What a Weekend Ch. 02

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It was the middle of July when Lisa got a call. It was our new friend Donna who we met a few months ago in the snow storm.

After a few minutes on the phone, Lisa hung up. She told me that Donna invited us up for a weekend at her place and Lisa accepted for the following weekend. Then Lisa said that Donna said we could bring a friend or two and thanked her.

As we had some wine, we thought about who we could ask.

Lisa said, “Hon, I could ask someone.”

I looked at her and said, “You know what’s probably going to happen, so who do you know who would be interested?”

Lisa said, “I know someone.”

I looked at her and asked, “Who do you know that would be ok with what’s going to happen?”

Lisa said, “My manacurist, Diana. She is drop dead gorgeous and would do it.”

I asked her how she knew that and she sheepishly said, “You know…do I have to draw you a picture?”

I looked at her and smiled and said, “No wonder you have had your nails done a lot more lately. Ok, who else are we going to get?”

Then I shouted out, “I know someone and Donna will love him. He is handsome and has a real big cock.”

Lisa looked at me with a puzzled look.

I said to her, “We play racquetball often and I see him naked in the locker room. And, he is always horny. I’ll ask him.”

That Monday, I saw Tom at the racquetball court. After the game we showered and as we were drying off I said to him, “Tom, are you busy this weekend?

He looked at me and said, “Actually, no. Why do you ask?”

I replied, “Remember when I told you that Lisa and I found a new friend when we got stuck in the snow?”

He replied, “Yes, now I remember. That was when you found Lisa fucking the woman and then you guys had a threesome.”

I told him yes. Then I said, “The woman invited us up for this weekend to enjoy the lake and probably each other. You interested?”

Tom smiled and said, “Sure, I’m in. Will I get to fuck Lisa?”

I laughed and said, “Look, I have no idea what is going to happen. I do know that Lisa is bringing her manicurist, a woman named Diana, who she probably is having sex, with for the weekend. I would be ok if you fucked my wife.”

As the conversation ended, I noticed Tom’s cock stirring and it was definitely a nice size which the women will love.

I told him I would call him Friday.

When I got home, I told Lisa that everything was set and that she should let Donna know that we are bringing up two people.

Lisa told me that her manicurist, Diana, said she would come and all was set.

Friday came and I called Tom and told him we would pick him up and then Diana.

Saturday came and Lisa and I headed to Tom and then picked up Diana.

We all introduced each other and made a lot bedava bahis of small talk on our way up to Donna’s.

By the time we got there it was just about noon and it was very hot.

Donna welcomed us in and showed us where we could put our stuff.

Donna showed us the extension she put on her house which she turned into a large bedroom with a king sized bed.

We all put our stuff in that room for the time being.

Donna already had lunch prepared and offered us some wine. We could see that the lake was peaceful and empty.

Tom asked about the lake and Donna said, “Actually, the lake is mine. I own all the property around it because I like to skinny dip and go naked and this affords me the opportunity to do so with no nosy intruders.”

Donna continued, “After lunch I thought we could all go down to the lake for a swim. I hope you guys are ok with me being naked and I would be very happy if you guys joined me.”

We all just nodded an ok.

We cleaned up after lunch and got ready to head to the lake. There was a path from Donna’s to the lake. Once we got there, Donna got naked and one by one, we all shed our clothes.

Diana was stunning naked. She must have been in her late 20’s, 5’5″, about 115, auburn hair, brown eyes, trim pussy, mouth sized tits with big nipples and a nice ass. I could see why Lisa does her.

I could see the women checking Tom out. Who, at 5’10” was a sight to behold. He was fit, about 180, blue eyes, blonde hair, a nice size cock and balls and was smooth.

In a few minutes we were all in the lake enjoying its coolness. We were all having a good time, playing together with our naked bodies touching.

After awhile, we got out and laid down on our towels to dry off and take the sun.

Donna was the first one who wanted someone to put sunscreen lotion on her. Tom wasted no time in volunteering.

We watched as Tom eased over to her and started applying the lotion.

Before long, Tom had his hands all over her nakedness. We watched and smiled as he spent a lot of time on her tits, ass and pussy.

Diana asked me to do the same to her and I started to but Lisa joined me and we both applied the lotion to Diana’s naked body. I then backed away as Lisa took over and rubbed the lotion all over Diana’s tits, ass and pussy.

I saw Diana jump a bit and realized that Lisa was fingering Diana’s pussy.

I noticed Tom’s cock was hard and sticking straight out.

Then Donna moved around and started sucking Tom’s cock. It didn’t take long before we could see Tom’s balls tightening and then he jerked and shot his load in Donna’s mouth.

We all applauded and went back to sunning.

As Tom rested, his limp cock still oozing cum, Lisa went over bedava bonus and sucked it dry.

After awhile, we had enough of the sun and headed back to the house.

On the way back, I told them I had to pee. Not being shy, I stopped on the path and peed as the women smiled. As I was finishing, Donna started peeing as she stood up. We all laughed and continued heading back to the house.

Donna asked if it would be ok if she remained naked after her shower and nobody objected. In fact, we all said we would join her.

After we all showered, we grilled some steaks and had a delightful dinner with plenty of wine.

The weather was perfect and the air felt great on our nakedness.

As it started to get late, we continued inside with more wine.

Donna made the first inquiry about sleeping arrangements.

She said, “There are two bedrooms, mine and the new one. Since there are five of us, what do you guys want to do? I don’t care who or how many want to sleep in my bed.”

I thought about it for a minute and said, “I know that Tom wants to fuck my wife, so they can pair off. I am sure Donna and Diana wouldn’t mind sharing a bed. That leaves me. So, how about I visit both bedrooms during the night?”

Donna and everyone else said that seemed like a good idea. Donna took Diana to her bedroom and Tom and Lisa went to the other bedroom. Tom’s cock was already hard, as was mine.

Tom and my wife got real cozy on the bed immediately, as I watched from a chair.

It was strange watching my wife getting felt up and played with by a stranger. I could see my wife’s eyes open wide and knew she was really enjoying herself.

Every now and then she would look over at me and smile as Tom made love to her.

Then it happened. I watched as Tom’s big cock slowly disappeared into my wife’s cunt until it was completely inside her.

As he started fucking my wife, Lisa started saying, “Hey baby, you like watching your wife being fucked by a stranger? You like seeing his big cock sliding in and out your whore wife’s cunt? This what you like baby?”

As I was jerking my cock, I yelled out, “Fuck my whore wife hard Tom. Cum in her cunt. She’ll do anything for you Tom. She’s your whore for this weekend. Let me see you cum in her.”

Just then I heard him say that he was going to cum and I could tell his cum exploded into her cunt as she had multiple orgasms.

As soon as he pulled his cock out, I got on the bed and rammed my hard cock into her cum filled cunt and started fucking her.

As I was fucking her, Lisa started screaming, “That’s it baby, fuck your whore wife…you like fucking me with another guy’s cum is in me? Cum in me too.”

I couldn’t stop fucking her and shot stream after stream deneme bonusu of cum into her cunt.” I then fell to the side spent. Cum pouring out my wife’s cunt.

I must have fallen asleep as the next thing I remember was seeing Lisa on all fours and Tom’s cock fully seated in Lisa’s ass as he pounded her from behind. His balls slapping against her with each thrust.

Then I saw his cum oozing out her ass and I knew he was done with his whore for awhile.

I got up and went into Donna’s bedroom where Diana and Donna were eating each other out.

I immediately joined them and started playing with both of them as one kissed me as the other was sucking my cock.

It didn’t take me long before I told them I was going to cum. Then Donna got on all fours, as did Diana. Donna said, “Fuck us from behind and cum in our cunts.”

I slipped my cock in Donna first and fucked her and then I fucked Diana. When I was ready to cum, I pumped harder and came in Diana and quickly pulled out and slipped my still cumming cock into Donna until I finished cumming.

Then both girls lapped up my cum from their cunts.

That night, we all switched partners many times until we all fell asleep.

The next day, we continued our mini orgy but we all did it in the middle of Donna’s living room which we cleared and put down blankets. When Tom and I were spent, the women put on a show. This went on for most of the day until we were all exhausted.

We stopped for dinner and rest.

Wine flowed and before we knew it, Tom and I went from cunt to cunt fucking each woman multiple times.

Needless to say, we all had a great time.

The next morning was time to leave and we had to say goodbye to Donna.

We thanked her for inviting us and she invited us back and I told her we would definitely return.

On the way home, Diana sat with me up front and Tom and Lisa sat in the back. On More than one occasion, I heard slurping noises and knew my wife was sucking Tom’s big cock and enjoying his cum.

Diana made the trip enjoyable for me when she undid my jeans and pulled out my cock and gave me a blow job until I came in her mouth. When I did, she looked back at Tom and my wife and opened her mouth to show them my cum.

When we got home, we invited Tom and Diana in for some wine. No sooner did we get inside, did we rip off our clothes and had our own orgy, swapping partners all night long.

I remember Tom and I double teaming my wife and as Tom had his cock in my wife’s cunt, I was underneath my wife with my tongue in her cunt and on Tom’s cock as he was fucking her.

When he was fucking her hard, his cock slipped out of her cunt and I wound up with his cock in my mouth with my wife’s cunt juices on it. Just then he shot his cum which I accidently got a taste of. My wife laughed when she saw his cum on my lips.

We all wound up naked in our bed, cum covering my wife and Diana.

The next morning we all said our goodbyes and made arrangements to get together soon, real soon.

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