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WHEN INNOCENCE ENDSWhen Innocence EndsbyCosmickinkiness©Sometimes your body and mind want something so bad that it defies logic and makes you do things you would have believed otherwise impossible. Things you never could have even imagined. It was very early on that Mitchell noticed that his daughter Fiora, or Fi, was developing a very playful and teasing side just like her mother who was a natural charmer. During her teenage years and high school, Fi and her father were always very close and their father-daughter relationship was mostly normal if very physical, more than most families would be comfortable with. Ever since she had began slowly turning into a young woman she had grown more and more affectionate with him, giving him long and tight hugs, rubbing his back as he rubbed hers, nuzzling his neck and sitting in his lap for long periods of time just snuggling with him. It always remained acceptable though, the farthest they went was him massaging her bare thighs and even that only started days after her 18th birthday. For years now his daughter had no shame whatsoever around him, walking around the house wearing skimpy underwear, short skirts and all sorts of clothing to attract his attention, but with no sexual ideas in mind, it was just a perverted way of always having her daddy’s full attention and part of her enjoyed making him watch her like this considering she was so shy and timid at school. On top of that, she was still a virgin but she had explored some with a few boyfriends, and her hormones were driving her crazy.While Fi was an amazingly pretty and feminine young woman, it wasn’t her light, beautiful blonde hair or her laughing blue eyes or even her impossibly charming smile that always attracted her daddy’s eyes. At 5’8, she was tall and very thin yet just curvy enough to make her lower body absolutely impossible not to stare at. Incredibly long and lean legs leading to a tight, small and rounded teenage ass that was often clad in tight short shorts, or covered by the skirt she always wore at school, or as it was often the case at home, tight and revealing booty shorts and showed off her gloriously narrow waist and flat stomach. Her breasts were small and perky, and she still had that same smile as years ago, and quite the same body.Even after her 18th birthday, Fi still loved trying to get all of her father’s time and attention and she continued to be a devout daddy’s girl, showering him with affection and presents and being an overall good daughter, but then came the more perverted side of it. While still a virgin, and while she had a little experience with boys such as giving handjobs and having them touch her breasts, it’s as far as she ever went. She never understood why she tried to get her father’s attention the way she did and she never even thought about it before she did it. It became near unbearable the weeks following her 18th birthday. At least before that, she had enough decency to know she was u******e and so she always behaved, more or less. But ever since she became legal, everything became more intense as she began using her charms in a more sexual way with her dad and it came to her naturally to do it.The first time was one morning. She had a long t-shirt on as she walked downstairs after waking him. The shirt was already short enough, covering the bottom of her asscheeks as she walked, but barely. It was made worse by the fact that this morning she wore no panties for the first time, ever. When she stepped into the bathroom, she did not expect her father to be standing there in his light robe, rinsing his face after shaving. Stopping in her tracks for a second as she turned into the bathroom and stopped a few feet away from him, it gave him ample time to turn off the water and wipe his cheeks before turning to look at her as she entered. He wasn’t sure if it was normal to look at his own daughter that way, but there was so much pink and soft skin showing, with the night shirt revealing every inch of her glorious thighs until the shirt teasingly kept the rest hidden. With a wide smile, she interrupted his thoughts as she stretched her arms high in the air and she stretched her limbs and groaned softly, the shirt pulled obscenely high until it was around her waist. Her father knew she did it on purpose. She knew that, because after he looked into her eyes and observed her beautiful smiling face, her daddy’s eyes went all the way down her slender body until she was sure that he was looking at her pink, bare virgin pussy. The feeling of showing herself to her own father was so intense, it felt so intimate, that she literally felt her tight cunt becoming wet and found herself smiling even more as she straightened up and then went to him to hug him. Now knowing he was aware she wore nothing underneath the shirt, she wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled his neck, pushing her slim body up against his and she just rested there for a moment, enjoying the closeness. She adored those moments when she knew she had gotten her daddy to only think about her and nothing else.As she pulled herself higher against him, he held her up while she was on the tip of her toes and she realized that in this position, her shirt was high above her waist and left her completely exposed. She liked that idea, and she realized that he must have liked it too, since he didn’t say a word as they held each other but there was no way he could hide that his cock was getting hard while close like this to his young daughter. So far her father had been fairly calm as this was nothing too strange for him aside from the fact that he was aware that she was naked under the shirt, and also that for the first time ever, he had an erection because of his little girl. Slowly, she nuzzled his neck with her usual affection, while one of her soft hands reached between them and undid his robe, causing it to open and expose her father’s erect cock to the cool air. That was his first warning and the only moment he could have stopped himself, but before he could think about how to react, his daughter’s arms tightened around his neck and she pulled herself against him. Shivering, her father moaned softly when he felt his bare, hard cock against the soft skin of her smooth belly and then as she made him pretty much pick her up in his arms, his eyes closed instinctively as she slipped a leg around his waist and it caused her wet and warm virgin pussy to rub against her daddy’s hard dick. At this point, her own eyes were closed as she held him tight, hips moving just slightly so that her young pink lips wetly slid against her father’s engorged cock and after holding her there for a moment, she felt her father’s hands reach down and grasp his little girl’s ass tightly, causing her to gasp as he lifted her up fully against him. Resting her head on his shoulder, she relaxed in his arms as she felt his fingers tighten on her ass and she realized he was actually groping her as they hugged. But it all had to stop. Slowly, she moved back down and smiled up at him, closing his robe without ever looking down and she pulls her own shirt down before grinning at him. “Morning daddy!”That’s when Mitchell saw how innocent she was. She had always tried to get his attention by any means acceptable for her age, and despite the things she was doing and how it could be interpreted, all she wanted was his time and attention and her intentions were pure despite her actions being anything but pure. But still, just as he was thinking that and was turning to see what she was doing, his eyes widened just a little and his heart started beating faster when he saw that his daughter was bending over the counter and looking at herself in the mirror, her high ass on full display for her daddy as her shirt was around her waist. Lean thighs spread slightly exposed Fiora’s bare little pussy and her father had a hard time looking away from his little girl’s tight ass and pink lips, which made her smile as she looked back at him. “What are you looking at daddy?” Is all she said before she continued looking at herself in the mirror, her curvy ass swaying to some imaginary music and that made it much harder for her father to look away since his cock was getting hard again. Finally looking up at her, he managed to smile as he took a deep breath and was about to speak, but she did first.”Want to take a shower together, daddy? We haven’t done that in forever but it’s okay now that I’m eighteen, right? What do you think?” She asked looking back at him in the mirror still in the same position, knowing full well she was incredibly exposed to her father’s sight but it only made all of this more fun to her and also made her wetter to the point where she knew her father could see she was -soaking- wet and her juices were slowly dripping down one of her soft thighs. Finally, she straightened up and turned to face him with a smile o her face, waiting for an answer. “Please daddy? I’d really like that.” Her father was obviously tempted but also conflicted, feeling how hard his cock was and seeing how his daughter was acting. As he was about to reply to her, she reached for the bottom of her shirt and smiling at him, she slowly pulled it up over her head and took it off, small round breasts coming into view as she discarded the shirt and looked at him. “I’m already naked, come on daddy! Here!” Before he could really manage to say anything, Fiora stepped close to him and without asking, opened his robe.”Fi, what are you doing? We….we can’t do that, it’s…” Placing a finger on his lips, his little girl smiled at him as she took off his robe and then turned around and walked to the shower, turning on the water with her sexy ass sticking back for him to see. At that moment, it’s as if he stopped worrying and accepted what was going on. He looked at Fiora as she straightened up and turned to look at him, her eyes going down to her daddy’s long and hard cock and looking at it. Biting her bottom lip, she smiled as she stood there completely naked with her shaved pussy and growing breasts for her father to see before she stepped into the shower. Taking a few deep breaths, her father slowly made his way to the shower and stepped in, closing the door behind him. Fiora was facing away towards the shower head and her entire body was now wet, water trickling down her shapely little ass. With the limited room in the shower, Fiora moved back just a little when her father was moving as well, and doing this fully consciously, she pushed her naked ass against her daddy’s crotch and she almost moaned when she felt his hard shaft against her smooth cheeks. Looking back over her shoulder, Fiora gave her father a small, shy smile as he closed his eyes and tried to tell himself that it was all okay, that nothing bad was happening. “Daddy, are you alright? You seem worried about something. Here dad, put your arms around me and hold me tight?” She asked with the most irresistible and cute expression on her face and her father breathed deeply, nodding as he tried to breath normally. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around his little girl, naked and wet in the shower with him, her daddy’s hard cock pressed warmly between her asscheeks. Humming softly under the hot water and with her dad holding her tight, Fiora began slowly grinding her ass back against her daddy’s cock. Looking back up at him again, she smiled slightly and bit her lip. “Dad, let me help you with this.” It was all she said before finally, the innocent and pure teasing came to an end when she turned around to face him, feeling so impossibly aroused being naked in the shower with her father but also knowing she turned him on. Soon as she faced him, Fiora slowly kneeled in front of her daddy and without any hesitation whatsoever, she wrapped her fingers around the base of her own father’s cock before she slowly began taking it into her warm and wet mouth, eyes looking up at him to see his reaction. Before he could really react or say anything, his little girl had taken his long cock down her throat and her lips where around the base of his dick. Groaning softly and trying to object, her father rested his hand on the side of her head as if wanting to stop her but then she began sucking him deeply, lips tightly pressed around his sensitive shaft as she slurped up and down his cock, one hand cupping his balls and massaging them gently while sucking her own father. Fiora was making soft, sexy moaning sounds as she really got into sucking her dad’s cock, lips sliding up and down and her soft tongue licking at his shaft whenever she could. Reaching between her thighs with her free hand, she began rubbing her clit as she was getting impossibly turned on and wet at the thought that she had her father’s cock in her mouth. At this point, her father’s eyes were closed and he was moaning softly, fingers in her hair as her head moved back and forth, her mouth deliciously wet around his cock. After a few minutes, Fiora tentatively began running her hands up her daddy’s legs, caressing his thighs until she reached behind him and she grasped her daddy’s ass tightly, pulling his cock deeper into her mouth and sucking him with renewed intensity. This went on for several minutes before she slowly slid her father’s cock out of her mouth and gave the tip one final lick and suck, slowly getting back up with a grin on her face as she looked into his eyes and pressed her naked body against his, wrapping her arms around his waist. He could feel his little girl’s erect nipples against his wet chest as she stayed close. “Daddy, I…” Fiora whispered softly as she reached down to wrap her fingers around his cock and began slowly jerking her daddy off, looking at his handsome face. “I liked it when you touched and massaged my ass earlier, daddy. Do you think you could do it some more? Here daddy, let me show you.” Placing a soft kiss his cheek, Fiora stepped back out of his arms and slowly turned around, presenting her shapely little ass to her daddy before she leaned forward against the shower wall, spreading her feet and sticking her sexy bum in the air for him to see. As her father looked down at his daughter’s ass, he could see both tight virgin holes, her pussy so wet and pink, her asshole almost equally pink and inviting. Reaching behind herself, Fiora ran a couple fingers between her asscheeks, first teasing at her pussy, trailing juices up to her tight ass. To her father’s surprise, he watched her as she slid two fingers easily in her ass and began probing herself while still looking at him, her bottom lip caught between her teeth in an extremely sexy expression.That was entirely too much for him, seeing his naked daughter who had just sucked his cock, exposed in this way. His cock so hard it was almost painful, he slowly rested his hands on her hips as she fingered herself, gaze locked with hers. What happened next was a surprise even to Fiora, she didn’t expect any of it. She knew how sexy she was, with her impossibly long legs and her tight, firm ass, but she couldn’t expect her dad’s reaction to be this extreme, she thought he was going to touch her and grope her, maybe even kiss her and she would be happy to suck him again. But when her father’s hand took hers and moved it away from her ass then put both her palms flat against the shower wall, Fiora obeyed and stayed like that. Her father could see her slightly relaxed asshole slowly closing and he bit his bottom lip as he took his cock with his right hand and without saying a single word, he guided it between her asscheeks. Fiora only had a split second to realize what her father was about to do, and her breathing stopped for a second as she moaned LOUDLY, eyes closing tight.For a second, she felt the large tip of her father’s cock pushing against her wet asshole, almost able to slide in her hole without much pressure. But just as she looked back up at him over her shoulder and opened her mouth to speak, her father pushed forward and she once again lost her breath. The head of his cock pushed up her ass and then slowly her father began easing his thick cock up his little girl’s virgin asshole, groaning softy behind her as he looked into her eyes. There was a mix of surprise, pleasure and pain in his daughter’s eyes, Fiora’s eyes finally closing as she felt his hands on her flat stomach, slowly running up to her chest. By the time his fingers slowly grasped both his little girl’s small breasts and squeezed them gently, her daddy was kneading them as he finished pushing the last inches of his cock up her ass. Fiora felt every single inch stretching her wide around him but she could take it, she just didn’t expect him to take her ass first.Finally, his hips were tight against her shapely ass with her father’s cock buried all the way in her ass and she felt so full that she was barely able to stay like this, her knees getting weak. But then her father began pulling back and his huge cock slid out of her tight rear until the head popped out. He looked down, her anus obscenely stretched and open as she re-opened her eyes to look up at him, chewing on her bottom lip cutely with her huge eyes gazing into his. Her daddy leaned in and kissed her temple softly as she felt his cock return, once again penetrating her deeply. But this time, once her father had pushed his entire length back up her tight and warm ass, he began slowly fucking her, pulling back almost all the way out every time and pushing so deep that she was moaning steadily now, letting her handsome daddy fuck her as he wanted. “Daddy, oh god daddy, you’re…you’re in my ass daddy…uhhhhhhhh!” Closing her eyes tightly as he picked up the pace and the bathroom was filled with the slapping sounds of his hips against her ass, Fiora couldn’t believe this was happening. Her daddy’s cock felt unbelievable in her ass, she never imagined he would ever do that. A gentle pinch to her nipples made her open her eyes and look back at him again as she took his long cock deep inside herself, cute bum pushing back against her daddy every time he thrusts himself in her ass until all discomfort was gone and he could fuck her steadily and faster. She wanted him to say something, anything, but he seemed to be so focused on taking his little girl as much as possible that all he could do was moan in pleasure. After at least ten minutes, Fiora slowly moved to the side and caused her father’s cock to slide out of her, turning around to smile at him as she quietly turned off the water and then stepped out of the shower after taking his hand. Mitchell followed her, completely lost in this crazy situation that would probably worry him a lot later on. But for now, he was too far gone and while he followed bursa escort his daughter to her room, he reached down with his free hand and gently squeezed her sexy ass then slid his fingers between her cheeks and found her tight little cunt more than wet, it was almost messy.Holding back a moan, his little girl only smiled more and bit her lip as she stepped into her room and then let go of his hand, moving to her bed. Sitting down at first, she laid down on her back and pulled her knees to her chest, obscenely exposing her wet holes to her father who was standing there with his cock slightly softer than earlier. Mitchell made his way to the side of her bed as his little girl turned her head, ready for when he was close. She smiled timidly at him and opened her mouth when he moved close and guided his semi-hard cock into her mouth. Looking up at him, she flicked her tongue at the head of his dick several times and gently sucked on it before letting him slide it all the way down her throat, getting a groan out of her father. When she sucked him earlier he was already fully hard and it was an incredible turn on now to have her dad’s cock in her mouth and she could feel it harden as her soft lips slurped hungrily up and down his shaft, sucking her father with obvious pleasure. Finally when he was very hard again, she popped him out of her mouth and gave his entire length one final lick before she gazed up into his eyes. “Daddy, come put your big cock in my little pussy, please?” As she asked that, she made a super cute pouting face and licked her lips as her father moved to be in front of her and she pulled her knees tighter against her chest to make sure she was fully offered to him, wanting her daddy to see her body and take her any way he wanted, she loved him so much that this felt like she was the most important person in the world to him. As those thoughts wandered her mind, she suddenly lost her breath and moaned loudly as her father had moved right in front of her and was pushing his erect cock in her virgin pussy. At first she felt the fat head spread her tiny pink lips apart and felt him shudder, she was so obscenely wet, and then it began sinking into her drenched hole. Even her toes curled as she closed her eyes and felt her daddy’s hard shaft penetrating her slowly, hard length sliding within her soaked depths and stretching her virgin hole around him. Every single inch he pushed inside for her was so impossibly pleasurable to her that when he was hilted into her and made a pause to look down at her and groan softly, he saw his little girl on her back trembling as she finally shook hard.Orgasming on her daddy’s cock, Fiora cried out in pleasure as all that Mitchell could do was look at her while this happened, keeping himself firmly pressed deep inside of her wet and warm sex. Her tiny pussy looked bloated when he gazed down to see his cock buried in it and the simple sight was enough to turn him on even more. Pulling back slowly with a loud slurping noise, her father took hold of her round hips before he shoved himself all the way inside of his lovely daughter’s pussy and began fucking her deeply but slowly, giving long thrusts and making sure that he always pushed as deep as possible and only stopped pulling out when the head of his dick was barely inside of her. Fiora was beyond herself, having two more orgasms in the first five minutes of her father fucking her in this position and the both of them were making loud noises of pleasure as they enjoyed each other without saying a word for a while but always looking into each other’s eyes, Fiora more often than not smiling softly as she let her father do anything to her.Long minutes passed and he greatly enjoyed taking her in this position, she was so tight and he could go so deep. But he wanted more and she could see it in his eyes so she let go of her knees and made him stop for a short moment as she smiled at him and moved up on her knees in the bed, almost frowning when his cock slid out of her and she was suddenly empty. “Come daddy, come lie down on your back.” Nodding a bit with a smile, Mitchell was strangely quiet in this particular situation as he got onto the bed and lied down on his back, watching her. With the prettiest smile on her face, she slowly turned her back to him as she straddled him facing away so that he got a great view of her ass and full access as well. Reaching behind herself, Fiora glanced back over her shoulder as she took her daddy’s hard cock in her hand and gave it a few long strokes, coating her hand with her own juices. “Your cock is so hard and big, daddy. Do you want me to maybe…take it inside me, daddy? Is it alright if I sit on your cock daddy?” His daughter talking dirty like that was so shocking, so arousing that his cock throbbed and Fiora felt precum dripping on her hand as she continued to pump is cock slowly to keep it hard. Having a hard time answering, her father nodded a bit and smiled, heart beating fast. “Sit on daddy’s cock baby, it’s okay. You feel really good, you’re…really tight…and wet.” That made her smile, also the fact that she noticed he was almost shy after saying this to her. “I’m really happy we’re so close, daddy. I love spending time with you and this is really nice, and fun. Do you think we could…well that we could do it again, later?” As she began talking, she gave her daddy’s cock a few last pumps with her small hand before she lowered herself slowly and guided is cock slowly between her legs. Unsure for a moment, she looked over her shoulder at him and smiled a bit when she let go of his cock so it would be flat against his stomach and she pressed her ass down against it and slowly began sliding her wet pussy along his length, moving her ass back and forth. Biting her lip, she felt her father’s hand on her shapely bum, feeling her up and caressing her cheeks as she rubbed herself on his cock and coated it with her juices. “I…I like it too baby, and I’m glad we’re…getting closer.”It was slightly odd, she wasn’t acting like a lover, didn’t try to kiss him or anything, she just seemed genuinely happy he was giving her so much “attention” and trusting her enough to do these things with her. In her head, if she played with a few boys’ dicks before and some guys touched her, it had to be okay to do the same with her daddy, and she loved him more than anything so to her it felt like having sex with her daddy was the way to be the closest to him and show him she trusted him, and wanted him to enjoy her and feel free to do anything to her. “Daddy, I’m going to sit on your cock now, you can…play with my ass if you like, or put your fingers in it. I…” She hesitated for a moment, it still felt unreal that he took her ass first and actually took her for a good while. “Do you think I have a nice ass, daddy? You’ve never touched it much before even though I tried to make you notice it.” She had held his cock straight as she positioned herself and slowly guided her daddy’s cock back into her heavenly wet pussy and it’s effortlessly that she pushed herself down until she had his entire length buried inside of her. With a soft moan and sigh of relief as he filled her again, she closed her eyes as he spoke. “You have a very cute ass sweety. So firm and smooth.” As he was saying that, both his hands were caressing all over her ass while she sank down on his cock and he could see himself disappear inside of her as he grasped her cheeks and spread them wide for the first minute she spent slowly riding him. “You wanted me to touch and look at it?” His little girl nodded shyly, smiling before turning her head and looking away as she continued to lift her hips up and down her father’s long cock.”I always tried to bend over and wear clothes showing it off. But mom had all your attention and I gave up!” She said with a bit of frustration in her voice, but that quickly changed into a moan as she felt her daddy’s fingers teasing at her wet asshole before pushing in deeply and curling up, pressing against her anal walls in a way that was so pleasurable she began to orgasm again and shook heavily as she cried out, juices flowing out of her to the point where she was so wet he could barely feel anything. Grunting softly as she didn’t seem to want to stop riding him, he stopped her and lifted her off his lap gently. “Turn around and sit back on me, so I can hug you baby.” Pouting because she was empty again, she nonetheless obeyed and slowly shifted around to face him, straddling his lap with a smile on her face as he moved to sit up against the headboard. Putting an arm around his neck as she leaned in close and rested her forehead against his, Fiora looked deeply into her daddy’s eyes as her hand reached behind her and grasped his hard cock, guiding it to her hole. “Daddy, do you…do you want to put your cock in my bum again? It’s so…well it feels really good. I like feeling you in my mouth and sucking you, and you feel really good in my pussy, but you stretch my ass so much, it…well it feels almost better.” Listening, her father bit his bottom lip as their mouths were so close as they stared in each other’s eyes, responding to her sexy question by reaching behind her to squeeze her naked ass tightly before pulling her down on him. The expression on her face when she began to slowly impale herself on her own father’s cock, the deliciously hard and long shaft sliding up her ass, was almost enough to make Mitchell cum inside of her right there. Big, innocent eyes intensely staring into his, she started chewing on her bottom lip again as she moaned softly while she finished sitting down on his lap, her daddy’s cock fully buried up her tight little asshole. Feeling his hands touching her ass and groping her as she adjusted to his size, she tenderly kissed his cheek before lightly rubbing hers against it only to end up with her face buried in his neck. She wasn’t in any hurry, but when he stopped groping her and then only hugged her tightly to him, soft breasts pressed against his chest, she began moving her hips slightly to feel him rub inside of her and then after a minute she was quietly lifting herself up and down his cock, taking her father deep in her ass every time. They remained like this for a long time, hugging ever so tightly and not letting go, both with their eyes closes as she rode his cock passionately.It was a surprise for the both of them when he began trembling slightly and he squeezed her in his arms as his hips bucked against her ass and she felt load after load of hot sticky cum erupting deep up her ass when her father came so hard. The feeling of his semen inside of her drove her over the edge and her nails sank slightly into his flesh as she held onto him and the intense orgasm hit her, soaking both their crotches. When their orgasms faded away, both naked father and daughter were trying to catch their breath, coming down slowly as they held onto each other, their bodies covered in sweat. Slowly, Mitchell slid down onto the bed and kept his little girl on top, softening cock slipping out of her ass. Resting her head on his shoulder, Fiora sighed happily and smiled as she closed her eyes and relaxed, her daddy’s strong arms around her. She was proud and happy, they had never been closer and she felt as if he loved her more than anything right now. To her, all of this was only being close to her beloved daddy, she saw boys at school differently, even had a crush on one of them, but in her eyes there was no limit to how close she could be to him.”Thank you daddy. I love you so much, thank you for being such a good daddy to me and trusting me. You..you can do anything you want to me daddy, you know. Anytime you want. I trust you and I want you to be happy with me.” Her voice was so soft, so quiet and sexy as she whispered in his ear that Mitchell thought he was going to get hard again. This was very much sexual to him of course, but it was almost impossible not to fall into her innocent games. “If you want, at night you can come in my room and see me. I’m always naked daddy, it’s so hot these days. If your cock gets hard when you see me naked daddy, you can come in my bed and do things to me if you want, you don’t have to wake me up. I’ll wake up if you put it in my little pussy or in my ass though. But I don’t mind if you do it. You could even wake me up with your big cock in my mouth daddy.” Her words were getting him aroused all over again. It was mere minutes since he came, but Fiora could feel her father’s messy cock twitching and starting to show signs of hardening.Smiling a bit as she felt that, Fi kissed her father’s neck lovingly before she moved down his body with her gaze locked to his until she stopped when her mouth was above his messy cock. Nothing was too much though, there was no limit as far as she was concerned and she would do anything and let him do anything he wanted. Slowly, she ran her tongue from his balls and then up his shaft up to the head, then did the same several times all over his hardening cock until it was mostly clean of her juices and his. But no matter how she licked him, he was only semi-hard and not getting bigger yet so she wrapped her hand around him and began jerking him off quickly, smiling.”Do you like it when your little girl makes you feel good daddy? I’m yours daddy, I would do anything for you. I like playing with your cock, I bet you do too. Since you…since you can touch me anytime you want, can I too?” Mitchell had closed his eyes to enjoy her attentions and opened his eyes when she spoke. His cock was getting fatter again and he nodded a bit, trying to control his breathing and smile as to not appear too anxious. “I guess it’s okay, baby. And I like it when you make me feel good honey, you are such a sweet girl.” The next sound that came out of his mouth was a moan because she suddenly engulfed his cock in her wet mouth as she moved in bed so they were in 69 and it was an extremely intense feeling to know she was sticking her naked ass in her father’s face, her holes having been nicely fucked minutes before. As she took his length down her throat and began sucking her daddy with renewed passion, Mitchell stared at her messy crotch for a few seconds. While super wet, her flesh was pale and smooth, tiny pink pussy lips as perfect as they come and a pink asshole that seemed ready to be fucked again. Trying not to think at all, her father’s mouth pressed lightly against his own daughter’s cunt and she felt his tongue run from her clit up to her ass several times before she heard him sucking on her clit and she shuddered and moaned as this was a first for her. He was just about to move her off of him to take her again when they both heard the front door open and his wife was coming home. Both almost panicked and Mitchell got up quickly and ran to the master bedroom to grab clothes quickly and then he stormed into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. Fiora realized she still had her father’s cum in her ass and it was starting to drip out so she quickly pulled on a pair of underwear and a t-shirt right as her mother came down he hall to peek in her room to say hi. Fiora’s mother was a bit taller than her and she had bigger breasts, but otherwise the two looked very similar. PART 2Helen had always been a good mother, but fairly discreet with her daughter as far as her sexual life with her husband or otherwise went. Fiora was a daddy’s girl so Helen had never needed to teach her anything or tell her about sex or whatever else. They had always loved each other and were close as c***d and mother normally are, but not even close to how things were with her father. Fiora had a strange way of showing her love and affection to her parents and it’s only because her mother had always been so…proper and maybe even reserved, that she had never been more open with her and also didn’t know how her mother was on the intimate side. Today Helen was dressed in skin-tight black leggings and a sweatshirt as she was coming back from jogging.When Fiora headed to the kitchen to go meet her mom, she was feeling slightly different than usual as she was still extremely excited sexually so her hormones were out of control on top of the fact that she had her father’s cum dripping from her ass. Her mind still had a hard time realizing it actually happened, that her father did such intimate things with her showing he loved her as much as his wife. So she smiled her brightest smile as she saw her mother taking off her shoes and smiling back. “Hi princess! How are you, had a good day?” She straightened up and then met Fiora halfway in the kitchen, taking her teenage daughter in her arms and hugging her. It was the absolute first time that Fiora EVER felt this way about her mother, but she was in such a state of sexual arousal that she couldn’t control, that her mind registered her mother’s big breasts pushing against hers in the hug. She felt her pussy tingling and without even thinking about it or realizing she was doing it, she lowered her hands to Helen’s hips and faked feeling how firm her body was because of all her working out. “Jeez mom, look how firm you got! And yeah, had a good day. “Fi laughed softly as he mother did too, shaking her head in amusement as she squeezed her daughter lightly. “Yeah, but I’m almost wondering if it’s worth it with all this running every day! It’s doing wonders for my thighs and butt though!” Chuckling, Fiora looked at her mom as her hands slid from her hips back to her ass and she grabbed two handfuls of her mother’s rounded ass, feeling she either wore a thong or nothing underneath.”Hey, hey! What do you think you’re doing young woman! You’re barely eighteen, yours should be at least as firm!” Helen laughed and giggled as Fi shrugged and proceeded to grope her asscheeks again, she was actually kneading her mother’s rear for a solid ten seconds before she stopped and grinned, stepping out of her mother’s arms and turning away to bend over the counter. Fiora looked over her shoulder with a playful expression on her face, all this still innocent so her mom wasn’t over thinking it all, but she was still only wearing rather skimpy underwear that left most of her bum bare. “Nuh uh, touch it! Your lower body is much nicer than mine, and at least you have decent breasts!” She said with a laugh. Helen, not thinking much of it right the moment, laughed as well as she couldn’t believe she was considering doing this. But then again, they had seen each other naked countless times up to a year ago and it was her daughter, so what was there to worry about?”Come on, it can’t be that bad. I’m 20 years older than you!” Helen exclaimed before chuckling as she reached bursa escort bayan with her right hand and patted her daughter’s bare ass lightly at first. “Come on mom, don’t be shy! Touch it, it’s okay! It’s actually sore from riding my bicycle so much yesterday, it might actually feel good!” Another laugh coming from both of them and Helen shook her head at the whole situation, now amused and seeing it light-heartedly. At Fiora’s encouragement, she grasped one of her asscheeks and squeezed tightly, feeling how firm it was. Then she did the same with the other cheek and finally she grabbed as much of her ass as possible and without meaning to, her fingers brushed against her barely covered pussy. The tiny string had wedged itself between her pussy lips after her mom had groped her ass a bit and now if her mom looked again like before, she’d see a tight little cameltoe that would explain why her fingertips came into contact with wet lips. Quickly moving her hand away, Helen blushed a bit and laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose! But your butt is nice Fi, has to be at least as firm as mine.” She was trying to turn Fiora’s attention away from what just happened but it didn’t work.Of course her little girl looked over her shoulder in a very similar way to how she did it when she was intimate with her daddy and laughed too, shaking her bum a bit. “It’s okay don’t worry! Stupid underwear are too tight and it squeezes my vajayjay! But hey, can you do that again mom please? Can’t exactly ask anyone to rub my ass because it’s sore!” Snickering, she smiled back at her mom, seeing the hesitation on Helen’s face. “It’s okay mom, don’t worry. You do mine, and I’ll do yours. Deal? Dad’s in the shower anyway I think and you know how long he can be in there.” It took a few seconds for Helen to consider Fiora’s request and then she laughed at herself mentally for feeling this way with her own daughter. Thing is, Helen was bisexual and had a particularly strong attraction to very young girls between 18 and 20, and she actually slept with a few of them. So unknown even to herself, there was a part of her that was looking forward to touching such a young and nice body, another part wanting to do it because her daughter needed and wanted it and they were supposed to be close and comfortable with each other.”Fine, fine. I guess it could be nice to have you rub me after today’s run. But after I need to take a shower and get dinner ready, alright sweetie?” Helen smiled back to her daughter and lightly slapped her bum. “Go lie down on the couch, will be more comfortable.” Fiora seemed to like this idea as she straightened up and smiled at her mom as she followed her to the living room. It was fortunate that Fiora’s underwear was black, it helped hide the wet spots that were forming but her mother was bound to notice eventually, which didn’t even worry Fiora right now, she was completely driven by a need for intimacy and the prospect of being close like that to her mom was somehow very exciting. But she realized that her mom finding out she had cum coming out of her ass might ruin the moment and freak her out, so she changed tactics.”You know what, how about I do you while dad gets out of the shower, then you can shower and relax, and give me a back rub before bed tonight? I bet I’d sleep really good after that mom.” She smiled and saw that the idea pleased her mother, so she moved aside a bit as Helen walked to the couch and lied down on her stomach, getting comfy. It was the first time that Fiora noticed that her mom not only had a nice ass, she had a amazingly shapely and firm ass that belonged to a 20 year old girl and her eyes glued to her mother’s crotch when she noticed the leggings were pulled tight against her pussy lips, leaving little to the imagination and revealing the fact that her mom wasn’t wearing panties. “Alright hun, I guess that works. God, my thighs are so sore!” Moving to straddle her mom’s legs, Fiora moved a bit lower and began rubbing Helen’s calves, taking her time and pressing deeply into her flesh. She was actually pretty good at this and after taking her time, she eventually got to the back of her mother’s thighs and that’s when things heated up…literally.It was hard not to look between her mom’s legs from time to time, she could see the outlines of her sex thanks to the very tight leggings. Her mom actually had very nice thighs and they felt good under her touch as she kneaded deeply, giving both her thighs a very thorough massage. Finally and after holding back from getting there faster, Fiora slowly slid her hands over the curve of her mother’s ass and covered them both fully before she clenched her fingers and effectively grabbed her mom’s rump tightly, giving it a couple tight squeezes. The whole time, Helen had closed her eyes and seemed to enjoy the massage and be comfortable now, it may not have been this way had Fiora started touching only her ass right away. After a while she even hummed softly, obviously enjoying this so far.After the quick squeezes, Fiora stared at the very nice butt she was touching as she began kneading her mother’s ass deeply, thoroughly feeling her up and fully massaging her, and to her surprise it actually made her mother moan. Encouraged by this, Fi continued to massage Helen even as she felt herself getting wet, or rather wetter again. After a couple minutes, she began sometimes sliding her hands down the inside of her mother’s thighs to massage there just at the curve of her ass, but after the third time her hand brushed against her mom’s pussy and it was so thinly covered that she felt it was very warm. But it unfortunately also made her mom jump in surprise and she turned, opening her eyes and laughing nervously. Fiora also chuckled as she looked at her, getting the hint to move off of her, so she did. “Sorry about that, didn’t mean to! So do you feel better mom? Massage helped?” She said as she realized she couldn’t hear the shower, so her dad would be coming out soon. “It was good, thanks sweetie. And it’s alright, don’t worry about it! Listen. I’m going to go take a long shower, and before bed I’ll come see you and rub your back before sleep.” Smiling as she said that, she got up and walked past her daughter and went to the bathroom. PART 3Taking a deep breath, Fiora waited a couple minutes until her father came out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Seeing Fi, he smiled and walked to her still wearing only a towel as he planned to go to his room and change. But just as he was walking into the living room, his little girl walked up to him with a smile on her face but without saying anything, and she kneeled in front of him.Before Mitchell could do anything, his teenage girl let his towel fall to the floor, exposing her daddy’s cock and it didn’t take a whole second before she took it in her hand and quickly slid the soft dick into her mouth. Unable to utter a word, Mitchell ran a hand through her hair as he looked down at his little girl as she sucked hard on him, and she felt it in her mouth as it began growing longer and fatter. This time Fiora actually felt her father go from limp to completely hard while her lips and tongue worked on his cock hungrily and by the time she gave him a few last sucks, she could feel him pushing into her throat every time until he pulled out of her mouth. Letting her dad’s hard cock slide out of her mouth, Fiora licked her lips and got back up, smiling at her daddy as she went to hug him. Putting his arms around her as well, Mitchell smiled as his sexy little girl took both his hands and put them behind her on her bare ass.That done, she pressed herself against her naked father and made him pick her up in his arms so she could wrap her legs around his waist. The feeling of her daddy’s hands on her ass as they grasped it tightly was lovely but paled compared to how his hard cock felt against her stomach. Kissing his cheek softly, she whispered in his ear as he kneaded her small curvy ass. “I haven’t had the time to clean up daddy, so I still have some of your…some of your cum dripping from my ass, daddy.” Reaching down between them, she tugged her panties to the side, exposing her tiny little pussy before she put her arms back around his neck and whispered again, hugging him tight. “Put your big cock in my pussy daddy? It’s so wet for you dad, please take me again?”Her voice sent shivers down his spine as he listened to her demands. It didn’t take him long to comply though, she felt him kissing her shoulder lightly as she held onto him while he held her up with one hand and reached down to take his cock and guide it to her warm pussy. She lifted herself a bit higher until she felt the head of her father’s cock push between her thin pussy lips and then against her hot hole. Shivering when she could feel the large head push inside of her, she smiled a bit when her daddy held her tight once more with both hands tightly grabbing her ass as he lowered her on his long cock, moaning quite loudly as she felt every inch of his hard shaft sliding up deep inside of her. Mitchell moaned too, his little girl was so tight and wet that he began lifting her up and down right away, groaning softly as his cock slid in and out of his daughter.Fiora for her part was in heaven, her daddy’s cock was deep in her pussy and taking her repeatedly, his hands were massaging her ass and he was holding her tight against him. Eyes closing, she relaxed and enjoyed their closeness the entire time he spent holding her and taking her like this until she heard him grunt softly and shudder. Hugging her tightly, Mitchell grasped her ass and pulled her as tight against him as possible as he began to cum inside of his own daughter’s pussy, Fiora actually felt the hot fluids flowing deep inside of her and that triggered her own orgasm. Once more her nails sank a bit into his back as she shook heavily and moaned, juices flowing on her daddy’s cock.It took them a couple minutes to catch their breath and calm down when they both heard Helen about to come out of the bathroom. Mitchell quickly let Fiora down on her feet, who sprinted directly to her room to wait for the first chance to go shower without her mother seeing her like this. For his part, Mitchell wrapped the towel back around his waist and hurried to his room to put on some boxers and quickly wipe his cock with a wet towel. God, what a day!PART 4Everything had worked out and the three of them had dinner that night. For some reason, Fiora had expected some tension, or some discomfort around the table. But Helen seemed in a good mood since she came out of the shower and her daddy was obviously in a good mood after his sexy little girl seduced him and made him be so intimate with her. And that made her happy because she was so close to her daddy now and he trusted her enough to do with her what he did with her mom. In her head, all they did was being closer than most fathers and daughters. She had a crush on a boy at school and actually saw sex with him very differently, she would never let him do the things her father did to her because in her head her father was entitled to do anything he wanted to her since she was his daughter. But she never really thought about kissing him on the mouth like a lover, it actually didn’t cross her mind because they never did it but the physical closeness was always there, just not as complete as now.After the evening watching movies with her parents, Fiora made her way upstairs and remembered her mom was supposed to come give her a massage. She was squeaky clean and smelled really nice right now as she looked through her night clothes, searching for something appropriate for what she wanted to achieve tonight, which was getting her mom to touch her more and be closer, more intimate with her. Fi chose a cute light top that left her midriff bare and hugged her small rounded breasts tightly and after kicking off her PJs she slid on a pair of pink booty shorts that left half of her asscheeks bare and she looked at herself in the mirror. Her nipples were visible through the top, and the shorts were just tight enough to see the outlines of her teenage sex.That done, she slid under the sheets and waited for her mom to come see her. It took a while though and Fiora realized that her mom was getting ready for bed and would come do this last, which was great since she knew her mom slept naked and only wore a silk bathrobe before bed. So when Helen opened the door and stepped in her room, Fi opened her eyes and watched her mother close the door almost all the way behind her before heading to her daughter’s bed. The small light on her nightstand kept the room mostly dark but had sufficient light so Helen smiled as she looked down at Fi who sat up in her bed and smiled back at her mom. “Hey momma. About ready for bed?” Helen nodded as she say down on the edge of the bed. “Oh yes, for sure. Going to rub you as promised since you did help me earlier, and then it’s straight to bed.”Fiora nodded and smiled. “Alright, I’m ready then. I thought you had forgotten and I got ready to sleep, so I’m not wearing much mom.” By the way her mother laughed at that, it didn’t see, to bother her at all. “Come on sweetie, it not like you to be shy!” They both laughed together, Helen seemed to be really relaxed and in a good mood as Fiora pushed the sheets aside, exposing a whole lot of smooth pale flesh to her mom. Then she lied down on her stomach and waited, knowing she was very sexy right now and fully aware that her ass was mostly bare. She didn’t expect her mother to speak just then, so what she heard came as a complete surprise. “Honey, I’m sorry I freaked out earlier, I shouldn’t have. I want you to know that I love you and trust you, and would do anything to make you happy.” Helen spoke as she moved to straddle her daughter’s legs and she slowly ran her hands up the back of her bare thighs. Fiora expected her to start rubbing her the same way she had done earlier. But when she felt her mother’s hands continue on their way up and reach the curve of her ass without stopping, she knew something was going on. Next thing she knows, her mom’s soft hands are sliding up to her ass and her fingers dig deep into the supple flesh as her mother squeezed her bare ass. Moaning softly, Fiora closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling as Helen seemed to suddenly be a lot more open to risky things than earlier.Helen wasn’t sure what was going on in her mind and actually she didn’t over think the situation as much as someone else would. As she touched her daughter in a rather intimate way and kneaded her firm teenage ass, her mom was actually enjoying this since she knew it felt good to Fiora, and it wasn’t exactly unpleasant either. This went on for several minutes with Helen giving an awful lot of attention to her little girl’s ass, kneading and massaging, feeling her up so thoroughly that eventually Fiora’s shorts are wedged between her cheeks. sleepy now, Fiora shifted a bit and wiggled her ass. “Mom, those shorts are really uncomfortable right now. Mind taking them off while you finish rubbing me?”The request took her mother by surprise but it didn’t shock her as much as one would think since so far nothing really happened and after all she was her daughter, not some stranger. But still, to Fiora it was very very intense when her mother hooked her fingers in her booty shorts and began pulling them down. Feeling the fabric slide over her soft skin, she lifted her butt a bit to help her mom, who looked down the entire time as her own daughter’s naked and curvy ass came into full view and as she finally pulled the shorts down her thighs, she caught herself looking at her teenage girl’s pink pussy.After the shorts came off, Fiora stretched slowly and in the process she spread her thighs a little, effectively exposing her sex rather obscenely to her mother. Helen took a deep breath and acted normal, resuming her position near her daughter as she ran her hands over her thighs and began massaging them as Fiora had done hers earlier. But that wasn’t what Fiora wanted. “Um, mom? I…well…do you think you could continue rubbing my ass? Felt good, and it’s sore.”Helen’s hands stopped briefly when Fiora made her request and she found herself staring at her half-naked daughter. Those long and lean legs, those soft thighs and that curvy, bubbly little ass. That’s about when Helen realized she found her daughter very attractive, but that wasn’t bad, technically. They were just being close and taking care of each other, nothing bad, right? Ignoring the fact that Fiora used the word “ass”, she returned her hands directly to her little girl’s naked ass and began kneading it again with both hands, groping and massaging her daughter for at least five more minutes. From her point of view, Helen had a clear view of Fiora’s tiny pussy, her lips so pink and from what Helen could tell, very wet! After a moment and without thinking about what she was doing, Helen moved off Fiora’s legs and slowly lied down besides her, snuggling against her. Smiling and happy that her mommy was doing this, the teenage girl was beyond surprised by what she heard and felt next. Her mom whispered softly to her as she cuddled close. “Your little pussy is really wet sweetie. Here, let mommy rub you.” Before her brain could register and process what her mother had just said, Fiora found herself moaning as she felt her own mother’s fingers slide between her asscheeks and find her wet pussy, rubbing up and down her tiny slit a few times to massage the thin pink lips and ending with a fingertip on her clit. It was strangely nice to know she was making her loving daughter feel good and it’s also when Helen realized she was wet also as she did this.It took less than a minute for Helen to get Fiora to cum by rubbing her clit and soon the tiny girl was trembling, about to be given her first orgasm by her own mother. But just as she was about to cum, she felt her mother push two fingers against her wet little hole and they sank inside of her warm pussy. Then her caring mother began shoving those fingers in and out of Fiora as fast as she could, rubbing inside of her in an incredibly pleasurable way and she came hard, soaking the sheet underneath her. Helen didn’t stop fingering her little girl deeply until she came down and only then did she slide her fingers out of the drenched teenage sex with a small smile on her face as she kissed the top of Fiora’s head and then got up. “Night honey, sleep tight.” And she headed for the door and walked out.In her bed, Fiora was anything but sleepy now, heart still beating fast because of what happened, she couldn’t believe that her escort bursa mother had done this, she had fingered her own daughter! Even hornier than before, she now only wanted to return the favor to show her mom she loved her and to be close to her the way she was to her daddy. Maybe she could be intimate with both of them sometimes, she would love to see them have sex, and part of her wanted her mother to see her with her daddy’s cock inside of her.Unable to rest, Fiora got up when she heard her mother in the bathroom, walking out of her room and she headed to the bathroom door. “Its me, mom.” Opening the door, she stepped inside and her mother was in front of the mirror, washing off her makeup. Helen looked at her and smiled at first then she saw that her daughter still wasn’t wearing anything below the waist, tiny pussy on display for her. Turning back to the mirror, she still smiled as she spoke. “Are you alright honey?” Fiora shrugged and stepped close, putting an arm around her mother’s waist as she leaned her head on her shoulder. “I wonder if my breasts are ever going to be as nice as yours, mom. Mine are so small, and I’m 18. At least I don’t have to complain about my bum, since I inherited that from you, at least.” As she said that, she slid her hand down lightly over her mom’s covered ass and slipped it up her robe. She gave her mother’s bare ass a soft squeeze and gently caressed it while looking at their reflection in the mirror. This clearly took her mother by surprise as she blinked and stopped what she was doing for a few seconds so she could look at Fiora, who was acting normally. But then she smiled again and let her touch her ass like that. “Yours are smaller, but it doesn’t mean they’re not nice, sweetie. I think they look good.” But Fiora didn’t seem convinced at all and she shook her head. Looking at her again, her mom slowly turned to face her, making Fiora stop touching her ass as her mother smiled softly and tenderly. Fiora saw her mother’s eyes go down to the small top she was wearing and she reached up with one hand to gently cup one of her daughter’s small breasts, much to Fiora’s surprise. Softly squeezing her breast through her top, Helen looked at Fiora and smiled again. “As I thought, they’re nice. Want to take off that top for mommy sweetie? Show me your breasts.” Nodding slightly with a small smile, her daughter pulled off her small top and stood naked in front of her mom, rounded breasts exposed. A tiny bit shy, Fi looked up at her mother and waited as her mother looked her up and down.”I think you look perfect, hun. Your breasts are perfect for your size, you have such a perfect body. She found herself running a hand down her daughter’s chest, cupping one breast and softly caressing it and giving her erect nipple a slight pinch. Then her hand caressed her way down the girl’s flat stomach before she moved her hand away. “Perfect.” Fiora had almost moaned when her mother touched her breasts and then seemed to be going for her pussy again. But then Helen smiled and turned to face the mirror again, bending slightly over it as she continued cleaning her face.Glancing at her mom, Fiora stole a look at her ass but it was covered by the robe, that stopped high enough to show off her thighs, but not enough to reveal anything else. The teenage girl moved behind her mom as she smiled a bit, reaching down and without asking, she pulled up the bottom of the robe so that her mother’s naked ass was fully exposed with her robe around her waist, but also in this position she was -completely- exposed to her daughter, perfectly shaped ass and shaved pussy on display for her. Helen thought about saying something but she chose not to and she continued what she was doing even as her daughter’s hand began roaming over her ass, feeling her up casually. “I don’t know, mom. Your body is perfect, your ass is really nice. Heck mom…” She made a pause there as Helen saw her daughter kneel behind her from some reason and she felt her asscheeks being spread wide and clenched tightly by her own little girl.”Even your pussy is perfect mom. Even your ass. I bet they taste good, too.” The few seconds it took Helen to realize what her daughter had said proved to be too long, as before she could react she felt Fiora’s tongue push against her clit and then licked firmly along her mother’s slit until she reached her asshole, which she licked teasingly before going back down and burrying her face in her mom’s pussy, keeping her asscheeks spread. “Fiora! Fi, what are you doing?!” But she couldn’t and didn’t stop her, even less when she felt her teen daughter’s tongue licking at her clit repeatedly and lapping all over her sex. Moaning softly, Helen pushed her ass back against her daughter’s face as she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the sensation.And it’s that sexy and very unique scene that Mitchell walked in on as he opened the door to come to the bathroom. Stopping suddenly in shock, he saw his little girl naked on her knees with his wife bent over the counter while Fiora had her face buried between her asscheeks eating her own mother’s pussy. The sight caused his cock to almost instantly begin to get hard as he stared for a moment. Helen was moaning rather loudly by now and was close to cumming but she had her eyes closed and didn’t see her husband walking in. Fiora did, though. She gave him a sexy look before she resumed licking her mother’s pussy, now making a show out of groping her mom’s ass while eating her pussy. Not wanting to spook his wife, and still too shocked to say anything, Mitchell quietly stepped back out. That’s when Fiora chose to get up after placing a soft kiss on her mother’s sex, smiling as she stood near her mom who was straightening up, also looking at her. Helen wasn’t sure what to say but then Fiora broke the awkward moment by hugging her mother tightly. “Now we’re even mom. You made me feel good, and I made you feel good in return. I love you.” She said softly as she rested her head on Helen’s shoulder. “I love you too honey. Let’s get you to bed, alright?”Fiora nodded a bit and smiled, walking ahead of her mom towards her bedroom and she couldn’t help but smile when she felt her mother’s hand on her ass as they walked, her mom squeezing her tight bum gently. The whole family had become pretty feely touchy with each other, both her parents loving her ass, and she loved the attention. When they got into her dark room, Fiora went for her bed but was surprised when her mother closed the door but not completely, the room in complete darkness as well as the hall, so Fi could barely see her mom coming to stand in front of her as Fiora was sitting down on the edge of the bed. She quickly put her arms around her mother’s waist and hugged her, her face between her breasts. They stayed there for a moment even as Helen felt her daughter move her hands and then she felt her undoing her robe, opening it and letting it fall to the floor. Nuzzling her face into her mother’s breasts, Fiora found her nipple with her mouth and softly closed her lips around it, gently sucking before flicking her tongue several times at the stiff nub.Moaning softly, her mother ran her hand through her little girl’s hair as she licked and kissed her breast, then the other, cupping the one she had just left in her hand and kneading it tentatively. Helen seemed to enjoy this quite a bit, enough that after a couple minutes she slowly climbed into her daughter’s bed and lied down on her back, pulling Fiora with her. Both mother and daughter were completely naked in bed now as Fiora slowly spread her mother’s legs and moved between them on her knees so she could lean in and bury her face in Helen’s wet pussy again. Her mother moaned louder when her offspring’s tongue began to lick at her pussy hungrily and she was completely overwhelmed by everything that was and had been going on. Helen woke up first the next morning, still a bit groggy as she stretched her limbs and opened her eyes. That’s when she remembered she was in her daughter’s bed, and also what had happened the night before. Speaking of her daughter, she was right there, sprawled on her stomach with her thighs widely spread, both holes exposed to her mother’s sight and her glorious ass on display for her. Helen slowly traced a finger up the back of Fiora’s thigh and then lightly ran her hand over her smooth ass, smiling softly. She covered her with a sheet and then put on her robe and headed to the kitchen.An hour later, Helen was in the large square shower with her husband, both showering before they began her activities of the day. But then Fiora came into the master bathroom, wearing her PJs she had put on after getting up, since someone was supposed to come home to see her parents this morning. She saw they were in the shower, and immediately began to plan a way to get in. “Morning dad, morning mom.” Not startled but also not expecting her, both of them said good morning as well and seemed to continue showering. “Hey, I’m going to be late to my appointment if I don’t take my shower right now!” Thinking about what to do for a second, Mitchell looked at his wife in question and she shrugged, mouthing “She can wait.” Truth is, Helen and Mitchell had been fooling around in the shower, both turned on because of their daughter but unaware that both of them had those adventures. So when Helen opened the shower door just to tell Fiora to wait, she was taken by surprise when she opened the door right on time to see Fiora peel her PJ pants off, her chest already bare and the cute teenager smiled as she walked to the shower and without asking, stepped in and closed the door behind her. Fiora looked shocked and to keep up appearances, Mitchell kept his back to her and protested. “Fiora! You can’t come in here like that when we’re naked!”. Rolling her eyes, Fiora looked at her mother and winked, to which Helen shook her head nervously to tell Fiora not to say anything. “Oh come on, we’re all family why are you so shy?”Helen was the first to openly relax, shrugging and looking at her husband. “It’s alright hun, she’s right. We’re a family. Here, let me help you sweetie.” Fiora had soaped her hand and had her back to them and was about to wash her own back and backside when her mom offered to help her. Smiling back over her shoulder, Fiora waited while her naked mother took her turn soaping her hands. Mitchell looked back as well while still mostly facing away as he saw his wife about to wash their daughter’s back. But instead of doing that, Helen’s hands went directly for Fiora’s ass and she rounded and kneaded her ass while washing it, making her husband stare at what she was doing, his cock slowly getting hard.Noticing that her husband was staring and realizing he must be wondering what she was doing, Helen figured she’d just try to make everyone comfortable. Smiling at her husband, she took his hand and pulled him close to her, making him replace her behind their naked, exposed teen daughter. “Doesn’t our little girl have a lovely ass, honey? Why don’t you finish washing her, I bet she’d like that.” It didn’t take long for Fiora to look back at them with a naughty smile on her face, nodding. “Wash me daddy?” Almost in trance, Mitchell turned to face them, letting both his wife and little girl see that his cock was semi-hard and getting harder. Soaping his hands, Mitchell hesitantly began washing his daughter’s back with his bare soapy hands while Helen watched and stood near them. It took a minute but he eventually got to Fiora’s impossibly sexy ass and she nearly moaned as he kneaded her naked bum, blinking in surprise when Helen wrapped her hand around his long cock and began jerking him right besides their daughter. Looking over her shoulder, Fiora saw what was going on and Mitchell saw that she saw, and she turned around to look at them, her mother never stopping. Glancing at her daughter, Helen smiled as Fiora watched her masturbate her father and she winked at her daughter before she pulled her close with her left hand, the right wrapped around her husband’s cock. Helen hugged her naked, sexy daughter tightly to her while she kept stroking Mitchell’s hard cock and Fiora smiled at that, one of her hands slipping between her mother’s legs and finding her wet pussy, starting to touch it and rub at it. Looking up at her husband’s face, Helen saw that he could see everything and he looked pretty surprised. So as to not ruin the mood and to distract him, she let go of his cock and looked at Fiora, whispering something into her ear. Whatever she said got a grin on Fiora’s face and she slowly turned around and put her hands against the shower wall, sticking her ass back for them as her mother had asked, thighs spread wide. Helen watched her husband who looked at his teenage daughter so exposed like that, not knowing that he already had seen it all. Winking at him, she also leaned forward behind her, her hands spreading her daughter’s asscheeks wide before she ran her tongue several times up and down her crack, tasting her little girl’s pussy for the first time. Mitchell watched it all, cock so hard now that it felt natural when he moved behind his wife and guided his cock into her soaking wet pussy, groaning softly as he penetrated her and began fucking her right away, his wife moaning into their daughter’s pussy and himself moaning as he watched them and fucked Helen from behind. After a moment, Fiora looked back and watched her father fuck her mother for a minute, apparently fascinated. But then she moaned out loud when her mother bit on her clit and licked it quickly, sending her little girl into a powerful orgasm. At that moment, Mitchell pulled out of his wife and moved to be on their side, almost between them. It didn’t take long for Helen to look at her husband’s cock and quickly slurp it into her mouth much to his delight, Fiora looking down and watching as her mother began sucking her daddy deeply. It was only natural that she kneeled besides her and when she didn’t object, she leaned in and began licking and sucking at her daddy’s balls while her mother sucked his cock skillfully.Mitchell was in heaven now, having his cock sucked and licked by his wife AND his daughter. Helen slid him out of her mouth and held his cock so that her daughter could suck it as well, Fiora looking at her to make sure it was alright and when Helen nodded with a smile, she gladly opened her mouth and allowed her daddy’s entire length to enter her wet mouth. She moaned around him as she began sucking him deeply, her mother’s hands were all over her body, touching her breasts and caressing everywhere until she slid a hand between her daughter’s hot thighs and found her pussy, causing Fiora to moan louder when her mom fingered her rather intensely. After a moment, Helen got up on her feet and helped Fiora up as well, whispering to her again. Nodding with a small grin on her face, Fiora turned her back to her daddy and bent over slightly, hands on the shower wall and his wife moved into the same position, both their tight asses on display for him as Helen looked back with a smile and reached to grope at her daughter’s naked ass, even slipping his fingers between her cheeks to teasingly touch her pussy, getting a moan out of her. It was too much, and Mitchell stepped behind his wife, not sure she’d let him go as far as fucking their daughter. Fiora made sure to look when her dad guided his cock into her mother’s pussy and Helen moaned as her husband’s cock was penetrating her deeply. Not wasting any time, Mitchell began fucking her, hands on her hips as he thrusts in and out of her, shower filled with slapping sounds. Leaning in, Fiora cupped one of her mother’s breasts and began to softly suck on her nipple and lick at it , one hand between her thighs so she could rub her own clit meanwhile. Looking back at her daddy, she smiled to him and winked, reaching back behind herself to spread her asscheeks.Mitchell took a chance. He wanted his daughter pretty bad and his cock was throbbing inside of his wife’s pussy before he slowly pulled out. Helen looked back and smiled, apparently okay with whatever might happen. Seeing that as an okay, Mitchell moved behind his little girl and looked down at her curvy, small ass and her holes on full display for him and for a second it was too much. But then he laid one hand on her hip, the other guiding the head of his hard cock to his daughter’s pink asshole. When her dad pushed the large head softly against her hole and it almost slid in effortlessly, her mother stepped back to watch as both her husband and her daughter moaned loudly in pleasure as Mitchell began penetrating his little girl’s ass, thick long shaft sinking deep in her tiny rear. Helen couldn’t help but stare at her daughter’s rear in disbelief as she saw her husband steadily pushing his cock in her tiny ass, and she was actually taking it like a pro! And it made her wonder if something had happened between her husband and daughter before the events of that night, but she pushed that thought to the back of her mind.The sight of her husband fucking her daughter in the ass was powerfully arousing for Helen and she quickly got on her knees between her daughter’s legs, burying her face in her pussy and starting to lap rather hungrily at the teenage girl’s sex while her daddy had just started sliding his big cock in and out of her ass, causing Fiora to orgasm several times within a few minutes. “Daddy, daddy, uhhhhhh! God your cock feels so big in my ass daddy, feels so good!” She moaned like a little slut in heat as she was getting pounded in the ass by her own father and her mother was between her legs, busy licking at her pussy and sticking fingers in her wet hole seemingly to see how many she could fit in there. With three fingers buried in that tiny pussy, her mother was ramming her fingers in and out of her with loud slurping noises, fingers curling and rubbing her inner walls and she could feel her husband’s cock in Fiora’s ass. Holding onto his baby girl’s hips tightly, Mitchell began to slam himself into her and by now Fiora was almost screaming as her daddy’s hips slapped against her sexy ass, hard and long cock plunging so deep up her ass that it felt like it was in her belly. “Mom, daddy! Oh god oh god!” The poor girl rode orgasm after orgasm, her knees weak and about to give while her father mercilessly fucked her ass from behind until mother and daughter heard him moan loudly as his hips bucked against Fiora, hot cum squirting up her ass for the second time as the teen came again on her mother’s mouth, who swallowed her juices happily. Finally getting up on her feet, Helen hugged them both under the warm water before smiling at them and stepping out of the shower, dragging Fiora with her. Life was going to be interesting from now on, Mitchell thought as he turned the water off and proceeded to dry off and heading out.

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