Valentines Day Treasure

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She noticed the trail of rose pedals right off as she shut her door and laid her purse and keys upon the hall table. She smiled as she waited a moment for a surprise pounce from her husband. He was always quite the trickster at valentines and the kids were at grandmas for the night so she expected he’d be at the door naked with a ribbon around his cock like last year. Or pounce her and pull her hair and drive himself crazy attacking her as he does on a frisky night.

She slowly followed the path of red and pink pedals around the corner to the dining area. Taking slow steps and eyeing every corner as she came into the dining area and saw the trail leading to the dining room table.

There sat a pale red vase with a long stem red rose adorned with babies breath around its towering thornless base. She smiled from ear to ear as she looked around the room. She leaned in and smelled of its aroma.

“Its beautiful.” She shouted as she took the rather large card that was attached to it. Opening the envelope and pulling the card out. She unfolded the card and read:

My Dear Valentine.
This little riddle and rhyme.
Will lead you to me in time.
So follow it by the letter.
And you will find your little treasure.
Find the definition of “Love.”
From a book just above.
The picture of us that is nutty.
On the shelf in the study.

“What?’ Was the first thing she thought as it sank in that the dictionary sat on the shelf above a picture of them when they were in college. A picture of when they were at a party with hats and straw skirts on. She took the rose from the vase and curled it into her chest. Laughing a little as she made her way to the study. She eyed every corner as she went from the main hall to the room where the dictionary was.

She peeped around the corner and looked for her husband to possibly be in his chair naked with a cigar hanging out of his mouth or something. But the room was empty so she went to the shelf and pulled the book to her and checked for any traps or hidden surprise’s to be connected to it. She opened it to the “L’s” and thumbed through it till she got to a page with a card in it and “yep” it was on the page that defined love.

She looked around again cautiously as she opened the card and read:

Would you be my Valentine…
Enjoy and take your time.
If you’ll read the books definition…
They describe my inner ambitions.
Now go to where there’s Ice cream…
There you’ll find a little dream.

Well that would be the freezer she thought with an estranged look on her face. She pulled the dictionary to her face and read the definition of love.

love: (verb) loved;
1 : to hold dear : CHERISH
2 a : to feel a lover’s passion, devotion, or tenderness for (1) : CARESS
(2) : to fondle amorously (3) : to copulate with
3 : to like or desire actively güvenilir bahis : take pleasure in
4 : to feel affection or experience desire

She smiled brightly as she absorbed the words. She held the card while she walked to the kitchen no longer worried nor thinking about a surprise attack. The kitchen was just across the hall as her feet carried her but her mind was soaking up the events. Her hand reached upwards as she neared the freezer. She took a deep breath as she opened the freezer door and through the cold misted fog she first saw a bottle of champagne and a card attached. She drew the bottle out and pulled the card up to read it:

I love you Valentine.
Now look deeper in the freezer.
For your little teaser.
Bring the bottle with you.
To wear you keep your shoe.
And don’t forget to look again in the freezer too.

She curled the bottle up in her arm with the rose and cards as she looked in the freezer and saw the little gift box that sat on a frozen dinner. She grinned with love when she saw The little ring box and drew it out and opened it.

There was a diamond ring with a dainty gold band. Sparkling bright as she closed the door and gazed at her gift. She pulled it from the box and slid it on her finger. “Perfect fit,” she thought as she stepped slowly towards the door way to the hall. She stopped at the cabinet and pulled two wine glasses out. She cupped her load and walked to the steps and ascended up the stairs.

When she got to the bedroom where she expected her husband to be. She saw he wasn’t there so she went to the closet where she kept her Shoe’s. Laying her rose and glasses on the vanity along with the bottle of champagne. Opened the closet door cautiously thinking perhaps he was going to come jumping out stark naked. But when the doors opened she saw a new red silk like lingerie hanging in the middle of the walk way.

“Nice taste you have Jack,” she said as she took it down and pulled a card from it and read:

My Valentine
The color of the heart is red.
Wear this and wait for me on the bed.
Hope you liked the little ring.
Now If you’ll wear this sexy thing.
It’s only a matter of time.
Before you see your Valentine.

She was stunned as she smiled and looked around to see if she could spot him lurking round close by. Making her way to the bathroom with her new red lingerie. She pulled her finger up and looked at the ring again. Peering around in the bathroom to see if perhaps he was in the shower or closet. Fairly certain that the coast was clear she shut the door and began to undress. Looking in the mirror at her self she whipped her body in a circle with the lingerie pressed to her chest she smiled.

“Woo Hoo,” she said as she saw herself wearing this with her husband ravishing her. The thought tickled her mind as she began to put it on.

The red türkçe bahis lingerie with garter and matching stockings met with her approval as she glanced in the mirror again and smiled. She pinched her nipples to perk them up as she said, “Wake up girls, daddy wants to play.”

She opened the bathroom door and came out as she heard the “pop” of the champagne bottle. She let out a surprised “squeal,” as it startled her only for a moment. She saw Jack standing there pouring the champagne into the two glasses.

He was only wearing his red bikini brief’s that I had gotten him a couple Valentines ago but they still looked good on his hardened muscled body. I daintily walked to him and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately. He pressed into me deeply as he held the two glasses and our lips separated

“Thank you honey it’s beautiful.” I said as I raised the ring up to let him see it resting around my finger.

“Your welcome baby.” He said. He handed me mine as he raised his glass to toast to me.

“Happy Valentine’s baby,” he said as the two glasses clinked. I smiled as I sipped mine and then sat it down and leaned into him and said.

“Thank you baby.” His smile was from ear to ear as I ran my hand slowly down his muscular chest. His eye’s lit up and his lips curled in the corners of his mouth with a grin.

My hand cupped his love muscle as I felt it stir and swell as my lips pressed into his. He closed his eyes as we kissed with burning desires. My hand found it’s way under his briefs as I pulled out his continuously growing cock. The stiffness was setting in as my fingers glided along it’s base and rubbed his heads crown. I kissed his neck and licked around to his throat as my hand gently tugged on his erection. I kissed his chest as I began to work my way down to his abb.’s. I twirled my tongue in his naval as I settled on my knee’s. Still stroking his cock with light glides. I pulled his briefs down as he mumbled some words and my mouth slowly enveloped his poised organ. I took him in my mouth as his hands instinctively came to rest on the back of my head as he pressed lightly and pushed forward with his hips. I began massaging his nut sack and twirling his balls around lightly while my mouth covered his long cock and then pulled out again and again. Repeating this over and over till he pressed my head hard into him as I felt his head swell and pulse with excitement. I knew he was about to explode so I took him deeply into my throat the best I could as his warm juices flowed in waves into my mouth. His body bucked as he began jerking from the sensitivity.

He pulled me up to him as droplets run down my chin from his mixture of love. As he swooped an arm under me and picked me up. I pulled an arm around his neck and let him carry me. He laid me upon the bed and laid himself upon me kissing me passionately as I felt güvenilir bahis siteleri for his cock again and pulled it till stiffness set in. His fingers trailed down my body as did his tongue. He sucked at my hard nipples and fingered my puss through the silk.

I pushed up into him as he found an opening and put his finger in my slit. Slowly he inserted his thick rough finger as my wetness began to become more and more by the moment. I pushed his head to the center of my being, and arched my back in readiness. I spread my legs as he pulled the red thong to the side. Then his finger’s begin gliding up my legs till they got to my warm hole again.

I was on fire with feverish needs and pulled him to me as I pressed my mouth to his and my hand found his stiff cock. I positioned it to my waiting pussy as we both pushed into each other. The feel over took me as I turned my head and bit my lower lip from the insertion. The force opened me up as I pulled at his ass cheeks to enter fully and I swayed my hips to help with insertion.

He began humping at me mildly at first but his strides increased every moment. I was pushing up to him as he pumped at me and nibbled at my neck. I buried my nails into his back as I began to receive him fully and my juices began to flow. He pumped wildly at my pussy with his fat swollen cock driving into me faster and harder till I felt the warm gushing wave flow inside me and he throbbed with his light moan. His grip loosened up on me as I felt his cock slip from me but the warmness was still there.

“Oh baby, Happy Valentines Day,” he said as he fell to his side of the bed.

“Yes dear, Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for my ring and flower.” I said as he smiled. I pulled my self to him and laid my head upon his chest as I felt his heart pounding. This was just the beginning of our night I thought as a smile crawled across my face.

“Oh Jack?” I said in an inquisitive way. “Want your Valentine’s day present now?” I saw a smile rise on his face as I leaned up and whispered in his ear.

“Happy Valentine’s day dear, I love you more each year.” I got up and went to my dresser drawer and opened it and came back to the bed with a little red gift sack and handed it to him with a girlish grin. “Here honey.” I handed him his gift and watched as he opened it and thumbed through it.

He pulled out the card first then the little box that contained his gift. He opened the box and brought out the watch that had our names and the date engraved on it. Then he opened the card and read:

Happy Valentines Day Dear,
Each time the second hand moves…
my love for you just grew…
Every minute that go’s flying by…
I will be there by your side…
So when you need to know the time…
look at the gift from your Valentine.

He leaned in and gave me a kiss with sultry eyes and wrinkled lips.

I remember every Valentine’s Day we have together, because they are all special in different ways. From cream filled bed’s to erotic getaways.

I enjoyed my little treasure hunt. But our true treasure was the “time,” we spent together.

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