Wager Won, Now to Claim My Prize Day 01

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Weigh in… shows I lost 32 pounds. I can claim my prize…

Looking up at my lover I pull out my phone and send a text, “It is on for Tonight.” After a few moments, my phone pings back, “Congrats, everything is ready.” I show the texts to my lady and as she starts to respond I place a finger up to her lips and say, “Shhh.” With a leering smile, I say, “We have time to get you dressed for the party, so please.” With a wave of my hand, I usher my lovely into the bedroom.

Taking her hand I spin her around until she is facing me. Looking her in those beautiful blue eyes, I say, “Strip!” She starts to say something when I break in with, “Three Days of Anything I Want.” Grinning like a schoolboy about to see his first set of tits, I say, “Strip!” My lovely woman that has been my lover for the last 7 years just looks at me as she slowly sheds her clothes. Stopping at her pretty black panties she put on for me, I say, “Those too.”

Dropping them down she kicks them off so that she now stands totally naked before me. As long as we have been together she has no instinct to cover herself unless we are role playing. Looking her up and down, it is difficult not to crush her into an embrace. But instead, I say, “Please find the wife beater shirts that I have given you and lay them on the bed.” Without any hesitation, she walks over to her tall dresser and opening one of the middle drawers rummages through some shirts until she pulls out two different ones.

Turning she holds them out by the shoulder straps so they dangle before her. Taking the soft green one I toss it on the bed and say, “Put the grey one on, please.” I watch as she reaches up, her breast lift slightly as she slides her hands through the shirt and starts to pull it down. Being the buxom beauty she is she pulls the leading edge of the shirt away from her body so it can slide past those full breast. Then one last tug to pull it snug and show even more cleavage as she rolls her shoulders in her sassy move that drives me crazy. Blowing me a kiss as she does, knowing full well she could take control at any moment if she truly wanted it.

Taking a deep breath as my head tilts to the side slightly I watch for a moment longer before saying, “Damn fine. Now go get that skirt of yours, the on you wore when you met me dressed as a school girl at that hotel. Her smile drops away as panic seems to sink in and then she perks up and rushes past me into the closet. Not fast enough to avoid my hand as it sweeps around and slaps her firm ass as she brushes past.

I hear hangers sliding about and her muttering, “I know it is here somewhere.” Then as quick as she disappeared she reappeared with the skirt in hand. Swaying it to and fro in front of her as she shimmies her shoulders at me. Those tits can have such a beautifully hypnotising effect. With a flashed smile at me, she bends to pick up the panties that she removed earlier.

As she catches the edge of the panties I place one hand on the small of her back and hold her down. With my other, I slap between her ass cheeks in an upward motion. Wedging one finger between her already lightly moist lips, I took it in and start vibrating my hand real fast. The tip slides in and out touching many of her sensitive areas. Such a woman with so many special spots I have never met.

Eventually, I release her and watch as she slowly tries to get her land legs back from all the minor orgasms she had. As she does I reach over and take the panties and toss them aside as I pick up her dropped skirt and hand it to her. With a peck on her cheek, I say, “Please put this on, and nothing else.”

She looks at me for a second before sitting on the edge of the bed and sliding one foot through and then the other. Standing she slides it up over her hips and zips then buttons the skirt. The skirt came down to just inches above her knees. I say “The skirt was shorter than that one.”

A twinkle comes into her eyes and with a sheepish grin she undoes the button and starts to roll the top edge of the skirt upward. Watching with interest I cup my hand and wave my fingertips upward to show that I want it higher. Giving it another twist it is now half way up her thigh. Another twitch of my fingers and it goes up a little more.

Her eyes open wide as my fingers twitch upward again and one more twist. Now it is barely covering her at all. With a smile, I give her a thumbs up and she lets go of the skirt and lets it settle onto her hips. Pointing to her flats I tell her we are ready to go. I grab a small bag that I had arrived with and wave my hand toward the door. She starts to baulk about toothbrushes and other things she will need, but I say, “Already canlı bahis packed everything we will need.” and tap the bag in my hand.

I hold the door as she steps out into the warm summer night air. Nobody is around as we cross over to the car and being the gentleman I try to be, I open the door for her. Let her slide in and watch her skirt ride up that extra little bit. I try to distract her by saying, “I love you.” as she swings her other leg in and I close the door. Going around I climb in and start the car.

She asks where we are going and I just smile and reply, “It is a surprise. We have been there before and you loved it.” Handing her phone I say, “You may call your kids when you want. They worry when they can’t get you.” Turning I look at her and see her trying to tug her skirt down, and say, “Just lay your seat back and enjoy the ride.” With that said I reach over and place my hand on her thigh.

Looking over at me, her eyes narrow, but she drops her seat back. As it does her skirt rises up even higher, revealing everything except the top pubic hairs. Which comes into view as my hand slides up her body and cups her trimmed patch of hair. Pulling onto a four-lane we make decent time down the road as I softly massage her clitoris eliciting such a wonderful moan to accent her heavier breathing.

It is difficult not to spend all my time looking over at her. It is even more difficult when she pulls her shirt tight and most of her breast is showing. So, I just let my fingers do the walking and try to look forward through the steady stream of cars with just quick peeks. It isn’t long before I pull up on a semi.

As I do I flash my lights then quickly remove my hand and hit the inside overhead light on the passenger side. Suddenly she is illuminated with both tits and pussy in full view of the driver next to us. By the quick blasts of the truck horn next to us, we know he got a grateful eyeful. The semi tries to keep up with us, but we are on a slight hill and he slowly falls away as she stares back at him with mouth open.

Finally covering her lovely breast as she turns to look at me dumbfounded. I reach up and click off the light, casting her in semi-darkness. She just looks at me as she lays there startled that I would expose her to a truck driver like that. Not giving her a chance to say anything I say, “Did I say you could cover your tits. I have three days. Anyway, he seemed to enjoy the view.” Slowly she lifts her shirt to her neck and stares at me.

It isn’t long before we pull off the interstate and start hitting the winding mountain roads. The type that is loaded with hairpin curves as you climb toward the top. I always joke that if you reach out your window you can touch yourself on the shoulder as you spin about. Obviously, I don’t get to look very often, but when I do she has one hand between her legs and one pulling on her nipple. I guess the thought of exhibitionism excites her more than she will admit.

Finally, as we pull into the town of Hot Springs I have her cover up as best she can. There are only a few street lights, but being a Friday night the streets are overflowing around the bars. It didn’t take long to get through town, but we may interact with some of these people and don’t want to cause a future recognition stir. Again she just looks at me that I made her cover up instead of flashing the world.

As we pull across the bridge cutting out of town we take a fast left. Driving past some run down houses and trailers along the river we eventually spin up a dirt road. Crawling up the road we get to a small hand-lettered sign and backing up, we turn onto a rutted farm path. We pass a couple of cabins and then turn in at drive marked number 3. Getting dark out the headlights show a cabin set back from the path.

Putting the emergency brake on because of the hill we get out. There is a small light on in the screened in porch. I grab the case and go up to the door. Standing to one side I let her go in first. The porch has an outdoor pillow couch and a couple of matching comfort chairs. A sliding glass door is to our side, but the hot tub further up the hill seems to have caught her attention. Setting the case down I wrap my arms around her from behind and nibble on her neck as I say, “That is for later my sexy lady.”

Turning in my arms she wraps her arms around me and pulls me even tighter as she returns my kisses. Breaking the kiss I smile and want to go back into her arms, but there are things to do. Taking her hand with one I grab the bag with the other and slide open the glass door and lead her inside. There just inside the door is an empty kitchen table except for a single key that I bahis siteleri snatch up as I drop the case on one of the chairs.

It is only a small cabin, 1 bedroom, bath kitchen with connected combination dining room and living room. The sliding door goes out to the screened in deck and the other goes out to the hot tub that I notice she is gazing at again. I tell her that the water is supposed to be pumped in from the hot spring for it. Standing behind, I take her hands and make her walk backwards, guiding her into the bedroom.

Once there I step to the side and pull her back until her knees hit the bed, then a quick change to her shoulders I pull her back so she flops back and is staring up at me from the bed. Dropping my hands to the bed on either side of her I basically pin her to the spot and start kissing her. As we kiss I move my hands to capture each of hers. Slowly raising them above her head so I can capture her wrists. I hold them with just one hand as my other traces down her body to her shirt where I pull it aside so most of her breast is exposed.

My needs take over as I move from her lips to her neck, then chest. Lowering myself on the bed enough to reach her nipple my tongue swirls around her nipple as my lips capture it and suck in. Letting my full weight down upon her my legs press between hers until they are spread wide. Her skirt rises up around her waist and my bulge is straining for release. It gets to be too much. Crawling off of her I stand between her legs and undo my pants so they fall past my knees.

Kicking them off the rest of the way my lady smooths the blankets as she back strokes away from me. The motion stretches her shirt so that most of those lovely breasts are exposed, with the nipples just teasing at the edge of the fabric. Laying in the middle of the bed she waits for me. A look of surprise shows as I turn from her, but only until she realises that it is so I can dig through the case. Pulling out a strand of rope I toss it to her, and say, “Tie yourself up.”

She throws it back at me and says, “If you want me tied up then get your ass over here and do it yourself.”

Picking the rope up off the floor I hold it out and say, “It already has a set of loops. See, one on each end. You are to do Anything, I Want. Remember?” tossing it back to her I finish with, “Tie yourself up with you on your knees and ass swaying in the air when you finish.” I reach over to turn on the bedside lamp as she stares at me. “I said do it now!” and then I turn off the overhead light as she slides one end through the headboard and slides her hands through the loops.

I look about the room that is now mostly obscured in shadow, as I move back to the bed. I stare at her ass for a few moments before I say, “Damn that elliptical is doing an amazing job on your legs and ass. Not sure if I want to fuck it or just watch as you sway it back and forth like that. Damn Fine Ass.” Walking to the side I pull the loops secure around her wrists. Firm enough to keep her from pulling out, but not to tight. I slide my fingertips along her body as I go to the foot of the bed. Such a nice set of goose bumps arise as she shivers under my touch.

Climbing up on the bed I spread her knees a bit further apart. Now I am in the perfect position to slide my nose right up her puckered little ass hole. I rim her with the tip of my nose then extend my tongue as far as it goes. Letting it drive along those lovely puffy lips, as it spreads and moistens them even more. Tipping my chin just that little bit I am able to feel the tip of her clit poking through.

Working my tongue around and around as my hands spread her ass cheeks even further. Lifting her ass higher she lifts off her knees as my tongue slides within that moist heavenly slit. My finger follows the path of my tongue as it hooks inside to find that rough spot that I know is there. Swirling my finger along the top of the bone inside I let it ride the whole roughened area making her moan. A second finger follows the path as my tongue pulls out to lick her ass.

Kneeling up a bit straighter I continue to swirl my fingers around her, as she tries to match her sway to the twirling, flexing, stroke within. That lovely rose bud is very hypnotic as it swirls left, right and puckers open a bit just to clamp tight again. Spinning my wrist and my fingers slide across the back side of her insides. Touching all of the sensitive spots deep inside and near the entrance of that lovely slit with puffy wings. Her ass is swaying to and fro, up and down accented with moans so sweet to the ears.

Suddenly she starts to shake and the moon turns to a guttural groan. Then as she drops her bahis şirketleri face to the pillow a muffled “OH FUCKkkk” fills the air. Which is my cue to slide my thumb first knuckle deep into that swelling flower of an ass? Leaning on the side table as I keep the pressure up, I scoop the oil from the top of the case. I simple flip of the top done all with one hand I dribble a light chilled coating around my thumb. So as I work it and flex my fingers inside she keeps at the edge of that crevice so deep.

Her orgasms keep coming to the edge and falling away as she crashes down. My thumb and fingers working, rubbing, and teasing, both sides of that sensitive membrane between. The sheet is getting wet from her gushing come. Placing my palm up I catch what I can with my free hand and rub it over my cock. Then pulling out my fingers my cock takes their place as my thumb continues to slide in and out matching my strokes.

Pulling my thumb out I dribble a bit more oil into the crevice and slide a set of fingers in as I continue to pump deep inside. Her hips match the stroke driving into me as I push deep in. A heavy panting comes from the pillows as she tries to hang on a bit longer. Not on my watch she won’t so with a sharp smack on her ass with my free hand she explodes into another orgasm that shatters her soul.

That lovely ass slumps to the bed, pulling my unspent cock from its hold. My fingers continue to fuck that ass and as it rises with my fingers retreat, I pull them out and bring my cock to bare. The bulging purple helmeted cock presses against the closing door of her ass, but to no avail. I sink the head in until the rim gets captured within. She stiffens as what has happened sinks into her over whelmed mind.

I drive it down, inch by inch until my balls are moistened from her flowing slit. Resting in place I slowly pull back to the starting place just rim deep. Then like a piston it drives back down again. Resting in its cycle until she relaxes her grip just a bit. Then up it goes to do the cycle again, only faster and faster, with each pump within. The painting becomes heavy again, with small screams of “OH Fuck, and Don’t Stop.” mixed in.

I try my best to not succumb, but that lovely tight ass just pulls my sack tight as can be and out it jets, deep within. I pull out in the last twitching pumps so her rose bud has a white frosting trim. The room smells of sex, my mind is a mess, as my love is tied tight to the headboard. Oh my, what a sight. I slowly crawl off the bed and fumble for my pants. My phone falls out and my mind is a mess but eventually, I aim the lens and get that money shot I have fantasized over since we met.

I sit on the edge of the bed, with my cock leaving wet spot as it dangles down. The phone loose in my fingers find the edge of the table and comes to rest. Leaning over my exhausted lover, I loosen the ropes and pull her hands out. After a couple of kisses on her shoulders, I stand up and stagger naked out to the kitchen to snag a couple of bottles of water from the stocked fridge. Cracking one open I drain half and then move back to the bedroom where my lover has only been able to flip over onto her back.

She is so beautiful laying there, her triple “D” breast rising and lowering as she tries to relax. I twist off the cap and coming around to her side of the bed. My arm slides under her neck and shoulders and helps lift her up into a sitting position. Handing her the water bottle she takes a sip then looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes, a smile creeps across her face as she raises the bottle for another sip.

Sitting beside her I can’t help, but let my eyes roam over her. Yea, she isn’t a skinny mini or one of those young women we older men are supposed to go for, but she is a damn fine lady to me. She knows I have been enjoying the view. I am not very secretive about it. After one more sip she puts the bottle down next to the lamp and wrapping her hand around my head and shoulders she pulls me into a kiss.

Those light pink lips, that match the color of her nipples, feel so soft as we slowly sink onto the bed. The embrace grows firm as neither of us wishes to let it end. The sex is amazing, but the lust of the sexual tension always drifts away as it is sated. This leaves the lasting love for each other to take over. The comfort of our embrace continues on, where the lust of the moment can never go.

Sliding under the covers, I lay back onto the pillows as she rests her head on my shoulder. My arm wrapped around her warm soft body. Day one is about to end, but day two should make up for the short time spent together so far. My love snuggles down further into my chest as I lift the sheet a little so I can get one last peek at the lovely curve of her breast. The sheet lowers as my eyes lids slowly flutter closed, like a kid trying to stave off sleep, but can’t fight the Sandman’s effect any longer.

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