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My name is Veronica. I am a nymphomaniac. I am actually quite shy and find myself blushing even as I write this (while also beginning to lubricate with arousal). Five years ago, my husband at the time – Joel – died and left me his estate consisting of our very own tropical island in the south seas, a large portfolio of stocks and bonds, three sons which I bore him, and instructions to make sure that my needs did not go unsatisfied.

What a life! Easy for you to say. The truth was that Joel had satisfied me like no other. I have always taken pride in my body. I am 5’4″, 110 lbs, B cup with 1″ nipples on quite small areoles. I work out daily (more on that later) and have long, strong, but not muscle bound legs and arms. My bottom is not large, but it is firm and well rounded and for some reason has always been particularly responsive to human touch. I am a dark haired brunette and have alabaster white skin and burn easily so I prefer to stay indoors. I have found that due to my desires and sensitivity to touch, I prefer to be clean-shaven – “bald” – in my intimate areas. I am by nature actually easily embarrassed, so that while my needs are many, I sometimes find it a challenge to fulfill them.

I’ll start by telling you how I met Joel. I was in college at the time, on the gymnastics team. I loved to compete, especially on the balance beam where my strength and flexibility were put to good use. Prior to meeting Joel, I had attempted to satisfy my needs in a variety of ways. I had managed to strike up a conversation with a member of our football squad. Fortunately, he took the initiative and after taking me to his dorm room, took full advantage of my neediness and was able to partially satisfy me. He and his teammates made sure to take me on a daily basis but as they were after all college boys with fairly conventional notions of sexuality. Unfortunately, while they sometimes lasted for up to 1/2 hour, almost none really had what I craved. As I recall, the largest one measured just over 9″ in length. That wasn’t bad, but I found that though my opening is not large, (in fact I’ve been told it is exceptionally tight) after lubricating and swelling, my need for the male member never quite seemed to be met. In fact, I found myself purchasing a number of rather large black “marital aids” measuring 10″ in canlı bahis length. These helped, and I especially enjoyed “jumbo” after my morning workout.

I can still remember practicing on the bars, lifting weights, practicing my splits, all while in leotards, and then, while still sweating profusely I would follow the following routine after returning to my bed in a state of arousal. Disrobe, stroke nipples until fully engorged at 1″, finger fully shaved and sweat slicked clitoris to commence lubrication, apply nipple clamps to first right and then left nipple, feel first pain and then arousal begin to flow from nipples to clitoris and anus, insert 10″ long 2″ diameter “jumbo” into well lubricated vagina, smear vaginal juices into anus, work in first one then two fingers into sphincter with left hand (I am very flexible), then fully insert “jumbo” while flowing profusely.

I first met Joel while completing my morning exercises during my junior year. At the time, Joel had just transferred in and was competing on the wrestling squad. As I passed by the weight room in my leotards, I not only noticed his strong, sculpted muscular body, but the “package” he looked to be carrying underneath his tight fitting sweats. I made a snap decision. Instead of returning to my dorm room as per my usual routine, I boldly sauntered over to Joel’s station. I’m afraid my nipples had begun to engorge, and with a tremor in my voice, I somehow asked him if he would like some assistance. I remember squeezing my legs together tightly as my juices began to flow, wetting the intimate area of my tights. At the time, Joel was using the machine, which exercises the groin area by requiring the user to push out on the pads attached to weights. I’m a pretty strong girl and Joel thanked me and asked if I could squeeze the pads for him while he pushed out. Trembling and red faced, I attempted to do so. Joel, with 200 lbs of weight to push on top of my squeezing managed to spread his legs and my thighs. As I am very flexible, I did not give up easily, but managed to maintain a complete split while pushing against Joel’s knees. I felt increasing pressure and some pain through my thighs and buttocks but allowed Joel to continue to split me until I was past the point of resistance. In fact, I recall that I began to whimper “harder” first bahis siteleri softly, and then a little louder. I think Joel noticed my nipples begin to protrude and stiffen even more and I noticed that his “package” begin to swell as well. I felt my juices ooze down my crack and my body begin to shudder. I was in a trance. All I could do was lean over and squeak in a small, tense voice, “take me please”. Joel, the man that he was, lifted me up and directed me to his room.

As I mentioned, I am a shy girl and find it difficult sometimes to really tell people what I need. I noticed though that while Joel was large – 6’4′ 240 lbs – all of it muscle, he possessed a very sweet disposition that made me feel right at home. I decided that if I were to get my needs met I would have to provide some encouragement and instruction.

“Joel, I’m going to be very frank with you. You are extremely arousing to me. But I have to tell you, my drive for fulfillment is very very powerful. If we are to be together, I am going to demand everything that you have to offer and then some. The harder, longer and rougher, the better. If you can satisfy me, I think you’ll find me to your liking.

I had been peeling off Joel’s wrestling sweats while talking and observed a strong, but not muscle bound body and most importantly, a large (I guessed 11″) endowment which had begun to harden to its full length. Joel was also clean-shaven.

Without saying a word, Joel picked me up like a rag doll, and began peeling off my tights. Later, we would engage in oral play. For now, Joel began by splaying my now nude body into an awkward, jutting position so that while on my knees, I was instructed to reached back and grab my ankles, presenting my pelvis and bosom for his inspection. As I said, I am a B cup so my breasts are not particularly large. And while they do not droop, they are soft and pliable and when aroused, the nipples elongate to a good 1″. Joel began be gently fingering the nipples. Pulling them gently while I squirmed and began to spasm. As he increased the pressure, pulling harder and twisting with both sets of fingers, I began to moisten in earnest and felt my bald lips begin to swell. The nipples themselves were now pulled out so that a hard keen pain was now enveloping me. Joel then began to slowly twist my nipples bahis şirketleri while holding them taught. This lasted for about a minute while I felt my vaginal juices oozing down out and around to my rear area. Joel deftly took my right nipple in his lips, maintaining the pressure, and used his free hand to attack my clitoris. I was by now laying directly back with my buttocks on my heels, which I still held onto with my hands. Joel, whose fingers are of the large, beefy variety, then began probing my now drenched front opening, inserting at first one, then two of his meaty digits.

“Please, take me” I said in a trembling voice.

It was then that I felt what I felt to be a cucumber like steely piece of flesh probe my now slicked, engorged folds. I rose to meet his invasion, feeling my self stretch to accommodate his girth. Joel did not insert himself fully at first. Instead, he began by inserting one, then two, then four inches of his tool into my tight but by now highly elastic and well-lubricated canal. I was beginning to feel stretched.

“More please” I said in a tense voice and tried to hump back against him.

Joel took mercy on me and slid another four inches up me so that about two thirds of his log was now sawing in and out of me. “AHHHH”

“Keep twisting a little more please” I heard myself say.

The pain from my engorged nipples was now excruciatingly intense as Joel both pulled and twisted on both nipples as hard as he could. I felt my heels manage to extricate themselves from our combine weight and begin to encourage Joe’s large, muscular behind to pump me still harder.

“Harder please” I squeaked “and keep twisting, UNGGGH, UNGGGH, oh GOD YESSSS” I was now being truly plowed feeling the head of Joel’s manhood begin to bang my cervix in earnest as I shuddered again. His bare pelvis was now grinding against my puffy, moist folds, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. I had begun to lose count of my orgasms but after I think about fifteen minutes of nonstop twisting, plunging, and pulling from the ankles I had locked behind his buttocks, I felt a spasming of Joel’s manhood, which lasted for about a minute.

Joel remained mostly hard inside me and I still had plans for him that morning but before we proceeded, I turned to him.

“Joel” I said, “I’d like to do this everyday after our morning workout if it’s OK with you”. Joel grunted his assent. “Oh and Joel, I noticed some of the other wrestlers while I was assisting you. Tell them I’d like it if they could join us sometime.”

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