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The wind whispered softly through the trees, changing its pitch ever so slightly with each gust. The trees that helped the wind whistle were beach pines, the same that were scattered along the whole Australian coastline. They left their calling card, a long and rounded leaf, all the way out to the start of the sand dunes, where the sand was treeless, and the carpet of sand undulated gently down to the beach.

At one end of the beach, a headland jutted out, a long finger, dotted with trees and large boulders that stretched out a half kilometre to the liquid crystal ocean. To the other direction was 20 kilometres of empty beach, leading up to a small fishing town.

There was not a soul around.

Along the waters edge, running the whole way to the tip of the finger, were small rockpools, sandy bottomed and as big as a small backyard pool. It was summer, and the pools offered a refreshing change to the sapping heat.

It was these pools that had attracted a lone occupant today- a brunette who seemed to bask in the rugged landscape, revelling in the privacy of the pools.

As much as it surprised some people, these places were scarcely visited- it was a long way out from the fishing village, and a decent four wheel drive was needed. The fact that there were better surfing beaches before the fishing village also kept most of the summer crowds away.

It was for this reason the athletic brunette had decided against wearing a swimsuit- there was little to no chance of any one seeing her.

Not that she wasn’t proud of her body- she worked hard to keep all five foot four of it in shape, swimming in the local pool almost everyday back home. But for now, she was taking a hard earned break from the wind and grind of city life.

She had had enough of the chauvinists that harassed her in the office everyday, the snide remarks and come ons in late night bars, and the prying eyes of the neighbours in her apartment block.

An interior decorator by trade, and a lot more intelligent than any man would give her credit for, she saw the break as an opportunity to try new things and see the bigger picture- get out and see the world.

Which is why she had come to Spring beach, on the east coast of Queensland, population 400. It had a tight knit community feel that Celia had fallen instantly in love with it- so far removed from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.

Thanks to a lucrative contract designing for the country’s biggest Shopping center developer, Celia could afford the break – after 2 years of non-stop work.

Sitting in the pool, all of these thoughts were so far away that they had ceased to exist. All that remained for the raven-haired Celia was the here and now, with no regrets.

But inevitably, sitting so comfortably in the water, her mind drifted to thoughts about her ex-lover, Alby.

Alby was a humourous advertising creative director- the brains of one of the southern-hemispheres biggest agencies, and also a creative partner. The hues of the beach reminded her of his sandy hair, always scruffy, but cute in its own way. The most striking thing about Alby had always been his eyes.

They were blue like the clear sky above Celia’s head, and staring straight up reminded her of looking into those caring, mysterious eyes. There always seemed to be so much energy bubbling away beneath the surface, and his gaze had always made her blush- the sudden heat like a strike of lightning as the rosy hue spread across her cheeks.

But Alby was far away for now, working in New York on a new campaign that could make him one of the most sought after advertising creative’s in the world. So, Celia and he had split up for a while to make both their departures a little easier on each other. To ease the strain.

In the cool water she caught herself remembering nights spent with Alby, dining in beautiful restaurants, seeing movies, going to openings, and then sleeping the night in his luxurious large bed.

Inevitably the two would end up in more than a sleeping embrace, and many midnight hours were filled this way, with Alby lavishing her with his loving touch.

A gentle wind began to blow, cooler now with the afternoon change, and sending shivers down Celia’s shapely back. She felt her arms as they turned from sleek and smooth to goosebumped and sensitive, knowing that her chest would also be feeling the change in temperature.

She ignored the breeze and kept her eyes shut, returning to her thoughts about Alby.

His muscular body, a by-product of his riverside house and love of kayaking, flashed in her mind, a brief snapshot of a time when they had been so furious in their lovemaking that she felt as if she were an animal in heat, howling into the night sky.

The recollection brought with it growing arousal, and a longing for his touch. She thought of all the times Alby had languished his attention on her breasts.

Though she saw nothing abnormal about them (in fact she thought they were average) he treated the handfuls of warm canlı bahis flesh as if they were the most precious things on earth, spending long periods of time licking and tickling them.

In every case the result was the same, an extremely turned on Celia, who would practically beg to be touched elsewhere.

She opened her eyes and found her hands had subconsciously slid to her breasts, moving slowly across them, mimicking the way he would touch her.

Her eyes turned to scan the vast shoreline laid out before her, looking for any signs of life. She stared into the afternoon sun overhead, trying to check the cliffs above for anyone watching, knowing there would be none.

It was too isolated out here. But still, old habits die hard. She turned back to face the ocean and looked at the pool she sat in, happily concluding that there was no one who could see her.

Satisfied that she was alone, she started to give in to the memories that flooded back about her times with Alby. She felt a twinge of excitement as she remembered the night they almost got caught in an alleyway by a policeman.

They had been to a dinner celebrating the launch of one of Celia’s new designs, and had enjoyed the vintage wine that was supplied in seemingly never ending quanitites- by her obviously very satisfied boss.

Celia couldn’t help but stare at Alby’s strong body all night, dressed smartly in a suit- such a contrast to her over-weight boss. She had begun to get turned on thinking about his muscular arms around her, on her, stroking her.

They left the restaurant, arm in arm, tripping up now and then, giggling like children from the wine. Celia had checked her phone whilst they walked, finding an sms from Alby. He must have sent it during a trip to the bathroom during the meal.

Now sitting in the pool, alone and becoming more and more aroused by the second, she remembered the words of the message.

“I want to feel how wet you are, I want to feel you move like an animal. I want to feel you feel me…’

That had been enough to send Celia over the edge, grabbing his hand and running him down a nearby alleyway. She had kept his hand in hers as they stopped, pulling it towards her already wet panties, holding his fingers to her slippery entrance.

When she felt him move his fingers, she let go, letting him take charge. He found her most sensitive parts, and, like an artist in action, skilfully worked his magic, bringing muted calls from Celia’s throat.

In the pool, one hand had begun to move down, past her navel, to her pussy, where she started massaging her sensitive and swollen lips. Dipping 1 finger in slowly, Celia felt just how wet she had become. As she moved her finger inside her lips, the water kissed her inner skin, pink and sensitive, sending shivers out across her body as the seawater and her juices mingled- a heady cocktail of tropical desire.

In the alley way Alby had moved a finger further into her, and had started pressing at the sensitive spot a few inches in from her opening. At the same time, he moved his fingers, now wet with her love, gently across her straining bud, then returning to the surrounding areas.

He began to kneel, guided by Celia’s shaking hands on his head kissing his way towards her scented warmth.

With both hands he took hold of Celia’s underwear, a white lacy G-String, and gently pulled it down. She hadn’t even had time to step out of them, before her hands replaced his as he inhaled her perfume, strong and sweet in the spring air, and his mouth encircled her sex.

The warm slippery feeling, mimicked now by the generous tropical water, had felt so good, so real at the time, and now, just as then, she knew one thing. She needed release.

In the alley Alby spent minutes worshipping at Celia’s feet, on his knees, his tongue probing, like a finger one minute, the next a broad, soft brush. He built her up to a climax, then shifted his positioning so that he was standing behind her.

Her hands were pressed hard against the wall, as Alby hiked up her skirt, undid his fly and thrust his strong penis into her. She gasped as he drove it in, at first slow, then gradually built up to full speed.

She could feel her breasts rubbing against the lacy material of her bra, and, almost instinctively, Alby reached under the back of her shirt and un-clipped the tight fabric.

Now, her swollen breasts hanging free under her shift, she felt the swinging rhythm of Alby taking charge from behind. She shuddered as he continuously hit her G-spot, crying out softly, involuntarily into the night air everytime he rammed it home extra hard.

With her fingers working sensually now across both her breasts and sex, she moved the hand from her slippery, aching breasts, and imagined Alby’s wide penis, as hard as rock, entering her. Her fingers began moving in and out, and Celia shifted her position to allow her fingers better access.

On the street Alby worked up to full speed, mercilessly pounding Celia’s tight and wet sex. bahis siteleri He knew she liked it hard and fast, and on this night, she was in her element. The constant precision of his tool, hitting her most intimate and sensual parts, had begun to get the better of Celia as she felt her orgasm approaching. By the grunts he was making, he also seemed very close.

She exclaimed, through teeth that were clenched.

“Come with me, come in me, I want to feel your hard cock twitch and shoot into my wet pussy.”

In her extremely horny state, Celia often reverted to dirty talk, and Alby had always said this was a huge turn on.

Within a half minute of her speaking, Celia felt her legs begin to shake, more and more, until, like a wave she felt her orgasm roll in, stronger and stronger it came, until her legs felt like they would give way, and she began to feel dizzy.

At that point her man had begun to come, shooting jets of hot sperm deep into her clenching tunnel. She turned around, with him still buried in her and kissed him slowly on the lips, enjoying the taste and feeling of his tongue.

Just then, with him still in her, she had heard the voice behind them.

“Yeah, I know, but Stef is looking after the kids tonight, and I promised I’ d work all day tomorrow as well.”

Still in the dark shadows of the alley, they peered across to the source of the sound.

A policeman was walking along the other side of the narrow path, talking into a mobile phone and staring straight ahead.

They listened to his footfalls fade into the distance.

When the policeman had gone, Celia, in between shallow breaths, said it was the sexiest moment she’d ever had, almost getting caught having sex in public by a policeman.

Alby had got hard whilst the policeman walked away from them, and had slowly started moving his penis in and out of Celia’s still wet hole, lightly fingering her clitoris.

She felt herself shudder again as another orgasm took hold.

Now in the rock pool, in the middle of nowhere, Celia was fucking herself. One leg thrown on the lip of the pool, the other resting on the bottom, she was thrusting 3 fingers in and out, at a rate so fast they seemed to blur.

Another hand was still alternating between breast and clitoris.

Either way, what Celia was doing was working, and as she opened her eyes again, she imagined Alby’s strong cock pounding her pussy, fucking her as hard as he could. She imagined his strong pecs, his smooth and toned ass, and his muscular arms, and his cock.

She felt her orgasm build, higher and more intense than any she had felt ever before. It rose and rose, and her leg, still propped on the lip, began to shake uncontrollably.

Sighs began to escape her lips, coming from a part of her she hadn’t heard in so long. They turned into high, pleading, needy peals, echoing across the rocks and the water.

She groaned, an animalistic groan, as she felt the wave break, crashing through her body, racking her body with spasms that sent large ripples across the pool she stood in.

She felt the juices soak her fingers. Her juices. They dripped down her legs and she felt the overwhelming urge to scream in pleasure.

She stood there, still quivering, imagining Alby, and feeling the orgasm recede slowly, for a minute, luxuriating in the afterglow.

She decided then and there, that the tropical outdoors and a willing lover, would be the ultimate fantasy to fulfill.

And so, on that hot summer day, Celia began the hunt for her willing lover.


Celia wandered along the rocky coastline to where a small path ran up to the cliff top. She arrived there just in time to see an old white land rover making its way along the loose gravel that ran out to the edge of the cliffs.

Through the faint cloud of dust she heard the sound of a door squeak open as the chatter of the radio and engine died.

A pair of tanned legs became visible in the settling dust, leading up to a well built chest and a strong neck. The parts were clothed in worn khaki, making him look like an explorer, Celia thought. On top of it all was a stubbly, strong jaw, a set of smouldering dark eyes and a crop of scruffy brown hair.

“Gday Celia, how was the water?” Jackson asked, his voice carrying easily over the 20 or so metres between his car and Celia.

Startled, Celia stuttered “Did you see me?” then paused for a second, looking at the towel around her trim frame and feeling the water dripping from her hair.

Recovering, she said that the swim had been refreshing, if a little lonely, and that it was a beautiful day to be out and about in sunny Springbeach. She gave him a sly, slightly suggestive smile, inviting, or even daring Jackson to bite.

He never did.

In the three or so weeks since she had been in town, Jackson had been the most elusive of the people she had met. They had bumped into each other after she had hopped off the bus and was taking shelter from the summer heat in a cool bar, near the bahis şirketleri main street.

He had seemed friendly and curious, but there was always something bubbling under those sultry eyes that left a lot to the imagination.

“I thought I might find you up here- I just wanted to tell you- there’s supposed to be a big storm blowing in- though you wouldn’t believe it now would you?” Jackson quizzed sardonically, pointing at the blue sky lit up above them.

“Well knowing Australian summers, who can ever be sure?” Celia questioned back.

It was true though, the boiling hot temperatures combined with the humidity of the coast created a volatile weather cocktail that could be ignited within a few short hours, given the right conditions.

It seemed today would be one of those days.

Having walked to the point, Celia answered that she was just about to start walking home anyway, but thanked him for taking the time to tell her about the forecast. It wasn’t like he had come just to see her- out here, such a dramatic meteorological change over such a short time could be disastrous for anyone in the water.

As soon as she began wondering how he knew she was even out here, she realised straight away- Eve from the Post Office would have told Jackson- she was always angling for a way to get the two together, though Jackson always seemed distant when they were.

“Do you want a lift then city girl, or are you trying to get fitter than you already are?” Jackson’s smart banter caught Celia off-guard- he’d never been so flirtatious.

“I suppose a lift won’t hurt,” she answered, “as long as it’s not out of your way that is.”

He just smiled and opened the passenger side door.


The pot-hole bit into the tire, chewing up the rubber like wet paper. Jackson felt the truck veer to the right, and fought to control the slide in the loose gravel.


The sound of the radiator cracking, and the leaking of engine fluid onto the rock beneath the car came just after the large tree trunk raced into their vision at the front of the truck.


The rain caught them off guard.

As they walked into town, the telltale crack of thunder overhead was the cue for the torrential downpour to begin. Still too far away from either of their places for shelter, a quick decision was needed.

In the process of running the 200 metres down the street, both went from dry and hot to soaked to the bone, feeling their clothes stick to their skin as the warm deluge pounded down. Their skin glistened and feet slapped as the running continued.

Pausing for a breath, Celia looked at the heaving chest of the man next to her, wondering what their next move would be.

At that very moment, Jackson grabbed Celia’s hand firmly and led her off the street and into the surf life saving club.

Jackson grinned, fished in his pocket and pulled out a key.

Celia looked up at him questioningly.

He just grinned his cheeky grin and said “Been a lifesaver for 13 years now- they give you a key after that much time…as long as you don’t cause too much trouble that they find out about” and with another mischievous grin, slipped the key in the lock and opened the door.

Inside he led her down the hallway and started talking.

“You’ll need to get those wet clothes off and get under a shower- if you stay in them too long you you’ll get a cold, and we can’t have Celia getting sick can we?” he gave her a wink.

He continued on “The showers are just down the hall, second door on your left.”

He handed her a towel from a cupboard and she walked down, and opened the door.

Celia walked into a huge shower area- with about 14 different shower nozzles aiming out into the tiles.

There were no stalls, just a large open area. She guessed it was the female room she was in.

Remembering her man mission, she started seriously thinking about Jackson. The way he looked at her made her tingle, his dark eyes felt like they warmed her just by looking in her direction. His strong chest, always straining beneath his torn shirt made her think of Alby, and his powerful nature. The thoughts were once again circling back to the touch of flesh on flesh, making her mind wander.

Somewhere nearby, she heard a shower switch on. She opened her eyes, terrified she would find Jackson standing in the same room showering, staring at her naked body under the pulsing jets.

She found the room empty, and a part of her was disappointed.

She would’ve secretly loved to open her eyes and see him there in all his rugged glory, hard and firm and lustful.

She wanted to find him now, as these thoughts multiplied, running circles around her brain until all she felt was a wave of desire growing stronger by the second.

She decided that she would make a move towards her goal, and that Jackson was as good an option as any.

Still naked and glistening from the warm shower, she walked into the hallway, feeling the cool tiles kiss her underfoot and shivering involuntarily.

She guessed where he would be.

Sure enough, behind the first doorway she had walked past on the way to her shower, she heard the rumble of jets hitting the floor, and hopefully Jackson.

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