleep I am feeling tired… good night.

After she had lied to Ayush, Ananya changed her Whatsapp online last seen settings to invisible, so Ayush wouldn’t know that she was still online. Excited, she resumed her chat with Suman.


Ananya was in a hurry to prepare for work the next morning, as she slept late last night post chatting with Suman. Suman could be here any moment now, as he had decided that from now on he would be her permanent Uber. As promised, Suman was there in time with a smile.

“Good morning dear…looking good,” Suman greeted.

“Morning,” Ananya replied with a smile as she boarded his SUV.

In the next few months Ananya and Suman became good friends. Suman would always pick her up from the office and drop her home after. He would make sure to always compliment her on her looks though. They would often chat during late nights on WhatsApp and mostly discuss relationships and love. Ananya started to feel that her unattended need was being fulfilled. Both of them would occasionally go out during lunch breaks to nearby restaurants for lunch or usually grab some fast food while coming back home. Ananya felt quite happy with her newfound friend.

She introduced Suman to Ayush once, when Ayush came to her office for some bank account related issue of his (Ayush had an account in the same bank where Ananya worked). Though Ayush felt something fishy about the so called “friendship,” he trusted Ananya to make the right choices.

Also, Ananya gave Ayush a good reason not to doubt her, saying, “Suman has a good knowledge of the banking sector do’s and don’ts, and it is important for a girl like me to have a knowledgeable friend/tutor like him”. She made him believe Suman was just a stepping stone and that she had him under control.


“Oh yeah… yeahhhhh Ananya… mmmmm… ,” exhaled Suman as he masturbated to Ananya, a big load of cum spurting out his dick for the second time that day. Cleaning himself off, he left the bathroom and returned to his office cabin.

Suman had become quite frustrated only masturbating to Ananya and was quickly running out of patience. In his Casanova career, it never took him so long to fuck someone canlı kaçak bahis he so badly desired. He realized it was time to progress his game forward.

While Ananya was attending to a customer her cell phone buzzed. It was a WhatsApp text from Suman. Once the customer left, Ananya checked the message and giggled. It was a non-veg joke about dicks. Seeing Ananya laugh in her cabin, Suman knew he had just gotten the green signal for his next phase.

Ananya: Nice joke

Suman: Just trying to minimize the stress of our branch, “sexy thing”.

Ananya: Sexy thing??

Suman: Yes you, the gorgeous sexy thing…I know you know that’s your nickname.

Ananya: Says who “the Casanova”.

Suman: Oh ho!! So now we’re going to play the nickname games huh…you want more of those jokes I got plenty in stock. (winky face)

Ananya: I have customers now.

Suman: Ok sorry.

Ananya: But you can send me them later tonight (winky face)

Suman: Ooooo naughty huh!!

Ananya: By the way, Ayush will pick me up from the office today so you can leave.

Suman: No problem.

Ananya had almost forgotten what it was like to be on a date with her boyfriend because it had been so long. After work, the two of them went to a small fast food counter near her room and the date ended within an hour with Ayush dropping Ananya home. She could see Ayush’s displeasure whenever she would mention Suman in between their conversation. Even she realized she could not discuss anything about her day without mentioning Suman’s name. Suman had become an integral part of her daily life now.

At night, Ananya impatiently checked her WhatsApp while lying in bed. No messages from Suman yet.

Ananya was confused. She couldn’t understand why she was so impatient for Suman to text her. She asked herself if she was no longer in love with Ayush. No, she told herself, she loves Ayush. Then, what was it that was making her so impatient for Suman? She struggled for an answer when a message popped up.

Suman: Hey dear…done with dinner.

Ananya: Yep…what about you?

Suman: Yes…is your boyfriend asleep?

Ananya: Yeah…I guess!! Why?

Suman: Well I thought you had a date tonight.

Ananya: Yes we had it and he dropped me home after that.

Suman: WHAT..? What is a date if you don’t spend the night together (shocked emoji)

Ananya: A harmless date.

Suman: Hmmm, I would never understand that…anyways ready for a joke?

Ananya: Ok

Suman: Answer this “What is pink, goes in hard and dry and comes out soft and wet?”

Ananya did not have to try hard to answer this riddle. She laughed, imagining a dick, and replied.

Ananya: Private part of a man I guess (giggle emoji)

Suman: You mean a dick

Ananya: Hmm I guess

Suman: Wrong. It’s bubble gum. You dirty mind

Ananya: Hahahahah

And Ananya could not stop laughing. They shared non-veg jokes over WhatsApp all night and discussed random topics before going to sleep at about 3 AM.

With time passing by Ananya and Suman’s friendship grew much stronger. The WhatsApp conversations between them were no longer limited to normal chat. They would discuss about intimate personal things, sex, porn, just about everything. Suman gradually saw that side of Ananya which she usually would not feel free to share with anyone. Ananya on the other hand found in Suman the ideal boyfriend which she always longed for. She was still in love with Ayush and knew she would marry him someday, but Suman was her remedy for an unromantic and frustrated love life. And all this was not unnoticed by their other co-workers. Colleagues started seeing them as a couple and discussion about their growing closeness spread like wildfire.

The news even reached Ayush, who was furious. He asked Ananya to stay away from Suman, who he believed was only planning on getting in her pants. He knew how naïve Ananya could be and how easy it was to sweep her off her feet. In a way this was true, as Suman was leaving no stone unturned by gifting her flowers and complimenting her beauty often. Meanwhile, Ananya was impressed with Suman’s way of handling situations, the way he talked, his personality, his style, and most importantly, his unfaltering attraction towards her.

10 months had passed since Ananya joined the branch, and with it came the end of the financial year. The bank made a good profit last year and so the Branch Manager planned on throwing a party at one of the well known pubs in the city. So he asked all the employees to leave the office early and report to the venue by 7 PM for a wild night. Suman knew the time had finally come to make his move.

“Hey, going to the party?” Suman asked Ananya, trying to find out if she had any other plans.

“I don’t know…I don’t think Ayush would be happy to hear that,” Ananya replied, hesitating.

“Well…don’t tell him then!” Suman replied, trying to hide his annoyance.

“What if he knows?” she said, still hesitant.

Suman could see his plans blowing away in the wind. He had to come up with something soon and so he argued, “Oh come on, Ananya! He is your boyfriend, not your husband or anything. Besides, this is your life.” He sighed. “Anyways, it’s up to you. If you won’t go, then I don’t think I will be going too”.

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