What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 06

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My brother is in love with Jill Bergman.

He has been for a long time and this past spring he proved his love for her and they are now a couple. They are a painfully cute couple. I have never seen two people more in love than they are. I’m very happy for him; Jill is incredibly cute and she has a great personality. Over the past few months Jill and I have become good friends too, my Mom also likes her—we all have a really good relationship—she almost seems like part of the family already!

I should mention that my brother, Mark, is the Internet renowned “Naked Swimmer”. He exposed his naked body to everyone on several occasions this past summer, the lucky bastard!

My name is Cindy and I am his older sister. I am totally envious of him—which I can’t stand! I love my brother intensely, I’m so glad he has found happiness and I want nothing but the very best for him. However, he has lived out a fantasy of mine that I have had ever since I was a kid. He has been nude, from head to toe, in front of multiple women a few different times and I am extremely jealous of that!

Mark’s latest “bareness escapade” came when a girl named Lisa had asked him to pose nude for her photography website and he agreed. I will never forget his face the night he returned home and told Mom and I about his nude photography session. He was so alive, so confident, and so adult. I’ve never seen him like that before; it was like he became a man right before our eyes. Of course, over the next few days he kind of returned to his former shy self. Whenever I asked him for more details on what he felt like that day he would turn red and give brief answers as if he wanted to talk about it, but he was still too shy! I don’t get how he can go from so confident to so shy like that; I guess it’s the testosterone!

Anyway, a week or so later I came home from work and grabbed the mail on my way in. There was an envelope addressed to Mark from Lisa and I knew it was the CD with his photos on it. Mom, Jill and I had all been anxiously waiting to see the pictures and here they were. I ran inside and found out that Jill was over and having dinner with us. This was perfect!

“Guess what I have!” I announced with a huge grin.

Mark saw the envelope in my hand and knew instantly what I had.

“Oh no!” he said.

“Are those the pictures?” Mom asked.

Mark grabbed the envelope from me and opened it. The envelope contained a CD and a Thank You card from Lisa.

“Let’s see them!” Jill said.

“Can we do it later?” Mark begged.

“No way—we’ve been waiting for this for too long!” Mom said with great anticipation.

Mark slumped forward and agreed. I took the disc and put it in the computer.

“What’s the problem, Mark? Pretty soon these will be on her website for the whole world to see.” I told him.

“I know, but it is a little weird looking at them with all of you here,” he said.

There was a collective “AWW, poor baby!” we cut him no slack at all.

I could feel the anticipation building in my stomach. It wasn’t seeing HIM naked as much as it was experiencing the nakedness OF him that excited me. He is my brother after all and I don’t like guys anyway. But I love the unconstrained frankness of the nudity that we were about to see; I think it’s very sexy. I guess I was living vicariously through him.

I set the photo page to Slide Show mode so the photos would go full-screen and change every few seconds. We all sat in front of the computer and watched as the photos progressed showing Mark pull his T-shirt off, then a few of him spreading lotion on himself—I was surprised at how erotic he looked! Next he was jumping into the water with his jeans on, swimming around in only his jeans, then standing and pealing his wet jeans open.

“Here we go!” Jill said.

Mom whistled. I noticed Jill and Mark unconsciously took each other’s hand—are they cute or what?

I looked back at the photos and the next one up he dropped his soaked jeans and we saw his sparkling wet butt. He has a great butt, by the way! Mark has a lean and muscular body and he stood with confidence facing away from the camera presenting nature with his . . . self!

I looked over at him and saw his embarrassment as we three women looked at the picture of his naked ass, but there was excitement in his eyes too.

I looked over at Mom who looked at the photos with her usual sense of delight in her son, but there was also a devilish grin on her face. I looked at Jill who was absorbing every pixel of her lover’s glistening body. When I looked back the picture had changed and he was standing there full frontal with a flaccid penis!

“There it is! Hey good for you, Mark, you managed not to be hard for once!” Mom said and everyone busted out laughing.

She meant it as the genuine compliment of a proud parent praising their child for an accomplishment of some kind, but it just came off as hysterically funny.

“Come on! That’s not an appropriate thing for a mother to say!” Mark argued, casino oyna but through a smile.

“It looks good when it’s soft too! I added, “It’s nice and thick!” I felt I had to say something shocking.

“Do we always have to discuss . . . IT!” Mark protested.

Jill laughed, but didn’t comment. I wasn’t sure how far she and Mark had gone and she probably wanted to keep it that way.

“Oh relax, Mark! It’s a nice picture.” I said. It was a nice picture too, he was standing slightly turned to the side with the light accenting the front of him nicely. In the picture Mark had a serious expression like he was in deep thought and his head was tilted down looking in the direction of his relaxed dick. His balls were hanging away from his body and the thick head of his cock was swaying just off to the side. This picture was very sexy!

“I just don’t think the commentary is necessary!” he protested.

“Why? This is fun!” I said as I Paused the slideshow on this picture. I sat back and studied it, torturing him. He looked at me like he was shocked at what I was doing.

“Just look at that shot, the lighting, the pose, the raw-potent-sexiness of it, that is the picture of a MAN, if I have ever seen one. Just look at you! Look at your bare, nakedness! You are SO NUDE!” I said a little too enthusiastically.

Jill and Mom laughed.

Mark shook his head.

Mom tried to reassure him.

“Oh Mark, don’t be embarrassed, she just means you’re nude like it is a picture of you. Not nude because you are not wearing clothes, but that you are nude in the sense that it is only you and nothing else. It’s a part of you we never get to see.” She said.

“You’re not supposed to see it! It isn’t normal for a mother and sister to look at nude photos of their son or brother and comment on his stuff!”

“It’s impressive! You should be proud of your body. Your penis is a gorgeous thing! I’m proud of you for having the courage to show it like you have. Just look at that picture; you’re so open, so vulnerable and yet so strong and powerful.”

“You could say he looks Cocksure!” I said laughing.

“Funny.” Mark replied sarcastically.

“This picture is absolutely adorable!” Mom said and Mark straightened back up, he seemed like he recovered and now was ready to continue.

“Okay, you know what, let’s get this over with once and for all—let’s make all the comments about my nakedness, let’s look at it, study it, talk about it and get this out of your systems, because this is the last time you will be seeing it!” he said then looked at Jill, “At least 2/3rds of you!”

“What?” Mom said

I tried to help him out by hitting the play button and the show continued.

The next photo really got me; it was Mark doing a cannonball dive off some rocks—his wet body was in a fetal position with his knees up by his head and his arms wrapped around his legs. The picture was sharp and crisp with deep coloring, but what sent shivers through me was seeing his testicles hanging down low from the curve of his butt! His side was all muscles, wet and shining in the sunlight, his skin was fairly tan, at least for him, and his balls were nice and round and large. It is unusual to see a guy’s nuts without seeing his penis as well and it was somewhat startling.

“That’s the picture I like!” Mark said surprisingly.

“Me too!” Jill said with great enthusiasm.

Mom just smiled. There was a very playful fun-loving feel to the picture. It bordered on the edge of vulgarity, and yet it somehow managed to look innocent and playful at the same time.

We watched a few more photos pass by of his naked profile, swimming etc. Then the one we had all been waiting for. He stood in profile facing Jill, whose face you couldn’t see, with his hard dick sticking straight up in the air!

The three of us erupted with joy! Mark’s face turned a deep shade of red as he buried it in his hands.

Mom smiled and said, “That’s my boy!”

Mark shook his head in his hands. “I’m just never going to be comfortable with this!”

“I love the way your thing arcs, Mark!” I said with pride.

He looked back up. “Will you knock it off!”

I laughed and told him, “I just want to see if I can turn your face so red it turns purple!”

The next image showed him closer with his erection predominant in the frame. I pointed right at the head of his cock. “I want to turn your face that color! Just look at that big throbbing purple-headed dick!”

Jill giggled uncontrollably.

“All right, let’s watch our language!” Mom scolded me. And we all tried to calm down a little.

Then the pictures changed, it quickly became obvious that the professional pictures were over and these were the “just for fun” pictures. It started with one of Mark swimming doing the backstroke with his stiff penis sticking up out of the water!

“Whoa! Hold on, these aren’t for public view!” he clicked the pictures off.

“No, no we want to see all the pictures,” Mom said.

“Nope! slot oyna That’s the end. Some of these are a little risqué.”

“Like the one we just saw?” I laughed. “Come on, Mark, what’s the difference? We’re all family here!” I nudged Jill and started the slide show again.

He resigned himself to the inevitable. He always did give in too easily.

The show continued and we saw just how shy my brother isn’t. He brazenly displayed his erection to the camera. There was even a picture of him with his hand wrapped around his hard cock acting like he was stroking it with a big smile on his face!

“So that’s what you look like when you’re alone!” I said.

“Mark! I can’t believe you!” Mom said.

“I told you not to look.” He answered.

Mark even posed frontally nude with a solid erection as the two girls clung to his stark naked body—it was amazing! I was so jealous of him. I secretly wished that it was me in the photos with two hot girls wrapped around my bare legs with their hands so close to my . . .

“Good Lord, Mark!” Mom said. “You certainly seemed to have come to terms with your . . . self! I can’t believe that’s my son who used to wear his underwear under his swim trunks just to help hide his erections! And now he’s proudly standing there with his penis sticking straight out at the camera with two women clinging to his bare body!”

“Well those pictures were just goofing around. They won’t be online. Are you disappointed in me?” he asked.

“No, not at all. I think the real pictures are very tasteful and very beautiful. But those last ones . . . they’re a little . . . shocking for a mother to see. Boys will be boys, I suppose. You guys just love pointing those things at us women!” she said and we all laughed again.

When he stood up I noticed his hand “adjusted” the crotch of his jeans. Mom and I exchanged a knowing glance and smiled. Then I looked at Jill and she laughed out loud.

“What?” Mark feigned.


“Okay, so that is that. The End!” Mark said. “Finally!”

“I want a copy of this CD.” I told him.

“No way. It will be online soon enough and you can look at them all you want then. This stays with me.”

“So what’s for dinner? Hot dogs? Maybe some Twinkies for desert? Or are we having sausage or egg roll? Personally, I could go for some bananas and pickles, or maybe a nice, big, thick cucumber!” I said smiling.

Mark shook his head at me, “We get it already!”

Again we all laughed and sat down to dinner.


My son, Mark is in love with Jill Bergman and she is very much in love with him. I like Jill a lot she is a very nice girl, she is smart and centered. I think she is a great choice for a girlfriend. We just had her over for dinner after viewing Mark’s nude photos—which I am still trying to process!

I don’t think many Mothers have been in the position I have been in the last few months, and I have no idea if I am behaving properly or not. Mark had exposed his nude body at a swim meet, he was taken advantage of in our own backyard, being physically “manipulated” and put on the Internet. Then he stripped naked in public to raise funds for Autism then again he was caught naked in our pool by a bunch of women and finally, at my own suggestion, he posed nude for an Internet site run by the daughter of my closest friend!

I don’t know if I am the worst Mother since Mrs. Bates or if I’m totally hip!

Is it hip to say hip?

Anyway, I am very conflicted about the way Mark’s life is going these days. I think he has handled everything in perfect stride and I am so proud of him. On the other hand I hope these events don’t come back to haunt him in the future. I know it is different for men to be naked than it is for women, and the pictures are in a very fun spirit, but at the same time he has an erection in most of them and there is nothing left to the imagination!

I have seen every square inch of my son’s eighteen-year-old naked body, with an erection! Not only in pictures but also in real life up close and personal!

Seeing him like that has created some very strange feelings in me. I am not sexually attracted to my son, but I see that he is sexually attractive. I don’t know when that happened, he was just a shy little kid not long ago and now he’s a grown man with a great body!

I still don’t know how I feel knowing that all these people all over the world can see my son completely naked and in a rigid state of arousal, but in many ways I find it very liberating. I think it is sexy because he is sexy as a person, not just a body. And I know women melt at the idea that he did it for his lover and also for a good cause and not because of some kind of narcissism.

I should also mention when he stripped naked at the fair it was because of me. I could have bailed him out there and I think he wanted me to, but something came over me. Something I can’t explain. The idea of my son—MY son—having to completely bare his body in front canlı casino siteleri of me, his sister, his girlfriend, and so many strangers who were all very eager to see him totally stripped of clothing just thrilled me more than I could ever have imagined.

It gave me such a kick to watch as he lost his shirt, then his shorts, then finally his underwear, knowing what he must be feeling, seeing more and more of his bare body! It made me feel so alive, watching him stand up naked in front of a crowd as his penis grew and hardened right there in front of everyone! I should be ashamed of myself for having those feelings, but instead it just electrifies me!

Then when my friend Barbara told me that her daughter wanted to shoot a beefcake calendar I thought Mark would be perfect for that. He could earn extra money and have to strip naked again in front of a camera! I can’t believe I let that happen to my own son, but I did.

Looking at the photos tonight was amazing. Especially the more candid ones, the ones not for public view. The picture where he is holding his erection and pointing it at the camera with a big smile on his face—makes me blush, because I now have an image of what he looks like masturbating! That’s not something I really needed to have in my head, but I still find it very exciting! It actually makes me feel closer to him in a very strange way.

I have seen a part of my son that most Mothers never see, and as he said aren’t supposed to see, but I’m glad I did. He is a wonderful person, a loving son, brother, and boyfriend and I think he has matured more in the past few months than he had through most of his childhood!

It makes me flush just thinking about having to be naked in front of people. Until recently, I think I subconsciously raised my kids to be a little prudish about their bodies because I am about my own. Mark, through his naked exploits, has blown the lid off that and made the word penis a common one in our household! I suddenly feel so much more open in my own life and I even had a dream the other night of being naked on a beach with people far off in the distance watching me. In the dream I felt very turned on and I had sexual feelings that I haven’t felt in a long time. The other day I even started thinking I should start dating again!

Mark has really opened things up around here and I love him for his noble acts and how he has become a real man, not just physically but emotionally too.


My name is Jill Bergman and I love Mark! He loves me too. He just finished walking me home from dinner at his house. While I was there his nude photos came in the mail and we looked at them. I have never been so turned on in my life!

I wanted to strip him naked right there and go to town on him. Until recently I have been a virgin—I guess I still am technically, we haven’t actually had full sex, but we have had oral sex and a lot of touching and groping. Mark hasn’t pushed me to “let him in” and I love that about him. Although, he is strong and aggressive in being all over me, he doesn’t push more than I want him too.

Tonight, however I wanted him in the worst way. Although I was present at his photo shoot and although we had our most sexual encounter that day, I still was overwhelmed with the pictures. They sent a feeling through me like I have never had. Even though it was his Mom and Sister sitting there looking at my naked boyfriend, I couldn’t help but be aroused at the idea of other women looking at his dick!

I don’t know why I feel this way, but he has awoken something inside me that I didn’t even know was there.

When we got to my house I realized my family was at my brother’s game and wouldn’t be back for hours. I led Mark into my bedroom, a place no other boy has ever been. We sat down on my bed and as he looked around my room I thought about how I masturbate on the very sheets he is now sitting on—if only he knew!

I was so excited I could feel an ache in my stomach—but a good ache—it hurt so good! I wanted him here and now. Mark was so cute he was just looking around and talking about something I wasn’t even hearing. He seemed completely unaware of my own physical state. I thought about those pictures again, how sensual his nakedness was. I needed to see it again, now! I wondered if I should, if I could, then without thinking I acted.

I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up to his feet. He was really taken aback, he stopped talking mid sentence and just looked at me. I pressed my mouth up against his and shoved my tongue in. His hands immediately went for my breasts. Mark REALLY liked my breasts! I grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands down to his sides. He looked at me wondering what I was up to.

I forcefully pulled his T-shirt over his head and threw it across the room. He reached for his zipper and I grabbed his wrists again, slapping them as if scolding a naughty child. Then I grabbed his balls through his jeans. I massaged them and felt his penis harden through the denim. I worked my fingers along the shaft and rubbed where the head was. Mark threw his head back in ecstasy.

I unzipped his jeans and pulled them open, my fingers found his underwear and I yanked both down quickly.

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