Vive La Difference!

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Better late then never…right? It’s just for fun; still, I worked hard on this story. I hope you enjoy it! Regardless, your vote, and even more importantly, your comments will be greatly appreciated. Congratulations to all the entrants, good luck…one and all!



What’s a hero to do? Well now, at the moment ours isn’t doing much of anything. Although, his smugly self-satisfied grin is doing double duty as a pat on the back. Then again, why not? After all, he’s just finished restoring his pool to its proper state of pristine beauty! Only poor Alex’s grin has just evaporated. Looking around questioningly, his bushy red-blonde brows knit in to the barest of frowns. Then, and certainly not sounding very hero like, he mutters a disgruntled “Where the fuck did those fool twins get off too?”

When last seen, those erstwhile, trash-toting helpers of his had been seen headed for the garage. Now more curious then annoyed, Alex hurriedly stows the pool cleaning chemicals and equipment in his backyard’s small storage shed. Mission accomplished his grin returns, flashing wickedly beneath eyes bright with mirth. Honestly, it’s just because our heroic homeowner has decided its time to track down, and find out what sort of mischief his young nephews have hunted up.

He’s off on a quest; or maybe, it’s simply a case of hot pursuit. Whatever, our hero’s long strides quickly carry him away from the inviting sparkle of that pool’s cool waters. Passing by the Jacuzzi, he spares it a glance, once again thankful for its protective cover. Then, charging between a pair of Italian Cyprus, our hero turns the corner, swinging on to the sidewalk running beside the garage and out to the driveway. Spotting the twins he slows, his look of puzzlement morphing in to a bemused grin as he comes to an abrupt halt. Alex has noticed, of course he has, that those trash bags they’d worked so diligently to stuff with leaves and trash now lay discarded, abandoned by the garage’s side door.

Those gold bricking nephews, well there about ten feet further on down the walkway. Yes and for the moment at least they remain as unaware of their Uncle’s arrival, as they are of his scrutiny. Oblivious, at least of their uncle, they go right-on peering furtively over the gate separating walkway from driveway. With dawning realization, Alex watches as their elbow jabs and jostling give way to snickers and a flurry of conspiratorial whispers. Sure, he’s shaking his head, but his wicked grin is knowing. After all, he’s sure, positive in fact that he knows precisely why his wayward nephews are standing there, seemingly riveted in place. Aware of just what his young nephew’s eyes are feasting on, he nods his approval. Not surprisingly, his “Oh fuck no…she wouldn’t,” goes equally unnoticed.

Bemused, Alex lingers, wondering if his nephews, identical, blonde, and blue-eyed nineteen-year-old twins, appreciate the fact that they get their good looks from their mother. Unfortunately, and he knows there’s just no way around it, but Matt and Travis sure didn’t get their height from his petite, but undeniably vivacious sister-in-law. Still, and he hates like Hell to admit it, but there’s no denying that his always irksome brother could justifiably claim credit for the pair of six footers , who lean and tan, look like they might have stepped straight off a California beach. As if that isn’t enough, what really bugs him is the annoying fact that he has never been able to tell them apart; well that, and that he still can’t! Then, for that matter, neither can the svelte vixen who, just now happens to be the extremely deserving object of their hormone saturated, lust driven gawking. Yes, and that hazel eyed, raven-haired beauty, just coincidently happens to be lucky old Alex’s wife. That uninhibited vixen is Jackie, who as Alex knows is always eager to enjoy the spotlight. Uninhibited and daring, our heroine most definitely has a penchant for the erotic thrill of an appreciative audience! Only, about that her studly young nephews haven’t a clue.

If those gawking nineteen year olds were thinking at all, which of course their not, they might grudgingly admit to being a couple of peeping Toms. Of course, Alex would disagree! Our hero, having studied up on such things, would much prefer to call them a pair of lucky, make that a pair of very lucky spectators. Then again, there’s Jackie! Right and the question of what their favorite aunt would have to say on that subject isn’t likely to get within a million miles of either twin’s lust shrouded brains. Still, if it did, and if they bothered to ask Alex, that pair of young studs would get a surprising answer. First off, as he would readily, not to mention happily point out, that charming, but hedonistically inclined exhibitionist could care less about such trivial distinctions! In that tart’s erotically charged mind, peeping Tom, voyeur, spectator, or audience, whichever, to her it’s an obvious case of vive la différence! So yes, is it any wonder that Jackie is our heroin?


As bornova escort things happen, Alex’s brother Tom, his wife Phyllis, and their twins of course, are on vacation. That makes it a family vacation, right? So naturally, they decided to spend a few days of that vacation at Jackie and Alex’s. It’s about time too! Even though they live only about nine hundred miles apart, the families haven’t gotten together since the twins attended middle school. Now, having just graduated from High School, and despite their determinedly vociferous protests, the twins are suffering through what they sure hope is their last family vacation. Shuddering with dread they’ve conjured up images of, “Ugg, please God, not like in that stupid old summer vacation movie!”

In serious need of a fun fix, they aren’t thinking that a weekend at their aunt and uncle’s offers much promise. Still, when their parents head out to spend the day visiting old school chums, hopes soar! After all, their aunt and uncle are, well, almost cool! For sure, or so they’ve agreed anyway, at least they’d never do anything quite as dorky as dragging their kids along on a family vacation. Anyway, that slim hope was enough for Travis to have told his doubting Thomas of a brother, “Well fuck bro, Maybe this whole stupid weekend won’t turn in to a total bore fest after all!”

Resigned to their fate, the twins have agreed to help their uncle cleanup the mess left by last night’s gusting winds. Alex is working on the pool, while the boys rake, sweep, and diligently bag. Then, back from a trip to the neighborhood Super Market, Jackie comes strolling out on to the patio. Despite her eye-popping entrance, Alex catches the brazen glint of mischief flashing in her eyes. Never mind what she’s wearing, Alex figures her walk alone would be enough to get her stoned ins, oh say Saudi Arabia.

Ignoring a trio of appreciative, hungry eyed stares, Jackie stops, hands planted challengingly on her hips. Dismissing Alex’s loud wolf whistle with a haughty snort, her shoulder length black curls get a coquettish flip. Cocking her head provocatively to one side, she swirls the pink tip of her tongue over lips, full and ripe with sensuality. Then coyly, if not quite discreetly, she checks-out the telltale swelling in a couple of suddenly nervous twins shorts. Dressed in cutoff jean shorts, very short and very tight jean shorts in fact, and looking utterly cool, she exudes a fiery sensuality. Her hot pink tank top leaves a taught flat midriff bare, while doing a masterful job of highlighting a pair of nipples, jauntily jutting from the tantalizing swell of her luscious 36-C breasts. Her sexy lilt full of tease, she warns, “Hurry boys!” Then, spinning gracefully away, she looks back over a shoulder, announcing with an arched eyebrow, “Because, I’m off to wash my car, and then I’m going to lie out and soak up some of this yummy sunshine!”


Having just crept stealthily up on the twins, and unnoticed, our hero stands quietly, positioned where he can look between their heads and out on to the driveway. As expected, sure enough, he’s caught sight of, whom else, his eye-captivating wife! After all, hadn’t Jackie announced her intention to wash her latest toy, a fiery red, sleekly curved Mini Cooper convertible? Which explains why she’s bending over, carefully drawing a chamois across its gleaming hood? Which of course, is why there’s a whole lot of exceedingly delectable looking ass cheek on display? Then too, there’s the tantalizing fact of our heroine’s tiny hot pink tank top. To be sure, it’s doing a sensational job of clinging to a bountiful pair of prettily rounded breasts. Of course, it did a fine job of that, and even before it was sopping wet.

Just now, poor Alex, he’s looking stumped! Our clueless hero just can’t decide which of his nephews, is it Matt, or is it Travis snickering around his whispered, “Fuck bro, check out those tits…awesome, just fucking awesome!” Whichever one it is, he likes the sound of his, “Oh shit, I wonder if Uncle Alex would mind if I yanked up that fucking tank top? Oh man, wouldn’t I’d just love to grab a double handful of those tits!”

Fascinated, Alex figures his young nephew’s question is rhetorical. Getting a kick out of their overflowing exuberance, but not quite ready to reveal his presence, he shakes his head as he stifles a chuckle. Too bad, he’s thinking, because, as our hero knows, Jackie loves a little audience participation! Of course, what he’d really like to do is to tell his young nephews, “Right on, so go for it already!”

Instead, he’s nodding as he sees that other, and equally indistinguishable nephew drive an elbow jab in to his wincing brother’s ribs. After all, he may just have figured out who’s who! That not exactly playful poke is followed-up with a boastful sounding, “Fuck that, who cares what Uncle Alex thinks!” Sure enough, that did it, and now Alex is certain, well almost certain, that he’s listening bornova escort bayan to Matt. Because he’s seen it before, Alex knows just which one of his precocious nephew’s likes to play the smartass. Taking after his father, Matt is the twin with the reputation for being quick to declare himself a smartass. Only the young smartass is apparently still Oblivious to his uncle’s presence, proving it with his snickered, “Shit bro, one tug and those freaking shorts would be down around her ankles. Oh fuck yes, and I just bet she’s got one pretty pussy too!”

Responding with an exaggerated groan of misery, his brother replies with a long-drawn-out “Shut up!” Then, and suddenly sounding a lot more serious, he asks, “Oh fuck, do you suppose Uncle Alex would let us get her naked?”

Delivered, along with an exasperated snort, his brother’s disgusted, “Well duh,” is followed-up with an optimistic, “Hell bro, they probably do that swing thing too!” He’s laughing though, when he says, “Hey, well you’re at it, why don’t you ask him; because, oh man, I’m betting she’s got the thing shaved bare!”

Labeling it a lucky guess, Alex figures Matt’s on a roll. After all, what teenager with vivid visions of bare pussy flashing in his overheated imagination wouldn’t be? So, as his uncle nods his approval and with his brother shaking his head in disbelief, matt blurts out, “Dad says she loves it, so fuck yes, I’d go for it!” Then, boldly emphatic, and with an even bolder exclamation point, he growls, “Damn straight, I’d fuck her alright!”

Definitely getting a kick out of his nephew’s outrageously bawdy commentary, Alex decides it’s time to shake things up some. Reaching out, he closes his hands on the shoulders of a pair of seriously, and suddenly thunder struck teenagers. Not surprisingly, startled gasps and convulsive flinches send them rattling off the gate they’d been so intently peering over. Delighted with the way his ambushed nephew’s practically jumped right out of their skins, Alex manages to sound deliberately, if suspiciously casual, when he suggests, “Gee guys, relax already!”

Luckily, our hero wasn’t trampled by that pair of panicky twins. Instead, he’s still standing, watching as his Red faced nephews exchange nervous glances. Too bad, and sure it’s understandable, but neither of them notices their uncle’s slowly spreading grin. Wanting to forestall a total meltdown, laughing, he holds his hands up in surrender. Speechless and looking decidedly sheepish, they stand their ground, goggling at their Uncle in stupefied incomprehension. They don’t know how could they! Not only did their Uncle thoroughly enjoy listening to their x-rated fantasies, more importantly, he’d actually love the chance to watch them carry them out. So sure, he might be teasing, but he isn’t exaggerating when he tells them, “Honestly guys, its too bad she didn’t hear you!”

It’s unfortunate, but those skeptical twins are thinking, yeah right! They’ve misread their Uncle’s smirking grin, so don’t know he’s slipped in to the role of instigator. They don’t know it; but actually, their Uncle is giving it to them straight. Still, there’s mischief evident in his voice as he tells them, “I’m sure she would have been flattered; Hell, knowing your Aunt, you boys would’ve probably had to put up or shut up!”


Bopping along to the sounds blasting from her car’s stereo, Jackie hadn’t heard any of her nephew’s so graphically expressed desires. Too bad, our heroine would have reveled in, thrilled in fact to such wickedly erotic possibilities! Although, alerted by a finely honed sixth sense, and always hopeful, she was on the lookout for an audience. Sure enough, she spotted that pair of peeping Toms reflected in one of her car’s freshly cleaned windows. Right, and didn’t that put a little extra zing in to her already saucily gyrating hips!

If our cavorting heroine’s bending and stretching just happened to leave her tank top riding-up; well, so what! After all, it’s not as if her gawking nephews actually saw nipple, not bare nipple anyway! Of course, the twins never gave up the hope of spotting a little nipple slippage. Then, there was the irresistible distraction of all that tan ass cheek left so invitingly exposed by her clingy jean shorts. Although, as the Twins well know, thanks to the thong bikini, there’s more bare skin exposed on any California beach. Only, and they’d noticed alright, but at the beach, even the girls who flaunted it didn’t move it quite the way their Aunt did. No, but then neither did they make a production out of bending over, legs spread conveniently to show-off a tantalizing hint of camel toe.

Jackie was bored; worse, she was getting annoyed! No doubt about it, she hadn’t liked the restrictions imposed on her impromptu driveway shenanigans. As if that wasn’t bothersome enough, she had also taken her little tease just about, as far as she could. Besides, and equally important, she’s finished detailing her car. escort bornova Luckily, with his timing as opportune as it is accidental, Alex comes to her rescue.

Welcoming the commotion Alex’s timely interruption has created, she turns to see what the ruckus is all about. Spotting the twins, she’s disappointed to find them with their backs turned. Not pleased, Jackie can’t help wondering, why when they could be ogling her; why instead, are they talking to their Uncle? A pouty lip giving way to a withering glower she heads their way. Glowering or not, she’s flushed with excitement. Then, seeing that Alex is watching, her saucy grin warns that she’s ready to stir up a little mischief. In fact, delightfully aware of his wife’s wilder side, Alex figures she’s looking forward to it! Even better, with there backs turned, the twins haven’t seen it, and don’t know their Aunt is headed their way.

Making it to the gate, Jackie is in time to hear Alex say, “Seriously guys, she’d much rather have rowdy spectators, then an audience sitting on its hands! Trust me guys, when you’re Aunt’s thinking audience participation…she isn’t thinking applause!” Then with his dubious nephews exchanging questioning glances, he adds “Anyway, don’t hold back on my account! I mean, it’s cool…those sounded like great ideas to me! Hey, I say if you get the chance go for it! Shit, I just might want to watch, who knows!”

Thinking that her husband, well meaning or not, was beginning to sound just a bit overly eager, Jackie banged a hip against the gate demanding attention. Then, butting-in, she cheerfully announced, “Hi guys, gosh I sure hope I’m not interrupting…well you know, some silly guy thing!”

With her still red-faced nephews studiously avoiding eye contact with their Aunt, Alex says, “Hi honey, I was just telling these two that you love an audience, and that you’ve been known to welcome a little audience participation! Right?”

Very aware that Alex is winding his young nephews up, and just incidentally enjoying his role as chief instigator, Jackie tells her nephews, “Ignore that lecherous old goat!” Then grinning mischievously, and doing a little instigating of her own, she says, “Anyway, I think it’s sweet! After all, you two wouldn’t look so guilty, if all you’d been doing was watching…right? Anyway, I can’t wait to hear all about it…maybe, out by the pool?” Pausing, she waits until they look up, reluctantly, but finally meeting her eyes. Then, nodding in satisfaction, she turns away, turning back to say, “Hey, you boys can join me…sure, I bet you could use a nice cool dip in the pool! Un-huh…and right after I back my car in to the garage, that’s where I’m heading!”

On the move, the twins scurried past Alex, and right on past those forgotten bags of trash. They were already pelting up the stairs, moving fast toward their room by the time Jackie’s shiny convertible slid in to the garage. Laughing and bursting with erotic energy, our heroine doesn’t bother opening the door, but like some dashing TV hero, vaults gracefully over it. She’s still laughing when Alex sweeps her in to his arms. Her arms wrap around his neck, as her lips find his, eagerly returning his kiss. Passion flaring, she crushes his lips as her probing tongue invades his mouth. Responding to that incendiary kiss he greedily sucks her wildly swirling tongue. Hands reaching for her ass, he pulls her hard against him, letting her grind hungrily against the cock throbbing hot and hard in his shorts. Impatient and demanding Jackie’s teeth rake his ear, and she growls an insistent, “Fuck me…now…oh God yes, fuck me!”

Grabbing a handful of hair, Alex pulls her head back, ravishing her exposed throat with fiery kisses and a wickedly swirling tongue. Then, stepping back, he takes hold of her wet tank top, and rips it off over her head. Spinning her around, his hands close around, enveloping a double handful of breasts, hot, firm, and silkily smooth! A jutting pair of stiffly erect nipples pinched between his twisting fingers, he tells her, “Well now, one of your not so innocent nephews thought this would be a terrific idea!” Then, while he’s tugging open the snap and yanking down the zipper, he tells her, “Right…and the other one wanted to do this!” A pair of tugs and voila, those shorts are sliding over softly rounded hips, down long legs, and on to the garage floor. With Jackie looking back over a bare shoulder, Alex pauses to survey his handiwork, chuckling as he explains, “Yup, and would you believe he was telling his brother, that oh yeah I’d fuck her alright…and gosh, that’s when I showed up?”

A chuckle rumbling huskily in her throat, Jackie kicks those shorts half way across the garage. Then, legs spread and ass wagging invitingly, she bends, folded arms braced on the lid of her car’s trunk. Only poor Jackie, instead of feeling our hero’s hard cock sliding in to her, what she gets is the biting sting of a solidly delivered swat. Smack on target, it cracks hard against her still saucily wagging ass! Ignoring her squeals, he adds a second carefully aimed swat to that irresistible target. Then, thoroughly enjoying himself, he explains, “Sorry baby, but I do believe you have a date…yeah, and with two young gentlemen at that!” Affectionately patting our smirking heroine’s flaming posterior, he orders, “Now scram baby!”

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