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If parts of this story seem to start in the middle four stories preceded this one, in temporal order:

Christine. A tale of lust.

Angela. Teased and pleased.

Adrian. A night of torment, or Angela’s revenge.

The dinner. Christine is bound for pleasure.

For North American readers these stories are written in British English so the vocabulary used may be a little different, as are lots of the spellings; we specialise in colour photographs fixed with thiosulphates. So no tushes and fanny refers to the female genitalia; external, internal, or both, dependent upon context. Garter belts are suspenders, bathrooms are commonly loos or toilets especially when they don’t actually contain a bath, johns are bogs, we the British often wee, pee or even ‘spend a penny’ (I’m not too sure what polite North Americans usually do, but Literotica characters definitely piss). If you think anything else could be usefully included in this brief Anglo — North American Dictionary, or if some of it is redundant, please let me know.


It started at a school beetle drive. The girls, really a group of single mums — divorced or otherwise — formed a table of eight and, taking advantage of the parallel disco for the children, many drank too much. Victoria and Angela argued: essentially Victoria said she thought that lesbians were disgusting and depraved, Angela first got annoyed and, when Victoria would not let the topic drop, she became angry. “If you were really randy, I bet you could not tell the difference.”

“Bloody well could!” snapped back Victoria, “course you would,” sounding a little less confident this time.

“Bet you couldn’t; money where mouth is.”

“Hey but then I’d have to try…”

“Come on, a couple of little kisses that’s all it’d cost you!”

“What’re we bettin’?”

Christine stepped in, “if you can tell, in a blind tasting, you win my boyfriend for one evening where he will have strict orders to please you in every way that he can; you lose, you spend a night licking Angela’s pussy. But if you bet you have to do as you’re told and it’ll be pretty wild sex. I will promise, however, that it will only be my boyfriend who gets you randy at first. But once you’re well juiced up you’ll be blindfolded and then have to tell us the sex of the person that is exciting you. There’ll be a maximum of eight trials.”

A gasp went round their table, Christine’s boyfriend was a rumour, no one apart from Angela had actually seen him, but still he was held to be young, attractive and very, very capable in bed. It was a while since Victoria had allowed a man in her bed and rather longer since she had found one who took the time to turn her on. “You’re on,” she growled. “Pervert,” she hissed at Angela.

Christine related her plan to me the following evening. She and Angela would bath Victoria, fix her hair, do her nails and a pedicure, wax anything unsightly and make her up. Then I had to do all that I could to make her as randy as possible. At first I protested but she reminded me of our deal. I had, in truth, forgotten our deal: that I would sometimes form a threesome with one of her friends so that Christine could watch us. But I had consented and been paid fully in pleasure, up-front, so the following Saturday was to be güvenilir bahis a new adventure for us all.

I arrived at Christine’s front door on the dot of eight o’clock, as planned. A gorgeous woman responded to my ring of the bell, she offered me her hand “I’m Victoria, your date for this evening.”

“Uh, Adrian, pleased to meet you,” I stuttered, ogling my new partner openly. She had long, dark, lustrous hair, china blue eyes, broad, sensuous lips and a pert, snub nose, dusted with freckles. She was slim with relatively broad hips, which I find incredibly sexy, and long slender legs. She was, I guessed, a few years older than me but somewhat younger than Christine and a good deal younger than Angela. She wearing a short pleated skirt over dark stockings and red high heeled shoes, together with a white shimmery, low cut, blouse that emphasised the firmness of her nipples.

“Well you look pretty good yourself.” This brought me back to earth and I followed her inside. “Christine says we’re to go straight upstairs and Angela will join us at nine thirty, are you really going to spend the whole of the next hour and a half on foreplay?”

“Oh yes and if you’re a naughty girl I’ll probably tie you up and carry on for a while longer after that.”

“Then I had better be good, what makes girls bad.”

“They try to tempt me to make love to them, try to stop me teasing them or start begging me to make them come.”

As we entered Christine’s pink bedroom it was Victoria’s turn to goggle, well that room is quite something when you’ve never seen it before. Everything in it is pink: carpet, curtains, bed spread, wall paper, the chair; the only other colour is provided by bits of wood in the furniture and the odd glint of metal, and a lot of these have been painted over with pink gloss.

“We’ll have to take that blouse off you straight away, it’s far too white for in here,” I stated bluntly and began to assist Victoria to shrug off her silky creation. That wrecked my plans, I had decided that I ought to initiate events with a long slow sensuous kiss, but her breasts: oh her breasts just had to be sucked as soon as you saw them. They were small, true, but firm, smooth and milky white with small, tight, slightly brown, areolae encircling hard pink teats. I could not resist them, I began the evening by teasing Victoria’s nipples with my lips and finger nails. Only after this essential preliminary did I get down to work properly: sucking her fingers, kissing her hands and licking her palms. Arms follow and here it’s the crooks of the wrists and elbows that need special attention, finishing with the armpits: at this point her bath is important — to me at least — and the waxing helps too. Neck and shoulders come after arms, then eye lids, nose and finally the mouth, peel her bottom lip down and slide your tongue between her teeth, when she thinks the kiss has ended bite her tongue hard and refuse to let her go: Victoria responded with a passion here, I was clearly doing the right things. Neck and ear lobes follow and, by now, your partner ought to be melting. Adhering to this sort of plan I kissed every inch of her body in a tantalising order; back, then chest and breasts, I removed her stockings and sucked her toes before working slowly up each of her legs, first the left and subsequently the right. The first leg feels good, all those different türkçe bahis sensations but the second is magic. She now anticipates her reactions because she knows that she will squirm again when you start licking the back of her knee and that her pussy is going to juice even more copiously once the inside of her thigh receives hundreds of little nibbles and this anticipation makes her wetter still. Eventually, once her right inner thigh had been tormented thoroughly, I undressed Victoria completely and set to work licking her buttocks, finally teasing her closed crack with the tip of my tongue; one thing I won’t do is lick an arsehole, it might feel great but… At the end of all this, when you roll the woman onto her front, she should prove to be dripping with anticipation, as Victoria was. But I just spread a towel and rolled her back on to her tummy. I was gratified to hear a small grunt of disappointment at this juncture.

A soothing back and shoulder massage followed, then I stripped naked and began the whole process all over again from the start, but this time taking care to keep brushing Victoria’s skin with my very hard cock. Only at the end of our second session did I actually spread the lips of her sex to deliver a single firm lick to her clitoris, before rolling her over onto her tummy. She exhaled nosily first with excitement then in protest, she was basted, cooked and frustrated. Time for something different. I drizzled baby oil over her buttocks and proceeded to rub it in, firmly but gently. As I massaged her muscular buns I spread their crack a little wider each time, until her buttocks were relaxed and easily separated. Time to dribble oil down the crack of her bottom, place a finger on the small of her back and pull it down firmly between her cheeks until it arrived at her anus. At this point I stopped and simply did nothing except apply very light pressure to that muscular orifice.

“Are you going to finger my bum? Please don’t: I’ve never done… I’m not sure I’d like… Would it hurt?” The sweet smell of success, she was considering fingering her bottom as a possibility after all.

“Would you like me to push a finger in, it’s up to you, you can just try the very tip if you like or I can move on and do something else.”

“God, this is so dirty.” I pressed my finger down a little more firmly, “but it does feel so good. Oh God, what should I say? It’s so disgusting but it feels so sexy.” I pressed ever so slightly harder, “don’t stop now!” I slipped my finger into her posterior, just up to the first knuckle. Then I very slowly slid it out again extracting an involuntary sigh of pleasure. I spent several minutes gently stimulating her anal hole and was rewarded by a series of increasingly lusty moans and grunts of pleasure.

“Did it hurt?” I enquired, as I wiped my finger clean with a pink, damp face-cloth.

“I’m a pervert aren’t I? But, that was so good, especially because it’s such a dirty thing to do. Now just fuck me, shag me silly, I need you inside me right now.”

“Bad girls come in the chair, eventually.”


“You’re ready for the chair now, come one come over here. Right, sit low and spread your legs over the arms. That’s it, that’s the way. Now I can lick you stupid,” and I did. I teased her as myself, licking different parts of her fanny to roll her backwards and forwards, away from and güvenilir bahis siteleri toward the brink of orgasm. I teased her as Angela would have, alternating between soft, but agonisingly intense, direct tonguing of her clitty and firmer licking of its surrounds. I teased her as Christine did, moving the focus of attention from spot to spot, using either tongue or fingers, but always leaving her lust unsated. In the end she grabbed my hair and rammed my face into her pussy. I pulled away, “Bad girl, you have to punished for that.”

“What are you going to do?” Victoria asked with a slight nervous tremor in her voice.

“I’m going to tie you to the chair and then simply carry on as if nothing happened.” She made no effort to resist as I bound her, legs akimbo, and her arms well out of my way. “Now you’re helpless: I can do whatever I like to you. I can twist your nipples like this.” I did, I gave them both a sharp tweak applied with a tight grip.

“Ouch!” she protested.

“I can finger your fanny,” I slid two fingers in and tickled her G-spot. She moaned and sighed gently, “you are so wet: you like being helpless don’t you, you dirty little girl. But it’s not just your fanny that is so easy to tease, your bum is my territory now too,” and I slid a finger in and out of her arse a few times eliciting little grunts of delight. “But above all I can lick your fanny endlessly,” and I did: she dribbled sexual juices continuously and her fanny began to quiver and to make quite slurping sounds all by itself. “Test time,” I slipped a blindfold over Victoria’s eyes, she either didn’t notice or didn’t care, she said nothing. I kissed her firmly on the mouth as Angela and Christine crept silently into the room. I worked my tongue slowly down her midline until I reach her belly button and then squatted back on my haunches. Angela slipped between us and began to tease Victoria’s pussy with her tongue. Victoria’s hot little hole now squelched and burped, oozing viscous white lubricant down the crack of her sex and over her bum. When Angela finally pulled back I enquired, “Boy or girl?”

“What!” Victoria’s thoughts’ were clearly somewhere else, “oh, that was you silly you did that to me before; it’s boy of course.”

I took over, alternating between licking her clitty and lapping her juices. Victoria now cried out with frustration.

“Girl… Girl; stop, oh my God, stop. Please stop or let me come. Yes make me come. It’s girl, but please make me come anyway.”

I stopped. Christine took over and Victoria guessed her sex correctly. “Two wrong out of three! You can’t tell, can you?” Christine challenged. “Do you want to come?”

“Yes. Yes, oh yes, please yes,” she nodded her head emphatically too.

“But only Angela is prepared to make you come, she is willing to lick and finger you to orgasm but she won’t because you think that it is disgusting and perverted.”

“Angela please make me come, I’m sorry. I was stupid. I was wrong. Please let me come!” Victoria was really pleading now.

Christine wheeled the full length mirror in front of her, I removed the blindfold, so she could view exactly what was being done to her clearly, and then Angela licked Victoria’s sex and fingered her fanny until she, Victoria, was absolutely spent.

Once she had recovered we tied Angela into the chair and let Victoria make good the loss of her bet. Christine and I retired to the bed and alternated between copulating and watching and just watching Victoria’s rapid progress in learning how to tease Angela. If she though it disgusting and dirty she now hid it very well indeed.

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