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>Tania lies comfortably with her head tucked under his chin and
>pillowed on his chest. The neat pins that kept her mostly
>unbound hair in check are long gone, her hair tousled and
>spilling across her back and his chest. Completely undone, her
>hair reaches at least to her hips. She’s trying not to move,
>lest she remove his touch inside her.
>Kyle looks up from her form to the window, watching as the light
>starts to creep in. One hand falls to his side as the other
>strokes up and down her back through the blanket, “It’s already
>time to get up…” He says quietly, shifting a little in the
>bed, but still staying under her.

The door slammed shut, and Tania could hear her boyfriend’s keys hit the radiator near the front door of their apartment. “Taaaaniiii…” was called up the stairs. It really took her until she heard the vague hurrying footsteps to the computer downstairs.

>Kyle room-pages, “I’ve gotta get going, roommate just got home.”

“Eriiik!” she yelled, shutting down the program she was using and running down the stairs, still in her too-small pajamas. “Damn you, how long have you been home?” She’d noticed something familiar about the guy she was role-playing with, but she hadn’t considered it was her out-of-town boyfriend.

He laughed, catching her as she ran at him, and swinging her past him, turning her momentum into swinging her around. “I got home and signed online, I thought you were still asleep. Everything was very quiet…” he teased.

Tania had to laugh. “I was online talking to Emma,” she complained. “Why do you have to tease me with your flirty characters, then tease me about it?!” She pouted at him, but started grinning as soon as she’d done so. He leaned down and kissed her, though she playfully tried to resist his advances. “Damn you,” she muttered at last, standing on tiptoe so she can reach his lips, five or six inches above her own. “You can’t always win by kissing me, you know that, right?”

Erik just smirked at her and picked up his overnight bag that had been lying next to the door for at least an hour, she now knew. He headed up the stairs of their narrow oddly-shaped apartment, and with a sigh, Tania followed him, knowing she’d lost this round of their never-ending taunting. He’d call her on it later. The deal was whoever won had to do something for the other, within reason. Generally, this meant in bed that night. She grinned and ran up the steps to catch up with him as he entered their bedroom.

“I’ve missed you!” she said with a grin, pouncing on his back and startling him into falling face-first onto the unmade bed. Letting him up to breathe, Tania sat by her pillow, grinning at him. “You’re not allowed to go away for a week again any time soon,” she informed him, getting tackled for her complaint.

“Oh, I can’t?” he teases, tackling her flat and then catching control of her wrists. With him lying chest flat upon hers, she’s pinned while his hands control hers. “Who says?”

“I do!” she argues valiantly, trying to free her hands. One hand comes free, and she whips it around to tangle her fingers in the hair on the back of his head, pulling his head down roughly until her lips meet his. Upon contact, he stops trying to restrain her, and pulls her closer instead.

“Have I told you I like these pjs?” he murmurs, sliding one hand to the place where the too-small shirt bared a good three inches of her stomach. The pants, also too small, were six inches too short, but it was the shirt that Erik concentrated on. The spaghetti-strap loose top had shrunk enough to tightly hug Tania’s curves, and leave a good bit of her midriff bare. It was not the first time, nor likely to be the last, that he lowered his head and stuck his tongue in her bellybutton.

The cold touch made her wriggle. “Erik…” she whined. “Don’t! I have class in an hour…” her pleas fell on deaf ears, his tongue tracing wider and wider circles around canlı bahis her bellybutton.

“You can miss that goddamned English seminar for *once*, Tani,” he growled at her, nosing her bare flesh. “You never miss one, and I just got home. I *forbid* you to leave this room. In fact, you are forbidden to leave this bed!”

Tania sighed, trying to wriggle away from his cold nose. “I didn’t do the homework anywaaaayyy… Erik!” One finger had hooked into the elastic waist of her pj pants, and was pulling them slowly down, followed by his no-longer-cold nose.

He froze, nose nearly to her hair. “Mm-hmm?” he asks, rubbing his nose in the topmost bits of regrowing hair of her shaved crotch. “Something wrong, Tani?” She was now in a position where she had no intention of moving, and speech was beyond her. Her moan came out sounding vaguely like his name, just making him smile. “I didn’t think so.” His finger continued yanking away her pants, until the elastic would no longer stretch and he would have to move her to remove them. Finger still on her skin, he looked up at his girlfriend’s face. “You going to make this difficult for me?” he asked, voice growling in playful menace.

Tania shivers, knowing what that would entail. But for now she bites her lip, grinning as she shakes her head vigorously. “Nh-hmm.”

“Good.” He forcefully pulls her towards him, her knees bending as her toes get caught up against his leg. Her hips now even with her feet, he heaves on her hips and with a grin, yanks both pj pants and underwear from her hips, making her shriek as his cold hands slide along her upper legs, to her knees.

“God damn! your hands are cold,” she yells, a large shiver shaking her whole body. Her pants now lie at her knees, bunched up on her lower legs and effectively tying her legs together, while leaving her upper legs and hips bare.

“Clearly I need to warm them up,” Erik replied, sticking both hands between her warm thighs with a wide grin.

Another squeal from Tania. “Eriiiiik!” This time she actually fought back, legs restrained in her own clothing or not. His hands were freezing cold on her skin, and made her shivers more frequent.

“I thought you weren’t going to make this difficult?” he teased, one hand catching her about the knees, trapping her legs to his chest, the other sliding between her legs and ever so slowly inching down to her sex.

Biting back a squeal of pleasure, Tania’s shivers were no longer just from the cold of his hands. But when his hand reached the outer lips of her sex, the squeal became a moan. “Not going to…” she affirmed, relaxing slightly for a moment, only to fight back again as he too relaxed. It was enough to break her free of his grip, and (legs still encumbered) she rolled him over until she pinned him. “Don’t make this difficult,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“Wouldn’t dream of it, love,” he murmured, kissing her nose, just above his. For a moment she just smiled at him, and kissed him gently in return, but then she moved, hands darting for his waistband.

“Don’t move,” she ordered him, eyes twinkling. She knew quite well it was nigh on impossible for him not to, as soon as she unzipped the fly of his jeans. His boxers were straining for her already, and they’d barely begun. Teasing now, she stuck her tongue in his bellybutton, winking at him with a see-how-you-like-it expression as his eyes widened. She could feel the shiver run through him as her tongue trailed down from his bellybutton, her finger sliding his boxers out of the way. Guiding herself carefully, Tania’s tongue didn’t stop it’s slow progress until it ran into the swollen head of his cock. It jumped for her, making her laugh, and Erik moan.

“Don’t tease…” he begged, forcing his hands onto the bed rather than give in to her pleasurable torture.

“Too late,” she murmured, eyes on her prize as she slid his pants off his hips with a slight heave. As he did to her, she bahis siteleri left the pants around his knees. Grinning, she replaced his boxers, hiding his eager member from view. His eyes pleaded with her as she bent down and trailed her tongue along the outside of his underwear, leaving a wet line behind it and making his whole body shake.

Tania slipped away, off the bed, long enough to fully remove her restrictive pj pants. Fully unclothed now, she prowled back along the bed to place herself above him, hands at his shoulders and knees straddling his hips. She leaned down, kissing him, but pulling away with a smirk as he began to reciprocate. “Don’t touch,” she instructs as his hands reach for her chest, nipples suspended a tantalizing inch above his own.

Lowering her hips, Tania wetly slid her openly inviting sex up and down the outside of his boxers, along the underside of the cock she could now feel ready to burst. Wiggling her hips, she grinned at his expression of tortured bliss.

Past all hope of “not touching”, Erik bent his arms, trapped at his sides, catching her under the knees as his hands grabbed her ass to pull her forcefully against him. His lips met hers in a frenzied fashion while his hips ground against her. Her arms collapsed, bringing her body fully down atop his as she returned the grinding motion of her hips. He was forced to break the kiss first, gasping as his cock strained for her to the point where the head left the cover of his boxers, peeping up from the elastic waist.

Tania smiled at him, getting a love-stricken sigh in return, and wiggled down his body until her lips were in reach of his waistband. Extending her tongue carefully, she licked just the very tip of him, very gently, tongue barely touching his skin. Erik groaned, and a little gush of pre-cum drooled from his eager dick. Tania’s tongue cleaned that up quickly, beginning to run circles around and around his cock head.

Erik was lost past any hope of movement, blissfully unaware of anything besides his girlfriend’s tongue after a week and a half of being away from it. Tania finally shifted to pull his boxers away, so her tongue could reach more of his cock. She was really getting lost in this as well, not having had him within reach for ten days. Her tongue moved slower and slower, sensually stroking all of his cock until she finally placed her lips around the cock head, sucking on it like her life depended upon it. His whole body jerked, hips thrusting up at her tongue, his body taking over, wanting to feel more of her wet embrace.

Tania pulled back, laughing at his response, but he just sighed, released for the moment from the torturously slow pleasure. Seeing the look of relief on his face, Tania gave in, removing his boxers for him, and sliding them down to join his jeans about his knees.

Erik’s cock immediately jumped upright, straining upwards where her mouth was moments before. Tania returned to her straddling position, but above his knees this time, rather than his hips. Both her hands wrapped about his dick, leaving just the head free. This she carefully licked with the flat of her tongue, wetly caressing it before she kissed it and placed her lips around it again. Releasing her upper hand, Tania’s head slowly bobbed up and down the upper four inches of his cock, hand at the base keeping his hips from jumping up to fuck her throat.

At his groan, she glanced up at his eyes, which were pleading with her. Rolling her own eyes, she sighed, but then released her other hand to slide all the way down his cock once. As the head of his cock reached the back of her throat and continued further, he groaned again, hips retreating slightly to just slide the last quarter inch back and forth again, loving the feel of her throat clasping him.

As she pulled back he groaned again, but she’s done with her blowjob at this point. Sliding forward, she trapped his cock against his stomach, sitting on top of bahis şirketleri it. She leaned forward, pressing her lips to his as she rubbed her breasts against his chest, small shivers shaking her own body as her stiff nipples rub against him. The kiss dragged on and on as his tongue forced its way between her lips to ravage her mouth. From the movement of his hips beneath her, it wasn’t his tongue, nor her mouth, that he was thinking about.

Erik’s hands were on her back, holding her close as one hand stroked her back, the other considering her ass. Finally his hand slid down her body to cup her ass, squeezing lightly. But his fingers were far too close to her sex for him to resist sliding his hand further down. He rubbed her wetness, finding her hard nub and ruthlessly attacking it once found.

Her gasp broke their kiss. Eyes fluttering as her breath came in quick pants, she froze atop him, his finger on her clit keeping her from any further teasing of his body. A moan burst from between her lips, encouraging Erik to hurry. With his increased pressure and speed, she moaned at each movement of his finger, back and forth, until finally, gasping, her muscles collapsed her atop him while her pussy gushed juice all over his hand.

Erik hummed his pleasure, letting her juices slide along his fingers. He pulled his cock from beneath her, stroking it with her juices to lubricate it a bit, not that she needed it anymore. Before she could regroup and begin taunting him again, he took his dick and stroked it along her wet sex, up and down a few times, making her squirm. When she called out at the touch to her opening, he knew it was time.

His cock didn’t need direction as it slid within it’s sheath. Tania’s moan only encouraged him to shift his hips to firmly land every inch of his shaft deep within her. She gasped for breath, then pressed against his chest to sit up straight, wriggling her hips to make sure she was in a good position atop him.

She sat still for a moment, catching her breath. “I can’t believe how much I missed you,” she said with a smile, squeezing her inner muscles to clamp his cock in a wet hug. She grinned as his eyes fell closed, his jaw clamping shut to keep from groaning. “I guessed you missed me to?” she teased, sliding up and then down again, knees pressed against the bed for leverage.

“Gawwwwd,” he moaned. “Yes!” Knowing he’s in for one hell of a ride, Erik just let his arms fall limply at his sides, hands laid just above her knees comfortably.

Taking that as a cue to begin, Tania rolled her hips forward and back, then swiftly rose and fell, impaling herself yet again. His groan matched hers as she landed, his cock completely filling her stretched pussy. “Mmmm…” she moaned as she repeated the action, then sped up her pace.

Gripping his cock with her inner pussy walls, Tania wasn’t in the mood for making love to her boyfriend… she was ready to fuck him silly. Partway through her motions, though, she realized it was in fact she who was getting fucked silly; her breath came in gasps, and she was having trouble continuing her motion. But at that point it didn’t matter, because Erik too was groaning with each thrust of his hips rising to meet hers.

Feeling the tightening in his balls, Erik shifted one hand so his thumb could press against her pleasure button. With a gasping moan, Tania slammed herself down upon him, orgasm ripping through her body. The sudden death grip on his cock released jet after jet of his cum deep within her, Erik gasping right along with her as her pussy milked every last bit of cum from him.

Tania was still shaking, frozen in her upright position atop him, and Erik wrapped his arms about her waist, pulling her down to lie with him. She relaxed against his chest with a grateful sigh of pleasure, staying there until with one last moan, his softened dick slipped from her, and their combined juices leaked out of her onto his abdomen.

With a groan of annoyance at no longer being filled with him, Tania slides to lie on her stomach beside her boyfriend, pillowing her head on his shoulder. “Wake me in twenty minutes,” she orders weakly. “And we’ll do it again.”

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