We Have All Weekend Pt. 01

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In my hotel room in DC, I pace in front of the bed in a Star Wars T-shirt and jeans, continuing to glance at the door. When my cellphone dings, I nearly run to the table and check my text. It only has two words. “I’m here.” I smile and a second later there’s a knock at the door and my heart beats so fast I think I’m going to have a heart attack. After months of teasing, pictures, videos and calls, I’m finally meeting you in person.

I walk over and open the door. When I see you, my breath catches. You look me up and down, say Hi, and we smile at each other. I say “Hey, come on in”, as I’m opening the door further. Instead you walk right up to me, grabbing my hips and kiss me. I let go of the door and you back me up against the wall. I’m kissing you back, and open my mouth. You immediately push your tongue in. My hands are in your hair now, softly sucking your tongue. You move closer, your body touching mine and shift your hands from my hips to my ass, grabbing hard then rubbing.

Both of us are breathing hard by now. I wrap my leg around your hip and hold you against me before rotating my hips and grinding against your cock. You groan into my mouth and start grinding too, pulling my ass, trying to get closer. I move my hands down to your shirt and pull it up and over your head. You toss it aside and go for my neck, biting, sucking and licking, knowing it will drive me crazy. I instantly start moaning, rubbing my hands over your body and grinding harder, feeling your cock getting harder. You touch my waist under my shirt, and rub up my ribs, and find out there’s so bra. You pull away from my neck and my shirt joins yours on the floor.

Kissing down my neck, you go to my right nipple and lick lightly a few times before latching on with your lips, sucking hard, making me call out putting my hands back in your hair. Your hand is massaging my other breast and pinching the nipple, driving me crazy. I’m more wet than I’ve been in my life already and bahis firmaları we’re just getting started. You alternate between my tits, going hard then soft, sucking and biting, taking your time. My body is so hot and turned on, I’m basically fucking you with my clothes still on. Finally I start begging, asking you to fuck me. You pause, looking me in the eyes and say “I’ve been waiting months for you, and we have all weekend.”

I kiss you hard and you take me away from the wall and over to the bed. You push me down, and unbutton my jeans kissing my stomach. As you pull them down off of my ass, you see my blue thong, and just how wet I am. I’m soaked through my panties and all over my jeans. I sit up and unbutton your jeans and pull them off with your boxers. You’re so hard with pre-cum already dripping. I can’t wait anymore and get you to stand between my thighs, I grip your cock at the base, and take the head of your dick in my mouth, finally tasting you, groaning.

I swirl my tongue around, looking up at you the whole time. I start sucking and moving farther down. You tangle your fingers in my hair and pull it back so you can watch your cock disappearing into my mouth. I move faster, deeper, until I feel the head in the back of my throat. I bob my head, licking around the head when I pull off, before pushing you all the way back in. I get you into my throat and moan and make swallowing motions on your cock. I see your mouth open, groaning, watching me every second, and guiding my head to the speed you like. It’s such a turn on, I start rubbing my clit, moaning more. You see this and pull out of my mouth, grabbing my hand from my pussy and pushing me to the bed with my hands pinned above me. You ask me, “Who said you could touch yourself, bad girl”.

I swallow and try to look guilty, when really I’m even more excited. You tell me, “I’ll have to punish you for that, so no cumming until I say so. And keep your hands up there.” I groan and my hips kaçak iddaa are still moving against you.

You bite, lick and suck your way down my neck, chest, breasts, and stomach. I nearly grab your hair a couple times before remembering what you said about my hands. I have my legs spread wide, breathing fast, waiting. But you skip my pussy and go to my thighs. After teasing me for what seems like forever, you finally pull my thong to the side, and lick my cunt, tasting me, and getting your tongue deep, sucking my juices, and making my eyes roll up in my head and moaning.

You spend a little time doing this before I feel you moving up to my clit. You spread my lips open, and suck lightly on my clit, then lick slowly up and down. I’m grabbing the bed sheet and begging you to go faster, but you don’t. You keep teasing, going slowly. Then I feel two of your fingers start to enter my cunt, and my hips buck faster. Your fingers go to work, pumping in and out of my wet pussy, rubbing all the right spots and stretching me out, to get me ready for fucking, since I’m so tight. You flick your tongue faster and three times I yell that I’m going to cum, but every time you stop before I do, making me more frustrated and begging.

On the fourth time, you bring me to the edge, and I can tell my orgasm is going to be huge. I beg, “Please! Please, let me cum! I need it, please! I’m so close, please!” This time you pull away just long enough to tell me, “Cum hard, now.” The second your mouth is on my clit you flick your tongue twice and push your fingers in me deep, and I scream, “Oh god, I’m cumming!” I grab your head to keep you in place, my legs shaking, yelling over and over. And you feel me cumming. Your fingers get gripped hard, my juices running down your hand, and you keep going with your tongue, letting my orgasm stretch out longer. My hips are grinding against your face, then my legs close around your head. I try to push your head away, when I’ve had too kaçak bahis much but you don’t let me. I’m yelling, “Ah fuck, too much! Ah, please…”

You finally let me go and I lie on the bed, breathing like I just ran a marathon, eyes staring at the ceiling, legs and stomach muscles still twitching. You pull out your fingers and your hand is covered in my juices. You lick some off before pushing your fingers in my mouth, making me suck them clean. By now you’re hard as a rock and not looking to tease anymore. You pull me up to sitting and kiss me deep. You pull away, and tell me, “Bad girl. You weren’t supposed to move your hands.”

Without warning you flip me onto my stomach, pull one of my knees up on the bed with the other foot on the floor, pushing my chest to the bed, ass high in the air. Before I can say anything, you thrust your cock into my soaking, hot, tight cunt, more than halfway, making me moan loud. You grab my hips and start fucking me hard and deep, slapping my ass. You hear me yelling in pleasure and it makes you move faster. You hear your balls slapping against me, and feel yourself getting deeper. You’re close to cumming after all the teasing, and drive your cock deep, going faster yet.

I’m shifting my hips, getting you deeper, and fucking you back, screaming into the bed, and I’m so close to cumming too. Finally you thrust hard and I explode in an orgasm. I’m up on my hands, arms straight, back arched, head thrown back and scream your name. And you can feel it. My already wet cunt drips and clamps down on you so hard, you can’t move for a second.

When I come up off the bed, you lean forward, wrap your arms around me, and pull my back against your chest, holding me tight as I cum, still fucking me hard. I reach behind me and put my fingers in your hair and beg you loudly, “Please cum.. I want your cum inside me! Please..” And you do. You pull me tighter to you, and go deep and hold there when I hear you groan, and thrust hard, deep and slow. I feel your cock spraying cum inside me over and over, and it feels amazing. Neither of us can stand after that, so we fall onto the bed with you still buried inside me until we catch our breath.

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