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Weekend SetupIt’s been a while since i last posted a story about my escapades but i hope you like it?This past weekend Sam had called out of the blue and asked if i would like to go on a road trip with and i thought it over and said sure so i packed an overnight bag and took a shower because. Sam said he had an interesting place he wanted to take me to check out an told me to wear something sexy for him and very tight so after my shower i put on my black lace thongs and a very tight mini dress because it was so tight i couldn’t wear a bra with it. It had a zipper up the side of it just behind my right arm and put on a pair of matching heels my mini dress was white satin but clung to my body tightly by the time i had finished my hair and light makeup Sam was knocking on the door so i grabbed my overnight bag and he helped me into his truck and we headed south towards Logan county as we drove Sam and i chatted about our on again off again relationship and asked me how i felt about it. So i told him we both have our reasons mine happen to be that i love sex as much and as often as i could get it and was sorry if that was troubling him and he told me that it did for a while but after this last time he thought about it and said that he realized that i kept coming back to him and he decided that why fight it and he wanted to be apart of my sex life as a friend and enjoy sharing me sometimes when he said that i lit up with some excitement and listening to him explain his reasons i was getting turned on as he talked i placed my hand on his crotch and slowly started rubbing his cock through his jeans he noticed. What i was doing and reached down and unzipped his pants and my hand found its way into his growing hardon and pulled it out and began stroking it and asked where are we going he said to a friends bar in Logan that he promised him he canlı bahis would come down and check it out as he was telling me about it i turned towards him and took his cock in my mouth and began giving him a good sloppy wet bj he was enjoying it so much he stopped talking and let me blow his cock after about ten minutes of sucking i felt his hard cock swell and he unloaded in my mouth as he did i deep throated him as far as i could when he let loose and i happily swallowed every drop when i finished him off i tucked his cock back in his pants and raised up to find we had arrived at the bar as we parked i noticed alot of motorcycles in the lot and asked Sam is this a biker bar he told me he wasn’t sure so as we entered in my eyes had to adjust from outside to the light inside and saw a dozen or so black men wearing biker vests playing pool and throwing darts and they had already noticed us enter and Sam sat me down at a corner Booth and went to the bar to order us drinks as he did the bikers went on playing pool and darts Sam returned with our drinks and his friend beside him and Sam introduced me to his friend and his friend introduced himself. As Frank he was a well built black man well groomed and mannard he sat down with us and chatted for a while then he excused himself because others were coming in along with the DJ who was hired to play dance music and Frank told us to enjoy ourselves and as long as were here our drinks were free and he headed to the bar. Sam asked me what i thought and i said its nice here and your friend was very charming and makes strong drinks and Sam laughed and said yes but you already drank your let me go get you another one so he did when he returned he had two new drinks for us along with a few shots and said the shots are from Frank so i took mine and asked him what it was and he said Frank calls it bahis siteleri alien piss so i raised my shot towards the bar where Frank was watching our way and saluted him and downed it quick boy did it have an awful taste and i drank some of my mixed drink and Sam saw the look on my face after the shot i drank and said if it tastes that bad i don’t want mine so he slid it over to me and not hesitating i downed it as well and by the end of that shot the DJ was playing good music and asked Sam to dance with me he declined said Wendy you know i have two laeft feet so i went on the dance floor by myself and danced through about four songs when i came back to the table where Sam was i finished up my drink and Sam went to get us another one when he left two of the bikers that was dancing with me came over and sat down and were chatting with me and when Sam returned with our drinks he said hello to them and sat down and gave me my drink and a couple more of those shots and the bikers laughed said you like them things and i giggled and said no but there growing on me and we all laughed and then after i downed those shots they asked Sam if they could dance with me and he said sure and away we went as we danced i think the alcohol in my blood stream was kicking in i was feeling it pretty good because as i danced i didn’t notice i was the only female in the bar and Mike the Guy dancing with me was all over me his hands were on my ass and rubbing between my legs an as he did that my nipples were hard and poking the satin material of my dress i was very turned on ad he asked if i liked what he was doing and if i wanted to play as he was rubbing my clit when he asked. I said yes and he moved us toward. A door and through it we kissed and he had his hands on my breasts and under my dress as i was rubbing his cock through his jeans before i knew güvenilir bahis it he had unzipped my dress and pulled it off of me and i undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles when i raised up there were four more black guys already naked around me semi hard and i dropped to my knee’s. Ans started sucking on each one in turn while one of the guys rubbed my wet pussy from between my legs i was moaning as he did this and was told to stand and i did and one of the guys slid behind me and shoved his hard cock into my soaking wet hole and began pounding me and i grabbed on the waist of one of the other guys to hold on and he put his cock in my mouth and i was going deep on him as the other Guy slammed into me i was being used like a piston between these two God did it feel good i changed positions several times and partners several times but my favorite position was being air tight one in my pussy one in my ass and in my mouth they fucked me good and hard what seemed like forever and all three of them came at the same time Wow what an experience i must have cum a dozen or so times i lost count after three as we finished we got up to dress for sure Sam was mad at me for being gone for so long i turned and there stood Sam and Frank Video taping the whole action we looked at each other and blew a kiss for the camera and kissed Sam on the cheek and he helped me get dressed and headed for his truck we didn’t speak about it until we reached a motel room he had already paid for in advance and i told him you St this up set me up and he said yes thinking i was gonna be mad but to his surprise i was excited and kissed him and we had sex all night long watching my video in between and going at each other like rabbits till we were both to tired to continue and feel asleep we awoke late the next afternoon and showered and had sex in the shower then dressed and checked out and we headedfor home i was sore from the sex up until yesterday. Hope you like what happened to me sorry not as descriptive but wow i believe my mind is still numb from it lol. Love Wendy

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