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Vickies BoyfriendThis story begins in my bedroom, with my friend and her new boyfriend. We were all roughly 19 to 20 at the time. I had just brought a new gaming console and thought it would be a good idea to invite my friend over along with her boyfriend (who she invited by the way) so we could try it out. My friend had been dating this new bloke just over 2 weeks and I could tell that she was pretty into him, although she hadn’t slept with him yet or done anything sexual, from what she told. To be honest I thought nothing of it. She had a new boyfriend every other month or so, in my opinion it was only a matter of time until she would break up with him and come crying on my shoulder. She arrived later that day with this new bloke, Paul, who I admit was pretty attractive and decent compared to her previous ones. Who either dressed like a vampire or spent the majority of their lives playing basketball. Paul on the other hand, seemed different he was roughly 5ft 10, dressed normally in a top and jeans and had quite a nice body let alone a cute ass. My friend Tasha however was dressed like a stripper, wearing the tightest/lowest top history, which saved nothing for the imagination department, as she was basically showing her boobs. Along with tight shorts which seemed to cling to her legs for life. The beginning of the evening went well. We were all sitting on my bed playing the video game and generally chilling out, making jokes and enjoying our youth. When Tasha decided to stop the game so she could make out with Paul. Sat there with the game paused all I could do was watch as Paul practically dried hump Tasha as she moved her hands across Pauls body. This I didn’t mind as it gave me perfect shots of Paul’s ass through his jeans, which I enjoyed very much. Tasha seemed to notice. Just as Paul was beginning to canlı bahis reach second base, so Tasha grabbed my hand and placed it firmly on Paul’s ass much to my surprise, before saying in a joking tone“Vicky get your own boyfriend” I quickly removed my hand just as Paul turned his head, which was quickly forced back by Tasha as they continued to snog like there was no tomorrow. Tasha always was immature when it came to boys; doing silly things like that, whatever could create an awaked moment, Tasha would do in an instant, though she meant no harm it was always was embarrassing. When they finally stopped making out I was relived as I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Though I wasn’t prepared for what Tasha said next, she lent up to Pauls ear and whispered “do you want me to suck your dick?” Me and Paul both gasped as Tasha’s hand began to squeeze his groin. Paul quickly replied “ uh ,, what about Vicky” Tasha immediately responded “ Oh she can suck it to” Paul lent back and said “ no .. I meant” Tasha interrupted laughing“I know what you meant, you don’t mind do you Vic?” still speechless I didn’t have time to respond as Tasha began to undo Pauls jeans. I swiftly turned my head away and began to play the game on my own. I wasn’t scared of Vicky or anything though I was uncomfortable I told myself that I would stop it from going any further, if I needed to. I continued to play the game, trying to take my mind off it. Though couldn’t resist the temptation of peaking in my small bedside mirror and watching the reflection of Tasha’s head moving up and down Paul’s hard but small dick. Though I felt uneasy, I also felt slightly aroused at watching both Pauls and Tasha’s reactions as she sped up sucking as she began to slither her tongue across his cocks head and sides. Paul pulled down her top over her firm and bahis siteleri busty boobs as he groped and caressed them. I returned to playing the game so they wouldn’t spot me watching. A few moments later I heard Paul moan loudly as he realised a shot of cum into Tasha’s mouth. Still facing away I said “you finished then?” Instead of answering Tasha lent over my shoulder and opened her mouth revealing a large splatter of cum resting on her tongue. She laughed as I leapt away from her and said “oh, you’re disgusting” this provoked Tasha more as she jumped onto of me licking me across the face, covering my cheeks with Pauls hot and sticky cum. I forced her away and wiped my face with my sleeve and said “fucking hell Tasha! That’s too far now” though I was annoyed I couldn’t help but laugh slightly myself, Tasha said “I’m sorry, it’s all gone now look I swallowed it.” She opened her mouth which was empty, I replied. “Of course it’s all gone it’s on my face” I rubbed my cheeks once more and I and Tasha continued to laugh about it, Paul just sat in silence, with a satisfied look on his face. Just when I thought Tasha had stopped being Tasha, she said to me giggling “you missed a bit.” She said leaning closer to me pointing to the alleged spot, before quickly and suddenly breathing heavily on my face. Again I charged backwards as began to taste and smell Pauls cum on Tasha’s breath. “You stink” I shouted as Tasha burst into laughter and began to roll across the bed. Paul looked embarrassed though I was beginning to feel more aroused. Tasha lent over to me and said “shall we all fuck” this time instead of thinking I just replied to her “yes” Paul looked like he was about to explode with excitement as he lunged forward kissing us both. Tasha went back down to suck off Paul, as I made out with him, allowing him to güvenilir bahis rush his hands all over my body touching and grabbing me. I removed my top and bra before I smothered him with my boobs as he got full access to my erect nipples which he sucked and nibbled to his heart’s content. Tasha began to move her hands up from Paul and to my body; she began to spank and squeeze my ass. I undid my jeans and pulled them off as Tasha copied, we briefly made out together groping and grabbing whatever we could and sliding our fingers in and out of each other, as Paul wanked himself. Paul then laid flat on the bed as I began to suck his dick. Tasha moved on top on his face shoving her wet dripping fanny into his face, which he licked deep and intensely, causing Tasha to explode in a parade of pleasure. I slid my hand down to my fanny and fingered it rapidly, getting it wet and ready for the ride ahead. Me and Tasha swapped places, as Paul lay in what I imagine he saw as heaven. Tasha began to ride Paul’s hard cock, screaming with pleasure as she bounced up and down; her boobs jumping with the movement. I on the other hand was receiving the best oral sex I have had in a long time. It didn’t take long for Tasha to climax all over Paul. She than lay flat, as Paul jumped on top of her and trusted deep inside of her, Tasha screamed with pleasure as I sucked Pauls perfect ass and balls . After a brief bit of missionary, Tasha turned and said “you have this cum babe” she got off Paul. It was my turn. He leapt on top of me and pounded away at my moist, sticky pussy. It didn’t take long for me and him to explode on each other sharing our juices. To this day I do not know why I did what I did with Tasha and Paul. Perhaps my primal instincts were larger than I thought. Whatever it was I did not regret. Within a few weeks Tasha broke up with Paul and began her search for the next one. I never spoke to Paul again after that day though I and Tasha remain good friends; I will remain hope that her next one will be as great in bed as Paul was.

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