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Used GirlfriendMy girlfriend was hot, worked out a lot, and had a hard muscular body.She and I used to watch porn together.So I had figured out that she liked interracial porn.Once we were out at a club, and I went to the restroom.When I came back, this big very muscular black guy was chatting her up.I could tell that she was getting horny, just from the way she was breathing and her eyes were dilating.When she saw me she kind of turned away from that guy and I whispered that she seemed kind of horny. She said “You know it”. And I said “for what?” She kind of got shy and grinned and I said “tell me!” I was getting pretty horny by then too. “Are you getting horny thinking about that guys hard black cock?” I could hear her breathing get faster and I grabbed her tit and squeezed it. “Yes” she whispered in a voice that dripped of sex!We liked to explore all our fantasies, and seeing her get absolutely USED by big black cock was definitely one that we had talked about for a long time! Still, I wasn’t quite ready for what an extreme slut she turned into, or how totally excited I was by the experience!We had talked about hooking her up with a black guy, but I had only ever shared her with a white friend of mine who was smaller than me. This black guy at the club was BIG. I reached down and started massaging her pussy through her skirt as I was whispering nasty stuff in her ear: “I’ll bet he’s got a monster cock”, and “Do you want to suck his big cock?”, etc. She started kinda shaking and whispered “Yeah, I want that, I want his nigger dick!””Go tell him” I said “Go tell him that you want his black cock and your boyfriend wants to watch”. I could tell that she was nervous, but we were both pretty buzzed from the alcohol. She was wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless tank top that really showed off her hard biceps and shoulders. I almost gasped and my cock got rock hard when she turned and slowly approached him.At first he bent down to hear her. Then he smiled. Not a friendly smile but a kind of mean smile, and leaned back. His demeanor totally changed and he started feeling her hard biceps as I türkçe bahis watched just a few feet away. He motioned toward another black man at the bar who was also watching, and I saw her nod her head up and down rapidly. Then he grabbed her forcefully by the arm and lead her over to me. “Your girlfriend wants to fuck me and my friend” he said to me with a sneer. “If you want to watch, lets go” He turned and dragged her behind him over to the bar where he said something to his friend. We all left the noisy club with this big and jet black man leading the way.We got to my car and he said “You drive, We’ll all sit in the back.”They all got in the back with her in the middle. I cranked the car up and drove quickly home while catching frequent glances in the rear view mirror. I could see her kissing each of them and their black hands all over her hard body. “You just drive” the big black man said. I could hear my hot girlfriend moaning quietly from what they were doing to her. I could see the big man grab her head by the hair and force her head down over his friend’s cock. I hurried home so that I wouldn’t miss any of this hot action!I’d never seen my girlfriend acting so sluty, and, to be honest, I can’t remember ever having a bigger hardon. I was so turned on, but I didn’t dare touch my cock or else I probably would have just blown my nut in my pants watching my hot girlfriend getting used by these two black men in the back of my car! When we got home, I parked and we all got out. My girlfriend was already looking kind of disheveled. HA, that was nothing compared to what I was about to witness.Once we got inside, the guys started ripping her clothes off roughly. My girlfriend walked over to me, kissed me with those lips that had so recently been wrapped around a black dick, and said “I want you to eat my pussy while I suck their cocks”. “Come on” she said “You don’t want to eat my pussy AFTER they fuck me, do you?” I just kissed her again deeper, and started pulling off my clothes. The two black guys were already stripped by then and stroking their big cocks. I laid down on the shag youwin giriş carpet and guided my girlfriend on her knees till she was straddling my face.That girl was always wet, but she was literally dripping pussy juice as she lowered her snatch down over my mouth. I reached up over her hard thighs and started caressing her firm abdominal muscles. The two guys strode over and their cocks were totally hard by now, and bobbing in my beautiful girlfriend’s face. The muscular guy must have been ten inches, and was very thick. His cock was supper veiny, and he started slapping my girlfriend’s pretty face with it! The other guy was about 9 inches, but thinner and his cock curved down at an angle. The thinner guy grabbed her head roughly by the hair and started fucking her throat really hard. No foreplay, just some raunchy face fucking! His balls were big and tight and banging against my lovely girlfriend’s face.She was gagging hard, and I reached up and held her tits mostly so that I could hold them out of my line of sight because I could see the huge nigger dick literally r****g her mouth. Those guys didn’t let up, and kept on fucking her throat till she was gagging and drool was dripping down her chin.I could taste the extreme wetness in her cunt and I knew she was close to cumming. I kept licking her pussy and clit – she’s got a pretty big clit – and soon she was gushing pussy juice into my mouth, moaning, and grinding by pussy against my mouth!She was shaking uncontrollably and getting slapped and mouth fucked by these two cocks! Then she slid down over my body and took my rock-hard cock into her pussy as she continued to suck those two cocks right above my eyes. I was so horny and feeling her biceps. The bigger guy came up behind her and put his cock up to her ass. We often had anal sex so she was pretty used to it. As he slid his cock in, I could feel it fill her ass up and feel it sliding in and the big black head sliding past my own head. I was so horny!!! My girlfriend took leaned down and kissed me with her slimy mouth that had just been roughly abused by youwin güvenilir mi those two cocks!My tongue was swirling around with hers as the big black man in her ass started to really start pumping. She moaned, almost a scream, as he bottomed out in her ass and I could feel his big black balls slapping against my own white balls. The thinner black keeled above my head and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her hair up. His big cock was just a foot or so above my eyes as he stated fucking her throat again. As he did so, some of her spit would drip down sometimes landing right on my face! So fucking nasty!!! But we were both so horny, we were way into it!It was all so hot! Feeling the big black dick in her ass, sliding against my own dick with just a thin membrane between us. I could feel his head sliding back and forth past my own. My girlfriend was gagging and the sight and feeling was just too much for me and I started cumming really hard in her pussy.Both guys ended up cumming inside her: the big guy in her ass, and the thin guy in her pussy. The thin guy came with an absolutely MASSIVE load! After that the guys left in a cab. My girlfriend was just oozing nigger cum! She was on the pill, so we never worried about pregnancy.After I let the two guys out and locked the door, I came back and she was still lying on the floor. I lay next to her and we started kissing. A real messy sloppy hot kiss!!! Then she said “I want you to eat my pussy”. We had done that many times after I had fucked her and I’d eat her pussy afterwards. I also liked kissing her after I had just shot a huge load in her mouth! Anyway, I was very reluctant, but she just kept talking about it and as he did, stroked my cock and I soon had a raging hardon! She pushed my head down with her strong arms. As I neared her used snatch, the smell was overpowering. So much stronger than from my cum! I was kind of grossed out, but no denying I was horny as hell. She kept telling me to “Suck that nigger cum out of my pussy!” and stuff like that. I was so hot and I started licking her clit. She grabbed my head and literally forced it down on her cunt! The black sperm was just oozing out and I was licking it up. Nasty, I know, but we were both so hot!!! After that we got into a 69 with her on top and I continued sucking that jizz from her holes while she sucked me off! A happy ending!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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