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This is the second story of Jeff and Megan. Please read “Their Best Valentines Day Ever” first. Thanks and enjoy.

* * * * *


Jeff and Megan weren’t supposed to see each other again until Friday night. Fate however brought them together sooner. The two had been talking through email as they usually do throughout the day.

Their email conversation though quickly became more and more erotic. Reliving the events of Valentines Day and what they didn’t get to do. Jeff much bolder and telling Megan what he wanted to do to her right now.

Tuesday flew by with Megan having trouble paying attention to her work. The emails she was getting from Jeff were so powerful and vivid she regretted not wearing panties to work. Even more so enticing Jeff with telling him she wore none. The emails he was sending her had her mind racing with fantasies. Each new email caused her to grow wetter and wetter. As she walked down the hall she could feel her lips squishing together. She even thought she could hear the sounds, hopping no one else did!

The day finally coming to an end Megan said goodbye to Jeff and that she was looking forward to Friday night.

Upon returning home she went straight upstairs and unlocked her safe containing her relief. Jeff had bought her the safe to hold all their new toys they had accumulated. Megan selected what she new would to the job the quickest, a silver bullet.

Megan didn’t even bother to undress. Pulling her skirt up to her waist she quickly found out just how wet she was. She was drenched, her inner thighs covered with juices. She quickly brought the bullet in contact with her protruding clit.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmmm……

Yes, that was the spot, the vibrations sent shockwaves through her body. Now her other hand quickly lifted her shirt and slipped a hand inside her bra. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Quickly grasping a nipple between her fingers rolling it back and forth with just a little pressure.

The bullet now turned to max speed. Making little circles around her clit she was fast approaching orgasm. Her mind raced remembering the emails Jeff had sent. Imagining it was his talented tongue on her clit and his fingers delving into her soaked pussy.

Ahhhhhh that was all she could take. Her body started shaking and her moans escaped her lips. She was there, no she was beyond there. Her cum poured out of her gaping pussy lips soaking the comforter. Wishing Jeff was there to continue his lapping and sucking of her juices.


Upon arriving at work Jeff was still worked up from yesterday. He had decided to hold off from masturbating in güvenilir bahis hopes of making it to Friday. Those hopes would come to an end shortly.

Jeff and Megan began chatting about their nights. Megan told Jeff about her extracurricular activities, getting Jeff’s engines back to full blast. Megan not knowing Jeff hadn’t taken care of himself she decided to give him some vivid details.

Immediately Jeff felt his cock starting to grow. Visualizing Megan playing with herself in bed, stroking her slit, spreading her inner lips exposing her clit . He could see every detail in his mind.

It was too much for Jeff. He had to have her, today, he couldn’t wait for Friday!

Jeff told Megan he had to run see a customer this morning and would talk to her later this afternoon. Megan a little disappointed, but knowing he would return later.

The day went on for Megan like any other day. She left the office around 11 to go home and let her new puppy out. She had only been home about thirty minutes when Jeff called.

She asked what he was doing and he said he was coming to see her. She laughed it off knowing he wasn’t serious. They had talked about having a nooner before, but she knew he was just teasing her. Being mean at that.

Jeff lied too, and said he was just teasing. Conversation carried on for another minute till Jeff abruptly asked her “come open the door.”

“What, your not serious are you?”

Then she heard the sound of a key hitting the front door. Shocked and happy at the same time she saw Jeff walking through it. What are you doing here she asked. Knowing the answer as soon as Jeff hands went around her.

Megan was trying to finish up lunch when he walked in. Jeff wanted some lunch too. The kind that gave him such wonderful juices from her fountain of love. Jeff dropped down to his knees right in the kitchen. Spreading her legs and find no panties once again. His cock, rock hard instantly, straining against his slacks to burst free.

Megan resisted saying she couldn’t do this right now and didn’t have time. Jeff would hear nothing of it, and quickly picked her up with both arms. Their eyes meeting and smiles exchanged, he started carrying her upstairs.

Upon reaching her bedroom he laid her on the bed. Damn she looked so sexy. With a long skirt on, knee high black leather boots, and a plunging v-neck top. He quickly unzipped her skirt and helped her out of her top and bra.

The boots were staying on!

Jeff quickly shed his own clothes and climbed on the bed with her. Their bodies pressed together side by side. The feel of her skin against his, and the unmistakable feel of the leather türkçe bahis on his legs.

His hands roamed her body gliding up her legs over her flat stomach. Tracing circles around her belly button, before reaching her magnificent breasts. Her nipples instantly becoming hard from his touch. He gently rolled a nipple between his finger pads. Watching it grow harder and harder, just like his cock.

Megan’s hand had reached down and was slowly stroking his man hood. Feeling the precum lube her palm up as it effortlessly glided through her hand.

Megan was the first to speak. “Jeff I would love to make passionate love to you, but we don’t have time for that now.”

With that said Jeff hurriedly made his way to her mound. Spreading her legs he spied his target. Her pussy was well lubricated already. Glistening with her juices. He carefully started tracing his tongue up and down the outer lips. Careful not to touch her inner lips or clit yet.

Megan grabbed his head and ran her hands through his hair pushing him to her sex. Needing his tongue inside her. Jeff quickly got the point as his tongue penetrated her lips. Lapping up the thick juice that had pooled at her opening. Savoring the taste that he loved so much.

Jeff knew she liked it slow, but not having the time he quickly used his talents and past times with her to bring her to the edge of orgasm. Her legs had clamped down on his head, and her hands holding him firmly in place. His mouth clamped down on her clit sucking as hard as he could, with his tongue flicking back and forth massaging her button.

Next he slipped a finger inside of her. She was so tight and wet. Quickly moving his finger in and out. That’s all it took. Megan burst into orgasm.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss that’s it Jeff.

Her body bucking at the release her man was giving her. Her juices flooded his mouth and face almost suffocating him. That was fine by him. He liked the pressure her legs put on his head. Feeling him being sucked into the place he loved so much.

Knowing they had taken too much time already Jeff pried his head loose and quickly made his way up her body. Taking enough time to kiss his way up, stopping at her belly button before licking a long steady course between her breasts and up to her neck. Having the response he had hoped for Megan let out a long moan.

Megan quickly reached between his legs finding his cock. Taking it in her hand she massaged it over her slit. Coating the head in her juices and rubbing it over her clit one last time. Next placing it outside her dripping hole, releasing it from her grasp.

Jeff new it was time. He slowly pushed it güvenilir bahis siteleri into her waiting body. Feeling the muscles sucking him further in, gripping every inch of his man hood. His cock pushed till he couldn’t go any further. Bottoming out he knew he was there.

Jeff continued licking and sucking on her neck. Being sure not to leave any hickeys, though he wanted to. Pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. Both lovers moaning in unison.

Ahhh Megan you feel so good. Your pussy is milking me for all I’ve got. And I’m gonna give it to you shortly. More than you can handle.

Jeff’s pace quickened. Reaching around and underneath her grabbing onto her sexy ass. Pumping away, their bodies slapping together. The squishing sounds her pussy made as he withdrew only to slam back into her.

Jeff was almost there. Megan a little off Jeff could tell but he knew what would get her there. He quickly took a finger and traced it around her lower pussy opening and his cock. Getting enough lube on it, he brought it down to her tight rosebud.

Applying the lube to her puckered asshole, he slowly pushed his finger in to the first knuckle. Megan feeling the pressure and the much wanted invasion pushed her ass down onto his finger. Megan enjoyed a little anal play, and anal sex occasionally, but that’s another story.

That was it for the both of them. Jeff feeling his cock being squeezed tighter and tighter, along with his finger. Megan feeling filled to the brink. Both of their orgasms happened simultaneously. Jeff’s cum exploded deep inside her filling her womb to the brink. Only to be pushed right back out by her cum flowing from deep within her.

Jeff continued to pump his cock in and out of her slowly. Megan’s body still shaking from the massive orgasm. Her juicy pussy still milking Jeff’s cock. Her breath was slowly returning to normal as was Jeff’s. Finally Jeff collapsed on top of her. Megan holding him tightly as their orgasms subsided. A minute later Jeff’s cock and finger were released from Megan’s vise like grip. His cock coming out with a pop, followed by their mixed juices flowing freely from her satisfied pussy.

Megan looked over at the clock realizing she was already 20 minutes over her lunch hour. Pushing Jeff off of her she quickly got up. Jeff had only a second to take her in before she got up. The sight was unforgettable. Her knee high boots still on, and their juices pooled up beneath her pussy. God he was getting hard again.

Megan noticed as she was getting ready and saw the look in his eyes. As much as she wanted to continue she had to get back to work.

“We’ll finish this up Friday baby, I promise.”

Jeff knew she was a woman of her word, and quickly dressed himself. Pushing his now semi erect cock back into the confines of his slacks.

With a final kiss goodbye they got in their cars and sped back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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