What Do You Want To Happen?

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I know that not all sex dreams are about sex; I’ve read enough amateur astrology and Cosmo magazine to tell you that. The ones I have about you, though, turned into daydreams a long time ago, and they are exclusively about sex, and nothing else…

After the big fight, we went our separate ways. I did my thing and you did your best to avoid me. I thought of you often whenever I caught sight of you.

When I suddenly found myself single one summer, my thoughts immediately turned to you. I reconnected with you, we got high together a couple of times, you invited me back to your house. You had a girlfriend, you explained, but she was out of the country.

I never, ever forgot the delicious sexual tension we shared back then, before. As we stand together on the porch, you awkwardly ask me if I want to do the temple thing. I gratefully accept, hoping to resurrect some of what we had.

Laying down in the hammock I settle in as you sit behind me, rubbing my temples. I swing back and forth and you rub, only occasionally breaking the silence to tell me some tidbit or the other. At first it is awkward. I’m nervous. I’m anxious about having hurt you so badly, I’m unsure whether your new, improved frat-boy self will be into me, and I’m also reminded in the back of my head that you have a girlfriend waiting for you on the other side of the ocean.

As I rock, and you rub, the tension starts to fade. Your voice becomes a little softer. The tidbits you share start to sound more wistful. You rub my temples gently for a while more then you stop. Your hand caresses the side of my face, gently wiping a strand of hair out of my eyes. I open up my eyes and see you looking down at me with a mix of sorrow and longing.

I am terrified. Instead of following my instincts, I blink, sit up and say, “ok, your turn now. Switch with me.” Scooting out of my spot, I wait for you to get up from your chair, shift your shorts around uncomfortably, and settle in to the swinging hammock. I pull the metal folding chair a bit closer to the head of the hammock and start by rubbing your eyebrows. Rhythm is found pretty quickly and I move in to rub your temples. I can see your slight scowl, feel the taught muscles across your forehead. The angry, frustrated, lustful look on your face is all to familiar.

As I continue to rub, we chat occasionally and your brow starts to relax. All the stress of this situation leaves your facial muscles as you become more and more relaxed by my touch. You break the idle chatter by mumbling… “I still love you, you know.” Looking down etlik escort onto your face adoringly, I feel my heart soar.

I smile and you open your eyes to gaze into mine. “I’m…I’m sorry for what I did to you,” I gently sputtered as we continue to lock eyes.

The corners of your mouth turn up slightly. “S’ok” you murmur, closing your eyes again.

It is then that I bend down to kiss you. Your eyes fly open again at the touch of my lips on your forehead. Moving down I kiss the tip of your nose. You smile. I keep going and plant a light kiss on your waiting lips. Our eyes meet. My body hums as you sharply draw in a breath. I bend down to kiss your lips again and don’t pull away. You respond by lifting your head to mine and kissing me back. Suddenly we are kissing, really kissing. Pulling away from you I stand up, surveying your body. Your shorts are tenting up as your stare at my chest, my hard nipples clearly visible through my tank top. Watching you lie there for a moment I’m not really sure what you want to happen.

With a smirk on my face, I decide what I want to happen and swing my leg over your body, straddling you. Our lips touch again when I lean down again and cradle your face in my hands. Another jolt of electric current shoots through my body. I can feel your hardness pushing up against me as a wet spot forms on the front of my skirt. Your hands go up my shirt and your eyes widen as you realize that I’m not wearing a bra. Your palms freely grope my firm breasts. I catch my breath in my throat as your thumbs skim across my nipples. You smile at me and do it again, eliciting a series of short moans from me. We are lost in each other.

A couple of your housemates had wandered out for a smoke on other end of the porch. I notice they are there and decide not to care as I push my body to yours. The only noises are the hum of frogs and cicadas, and our occasional low moans. Looking up past you to the guys on the porch, I can tell that they are trying not to stare openly. They seem interested enough, judging by the bulges in their shorts as they both stare aimlessly at the ground.

I am suddenly feeling a little bit modest, or more precisely, romantic and practical about this moment we are about to have, and whisper in your ear, “let’s go back to your room.”

You remind me that you have a roommate that went to bed hours ago.

We can’t go back to my place; I had promised my own roommate a little peace and quiet with her guy for the night. “Besides,” I say breathlessly, “if he’s asleep he’ll never gaziosmanpaşa escort know. I’m good at quiet.” You look at me doubtfully one more time, then pick me up while swinging your legs over the hammock’s side and standing up. The guys on the porch casually say goodnight as you carry me inside.

Just like I promised your roommate was curled up in bed on the other side of the room. Hesitatingly you look over at him and back at me. My response is to hold you closer and kiss you fiercely. You sit me daintily me down on the bed and take a seat beside me. The bed is set up for studying with pillows stacked up on one side to make a back rest. I push you back into the pillows and climb back on top of you.

Grinding my crotch against yours and running my fingers through your hair, I kiss you forcefully. Your cock stiffens against my thighs. Breaking the kiss I look down as I fumble with your belt buckle. With a chuckle you unclasp it with one hand. I tear off the belt and unbutton your pants, pulling the zipper down as I reach into your boxers and pull out your cock.

“Do you have, um…some…uh…?” A look of confusion clouds your face for an instant until you realize what I am asking for.

Rolling over, you reach to your bedside table and pull open the drawer, rifling through its contents. “Shit. Fuck.” You look back at me. “I’m out.”

I am going out of my mind with desire for you and I hiss back “go FIND one then. Go!” You pull your boxers loosely over your stiff cock and zip your shorts back up. I can tell you feel ridiculous like this, but damn it, I want you so bad right now I don’t even care. I watch, then listen as you pad out of your room and into the common area.

Even at this hour, there are still a couple of guys sitting around on the mishmash of ugly couches, drinking beer and watching cartoons. You ask the group if anyone has a rubber you can use. “Aw yeah, man!”

The sound of palms slapping together echoes from the common room as you get a few high-fives from your housemates. “Here you go, dude,” a voice says as he hands you what you’re looking for. “Go get ’em.”

I can’t help but smile to myself at the absurdity of the situation as you walk back into your room. You have not just one, but a strip of three condoms in your hand. Raising an eyebrow I look from the package to your face. Your sheepish grin tells me that you know you’re guaranteed to use one, but hopeful to use all three.

Shucking off your shorts and boxers in one swift motion you sit back down next ankara escort to me. I bite my lower lip as I watch you rip open one of the condoms and roll it onto your rapidly hardening dick. Knowing now that this is really going to happen, I throw a leg over your body and straddle you again on the bed.

You are looking at me now with total lust in your eyes as I use my hand to guide your cock into my dripping pussy. Slowly I lower myself down onto you. My lips close to your ear, I let out a sigh of contentment as you bury your cock inside of me. I arrange my skirt around us as a shield from roomie, should he decide to wake up.

My throbbing clit is rubbing against the base of your cock as I start rocking back and forth along your length. As I throw my head back in pleasure, you nibble on my neck, then bury your face in my cleavage. I use my arms and legs to curl against you, bringing you even closer and deeper inside me.

Wrapping your arms around me, you use your body to bring yourself from a sitting position to your knees, picking me up and laying me down on my back. The whole time we’re shifting positions your cock stays inside me. You arrange yourself so that you’re on top of me, propping yourself up at the elbows. Our bodies are close together, and you’re pulling me closer with your hands as you fuck me with short, frenzied strokes, your hardness rubbing against my clit.

A groan escapes your lips and we both pause, just for a second, to glance over at your roommate. He’s still in bed with the covers pulled, but his hand is moving under the sheets pumping his own cock. I grin at you, and we lock gazes again as we fuck each other to the point of no return. I know I can’t hold out much longer, and from your uneven breathing I can tell that you’re getting close too. We grind against one another as you continue to pump your hard cock in and out of me, rubbing my clit and bringing me to a frenzied climax. As I start to come, I kiss you urgently and breathe hard, trying not to call out as the feeling spreads throughout my body.

I can’t help it and I yell, “oh yeah.” Hearing me shout brings you over the edge and you start to come inside me, pumping and groaning as the cum spurts out of you.

As our moans and contented sighs bring us back to reality, I see your roommate’s wild stroking across the room. He’s pulled back the sheets now and is pumping away, looking down at his cock. He’s bucking his hips up and down, fucking his own fist, when I hear a loud groan. His body goes rigid as he spurts stream after stream of cum all over his chest.

For a split second I can’t decide what to do. What’s the etiquette to having a one-night-stand with a guy who knows your deepest secrets? You answer my question wordlessly as you pull me to you, spooning me with your naked body. “Hi.” you whisper in my ear, “how’ve you been?”

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