What happens in Vegas Ch. 01

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At the request of a follower. I hope you like it!!


“VEGAS!!” Amy shouted as we walked out of the airport and towards our waiting limousine. There are five of us in Las Vegas for Tiffany’s bachelorette weekend; me, Tiffany, Amy, Amber and Nicole. We all let out a simultaneous “WOOO!” in response before we climbed inside the blacked out limo.

“Oh, nice, champagne!” Amber said as she noticed the stocked bar opposite our seats. Always the one to get a little tipsy first she greedily grabbed the bottle and popped the top, pouring everyone a glass before taking the bottle to her lips and finishing it off like a woman possessed. Out of all of us she was the only one without any attachments back home in Alabama. Amy and I were married, Tiffany engaged and Nicole had a long term boyfriend. “I plan on being hammered the whole trip and hopefully get some dick while I’m at it!” she told all of his with a smile.

“As long as we’re all together for my spa day and a couple dinners that’s all I care about” Tiffany told us. “Other than that lets have a good time!”

“Wooo!!” we all responded.

The ride to the hotel was quick and we all rushed through the casino on the ground floor, ready to get to our rooms to drop off our bags before the fun began. We had all opted for separate rooms, as long as they all adjoined and had interior doors connecting them. I was on the end so I opened my door which led into Amy’s room. She had dropped her bags at the foot of her bed and was knocking on the door leading to Tiffany’s room. “Let’s go bitch!” she was shouting to the door. I laughed and turned back towards my room.

“I’m gonna text Tony and then I’ll be ready” I told Amy. I grabbed my phone and pulled up my husbands contact

“Hey babe, we made it to the hotel. Gonna grab some lunch and maybe hit a casino. Cesar’s Palace is right across the street!”

He always has his phone on him so I didn’t have to wait for a response

“Okay gorgeous, y’all have fun…but not TOO much ;-P” was his reply.

“As long as you don’t :-P” I replied back, insinuating I knew about his bachelor party plans with the groom, Dave, and a few of their other friends.

“I’ll try not to” replied back.

“Alright, enough with the ball and chain!” Amy shouted as she stuck her head into my room. “Let’s go get fucked up!!” I grabbed my purse and walked into here room, where the others had assembled.

“So, what’s the game plan?” Amber asked. “I need more alcohol” she laughed.

“Let’s go across the strip to Cesar’s” Tiffany said. “They’ve got a better casino than this hotel and some good restaurants. We all agreed and made our way to the elevator. Once we had descended to the 15 floors to the casino lobby we headed straight to Cesar’s Palace. Tiffany and Amy went to the slot machines while Amber, Nicole and I went to a $5 minimum black jack table. I sat in the middle seat with Nicole to my right and Amber to my left. Nicole was probably the most attractive one of the group. Standing about 5’5” she weighted close to 120 pounds with a nice round ass and outstanding tits. To top it off she was a natural red head with pale, freckled skin and emerald green eyes. I’d had my share of self love sessions imagining what it would be like to have those eyes staring up at me while her tongue worked my clit. Amber was a little shorter and stouter, coming at just over 5′ tall and weighting closer to 170. She was plump but a lot of fun to be around. She keeps her dark brown hair just passed her shoulders and wears colored contacts that accentuate her brown eyes. I always feel like the Amazon of the group standing 6′ tall ostim escort and maintain a cross fit toned 150 pounds. I usually straighten my naturally curly auburn hair, but today I left it curly and pulled it back into a bun. I outlined my hazel eyes with glasses today since I didn’t want to fight with my contacts so early before our flight. My C cup breast felt comfy in my Victoria’s Secret push-up bra under my cotton sun dress made even more comfy by not wearing panties. The dry Nevada air was a welcomed changed from the humidity in Alabama.

“Hello ladies, may I take your drink orders while you play?” asked a fairly attractive waitress with a massive, obviously fake, rack.

“Umm, I’ll take a Jack -) I was just messing with you. What’s up?” he asked.

“Are you still near the strip? I’m at Harrah’s, across from Cesar’s. Room 1505.” I sent back.

“I’ll be there in 10” he shot back quickly.

I could feel the butterflies forming in my stomach and my juices starting to flow from my pussy. I put my phone on the night stand and rolled onto my back, spreading my legs I gave my breast a squeeze and tweaked my nipples before running my hands to my nethers. I parted my lips with one hand while the other worked a finger into my clit and dipped down into my moist hole. I could feel the juices starting to flow as I pushed my middle finger in passed my first knuckle. I put my ring finger in with the middle and eased both in to the second knuckle, curving the fingers until the pads pressed against my spongy g-spot. I moaned and bared down on my fingers releasing more fluids while my other hand started rubbing my clit. “Oh shit” I moaned as I started to feel my orgasm building. My hips instinctively lift off the bed as I rubbed my clit faster and started pushing on my spot harder as I rocked my fingers in and out and back and forth. “Ooohh!” I exclaimed as I felt my crest about to break, when all of a sudden I heard “Hey girl, need another hand?” I snapped my eyes open and saw Amy standing in the doorway leading to her room! “SHIT, AMY!! Get out of here!” I screamed as I quickly moved my hands and tried to roll over to cover myself.

“What?!” she asked unapologetically. “Seeing those long legs bent on the bed like that and your sexy tits bouncing around is fucking hot! What’s got you so worked up? We haven’t even been gone a day. Tony didn’t give you any before we left?” she asked walking towards my bed.

“No, he did” I said as I sat up, crossing my legs and folding my arms across my chest. “How long were you watching?” I asked.

“Long enough to get my panties wet. Seriously, you’re fucking hot and anyone, man or woman, would be dumb not to watch that!” she said, shocking me.

“Really? I didn’t think you’d be like that?” I told her bluntly.

“Like that? What, gay? I’m not. Bi-curious maybe. He’ll just full blown bi. I love dick, but I’ve licked a twat or two” she laughed at herself, then looked at me seriously “I’d really like to lick yours. It so smooth” she said as she moved closer to me. “Do you shave or wax?” she asked as she stood by the head of the bed moving her hand towards my thigh. She put it over my knee and gently pull towards her. I didn’t fight as I let my leg fall off of the other, opening them slightly.

“I usually shave, but I just had a wax yesterday, for the trip.” I told her as I felt my vagina start to throb. I was so close to a release before she interrupted me and feeling her hand running up my thigh to my pubic area was making my needs grow stronger.

She ran her hand over my smooth skin and dipped down into my crevasse briefly. “So sıhhiye escort smooth” she said almost in a whisper. I could see her other hand inching up her own thigh, slightly lifting the hem of her skirt as she moved closer to her own love box.

“Amy, I need to get dressed” I said, snapping her out of her trance like state. “I have someone coming over.” I explained.

“Coming over? What do you mean? We don’t know anyone here.” she stated sounding confused.

I quickly explained to her about Jerry and the agreement that Tony and I had together while I put my sun dress back on and ushered her towards her door.

“Oh man, that’s so hot! I wonder if I could talk Randy into something like that?!” she exclaimed as she tried to keep the door from closing. “Hey, what if I video you two from here?! You could send him the pictures from your phone and I’d send you the video to send him! I bet he’d love that!”

“Actually…” I pondered. “He probably would. Okay, but BE QUIET! I’ll leave the door unlocked and slightly open. When we’re both naked start recording.” I told her as I walked back to my bed to check my phone. I had a message from Jerry.

“Coming up” it read, a minute ago.

“He’s on the way!” I told Amy as she silently went back into her room. A minute later there was a knock at my door. I opened it to see Jerry, still in his black work slacks and white t-shirt, standing there smiling. “Hey handsome” I said smiling coyly moving to the side allowing him entrance to my room. I closed the door behind him as he put his arm around my waist and pulled me in for a wet, passionate kiss.

“I’m glad you text.” he said pulling away. “My dick was so hard in my pants the entire time you were at my table I thought it was gonna bust through the zipper.”

“Oh yeah? What about now?” I asked as I shot my hand down to his crotch, giving it a squeeze. I wasn’t wrong about his size. He felt huge! “Hmm, yeah your zippers straining a bit. Why don’t we give it a break?” I asked as we moved towards the bed, me still squeezing his bulge.

“Fuck yeah!” he said enthusiastically as he followed me, pulling his shirt off in the process.

“I need you to do me a favor though” I told him.

“What’s that?”

“I have an “agreement” with my husband. I can do whatever I want, as long as I send him a picture with your cum on my face.” I informed him. “Are you okay with that?”

His eyes brightened as he again replied with an enthusiastic “Fuck yeah! He really lets you go around having sex with whoever you want?!”

“Well, as long as he gets to do the same, and gets my pictures, yes.” I told him as I undid the button to his slacks and pulled down his zipper, noticing he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I leaned in and kissed his neck and collar bone before moving down to his firm chest, running my tongue over his nipple. I glanced towards the door to Amy’s room and saw it cracked slightly. Wanting to make sure she got a good view I began turning us as I continued my trip south, until we were sideways to the door. I ran my lips down Jerry’s rippled abs and darted my tongue into his belly button as my knees hit the floor. I continued kissing down into his neatly trimmed bush and pulled his pants down, allowing his now fully engorged member to spring forward. It was incredible! The shaft was shaved smooth and rippled with bulging veins, the head was bulbous and purple and was already dripping with precum, begging to be licked, and I hungrily obliged, extending my tongue and tasting his sticky sweetness. I wrapped my lips around his head and flicked my tongue up and down his cocks ankara escort slit as I sucked, swelling his already large head.

“Oh fuck” Jerry moaned as his head fell back and his hand went to the back of my head. He pressed gently forcing his massive dick deeper into my mouth as he stepped out of his pants. He stood over me with his feet slightly apart allowing me to squeeze and caress his heavy ball sack with my left hand while my right grabbed his ass cheek, pulling him further into me.

I love giving head and this was by far the largest penis I have had, so I was definitely going to take advantage of it! I pulled back and allowed it to fall out of my mouth, grabbing it by the base I began running my tongue up and down the length of the shaft. After a few passes I pointed his cock up and moved to his balls, swirling my tongue around the bottom portion before sucking one into my mouth as I began pumping his stiffness in my hand. I alternated to his other nut as I massaged his bulging head in my hand, feeling it get sticky with more of his precum.

“Damn, that feels fucking amazing,” he said as I felt his knees shake. He started to move his feet, spinning us around so he could sit on the edge of the bed with me kneeling between his legs. I released his gorgeous manhood and sat back on my heels, pulling my dress off over my head, allowing him to see me naked for the first time. “Oh wow, your tits are fantastic!” he declared as he leaned forward and took my left breast into his hands, kneading it softly and pinching my sensitive nipple as his mouth met mine in a tongue twisting kiss.

In the back of my mind I knew this position gave Amy a good view of my backside and decided to take full advantage of it. I broke our embrace and pushed Jerry back onto the bed, resting on his elbows, as I raised up onto my knees sticking my ass out. I bent down over Jerry’s pulsing member and released a string of saliva onto his cock head, watching it cascade down onto his shaft. I twisted the slick spit around his cock with my hand as I moved it down to his base, squeezing slightly aggressively causing his veins to swell. With his cock now slick and bulging I greedily dove down, impaling my throat with his meaty sword. I got almost half way down his length before I gagged, causing me to wretch slightly. I pulled back an inch to regain some composure and again thrust my head down, chocking on his massive member. I held myself in place and stuck my tongue out, licking the underside of his thick shaft and giving me a little more room in my throat to push down another inch. I stayed her a few more moments bobbing my head up and down, feeling his mushroom shaped head banging against the back of my throat.

I gagged again and had to pull back. My eyes were watering and as I withdrew him from my mouth a thick, slick string of saliva ran from his tip to my lips. I wiped my mouth and used the wetness to stroke his full length as I looked up at him. “I wish I could get all of you down my throat” I told him. “It’s so fucking long and thick.”

“I’ve got an idea” he said, smiling. “Here, lay on the bed, on your back, and hang your head off of the side” the instructed me as he stood up. I did as I was told and laid on the bed. It was an awkward position but it gave me a good view of the underside of his cock and swaying balls.

Jerry stepped forward standing with his hefty cock directly over my face, his scrotum swinging over my nose and mouth. I couldn’t resist. I extended my tongue and licked the bottom of his sack, running it behind it and into his smooth taint. Feeling this caused him to bend his knees slightly, flattening my tongue into the sensitive area. I wiggled it around and flicked the tip backwards, brushing to ring of his puckered anus. He jumped a little. “Oh you’re a naughty girl, huh?” he asked, seeming surprised. “You like giving rim jobs when you suck strangers dicks?”

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