Vesuvius Bubbling

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This is the third account in my Vesuvius series. The third account of my affair with my lovely son. For lovers of the genre, this stands alone as a story, but to get the most from Vesuvius you should read the previous accounts.



I had never cum like this before. I had never experienced a climax like this before. I had never felt like this before. But then I had never fucked my mum before.

I was lying on top of her, both of us were naked, her gorgeous, full breasts on which I had suckled as a babe and which I had ogled as an adolescent, were squashed under my chest. Her legs were open and I was between them. My arms were round her, her knees were drawn up, her legs were wrapped round me and her ankles were on my bum. My achingly hard, hot cock was buried deep in her. I had just fucked her and I had cum inside her. Yes I had fucked my mum and I had cum in her cunt. More though, I had just made deep, significant and meaningful love to the woman I most loved in this world, my mother.

My name is Peter, I am eighteen, I have finished school, I am about to go to university and I am in love, both emotionally and sexually with my mother.


My orgasm had started the moment his gorgeous cock had touched the lips of my pussy. It had increased as it had slid up me, it had become more intense when he thrust a couple of times and then, when he surged up and down inside me, it erupted, just like nearby Vesuvius. And just as my climax erupted like a volcano, so his cock exploded sending stream after stream of hot spunk deep into me. What my body had created was being returned.

I immediately climaxed completely, hugged him tightly, squeezed my internal muscles hard and began to cry.

My name is Cat, I am forty three, I’m divorced and I have just been fucked by my eighteen year old son.


I could feel your body shaking in my arms. I had fucked you and made you cum, I felt so proud and so in love with you. It was so different to the other sex I’d had. Not that I’d had much so I wasn’t that experienced a judge, but what had just happened to me so was just totally amazing. I couldn’t believe men had these feelings regularly; surely this was something extraordinary or, was it because we were committing incest?

We just lay there hugging each other. That was so different to with the few kids I’d shagged. Then, once I’d cum, all I wanted was to get away. Now I wanted to stay just where I was, in your arms and buried deep inside you. And that made me realise something else that was different with having sex with you. I was still almost fully erect.

I heard you sobbing. I lifted my head up and looked at your face. The dark in the old villa in the hills behind Sorrento hid most of your features but the dim light from the landing let me see you turn away from my gaze.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s ok,” you whispered still avoiding my gaze.

“Mum er Cat, there is something?” I held your chin between my thumb and forefingers and turned your face so I could see you. Tears were streaming down your face. I didn’t know what to do, what to say or how I could help. What had I done, I wondered?


“Peter leave it,” I said softly.

“But you’re crying, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, well nothing other than us having sex, but we’ve discussed that.”

“Yes but why cry?”

“Because of, oh everything darling, just everything.”

I felt such a mass of emotions. I couldn’t handle them, I lost it. My emotions overcame me and cried. I was happy yet I was sad. I was proud, yet full of guilt. I loved you, but hated myself. The present was awesome, but I worried about the future. I was concerned at the intensity of my feelings for you, both sexually, which were now immense, but also in all other ways. I smiled grimly through the tears and sobs, ‘its bad enough being in love with eighteen year, yet alone one that’s your own child’ I thought.

“I don’t understand.”

“Darling you won’t.”


“Oh Peter because…….” I paused unable to complete the sentence.

“Because of what?”

“Because of everything. You being you, my son, me being me your mother. Your dad, us, the future, my feelings, what will happen now, see?” I asked trying to explain the situation whilst, at the same time, trying to understand it myself.

“Yes I do, I suppose, but hey, we just have to go with our feelings. Our instincts and intuition.”

“Easy to say love,” I said running my fingertips across your face and lips. You grabbed them with your teeth and sucked my fingers into your mouth.

“And darling,” you whispered it can be easy to do as well.

“What do we do when we get home?” I asked suddenly realising that you were still in me and still, or so it seemed, hard. That surprised and thrilled me. Most of the men I’d had sex with since the divorce were in the forties and fifties and their recovery times were hours, not minutes.

“Shush,” you said placing you hand across my mouth. “Don’t think like istanbul escort that, not that way. We are here alone and on holiday. Let’s not think of home or anything else but us while we are her,” you said sort of taking over. Things were changing.

I felt you move.

“Baby, are you really still hard?”


“Yes very hard.”

“But it’s only been a few minutes since er, um.”

“We made love,” I helped out realising you found that difficult to verbalise.


“And it will only be a few more minutes until we make love again,” I said, now, for some reason feeling confident and more in control.

It was good to see you smile as you replied.

“You’ll need to be gentle with me, remember I’m an older woman.”

“Yes,” I laughed back “Old enough to be my mother.”


Staring into your eyes I thrust myself at you, mine at least having become accustomed to the dark. You gasped and your eyes widened.

“Yes?” I asked holding my cock rigid as far up you as I could get it.

“Yes,” you grunted squeezing my cock with your internal muscles, God did that feel good!

I started to shag you again. We stared at each other as I surged in and out, much more slowly and in control this time.

“Oh yes,” you sighed, your hands rubbing all over my back and then down further to stroke, cup and squeeze the cheeks of my bum. Nobody had done that before; it felt so good.

Your body found my rhythm and we started to move as one, I hadn’t done that either. The girls I’d been with before basically just laid there and let me fuck them, they didn’t help much or really do anything. You did though.

We had become used to each other so quickly. ‘That’s the advantage of older women,’ I smiled as you matched every thrust of mine with a surge of your own. I went faster and you responded, I slowed down and you waited. I fucked you hard and I fucked you softly, I fucked you quick and I fucked you slow and I fucked you deep and I fucked you with my cock just in you. I was learning so much, so quickly.

“Oh God Cat I never knew sex could be like this, I groaned as slowly my next climax started building up.


I smiled. I felt pleased for you and proud of myself. You were a quick learner and I guess I must have been a good teacher. We were in beautiful harmony as we made love for the second time. It was a harmony and a sexual togetherness that, from what I had read, many people take ages to enjoy, whilst some never get near to it. We did though. My son and I.

“And nor should you,” I smiled kissing you deeply.


“Know that sex could be like this, I’m shocked.”

“What that I have had sex?”


“Well it is pretty naughty isn’t it?” you muttered, thrusting yourself deep in me and holding yourself there.

“Yes and my baby isn’t old enough for that.”

“What with other girls,” you joked.


“Old enough to make love to my mum, but not to other girls ay?”

“Exactly,” I groaned, enjoying the banter almost as much as I was enjoying your nice sized cock deep inside me.

I wiggled my body and you started moving again. In and out, up and down, hard and soft, fast and slow. It was gorgeous.

“You are fantastic,” I moaned again kissing you and pushing my tongue into your mouth. You sucked it. Where the hell had you learned that? I thought

“Am I really?”

“Yes, but don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to share you.”

You thrust hard at me several time as you whispered. “Never. We’re together now; I’ll never share you or cheat on you. I love you so much.”

I don’t know whether it was those amazing words, the fact that you were powering yourself in and out of me or the release of the sexual tension that had been building up during the day, but the orgasm you gave me must have been the most satisfying and pleasurable I have ever received from anyone. Was it the taboo and forbidden nature of what we were doing that did that I wondered?

“Oh my darling,” I moaned after we had both cum strongly and, I think, quite noisily, “That was amazing, thank you.” I smothered your face in little kisses as slowly and very considerately you slid your softening dick out of me and lay on your back beside me.


I had wanked six times in an afternoon and evening once. Six times thinking of doing the things to you I was now doing. Six times in your bedroom with the smell of you all round me. Six times touching and then wearing your panties. Yes six momentous times as I imagined fucking you.

I still surprised myself, though, when after our first fuck I stayed inside you, hardly softened and then fucked you a second time without removing my cock from your warm, wet, welcome and wonderful cunt. And what a fuck that was!

Whilst the first time had been great the second was simply off the measuring scale. I made my mind boggle as I rolled off you and lay beside your gorgeously, curved and excitingly damp with perspiration istanbul escort bayan body. My arm was possessively round your shoulders, as I visualised what the next sex and the times after that would be like. Would they just keep getting better and better I wondered as you turned onto your side and snuggled up to me. I liked that. For most of my life I had been the one that snuggled up to my mum, you had been the leader and the protector. Now our roles were starting to change, although I didn’t think it that far through. My mind was still rocking with the memories of the amazing sex we’d just had.

I think we snoozed. Well I did, but then I needed it.

I had been working hard with my A level exams and had finished them when you had suggested a short break. We’d flown out to Sorrento yesterday to a wonderful old villa owned by a friend of yours who until recently I had called Aunt Peggy. We had got a cab from Naples for the forty minute or so drive down the coast to the villa, passing Vesuvius on the way.

We’d eaten in last night and we had both drank a little too much. But that was needed, it was essential for we required the slight ‘Dutch courage’ that alcohol provides to do what both of us so badly wanted to do, needed to do, had to do. It had been building up the entire trip; actually it had been building up, certainly on my part for years. On the cramped plane our shoulders had been pressed together, neither of us moved and I pressed more firmly, but didn’t say anything. In the cab, with the crazily fast Italian driver, you’d grabbed my hand in fright; I had held it for the rest of the journey. Looking round the villa we had squeezed past each other a couple of times, your full breasts grazing against my chest. We had stared silently at the four poster bed in your room. Our legs had touched under the table as we ate dinner. I had stared down the front of your thin dress at your tits and you’d seen me doing that. All these things had gone on, but no hint in words or overt actions was given about our feelings for each other, our forbidden feelings, our taboo feelings. It was impossible, it just couldn’t happen. Or could it?

After dinner it really started. Looking at your tits under the thin sun dress had made me hard. You must have noticed. Then I was in the pool and you were on the side, you undid the dress and let it fall around your feet revealing your delicious body to me in the tiniest of white bikinis. And then it did happen, we did give in; we did own up, we did let each other know of our feelings for each other.

Your top came off, your tits came out and then both bottoms were removed. We were naked in the pool. We kissed and embraced then we got out and went to bed. I was on top of you; I was blisteringly hard lying between your open legs. My cock was nuzzling against your lips, I was about to do what I had fantasised about for so long, I was about to enact what had been in my mind during those six wanks. But you had stopped, at the final moment you couldn’t do it. Having sex with your son was just too an enormous a barrier for you to broach.

I hadn’t slept much the rest of the night, but I had wanked twice in my own room.

I spent most of this morning walking round Pompeii, hardly noticing the magnificent sights so firmly was my mind on you and the even more magnificent sights I had seen last night; your long, slender, shapely legs, smooth thighs, your flat stomach, neatly trimmed ‘landing strip’ of tawny pubic hairs, your rounded arse with the deep crevice and your tits and your nipples. Each time any of those sights had entered my mind as I traipsed unseeingly round the Roman sights, I got a hard on.

We had met for lunch. You were wearing a mid-calf length, yellow dress with brass buttons all the way up the front. From the movements under the dress it looked as though you were not wearing a bra. As you sat down at the table I looked down the front of it and confirmed that, for I saw most of your tits. I was immediately hard. After lunch and a bottle of Chianti, we walked up the hill and across a field towards the rear of the villa. In the middle of that field all hell had let loose, all our feelings surfaced and we just went for what our bodies demanded. We kissed, I groped your tits, my cock came out of my shorts and you wanked me.

And now I had fucked you twice in less than half an hour.

That’s why I was tired and why I needed the snooze.


After such stupendous sex I felt wonderful. We had now completely broken the taboo and I felt more relaxed. It had happened and there was no going back, just forward. Where it would lead I didn’t know. And somehow it didn’t seem to matter. As I had stood naked in my room looking at my body in the mirror as if through your eyes, I had reached my decision. I knew this holiday would be an interlude. A break between the tremendous sexual tension and the ‘would we, won’t we cold war’ of pre Sorrento, and the unknown of what lie ahead of us when we got escort istanbul back to the ‘reality’ of England. As I had invited you to my bed and laid on my back with my legs open waiting to receive my child’s body, my son’s cock, so I had vowed that I would cast all thoughts of the cold war of the past and uncertainty of the future from my mind. As you entered me, as my son’s gorgeously hard and surprisingly large cock had slid up me, so I had confirmed that this interlude would be for us and nothing would interfere with it.

Things had changed. But then after sex for the first time, things do change between couples. We were no exception. Yes we may be different to most couples, after all I was the older woman and you the teenager, there was a twenty five years age gap and I was your mother, but some aspects of relationships pertain to all. It was now more as if I was your girl friend for you were starting to lead, to direct and control. I was looking to you rather than acting as the mum. You were taking over more as a lover than following me as my son.

I snuggled up to you and laid my hand on your chest as you snoozed. I was too wired to sleep. My mind was racing and my body was tingling, both were still recovering from the two awesome orgasms you had given me in quick succession.

I kept thinking of the future, but immediately I would cast it from my mind. Our future was comprised of just six more days, it was just us, nobody else, there were no other considerations than our need for each other. The villa would be our world as we examined and explored our incestuous love for each other during the rest of this amazing interlude.

I had looked at you sleeping so many times. From when you were a baby, sometimes worrying myself that you had stopped breathing, through when you were a child to when you were my teenage son. I had seen you in so many positions and looked at you with differing eyes. Those of amazement at what had come from my body when you were just weeks old, those of pride at the fine looking boy you became and then slowly those of desire as you became my teenage Adonis.

At times my eyes had been filled with such lust for you I had to use all my resistance to stop me pulling the bed clothes away from you as you slept. And twice I had seen the outline of your erection under the sheet as you had slept. How I had stopped myself from touching you, I have no idea.

And now, as you slept naked beside me, I was no longer gazing adoringly at you with a mother’s pride, but with the desire and want of your lover.

You must have been tired, but that was not surprising I thought smiling at the memory of the three times you had cum for me today.

I stared at your body and looked at all parts of you. Through both the eyes of a protective mother and those of an enthusiastic lover you were perfect. Long muscular, but slim legs, a well-formed slightly hairy, very fit looking chest, strong arms a flat ‘six pack’ and a simply gorgeous thick and long prick. And all that was mine, as a mother, a lover and a woman.

I let you sleep for a couple of hours. I got up and had a quick shower for my exertions in the warm southern Italian night had made me perspire. I wanted to be clean and to smell wonderful for you when we next made love. I glanced at my watch; it was still early, just after nine. My heart leapt when I realised we had so long ahead of us both tonight, our first night as full lovers, and for the rest of the holiday, our interlude.


I thought I was dreaming. I often have sexually explicit dreams that sometimes end up as wet ones. Mostly, it’s not absolutely clear what happens; the details are vague, the characters misty and the events are usually sketchy. This was different. The sensations were wonderfully intense, subtle, soft and smooth, the details were crisp and clear and the characters were obvious, they were you and me.

As I opened my eyes I saw the top your champagne blonde hair covered head and felt your lips on my nipple, you were nibbling it. I had never had my nipple nibbled, I smiled running my fingers through your hair.

“What time is it?” I asked.

“Just after nine,” you replied continuing to lick, suck and gently nibble me. It was wonderful. “Welcome back, did you sleep well?”

“Yes, it was great.”

“You looked peaceful and lovely, I thought you were enjoying it?”

“Mmmm, I did,” I said reaching down and finding your breast just as your hand found my dick. I was slightly hard, but had those tickling feelings in my balls that I always get when I am about to get an erection. “That’s nice Cat.”

“Like mother like son,” you mumbled through mouthfuls of my chest.


“We both seem to like our tits being touched,” I heard you say so erotically and in a sexually relaxed way.

How much our relationship has changed I thought knowing that just yesterday morning that would have been an impossible thing for you to say, but then yesterday morning we hadn’t been lovers as we were now I thought, pinching your marvellously hard nipple.


We made love twice more during that amazing night. I had never been fucked four times in a night, not by my husband, not by the small number of lovers I’d had since the divorce and not by any of the kids I’d had sex with in my teens. But I was by my son.

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