Waterfall Adventure

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It was a hot summer and the weatherman did not forecast a break from the heat in the near future. Rick and Carol decided to get away from the heat and the hustle and bustle of the city for the weekend. Their decision to go camping in the mountains was unanimous. Rick had told Carol about a campground where they could view beautiful scenery and a waterfall.

Carol envisioned standing under the waterfall as stood in front of the mirror. “Not bad for a lady my age” she thought to herself. Her hands touched her breasts and slowly roamed over her nipples. She pinched the nipples and watched as they hardened under her touch. Her eyes closed as she thought about Rick touching and kissing her breasts. She imagined they were under a waterfall and his hands were exploring her body. One hand remained on her breasts while the other slowly trailed downward across her stomach to the top of her mound. Her fingers moved up and down her trimmed mound, then gently pushing inside. A small gasp escaped her lips when her fingers made contact with her clit. She rubbed gently against the little nub feeling it get harder. Her daydream seemed to come alive as she touched her body. Carol thought about how much she liked Rick touching and kissing her body. She felt her juices on her fingertips as she continued rub her jewel. Her body began to sway as her mind imagined the two of them making love. Opening her eyes she noticed the clock on the wall. “Damn I’ve got to get ready. Rick will be here in a few minutes,” she thought. She hated to leave her fantasy but she knew that the real thing would be much more fun. Carol decided on a white tank top, white bikini panties, jean shorts and sandals. Her nipples were still hard as she surveyed herself in the mirror. “I’m so horny I could jump his bones in the car,” she thought to herself smiling and laughing.

Rick decided to wear jeans and a blue T-shirt along with sandals for the ride to the mountains. As he drove to her apartment, he thought about making love to Carol this weekend. He pictured holding her close as they stood in the pool by the waterfall. His hands roaming over her skin as hers did the same to him. Rick’s cock twitched a little as he imagined her hands slowly stroking his cock. His hand fell into his lap and rubbed his cock through his jeans as the image of making love sharpened in his brain. He thought of his lips on hers, then trailing downward to her breasts gently nibbling on her nipples. He could almost feel her insistent tugging on his cock as he kissed her soft skin. “It’s been awhile since I felt her body. I can’t wait until we get to the mountains,” Rick thought as his daydream continued. His cock strained against his shorts wanting to break free of its constraints. He was brought back to reality when he turned the corner and saw Carol standing outside waiting for him.

Rick smiled to himself when he saw Carol. I’d love to make love to her right now” he thought as he drove up to her. Carol was standing by the front entrance. Her sunglasses hid those deep penetrating green eyes but not the smile on her cheeks. The jeans hugged her hips as if they were molded on her. Rick’s cock twitched again as he watched her approach the truck. He could see she was not wearing a bra by the way her breasts bounced with each step. They embraced and each of them sensed urgency in the other’s embrace. Kissing slowly and deeply, their bodies touched together. The kiss was soft, warm and then more insistent. Carol’s tongue pierced his lips searching for his tongue. His tongue responded, pushing against hers softly at first, then with more force. They both were still thinking of their daydreams when they regretfully broke their kiss. Both of them wanting more now but also knowing that there would be plenty of time for kissing, hugging, and other sexual adventures this weekend.

The late Friday morning sky was picture perfect as they headed out of the city. The deep blue sky and bright sunshine put them both in good spirits. In the distance the outline of the majestic mountains with their peaks reaching toward the heavens could be seen. They had left early to beat the afternoon rush hour traffic and now were speeding along the highway. Turning the radio dial to their favorite station, they sang with their favorite recording artists, trying to imitate each artist’s style as the song blasted from the radio. Glancing over, Rick watched Carol’s breasts rise and fall as she belted out tune after tune. She had the better voice and it was pure pleasure to listen as the words rolled off her tongue. Carol was an aspiring singer and was hoping for the chance to sing with one of the local bands. Rick had watched her singing at a local club and the two of them fell for each other that night. They had made love until the wee hours of the morning, pleasuring each other’s bodies.

Rick’s mind drifted off as the music and her singing fell into the background. He started daydreaming again about Carol’s soft body wiggling under his as his cock slowly penetrated her moist treasure spot. Her breasts moving back and forth with each thrust. His lips descending upon and capturing one nipple and then the other. Kissing and licking güvenilir bahis around each nipple until it was hard and standing straight up. Rick’s cock started to grow again, as he was lost in his own world of pleasure. Carol had noticed Rick’s sudden quietness and noticed a bulge in his pants. She smiled to herself and put her hand on his thigh bringing Rick back to reality.

“Rick what are you thinking about” she asked with a sly smile.

Rick knew instantly that he had been caught in his sexual daydream. Deciding it was useless to try and lie, he smiled broadly. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had sex and I was daydreaming about kissing your warm tender body as you lay under me,” Rick said trying to will his growing hardness down.

“It looks like your doing a good job,” she said reaching her hand into his lap and rubbing the semi-hard cock. Rick heard her whisper in a low and sultry voice “Am I doing a good job in your daydream? Are you shoving that gorgeous cock deep into my pussy or am I sucking it deep into my mouth? I love the feel of it in both places.” Her words only added fuel to the fire of his desire. Carol’s body moved closer to his, her hand slowly rubbing up and down his hard cock. Laying her head on Rick’s shoulder, he could feel her tits rub against his arm, bringing a low moan from her lips.

Carol felt her body come alive again as she slowly stroked Rick’s cock. She could feel her juices starting to flow … her breathing quickening with desire. Carol rubbed her breasts against his arm a bit harder, feeling the tingling sensation in her breasts as her nipples hardened. Rubbing his cock harder, Carol whispered again in Rick’s ear. “Do you like me playing and squeezing your cock? I bet you’d like to feel my hot mouth on your hard cock right now, wouldn’t you? Would you like to feel my soft lips and tongue running up and down your hard cock?” It seemed almost too much for Rick to bear between keeping his eyes on the road and stopping from squirming under Carol’s light touch. “Oh baby, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum in your hand” Rick whispered hoarsely, trying to maintain his composure. “Mmm that sounds like a wonderful idea Rick. Why don’t I rub your sweet cock some more and then maybe I’ll let you play with my pussy” Carol whispered with a wicked grin on her face. “Put the cruise control on and lift your leg over mine so I can have better access to your cock” she said. Rick was glad that he had bench seats in his truck and smiled as he obeyed her request. Slipping his right leg over hers and putting his arm on the back of the seat he thought, “at least I can hit the brake if I lose control”.

Carol had an excellent view of his muscular lower body with his right leg in her lap. Her right hand rubbed gently over the covered cock and then slowly made it’s way up to Rick’s belt. Undoing his belt buckle and top button, she pulled the zipper down. Carol’s hand slid back along the opening in his pants and then pushed inside feeling the soft material of his underwear. Pushing lower, her hand felt his bulge. Grabbing his stiff cock in her hand brought a low moan from Rick’s lips. Carol loved to touch and tease Rick’s cock during lovemaking. She liked the way it always responded to her touch.

His one hand grabbed the steering wheel harder making his fingers go white as he felt sweet sensations course through his body. Looking down, he watched Carol’s hand moving slowly up and down his covered hard shaft. “You’d better keep your eyes on the road” Carol laughed. “We don’t want to get into a wreck now do we?” Rick forced his eyes to go back to the road and the only answer he could give was a low moan of pleasure. He could feel his body begin to perspire from Carol’s onslaught. Rubbing faster and then slower, she had him on the brink of orgasm. Rick felt the soft material of his underwear rubbing against his aching cock. Each movement of Carol’s hand brought new sensations to his throbbing cock. Her hand moved lower and grabbed his swollen balls. Rick’s head rocked back and forth as Carol’s fingers squeezed his balls and then slowly stroked his cock. “How much more of this can I take?” Rick thought. His mind was lost in pleasure and his concentration on driving greatly diminished. Carol’s breathing became more labored too as she felt desire rising in her body. She began to squirm slightly as she continued her cock massage. Thoughts of feeling his hard cock deep in her pussy made her wetter.

Leaning close to his ear, Carol whispered, “Oh baby your cock feels so good. I want to see your cock throbbing in my hand. I want you to cum in my hand … I want to see your hot sperm shoot out all over the place”. Rick again tried to reply but found thinking and talking difficult as he tried to concentrate on driving and the sensations in his cock. “Oh yea baby, play with my hard cock. Your hand feels so fucking good” was all he could mutter. Carol wanted to see Rick’s cock sliding through her fingers. She pulled his underwear to one side, exposing his cock. It stood straight out inviting Carol to wrap her fingers around its thick hardness. Rick loved it when Carol stroked his cock to orgasm. She always talked about türkçe bahis watching him cum and her words brought him to an intense orgasm. This time was no different as her words and hand continued to push him over the top.

Rick’s hips and ass began rise and fall as Carol’s hand sped up. His left foot pushed against the floorboard trying to push harder against her hand. It was becoming increasingly difficult for him to drive. Luckily the traffic was light and the road relatively straight. There was no way he could keep control of the car on a winding mountain road. The sensations became unbearable as his balls tightened the closer he reached the summit of his orgasm. Breathing harder, he barely whispered “Ahh stroke me harder baby I’m almost there now … ohh fuck baby … harder … oh yea that’s it make my cock throb and cum … oh yea I’m so close baby”. Carol’s hand gripped his cock harder. She licked her lips, wanting to taste his cock. Plunging up and down, she leaned closer and watched with fascination as his cock began to throb. Carol loved to watch his cock shoot its jism and enjoyed cleaning up afterwards with her mouth. Rick began gasping for breath as his orgasm hit full force. “Ohh fuck baby I’m cumming … keep stroking my hard cock,” he yelled over the music as he fought to control the car. He looked long enough to see his cock throbbing in her hand as the first shots of jism erupted. His hips rocked involuntarily as another load shot forth. Carol’s hand, now coated with his sperm, squeezed tighter as she milked his cock dry. The hot sensations in Rick’s cock were replaced by the feeling of his sperm being rubbed into its skin by her hand. She continued to rub his cock until it slowly began to subside. “That was absolutely wonderful,” Rick said feeling more relaxed. “Now it’s your turn” Rick said as he rubbed Carol’s thigh. Carol was only more than willing to oblige him. Her desire had mounted as she stroked his cock and now her panties were wet with her juices.

Turning slightly away, she opened her thighs inviting him to touch her. Rick quickly put his leg back on his side so as to give Carol more room to spread out. His hand slid along her thighs coming to rest at the junction of her legs. He could feel a damp spot on her jeans when his finger pressed against her mound. Carol moaned from the increased pressure on her mound area. She liked it when Rick slid his fingers slowly over her mound. It always made her wet and horny and besides she knew Rick liked to touch her pussy, running his fingers up and down her slippery channel. He could feel her breasts pushing against his arm as he applied more pressure to her mound area. His hand moved higher to the button at the top of her jeans. Undoing the button, his hand slid inside feeling her soft silky panties. Carol’s hands helped by unzipping her jeans and giving him easier, better access. His hand wandered over the silky material and felt a damper area larger than the one he found on the outside of her jeans. Carol took a sharp breath of air as his hand made contact with her mound. Her hands clasped onto his arm holding it tight against her. Carol’s thighs tightened around Rick’s hand as her pelvis pushed against it. She had gotten herself pretty horny playing with herself earlier and then his cock. Now all she could think about was the ache deep inside her pussy.

“I take it you like my fingers on your pussy the way your squirming. Do you want me to fuck your hot pussy with my fingers?” Rick mused knowing that the tables were now turned. Carol was fidgeting as Rick had done earlier. He knew she was very horny and he also knew she liked to have her pussy played with until she came. “Ohh honey I want to feel your fingers deep in my cunt fucking my hot pussy” Carol responded tightening her grip on his arm. Teasing her a little, Rick thought he’d give her a bit of her own treatment. “I bet you’d like to feel my hard tongue sliding along your pussy lips. Pushing against your opening and then slipping deep into your hot wet pussy. Wouldn’t you Carol?” Carol moaned at his words and Rick did not wait for her answer as he continued. “You like me licking and sucking your hard clit too, don’t you baby? Sucking it into my mouth and then nibbling on it while you cum on my face”. “Ahh baby your making me so fucking horny I want to cum all over your fingers” was all Carol could mutter as her desire began to soar.

Rick’s hands moved up and under her wet panties. His hands and fingers made a beeline for her warm moist mound. Running through her well-trimmed pubic hairs, his fingers found her slick with juices. His fingers found her clit, beginning a slow rotating motion around and over it. Carol’s moans of delight emitted from her lips. She always liked to have her clit played with especially when it was slow and demanding. Rick’s fingers pressed harder against her nub bringing another round of moans. Carol’s thoughts began to run together as her desire mounted. She could hear music in the background but the music of an orgasm began to play louder in her head. His fingers left her clit and roamed downward until they were at the entrance of her pleasure spot. As Rick’s finger slid güvenilir bahis siteleri into the entrance, Carol grabbed his arm tighter and pushed her hips against his hand. Rick felt his finger being enveloped by her warm pussy the further he pushed it in. He started a slow in and out motion, thrusting it deep inside her and then pulling it out to the very entrance. Every few strokes Rick would pull out of her pussy and slide his fingers along her slit to recapture her clit. Carol’s moans of pleasure filled the car. She could feel the ache in her body mounting. Her hips moved faster and harder against his fingers trying to satisfy the passion deep inside.

“Ohhh baby fuck my hot pussy harder” she called out. Carol’s body and mind were now working as one trying to satisfy the burning desire. Grabbing onto Rick’s arm, she began fucking his fingers faster and with more fury. Rick looked over for brief glances to see her fucking his fingers. “This is insane,” he thought to himself “trying to drive and finger fuck my honey at the same time”. But she was too far-gone now and there would be no stopping her pending orgasm. “Come on baby fuck my fingers. I want to feel your hot juices on my fingers. That’s it baby fuck them deeper” Rick called out. Rick’s words and fingers were taking Carol higher and higher. Moaning, she felt the first wave of orgasm about to engulf her. Eyes closed, she started thrusting her hips in short jabs on his fingers. Her vaginal muscles squeezed against his fingers trying to keep them locked inside. Carol’s short choppy breathing signaled the onset of her orgasm. “Ohhh baby I’m going to cum all over your fingers” she shouted as her orgasm hit. Carol could feel the heat being released from her body as she was hit by wave after wave. Rick tried to keep his eyes on the road but he couldn’t help but look over at Carol as he felt her wiggling against his fingers and arm. Rick felt her warm juices coat his fingers. Her pussy had become very slippery as she continued to rub against his hand. As her orgasm ebbed, Carol’s body relaxed. Leaning her head back she said “oh baby that was great. I’ve been wanting to feel you for a long time”. Looking over at Carol, Rick replied “That was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend so we can touch and kiss each other’s bodies all over”.

The miles had gone by quickly because of their little sexual release game. Rick commented that they were almost to their exit. Both Rick and Carol proceeded to straighten their clothes as they pulled off the interstate. The drive into the mountains from the interstate was a winding two-lane road. After driving for some time, they pulled into the park campgrounds. The wilderness camping area is located deep in the forest away from the RV and trailer campers. It is not uncommon for campers not see another camper all weekend. Rick had camped here a few years back and requested a particular campsite located at the far end of the camp. The road leading into the campground area was narrow with two dirt-rutted lanes for the wheels. He was glad that he had his four-wheel drive vehicle because sometimes the roads were nearly impassable. They passed a few campers who had decided to camp near the road. Rick had thought of these types of campers as having no sense of adventure. If you were planning to camp in the wilderness, then the farther away from civilization and other humans the better. Carol remembered pleasant memories as she looked at the forest foliage passing by. It reminded her of her camping days with her family. They loved to take off on weekends and camp in the wilderness. She loved the outdoors and smell of the fresh unpolluted air. That was also one of the things that attracted her to Rick. They both loved to hike and take in all the beauty of mother nature. It also helped that they both liked to make love under the stars with a slow burning fire illuminating their bodies. Finally reaching the end of the narrow road, Rick pulled off into a small clearing.

They unpacked their camping gear and headed into the woods. He had found this spot a few years back when he had camped with some friends. They had returned to the area every year to get away from the city smog, enjoy nature, and fish the streams for trout. None of the guys had brought their girlfriends on these camping weekends, which were spent drinking and telling tall stories around the campfire. Carol had asked about the area and why it was so special to the guys. So Rick decided to bring her and show her. They walked deeper into the woods on the narrow path until they came to a small opening that showed evidence of past campers. The campfire area was blackened from the many fires burnt in the past. Around the perimeter of the area, the grass was matted down from previous campers. Carol saw a path that continued to lead away from the area and asked “Where does that path lead to Rick?” “A short distance from here is a bluff overlooking a gorge. We can take a walk after we set up camp” he replied. They busied themselves putting up the tent and arranging the camp. The heat of the summer made them sweat as they went about their tasks. When they had finished putting the camp together, Carol commented about how hot and sweaty she was. “It sure would be nice to take a shower” she commented. “I know just the place,” Rick said. Taking her by the hand they walked down the path Carol had questioned about earlier.

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