Verbal Foreplay

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Jill and I had fucked a few times, but they’d been one night stands and pretty routine. This particular evening I’d had Jill round to my place and cooked a pretty fair dinner, and I was beginning the let’s-go-to-bed gambit.

Jill seemed to come to a sudden decision. “Fucking’s pretty nice,” she said, “but we’ve always been so eager we haven’t really gone in for any foreplay.”

“O.K.,” I said. “Got anything special in mind?”

“That’s part of the problem. We don’t really know what we want. We don’t really know each other. Do you know what I like best?”

“Fucking?” I suggested facetiously.

“There you are again. There are all sorts of lovely intimate things we can do to each other, and we haven’t tried them and we haven’t even talked about them. I’ll bet you’re even too shy to tell me whether you masturbate yourself.”

I was shattered. This was a new Jill. And I wasn’t sure I was ready to open up and admit to things like that.

“Well, do you?”

“I guess so, ” I admitted. “Sometimes.”

“Well that’s a start,” Jill said. “Let’s play a game. Come and sit in the armchair opposite me. Now, we’re going to tell each other our secret desires and fantasies.” I was all out for hearing Jill’s fantasies, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to bare my own soul. “O.K. you start,” I said.

“This is an every day one. I love to see a man looking at my boobs under my sweater. I know he’s wondering what they’re like, and imagining he can get at them. That’s why I always wear a tight sweater or a close fitting dress. Sometimes I go without a bra so my nipples show better. While I’m in the bus I have a little fantasy that he’s feeling me up, and feeling my nipples through my clothes. Your turn.”

“I guess I’d like to be that guy. I’d like to have X-ray glasses, and have all the tits in the bus naked so I can compare them.” I was surprising myself, how much I was going to spill. “I’d like to be able to have fifty broads all together in one room, specially chosen so they all had different kinds of tits.”

“What kinds?”

“Well, big round ones that bounce and jiggle, big firm ones that stand right out and don’t need a brassiere, little ones like little apples, medium ones that stand out hard and pointed. Then there’s the kind that tilt up at the tips. And some nearly white, and some sunburned, and some brown and some black. And there are all sorts of nipples. Pink ones, and red ones and brown ones. Little pimples, hard nuts, great big ones like raspberries. And the aureola, great wide ones spreading all over the top of the tit, little ones, swollen ones that stand out from the tit like a sort of cone. Smooth ones, pimply ones, wrinkled ones. Nipples that swell when I suck them, nipples that get hard when I squeeze the tit. There must be dozens of different combinations.”

“Would they be dressed, or wearing bras, or naked?”

“Oh, I’d want to see them. The tits would have to be naked, but only stripped to the waist. That way I wouldn’t be distracted by anything else. And naked to the waist is sort of exciting. How would you rather be?”

Jill had no doubt at all. “Stripped right off. Stark naked. Showing everything I have. I love the feeling of being naked, even when I’m by myself, it’s so lascivious. But I’d rather have a man looking at me, licking his lips, thinking disgusting dirty thoughts.”

“Just any man?”

“I’m sorry, darling. Not in practice, but in my fantasies it’s someone I’ve never seen before, and I want him to undress me—no, strip me. I’d love to be strip searched at a frontier post, with all the Customs men watching. They’d tell me they had to search me for drugs, inspecting me in every orifice. Wouldn’t you like to be the Customs Officer?

He’d tell me to strip, and I’d refuse, and then one man would hold me while another stripped me. He’d probably unzip my pants first, and pull them down my legs to my feet. You know my panties are pretty brief, and he wouldn’t be able to resist staring at my crotch. I’d deliberately keep my legs closed so nothing showed. Then he’d put his hands on the waistband of my panties (although they don’t come up anywhere near my waist, and my navel would stare him in the eyes and a lot of my belly would be showing). He’d peel my panties slowly down—slowly because he’s still trying to pretend that this is an official search and he’s not doing it out of prurience, and also because he’s doing this partly for the others to watch. But when my panties come down below the top of my bush I can see his eyes staring at where my cunt is, and he begins to hurry. He puts his hands behind me and spreads them over the cheeks of my ass and grabs them, and pulls the back of my panties down as far as he can. But I’m keeping my thighs pressed tight together, so he has to really pull hard to get my panties down over my thighs.

“But he still can’t see my cunt. My bush is covering where my clit is, and I’m keeping my cunt lips closed by squeezing my thighs together. So he’d tell me to open my legs, and I wouldn’t, so two of them would grab my legs casino oyna and force them open. And by this time I’m so horny my cunt lips would be open and I’m longing for them to start searching me. But quite obviously they’re looking for more than drugs. They want to see the rest of me, even though all my orifices are exposed. So the Customs man unbuttons my blouse and pulls it off, and they all make remarks about the size of my tits and tell him to get my bra off quickly. He tries to undo it, but you know how tricky those bra fastenings are, so he just grabs one side of my bra and puts his other hand under my tit and forces it out. And then he gets my other tit out, and I’m standing there with my thighs open and my cunt showing and my tits swelling out over the top of my bra.

“Then he starts the search. Inside every orifice. He puts his fingers up inside my cunt and pretends to feel around for drugs, and he diddles my clit with his thumb while he does it. And then all the other men would have to take a turn. And one would have his fingers up my cunt and one would be up my anus, and one would have his tongue inside my mouth, and one would have his mouth fastened on my nipple.”

I was getting pretty well warmed up to this game. Being a Customs Officer seemed like a great idea. But this mass invasion of privacy brought to mind one of my own fantasies. “I guess every man dreams of having two or three girls at once. But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be taken by some female sex cult or a gang of nymphomaniacs. They’d strip me balls naked and tie me down on the floor. And they’d all have ideas of what they wanted to do to me to get their rocks off. They’d strip themselves, of course, till I was surrounded by naked babes all horny as hell and masturbating themselves. By this time I’d have an erection like a telephone pole. I wouldn’t know whether to look at tits or cunts. And then they’d take turns standing over me with their legs apart and pulling their cunt lips open and making me look right up inside their bodies.”

“Is that all?” Jill was lolling back in her armchair with her legs apart. She had been wearing jeans ,but by this time they were on the floor at her feet. I’d seen her naked often enough, but this sight of naked thighs stretched out from the armchair was something new. She rubbed her hand down her belly and pressed it just above her crotch. “Is that all they do?”

“You’ve no idea what that does to the gonads,” I said. “I’d be ready to cum at any time. But while they’re doing that, the other girls are doing their thing. You’d think they hadn’t seen a prick since Christmas. They’re feeling it, squeezing it, masturbating it, licking it, sucking it, playing with my balls, taking my whole ball bag into their mouths. And then one kneels astride my head, and sits down with her open vulva pressed down on my mouth. I can smell her perfume mixed with her cunt smell, and I can taste the cunt juice that’s soaking her cunt lips. She’s determined to get off on my face. She presses her open cunt onto my mouth and squirms her ass around till my mouth’s right up inside her. When I push out my tongue I can stick it right up between her inner lips and explore around inside her vagina. I’m really tongue fucking her, and I can feel her cunt muscles squeezing my tongue, and it seems like she’s going to cum at any moment.”

“What about you? Aren’t you going to cum?”

“Oh my god yes! I’ve never had an ass squirming about on my face before. But then another pair of thighs squats over me, and I can feel my cock taken inside a hot wet cunt. Another ass is lowering itself onto me, and my rod goes right up inside while she sits on me. And then she’s fucking me. That’s another new experience. She jerks herself off on my prick, at her own time, for her own pleasure. And then I can’t hold back any longer, and I’m cumming, and as I ejaculate she squats down hard on me so I’m cumming as far inside her as she can get me. And the one on my face is screaming, and she’s cumming while she jerks off on my face.” I found I had my zip undone, and my hand was inside my fly jerking myself as I talked. It had seemed so real. Jill was playing around inside her panties.

“That sounds fun,” she said. “I’d like to have been one of those girls. But funny you should talk about being tied down. The thought of bondage always excites me. Let’s try it one night. I’d have to be naked, of course. All my fantasies have me naked. With men staring at me, every part of me. The whole idea of keeping some parts private is so that it’s more exciting when someone looks at them.”

“If I tie you up, you want other men to watch, too?”

“Oo, yes please,” Jill said. And as I watched, she pulled the crotch of her panties aside so that I could see her cunt wide open and glistening. If she was going to be an exhibitionist, so was I, so I pulled my prick out from my fly and let her see it standing up stiff and straight. I wanted to play with it, to masturbate it, but I didn’t want to cum. I wanted to prolong this fantasy session.

“I slot oyna want to be in a dungeon,” Jill said, playing with tumescent cunt lips. “Lash me to hooks on the wall, with my arms up over my head and my legs apart—make an X of me.”

“So far it’s always been other men. You want me in this one?”

“Yes please. I want all sorts of other men there watching, but I want you in charge. I want you to put ropes all round me. Round my waist and down the crack between my cheeks, and under my crotch so the rope separates my lips. Like a sort of chastity belt—you couldn’t fuck me with the rope there, could you? And up to my neck so that I can’t raise my head without the rope rubbing my clit. And tie up my titties so they’re held up and squeezed and the nipples are forced out so everyone can see them protruding.”

I was surprised. “You don’t want me to get into your cunt?”

“Not yet, darling. It’s being so impotent and in your power that’s so exciting. Now, what would you like to do to my nipples? You know you can always make me cum just playing with them. I wonder if there are many girls like that? Work on them, then let the other men work on them, until I’m nearly cumming. I shall be screaming, and moving my head about, and every time I move my head the rope between my cunt lips will be rubbing my clit. Run your fingers round and round my aureoles like you do. Pinch my breasts round the aureoles and make them swell. Then lick my nipples. Just lick them to excite them, don’t suck them yet. When they’re big and hard, take them into your mouth and suck them as hard as you can. Nibble them with your teeth and rub them with your tongue, and suck suck suck until I cum. Oh god, I’m cumming now. Watch me. I’m playing with my clit, but I hardly need to, I’m so excited by what I’m saying. Does it excite you, darling. Cum with me. Cum with me. Oh god!”

I wanted to cum with her, but once I came I knew it wouldn’t be as exciting any more. Jill was lucky, she could cum as often as she liked. Her legs were wide apart, and opening and closing as she mashed her clit, and she could go on and on having orgasms and get more excited every time.

At last she took her hand away, and looked at me and laughed. “That was a good cumming. But I’m not nearly finished. Take me down, and leave me all bound up with the ropes round my body. Get the other men to help you, and turn me upside down and lash me up again head downward, with my legs apart again and my cunt upwards. If you stand close you can look down at it, or anyway where the rope splits it in two. Pull my cunt lips apart so the rope cuts right in, and feel my ass cheeks how they’re split apart, it’s so tight in the crack. I feel as if I’m really being tortured. But when you wet your fingers and play with my cunt lips, that’s not torture, it’s heaven. If you put your hand under the rope you can feel the slit where my clit is. The rope’s been rubbing it, but I want you rubbing it instead. Make me cum again, this time give me a clit cumming. It’s lovely! I can feel your fingers pulling up the hood so she pops out, and you can rub her till I can hardly bear it. I scream at you to stop, but I’m in your power and you don’t stop. You just let the other men have a go, and I’m being masturbated by all sorts of men while I’m tied up and I can’t resist.”

“You wouldn’t want to resist,” I said. “You’re a pervert.”

“I know, Isn’t it lovely? Aren’t you lucky having a pervert for a lover? But don’t interrupt me. I’m nearly cumming. I’m having a lovely time in the power of all those men. Now get a nice sharp knife and cut the rope that goes down to my neck. The rope’s cut so deep betweem my cunt lips you’ll have to pull it out. And then pull it out of my crack and let it fall. Now you can look right down into my vagina. You’ve never looked at it like this before. My legs are so wide apart, my vulva must be stretched wide open. You’ve already pulled out my cunt lips, so I’ll bet you can look right inside. Let the other men have a look. I want them all looking at me stretched wide open for them. I want to imagine them all with their cocks in their hands, masturbating like crazy. Has anyone cum yet?”

“How should I know? This is your fantasy. But I’m just about cumming myself. I daren’t touch myself or I’ll explode.”

“That would be lovely,” Jill said. “Explode and ejaculate right into my mouth. I love that word ejaculate. It’s such a dirty word. Like masturbate, and cum. And fuck. Let them all ejaculate and spurt their cum over me, and while they do it I’ll be able to look up at their balls. Oh god, I’m going to cum again. I’ve got to get out of these panties. Help me haul them off. Grab them and pull them down.”

Happy enough to oblige, I leaned forward and grabbed the flimsy things she was struggling with and hauled on them. I must have been too rough. They split from waist to crotch, and I had the rag in my hand while Jill frantically grabbed again at her cunt.

“Watch me!” she screamed. “Look at me! Watch me cum. When you’re fucking me you don’t see how canlı casino siteleri I cum. I want you to see what you’re doing to me.”

I watched, but it was too much for me. I had to grab my prick in my hand, and instantly the jism was spurting out of my knob. I couldn’t waste it. I had to get up and stand over Jill’s reclining body and aim the stream down onto her cunt. I was glad she’d taken off her panties, because my aim wasn’t too good and her belly from her navel down to her crotch was soaked in semen.

As I jerked off the last few drops, Jill was coming down. “I made you cum too! I’m so glad. We’ve never watched each other masturbate like that before. I’ve never watched anyone masturbate before. But I haven’t finished yet, I’ve still got some more cummings to come.”

She might have, but I doubted if I had. It would be interesting to see how long it would take me to get a hard again. I didn’t feel as if I’d ever get an erection again, I’d been on the point of cumming for so long.

“Sit down,” Jill said. “I’m going to get you worked up again. You like whipped cream, so you’re going to have the nicest sundae you’ve ever had. Get rid of all those men, and sponge off all that lovely cum they squirted over me. I love to feel you sponging my cunt. I love to feel you doing anything intimate to me while I’m tied up. Look down into my hole. How far inside can you see? Put your fingers inside me and pull my cunt open. I’d love to feel you pushing a dildo into me. If you put it just inside, I’ll bet it would slide down by itself, or else I could suck it in with my muscles.”

“But what was all that about whipped cream?” I asked. The thought of probing inside that wide-stretched cunt was already doing things to me.

“I want you to spray my cunt with whipped cream,” Jill said, fingers busy again between her legs. “Spray right down inside my vagina. It feels like when you cum inside me, only it’s cold. Fill my cunt with cream, and then spray my clit, and fill my navel, and cover my nipples. You know what to do now. Start with my nipples, and lick them clean. Suck them clean. Then my navel. Then my clit. Lick every last bit of cream and suck it all out of where my clit is, and suck my clit dry. It must be wet with more than just cream, so suck off all the cunt juice that’s been running down from my cunt. Now drink from my open cunt. Suck my labia, put your tongue right down inside my cunt and lap all the cream you can get at. How long’s your tongue? How far inside my cunt can your tongue get? You’re fucking me with your tongue! It’s not so rough as when your prick’s fucking me, but it’s more exciting in an intimate sort of way. Oh god, I can imagine it! I can feel your tongue, and I’m going to cum again any moment! But there’s more cream right down inside my vagina. Put your open mouth right over my vulva and suck like a vacuum cleaner. Suck everything out of my vagina, suck the cream and suck the cunt juice. I must have been pouring it out all this time. Suck me dry, darling, and while your mouth is glued to my cunt I’ll cum right into your mouth. This must be the most glorious cumming I can think of. I can’t think of anything as wonderfully intimate as having your mouth inside my cunt, and cumming right into your mouth.”

And Jill was cumming again as she spoke, jerking her legs frantically and mashing her whole twat, and finally screaming my name. The whipped cream had been doing wonders for my erection. It was already almost fully grown, and I was all set to continue the game. “I guess it’s my turn again now,?” I said.

“Sure is.”

“Trouble is, some of your fantasies would have been mine if I’d thought about them. I guess mine have got sort of mixed up with yours, too. I think I’d like a gentle one this time. There’s something so sexy about girls’ underclothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have you stark bloody naked, but undies are meant to excite men with the promise of nakedness to come, they’re not meant to cover girls’ chastity. I could never believe that a girl who wore sexy underwear didn’t want to get laid.”

“So it’s philosophy now, is it?” Jill pulled up her sweater to her neck, and revealed delectable boobs encased in pale pink lace. “What do you think this bra’s for? I only hope your philosophy makes me cum again soon. I’m just about ready for some real hot meat.”

“I feel like you, I want to be naked. But it’s difficult walking round with a drooping prick and dangling balls. Or even with a great hard pole sticking out in front. Besides, just like you wanted a rope splitting your ass in two, there’s something sexy about wearing a jock strap. It fits so tight between the cheeks of the ass, and it covers the barest minimum, and it really shows off the gonads to advantage. I’d like to have a contest. I’d like to go about my daily routine in the house just dressed in a jock strap. And I’d like to have a girl in the house trying to distract me and make me cum without actually touching me. And maybe she might make herself cum first, who knows? Just like I wanted a selection of tits, I’d like a selection of clothes, to see which were more sexy. A slinky sheath dress with a terrific cleavage, for instance. Tight, so every detail of her tits shows. Transparent, so I can see her legs all the way up to her crotch.

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