Vee and Cody

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Vee’s heart was thudding in her against her ribcage, a solid assault against the delicate bones there. The rush had yet to wear off. Years stuck under being a useful member of society did nothing to lessen the adrenaline rush. “I nearly forgot how it felt to get my hands on one of these bad boys.” It had been so long since this feeling had filled Veronica’s blood, the thrill that came with this particular brand of mischief. She had missed the very essence of aliveness that filled her bones. Her body responded in an interesting and inconvenient way.

Nothing but long black road stretched in front of them, and they had long ago lost any pursuit in the maze streets of the stinking metropolis. Cody was sitting in all confidence against the decadent leather of the stolen car’s seats; his hands relaxed on the wheel, caressing it like a lover. His face was set in an assured smirk. He was driving the car hard, sending it along like a wicked shadow across the road that lead between the outskirts of the Hobble and the Canyon. Vee felt the acceleration from the floorboards up into her legs to pool in her center like some great beast vibrating with excitement. Her eyes closed with the thrill as she felt her body forced back into the plush leather seat. She laughed, low in her throat and it made Cody’s head swivel toward her. “You alright then?” He asked his voice breaking against her fuzzy thoughts.

“Never better,” she purred and pulled the tight leather jacket off of her shoulders and tossed it into the back seat. The black tank-top she wore strained against her curves as she bent her body in the chair in order to take the jacket off. Cody had to tear his eyes away and look at the road again. He didn’t know what to think of the husky voice or the sinuous form of his partner on a good day. Seeing her looking like this was unfair. She rolled down her window and warm desert air whipped into the car, carrying the smell of hot dust and Vee’s soap into his face. His head whipped around to look at her again and he saw in the bright light of the moon and the car’s controls every shape and curve of her bent against the seat of the car, her arms spread over her head and her feet curling off of the floorboards like a lover caught in a moment of pleasure. He felt his guts clenched, his gaze raking over her.

She had her eyes half lidded and was pressed against the seat her hands running over the leather and shining chrome of the interior. Her back was slightly arched and as if the wind had chilled her, her breasts strained and her nipples showed hardened under the thin fabric of her shirt. Cody gulped, trying to find some way to alleviate the tightening of his jeans. “So… When we got to the Canyon-?” He let the question hang and waited, his breath held.

He thought, with the mention of business, Vee’s rigid manner would snap back. Her next comment took him completely off guard. “I was told once, by a very prosperous car thief, that the only way you can tell a good car from a bad is on how willing you’d be to fuck in the back canlı bahis seat.” Cody’s eyes went wide and he looked at her shaking his head. She was looking at him out of green cat’s eyes, the corner of her mouth turned upright. He shuddered. “This is a very good car.”

“Vee…” He cleared the gravel from his throat and turned his head back to the road, determined not to let this little hallucination get the best of him. Surely Veronica was not coming on to him. He was frowning hard when her voice whispered over his skin.

“Yes?” Her breath was on his ear. He gulped.

“What’s wrong with you?” He felt her give a sharp sigh against his neck and he turned as she pulled away. His hopes of finding his taciturn partner sitting next to him were dashed instantly. She was still watching him with an expectant expression. She had an arm casually tossed across the back of her seat, her other hand was tangled in her hair. She looked good when she was relaxed. He didn’t buy it though. Her mouth was set in a predatory line and she was watching him with shadowed eyes.

“There isn’t anything wrong with me…” She leaned in again and Cody was stuck exactly where he sat. Her hand was petting the interior again, over the displays as her mouth found the sensitive spot just below his ear.

“Like I believe that.” He was having a hard time concentrating on the road as her hand found the stick shift. Oh God… He groaned inwardly as he watched her fingers fondling the gear shift suggestively. He accelerated and knocked her hand away so he could shift.

“You can’t tell me that this car doesn’t turn you on.” She laughed and ran her teeth over his neck, her hand undeterred. She simply sent her fingers running over the back of his hand.

“It’s not the car.” He hissed out as the hand he had lost track of trailed over his thigh. Her fingers swept up and down the seam of his jeans until he shuddered. He heard her give a satisfied laugh. On and on it went, until her stroking hand found him, sitting hard and trapped in his jeans. He jerked in his seat and the car swerved a little. “Bitch… We’re going to crash!”

“Oh, I trust you’re sufficiently practiced in this Cody.” She said her lips pulling away from his skin. She flicked her tongue out to catch his earlobe her hand rubbing over the every growing bulge in his pants. Cody clenched his hands on the wheel, fighting between the absolute want that was coiling in him and the fear that Vee would kill him in the morning.

“Are you really getting all wet over a car?” He asked his breath hitching, making his speech falter. She laughed again, low and sultry and he took that as a yes. Her fingers were making short work of his belt and the fastenings of his jeans. “What are you doing?” He asked. It wasn’t really a necessary question as her fingers traced over his throbbing erection. “Jesus, woman.” He jerked away and tapped the breaks.

“Drive.” She ordered her fingers tracing the shape of him through his boxers. He cleared his throat and tried to focus on the road. bahis siteleri It was a miracle he hadn’t driven them into a ditch. She ran a hand up and down his shaft a couple more times before she pulled the fabric of his boxers down as far as she could and bared him, hot and aching to the air. “Well at least something about you is honest.” She muttered and bent over him, her fingers already deftly stroking up and down, eliciting small sounds. He was going around a curve in the road when her soft, wet, mouth curled around the head of him. He nearly drove them into a dune and cursed, slamming on the breaks, causing them to spin in a circle and stop dead in the middle of the barren landscape. She did not stop from her work more than a second to pull the lever and push his seat all the way back, making room for her to work. Her hands worked over him, her thumb rubbing throbbing circles around the head of him as her other slid over his shaft.

Her mouth found him aching and hard. He cried out as she sucked the tip of him and then began making wet tracks up and down with her tongue. His fingers tangled into her hair but she batted them away and he grunted in frustration. “I’ll have to find some way to keep my hands busy.” He managed before her felt her take his cock into her throat. He struggled to get her pants opened with one hand. “Holy fuck…” He finally succeeded and groaned. “Oi oi, let up.” He mumbled and Vee sat up, wiping spittle from her chin. She was amazingly attractive, all tussled and aroused. Cody slipped his hand over the front of her, just to see her body shutter and her nipples strain against her shirt some more. It only took seconds for her to start pressing against his hand, while she knelt on her own seat, her back bent, hands braced on the dash and the back of her own seat.

He slipped his hand inside the jeans, feeling the soft cotton of her panties. He fondled the hot space between her legs, finding a wet spot forming there. “You like the car that much, huh?” She moaned and looked at him with heavy eyes and he pulled her over the centre console and splayed her legs on either side of his lap. He pushed the jeans off of her hips and it took a lot of maneuvering and a loud blaring of the horn before her pale thighs were bared. He rubbed over her panties some more, grunting as her hands found his cock again. He pushed the fabric aside and ran a finger over the slick crease. She shuddered; he could feel it against the line of his body. He pressed deeper, his fingers delving between the folds to press against her, dragging over the sensitive flesh once or twice before finding her clit and rubbing it. She jerked against his hand.

“Ah… Ready?” He groaned. “Please say you’re ready.” She nodded and took him in her hand, guiding him into her flesh. She was so tight despite being wet and he had to fight for the precious inches. She made noises above him half in delight and half in protest. He took her hips in his hand, the mounds of flesh fitting perfectly in his palms, and pulled her down toward him. bahis şirketleri They met with much panting and wild eyes. “So fucking tight.” He moaned and nudged his hips up, causing her to make a small noise in protest. He did it again and then hissed as she ground her hips against him. “Bitch.” He muttered.

“Watch your mouth, fucking bastard.” She muttered and started moving her hips against him. Cody dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her to him hard, eliciting a violent noise. It took moments for her to pick up the harsh rhythm and soon she was moving on her own, a hand on the roof and the other on the seat behind him. His hands pushed her tank up over her chest, and he ran his thumbs over the tight mounds, grinning as she made a noise in response. Her breasts were small, fitting perfectly in his hands, and apparently sensitive. Her bra was utilitarian, black silk. No lace or frills. It suited her but at the moment his wanted it off. It took some maneuvering but he managed to pull the garment away from her body. She was bared to him, the dash lights making her look ethereal. He ran his hands over her stomach and up until he cupped her breasts, the nipples pricking against his palms.

He felt her movement change and squeezed one of her breasts while he found the other nipple with his mouth. “Cody…” She grunted, her hands threading into his hair. He grinned and took the nipple between his teeth and tugged. She shuddered and lost her rhythm. “D-don’t do that!” He laughed and pulled her against him.

“Work with me. We’re turning.” He helped her flip around so that she was pressed into the seat, her legs splayed around him as he pounded into her, his mouth possessing hers severely. He felt her jerk and then respond in kind, her tongue fighting his as he continued to pound into her with force. He bit her lip and pulled her head back by her hair, baring her throat. She whimpered and he felt her body tighten around him. “Oh, we like that do we?” He asked, running his teeth over her skin before rolling his tongue over her pulse. “I can feel you sucking me in. So eager to get fucked.” He yanked on her hair again and her hands clenched around his biceps. “You’re losing it though… Want to come, Vee?”

“Stop it.” She snapped, though the effect was lessened by the expression on her face. She shuddered and let out a strangled noise. Her teeth bit into her lower lip, trying to shut herself up. “Cody I’m so close,” she panted. He chuckled and pushed into her, grinding his hips against her. He could feel her tightening around him and his body shuddered.

“Oh God, Vee,” he moaned. “If you do that I won’t last…”He pulled back and then slammed into her and she cried out for more. He kept pounding into her until she screamed pressing back into the seat and squeezing down on him hard. He shuddered and climaxed, his hips jerking into her. They sat like that for a while, their bodies shaking against each other. “If this is going to become a habit, remind me to pack an extra set of clothes.”

“Don’t count on it.” Cody frowned and looked down at Vee. Her expression was lazy and unguarded a small glint of humor shining behind her eyes.

“So… Do you think the boss will notice?”


“Yeah, I thought so.”

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