Unintentional Seduction of a Friend

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This is my first submission to Literotica or any public forum. Of course many ideas are influenced and inspired by real life, but this is a total fantasy. The names should tickle the hearts of a few of my friends if they read and recognize themselves with their fantasy names, but otherwise, it’s all make believe. If I get good ratings and feedback, I have chapter 2 already in the works.


Clop, clop, clop. Cammy enjoyed the sound of her Nine West heels hitting concrete as she walked briskly from the train station with a carefree attitude. It was Friday night and not too much homework for the weekend. She smiled at each honk or whistle, but never looked their direction. Five today when she was only half-way there! That was surely because of the occasional bursts of breeze lifting the panels of her lightweight, wrap miniskirt. Guys really liked to see legs come together and make an ass out of themselves. She turned the last corner, then three houses, and up the gated walkway to the Siemen’s McMansion. Surprised to find the front door already unlocked, she let herself in and was greeted by a woman in uniform. “Hi, I’m Stormy. Debi’s upstairs.”

“Come on up, Cammy.” Debi called. “I’m sorry. I forgot to tell you we’re having a party at home tonight instead of going out like usual. So, you have the night off, hon.” Cammy lived part-time with the Siemens and weekends at home with her parents. She watched the baby on Friday nights and other occasional times in exchange for room and board close to West Chester university. “Say, why don’t you join the party? Do you have a dress here?”

“Oh, sorry, I only have skirts and tops here.” Cam replied.

“Well, you should be able to wear something of mine. Let’s see what I have. Come on in.”

Debi had a lot of dresses. She pulled a few and Cammy tried them on. Mostly they were too big, but one very elegant cocktail dress fit nicely. It was short-skirted and slightly low-cut top with spaghetti straps–your typical “little black dress”. “Perfect!” Debi cried. “Do you have a strapless bra here? Or maybe you could wear one of mine.”

“Oh, I should have güvenilir bahis something here,” Cammy answered.

“Why don’t you get a shower and I’ll help you with your hair when I get back? Can you keep an ear on the baby? She’s sleeping now. Thanks so much.” As walked out the door she called back, “Dinner’s at 8:00 and Stormy is our caterer. You can help her if you have time.”

Cammy took a hot shower, but skipped her hair, not wanting to spend an extra 30 minutes with the blow dryer.

She dried off with a towel, sprinkled some talcum, then put on the only strapless bra she kept at Debi’s house–a pink, convertible Maidenform pushup and matching lace panties. “Knock, knock” she heard from Debi’s mouth and knuckles on the door.

“Come on in.” Cam replied just as she finished tying her robe.

“Ready to do your hair? How about some nice braids?”


Debi pulled her hair in a soothing way letting Cammy’s locks flow through loose fingers, then gingerly brushed out the tangles.

“I didn’t think I needed to or had time to wash it. Hope that’s OK?”

“Oh, sure. Your hair’s nice.”

Cammy was surprised how fast she made two rows of smaller braids that joined together into one large braid which she pinned in a circle.

“Oh, I used to help a hairdresser.” Debi explained. “Why don’t you come to my room and we’ll finish you with some makeup? You can bring your dress and shoes.” So off they went.

“Have a seat, hon.” Debi pointed to the lighted makeup desk. She locked the door. “Why don’t you take your robe off?”

Cammy folded her robe and sat down.

Debi was good with makeup, too, and created a sultry smoky look. Very sexy.

“Are you sure about this?” Cammy asked.

“Oh, yes, I’m a trend setter. You look great! And nice boobs, too! But, I think we can do better. Want to know a secret?”

“Uh huh.”

“I don’t want surgery, but I always use a little silicon lift.” Debi reached inside her bra, and pulled out a small, teardrop shaped pad then reached inside Cammy’s bra with one hand and slipped the pad in with the other. She repeated for other side. “Take a look!” Cammy türkçe bahis usually had nice cleavage, but this was like WOW! “Just one more thing. Did you ever use cleavage makeup?”

“Uh, no. I rarely use anything more than just a little lip-gloss. I never heard of cleavage makeup.”

“OK. Well, we’ll put two shades of bronzer on you, and a tiny bit of blush.” Debi applied the bronzer with her fingers, and it was feeling very nice to Cammy, almost like Debi was trying to arouse her. Definitely she touched more than was necessary to get the effect. “OK, all done. You’re ready for the runway, girl! Let’s get you in your dress.”

“what about your silicon lift? Don’t you need these?”

“I have an extra pair, hon. Don’t worry! And, how about some perfume? ‘Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise’ OK?” Debi handed the bottle to Cammy.


“Now you’re tonight’s Mystery Woman. The guys will be swooning over you.”

They heard a baby’s cry. “Oh, can you get Sally? I don’t think she’s hungry. Maybe just rock her back to sleep.”

Keeping the lights off and the leaving the door open just a crack for a little bit of light, Cam entered the room and pat the crying baby. She didn’t want to take a chance on baby spittle so she removed the dress and carefully laid it on the changer, then picked up baby Sally and tried to comfort her on the rocker. Sally nuzzled against Cammy’s breast, so she slid her bra strap down, pulled the cup down, and let her nipple enter the baby’s mouth like she sometimes did. Sally wasn’t hungry as Debi said, but she still liked to suckle while falling asleep. Cammy enjoyed the sensation and imagined she would someday like to nurse her own baby. She was so emotionally connected with the baby, and softly humming to her that she didn’t notice footsteps coming up the stairs.

Dan heard the sweet sound of motherly humming and walked very quietly up the stairs. He stopped outside the room and watched his baby get rocked to sleep in the dim shadows of the nursery. He spied as Cammy lay the baby down in the crib, then watched the dress fall over Cammy’s body after she put her head and arms through the güvenilir bahis siteleri top. That was too much. He left his briefcase and jacket in the hallway, slipped into the room and tiptoed across the carpet. Cammy felt caressing fingers on her hips as she leaned over the crib and tucked Sally under the blanket. As she slowly stood upright the fingers walked up her back and landed on her shoulders where they gently massaged.

“MMmmmm” she quietly murmured, barely above a whisper.

“Let me zip you up” she heard a quiet whisper in her ear. The sound of the zipper was louder. Then hands grasped around her belly from behind, caressing her through the sheer taffeta, and migrating to her breasts. She instinctively placed her hands over top of his, stopping the fingers just as they reached her bra band.

“Playing hard to get, tonight?” she heard the briefest whisper.

“I’m not Debi.” she whispered back.

“Of course you’re not.” he whispered back. “I haven’t seen my Mystery Woman in so long. You know this is my favorite dress.”

Mystery woman! That was what Debi called her, too. Cammy was getting the picture. Dan thought he was touching Debi. His hand, unable to reach a breast, slid down her belly, and towards her pelvis. But, it was a feint and when Cam moved her hand to protect her privates, he got a hand on her breast. Pulling her close, she could feel his rod against her buttock and his hand did feel good caressing her boob. He had a thumb inside the cup, squeezing her through the thin dress with his fingers. She relaxed and leaned her weight back into him. After all, she did try to tell him, and she did have a secret crush on Dan. She felt a quiver and the connection between breast and vagina carried a signal. She felt herself leak into her panties.

“We can’t be doing this.” she whispered, making a final attempt. It only seemed to propel him. His other hand quickly swooped under her skirt and slid across her vulva. “I knew you would be wet. I promise you, my Mystery Woman, after the party we’ll pick up where we left off.” He turned her around and his tongue pressed against her closed lips. Cammy shamelessly opened her mouth and left his tongue seek hers.

“Dan, where are you?” they both heard Debi’s voice from downstairs.

“I tried to tell you.” Cammy whispered, trying to rationalize their sultry moment. “You better go.”

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