Welcome Back, Daddy! Ch. 05

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I’d just returned to the living room after taking a break from buttfucking Terri and fingering my daughter, Sheri. There, in a daisy chain in the middle of the floor, was Terri licking the pussy of Sheri, the manager of Southern Suppers, who was licking the pussy of my daughter, Sheri. My Sheri saw me when I entered the room and paused just long enough to say, “Welcome back, Daddy!”

“I’m glad you girls didn’t wait for me to return to get back to business,” I said. “There’s one thing I have to do that involves each of you, but it has nothing to do with sex.”

My Sheri stopped her tonguing, looked up and asked, “What do you mean, Daddy?”

“I need to name one Sheri something else. Sheri, the manager, should remain ‘Sheri.’ But Sheri, my little girl, needs a new name for private times, and maybe Terri, too. Hmmm…”

I thought about appropriate names for the girls as I sat and watched all three of them eagerly lapping each others’ dripping pink pussies. Terri was the only one who also provided a rim job, so I thought maybe she should have a name that reflected that. She’d also taken my cock all the way up her ass, so I thought about that, too. Hmmm… maybe A for ass lover or ass whore, or Rimmy, or Stretch. I’d seen my Sheri squirt during two orgasms, so I considered calling her Squirt. “For the time being, Terri is now named Rimmy and Sheri is named Squirt. I may change either one later, but for now, those are your new names.”

Terri giggled and then said, “I like that! I’m ‘Rimmy.'”

Sheri, my daughter added, “Ha! ‘Squirt!’ I like it!”

Sheri, the manager, started cumming. I got up from the sofa and rolled her onto her back. “Squirt, sit on her face. Rimmy, you finger her and suck on her clit. Suck it hard.”

Squirt got up on her knees, straddled Sheri’s head and lowered her pussy onto her mouth. She rubbed her pussy back and forth over Sheri’s chin, mouth and nose, leaving a glistening trail of her pussy juice mixed with saliva. Rimmy pushed two of her fingers into Sheri’s pussy, rotated her palm so it was facing upwards and curled her fingertips up so they pressed against Sheri’s g-spot as she stroked them in and out. Using her nose to open Sheri’s lips, she then sucked her clit in between her teeth and lightly ground her teeth against the now swollen bud as she applied the suction. Sheri was lost in the throes of orgasm after orgasm as my girls practically tortured her with pleasure. I allowed this to continue until Sheri began pounding her hands on the floor and gasped for her breath.

“I think she liked it, girls. Good job!”

Rimmy and Squirt changed positions so each could suck on one of Sheri’s nipples. A large puddle formed beneath Sheri’s pussy. I thought I’d better not fuck her without her consent, but I wanted to take advantage of all the natural lubricant. Whispering in her ear I asked Rimmy, “Where are your dildos?” She gave me directions and returned to sucking the nipple.

I walked to Rimmy’s bedroom and located the armoire that stored a multitude of dildos, vibrators, and other assorted toys. Most of the dildos were quite thick, but I eventually found one that was about the size of an average cock. There was a handle at the end that I liked, so I picked it up and walked back to the living room. Sheri was still writhing on the floor with her eyes closed tightly. I got down on the floor in between her spread legs and started stroking her thighs. I told her it’d be a shame to waste all that juice and slowly rubbed the dildo up between her inner lips. “Keep her held down while I do this, girls.” I wanted Sheri to think I was going to penetrate her with my cock, and apparently she thought exactly that. Before she was able to make a fuss however, I pushed the dildo into her pussy and started pumping it in and out of her, slowly at first but increasing in speed. “You like that, don’t you?”

Sheri didn’t hesitate a nanosecond and instantly replied, “Oh, good lord, yes!”

I grinned and winked at my girls, and kept thrusting the dildo in and out of Sheri. “You’re just a slut, aren’t you? You’re loving this, aren’t you?”

Sheri wholeheartedly agreed with each question I asked and pleaded for me to fuck her harder.

“Rimmy, Squirt, do either of you have a camera phone? You should take some photos for her.”

Both girls jumped up and retrieved their phones, and started snapping karabük escort photos. After many shots were made from various angles, Sheri must’ve had second thoughts about having a record of herself fucking another man. She sat up quickly and then saw what was happening. Relieved, she said, “Oh, thank gawd! I thought you were fucking me!”

I stopped thrusting the dildo and explained, “Well, I thought you might object and I’m not sure your pussy is ready for my cock. It took a little effort to get this average sized dildo inside you. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to go home to your husband tonight with a stretched and sore pussy.”

“Well, aren’t you sweet?” she replied. “It wouldn’t matter, though. My husband doesn’t touch me much anymore.”

“That’s his loss, then! Apparently he doesn’t know what a horny slut you are.” Rimmy, Squirt and I laughed. “Seriously, you’ve got a hot body and once we take care of the rest of that hair down there, you’ll be ripe for some serious fucking and sucking! Rimmy, why don’t you and Squirt take Sheri into the bathroom and give her a shave? Take it all off on the sides and leave a little bit on top. Maybe make an arrow or a heart shape on top. If your hubby notices it, maybe he’ll want to fuck you or eat you.”

Rimmy and Squirt helped her up off the floor and escorted her into the bathroom. Squirt said she’d like to make the design on top and Rimmy volunteered to take care of all the hair on the lips and below. Sheri started to object but Rimmy interrupted. “Believe me! Anybody who rims you will appreciate it!”

Sheri paused and then said, “I think you’re the only person who will be rimming me.”

“Well, then I’ll appreciate it! But you know, we really ought to get you waxed instead of just shaving you. Daddy? Could we take her for a Brazilian tomorrow?”

“If she has the time for it – sure! In fact, I think all three of you should get the treatment. Pussy, ass, legs, underarms – everything below your ears. I like my little girls to be nice and smooth. And Rimmy, you’ll really look like a little girl then! Damn, that’ll be hot!”

“Daddy, what if Mike doesn’t like me that way?” asked Squirt. “He might not notice since we have sex in the dark, but ya never know.”

“Hmmm… you could always tell him you wanted to see how it felt, or you asked just for a wax along the bikini line but the aesthetician misunderstood and gave you the full treatment at no extra cost. Think he’d buy that?”

“Yeah, probably,” she responded. “And I’m with you about Rimmy! I’ll bet she’ll be yummy looking! You’ll have to make her dress like a schoolgirl all the time. If I had a dick I think it’d be getting hard right now!”

“So, I guess you’d better not shave Sheri. Don’t they need to have a little hair growth for the strips to grab onto? Besides, it’s getting late. We ought to get her back to the restaurant, and she’d probably like to freshen up a little first.”

Sheri was smiling broadly and staring at her reflection in the mirror. “Maybe I’ll just wash my face and put on some fresh make-up. I kinda like feeling nasty down there. I feel like such a whore!” She giggled, dipped a finger into her pussy and then placed it into her mouth. “I taste good!”

Rimmy jumped into the conversation, adding, “Yes, you do taste good! Taste her Squirt!”

Squirt got onto her knees, spread open Sheri’s pussy lips and licked her pinkness. “Yummy! We need to do this again sometime soon! Can we, Daddy?”

“That’s pretty much up to Sheri. If she can make the time, it’s fine with me.”

Sheri was still smiling when she added, “And maybe you’d like to really fuck me sometime!”

“Well, we’ll see about that! My girls keep my cock pretty busy.”

Squirt chimed in saying, “I think I’d like to watch you fuck her, Daddy. And Rimmy, you can lick her ass while Daddy fucks her pussy. And after he cums in her, we can both lick it out!”

“Yeah, about that. Are you on any kind of birth control, Sheri? I don’t think it’d be too good if you got pregnant if your hubby isn’t fucking you.”

“That’s not a problem. I had a hysterectomy several years ago, so you can pump me full of cum! No worries about getting me preggers. Gawd, I just had a thought. Wouldn’t I look like a real whore if I went into work with cum leaking out of my shorts? You want to fuck me now? I want you karabük escort bayan to stretch my hole and fill me with cum.”

“As appealing as that sounds, I don’t think the health department would think too highly of that. Maybe sometime before you go shopping. Maybe sometime before you go out with the three of us. Oh, yeah – I’ll line you all up side by side and fuck each of you. I’ll only be able to cum in one of you, but I can shoot some onto the cracks of the other two. Everybody will be so jealous of me, out with three pretty sluts with cum running down their thighs! And maybe a little cum clinging to your chins. But, like I said, we need to get Sheri back to the restaurant.”

Sheri took my hand and rubbed it up and down her pussy, getting it very wet before saying, “I want to be your slut, too.” she then pulled my hand up through the thick bush on her mound, up over her tummy and between her tits, and finally up to her mouth. She licked from the base of the palm up to the tip of my fingers, and then grinned and said, “I’ll feed you and the girls every night if you’ll feed me your cock at least once a week and let me be like them. Teach me to be a good fuck toy. Okay?”

“If you want to learn to be a good fuck toy, I think we can all help you reach that goal. It’ll take a lot of practice, but I don’t think any of us will have a problem with that, will we girls?”

Rimmy was busy tonguing Sheri’s ass and Squirt was busy lapping the juice off Sheri’s pussy. I heard both mumble their acknowledgement.

“You do realize, Sheri, that a good slut has to want to take a cock in all three holes, as well as eat pussy and ass, don’t you?”

Sheri’s eyes widened. “Well, you may have to just rape my ass, but that’s okay by me. I’ll probably get used to it after a few times, and if I don’t, well, I’ll just feel a little somethin’-somethin’ as I go about my business.”

Squirt looked up at me and said, “She’s really flowing now, Daddy. Talking about ass raping her really turned her on.”

Rimmy pulled her face out from Sheri’s ass cheeks and added, “Yeah, I feel my own juice streaming down my thighs, too. Maybe you’ll rape my ass, too, Daddy. No lube. Just force your cock into me. Maybe right now. Fuck – I’m so fucking horny!”

All the talk and thoughts of a forced, dry humping of a little girl ass had gotten my cock to stand up at attention. I knew Rimmy wouldn’t have much trouble taking it, but thought Squirt and Sheri both might suffer a little, but since Sheri had brought it up, I decided to give it to her. I spun Sheri around and pushed her to the kitchen counter. “Squirt, Rimmy, bend her over and hold her still.” When my girls had Sheri pinned on the counter, I spread her ass cheeks apart, put the head of my cock against her rim and started pushing into her. I didn’t push as hard as I could’ve, but it certainly wasn’t a gentle nudge. Sheri started cursing and Rimmy and Squirt urged me to fuck her harder. As the head of my cock disappeared inside her ass, Sheri stopped cursing and joined with Rimmy and Squirt, yelling, “Fuck it harder! Fuck it harder!”

I kept the pressure steady, slowly pushing a little more and a little more of my cock into her. After several inches were in her, I congratulated her on being such a whore. “I’ll bet you fuck your ass every night with one of the ears of corn from your buffet, don’t you? If you don’t, you soon will. I’m going to make you into a world class ass whore like Rimmy.”

“Make me one, too, Daddy!” shouted Squirt. Fuck my ass, and fist it, too!”

I backed my cock out just a little bit and said to Rimmy, “Get it wet for me. I need a little spit so I can get into her easier.”

Rimmy licked all around the shaft of my cock before licking Sheri’s battered ass hole. “Try it now, Daddy.”

I leaned into Sheri and went a little deeper than I was before, but still wasn’t all the way in. I decided I’d save that for another time. “Sheri, you’ve made a good start, but you’re not there yet. If we had more time, I’d give you an ass fucking you’d never forget, but you’ll just have to wait for another time for that. I’m pulling out, and after Rimmy licks me clean, she’ll give your ass hole some tender attention. While she’s doing that, I want you to thank Squirt for all she’s done tonight. Okay?”

I backed out of her ass so quickly there escort karabük was a strange suck-whoosh-pop sound that made all of us laugh. Squirt pointed at Sheri’s gaping hole and quickly put both of her index fingers inside the hole and pulled her hands in opposite directions. “I’m going to help you get this thing stretched, Sheri!”

Rimmy lovingly licked and sucked my cock like a highly paid porn starlet. I would’ve liked to let her keep going, but I knew that would last a long time if I allowed her to keep going. I kissed her forehead and pointed to Sheri’s ass. She pushed Squirt away and then started licking Sheri’s distorted ass hole. Squirt stood in front of Sheri and pushed her face down into her pussy so Sheri could thank her properly. I stopped everybody after a few minutes.

“Come on, you sluts! We need to get the new ass whore back to her job.”

Sheri grimaced as she started to walk towards the bathroom. I smacked her bare ass with the palm of my hand and said, “Hey! You said you wanted it! And I didn’t even give it all to you.”

As she gingerly waddled to the bathroom, Sheri smiled at me and said, “I know. And I still want it. It just hurts a little more than I thought it would, but I’ll have a special way to remember everything.”

“Yeah, you may be remembering that for longer than you think, but you’ll get used to it after a while. Now go wash your face and put on some make-up. I need to get your ass back to work, and get some fresh dinners for the rest of us.”

Sheri was the only one of the three who actually made an attempt to get cleaned up and look less like a used whore. Squirt and Rimmy each put on an oversized T-shirt and flip-flops and let their juices stream down their legs. What little make-up that was left on their faces was smudged and covered with pussy juice. Except for the lack of cum in their hair or on their bodies, they both looked liked they’d been the centers of attention in a gang bang. I suggested they grab towels to sit on in the car, and after Rimmy brought out several, we all went to the car and took Sheri back to Southern Suppers.

When we arrived, the parking lot was still practically empty. Sheri said, “Well, must’ve been a bad night for them, but it was wonderful for me! Come on in and I’ll get you some fresh food to take back with you.”

I told Squirt and Rimmy to wait in the car while I went inside. Sheri was still walking with great care trying not to do anything to further irritate her recently raped ass. I felt a little sorry for her, but also was happy for her because she’d gotten what she wanted, not to mention that I now had another ass whore to play with. “You’re going to want to take good care of that, Sheri. You might want to get some hemorrhoid cream to apply to it for the next few days.”

“What? You mean I’ll have to wait days before you fuck me in the ass again?”

“Well, no, if you’re willing to endure the pain,” I replied.

“Mmmmm… might have to see if I can do that,” she answered. “But first, let’s go in and get some food for you.”

We went inside. Fortunately for Sheri, none of the staff was out near the buffet and nobody saw her as she waddled in. She passed me the take-out boxes and helped pile in shrimp, oysters, scallops, deviled crab, prime rib and all kinds of vegetables. I had to stop her because I knew we wouldn’t be able to eat what she’d already added to the boxes. I looked around to see if anybody was in sight and then patted her on the ass gently. “Are you going to feel like getting your Brazilian tomorrow?”

“Um, well… maybe I can call you and let you know. You’ll be at Terri’s, er, I mean at Rimmy’s house, right?”

“Right. Better not call ’til after nine o’clock. I have a feeling we’ll all be sleeping in.”

“Okay. I’ll wait ’til after then. Um, if I don’t think I can do it tomorrow, are you going to be mad?”

“Well, not if you suck my cock.” I laughed and then tried to assure her it wouldn’t be a problem. “I have a strong feeling your ass hole is going to be very sore by the morning. We’ll get around to the hair removal soon enough. Don’t worry about it.”

Sheri helped me stack the boxes of food and then kissed my cheek. “Thank you for a wonderful evening. I hope we’ll have many, many more that are even naughtier! I want to be your total slut. And, um, can I call you Daddy, too?”

“Sure. I’d like that. Talk to you in the morning, little ass whore.”

As I was walking back to the car, I couldn’t see anybody sitting in the seats. When I opened the door I saw Rimmy and Squirt stretched out in the back seat kissing and fondling each other. Squirt looked up at me and said, “Welcome back, Daddy!”

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