When The First Time Is The Best Time

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Lauren was a secretary. She was sitting behind her desk, like every other day. There was call after call, always with some important or urgent message to follow. She tapped her pencil on the desk wondering what she should do for lunch. She decided to call her friends so they could get together for lunch. She leaned into Mr. Hart’s office, “I’m leaving for lunch now Sir.”

“Alright, cutie. I’ll see you later.” Lauren rolled her eyes at the comment. It was nothing new, but it was also never anything more. She decided it was something she could tolerate. She was also aware though, of how he would stare at her round ass as she left.

Lauren’s ass was nice, one of her best features. She has light brown hair that is on the short side and stands 5’2″. Her body is curvy and thin, topped off by smaller, but perky breasts. Her face is soft and very nice to look at. Over all, she is a very sumptuous woman.

Bill, Mr. Hart, was a good looking man also. She had acknowledged that when she was applying for the job. She hadn’t thought much of it at first. She had been working for him for about a year now though, and found that she had grown rather fond of him.

She began fantasizing about him. She laughed at herself about it; the whole idea seemed a little far fetched. Yes, he did call her cutie, but he probably did that to just about every woman he met. Still, though, he was so damn sexy. Enough with this though, she just wanted to meet up with her friends.

“Hey Susie, Clair. How are you guys?” Lauren leaned in to give each woman a hug and kiss on the cheek. The three of them were very close; THE example of best friends. They decided to sit on the patio since the day was so beautiful.

Susie and Clair were just a beautiful as Lauren. They exuded a sensuousness that intimidated other men. They sat around the table, relaxed, with their summer dresses sparkling in the sun. They continued to drink more wine and have a light lunch.

“Clair,” asked Susie, “How are doing with Frank these days?”

“Well,” Clair placed her glass down, feeling lose, and brought her face closer to the other women. “I know Frank and I had been having a bit of a dry spell. I’ve been working everyday to become partner and Frank has been traveling more lately. How could you blame us?” She took another sip of wine as her friends sympathized.

“But last night Frank came home a day early to surprise me. He burst in house and found me lying on the couch. He lifted me up like I weighed nothing and just took control. He gave it all ladies. I can’t remember the last time I had such a fantastic orgasm.”

The other two girls smiled at Clair, happy for her. But then Lauren lost her smile and said, “When will it be my turn Clair? I can’t believe it has never happened to me. I have had sex. The sex was good, but I fail to reach that pivotal moment and I’m about to give up trying.”

Yes, 29 years old and Lauren had yet to orgasm. She had tried a million different dildos and vibrators. Most of which were seriously disappointing. The vibration would be weak or it broke in two days. She gave up on that route. She also couldn’t manage to bring herself off with just her fingers either. She would even, of course, tried fingering her clit while she fucked. She would feel something building inside of her but it never went anywhere.

Her friends knew this information of course and they looked at her and could see in her eyes how bad she really wanted it. Susie was the first to speak up, “Come on honey, you know it’ll happen. You just need to find the right guy. You need to let yourself go and experience all the pleasure, let it take you over, posses you.” Clair paused a moment and half jokingly said, “Maybe your hot boss can do it for you.”

“Ha, ha. That’s very funny but a little pointless to think about. I’m sorry girls, but I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen. I don’t know what else to do.”

A cool smile spread over Clair’s face. “I may have something for you Lauren.”

Both women perked up, if only because of the secrecy with which Clair spoke. “It is the first vibrator I ever bought, and it is the one I still have. I call it my magic wand. If this doesn’t get you off then I really won’t know what to do with you.” She smiled and gave Lauren a wink.

“What the hell?” said Lauren, “I’ve got nothing to lose.”

That evening Clair brought Lauren to their local Super Drug Co. Lauren looked at Clair with a smile on her face, wanting to laugh, but a little too confused. “Did you need to pick something up first Clair?”

“No, this is the spot.” That sly smile spread on Clair’s face again. Clair was so excited. She knew Lauren would love it and wanted to kick herself for not telling her sooner. “Let’s go honey.”

As they walked through the store Lauren was no longer even able to imagine what Clair was going to have her buy, this threw her off too much. Finally Clair came to a quick stop and then turned around, gesturing with her hand, “Here it is.”

“That? It looks like it belongs in a doctor’s office.” bahçelievler escort This magic wand was over a foot long with a large ball head not meant for penetration. It defiantly wasn’t sexy.

“I know what you’re thinking Lauren. I thought the same thing when I first got it. Just give it a try though, for me.” Lauren looked at Clair. There was no reason for Clair to be pulling her leg about all this so she plucked one from the shelf and proceeded to the check out. Clair followed up behind, excited for her friend.

When they pulled up to Lauren’s house Clair made her promise she would break it in that night and report the results in the morning. Lauren agreed, though she didn’t know if she was actually going to do it.

It was around 11 o’clock when Karen thought of the vibrator again. She had drunk a few glasses of wine and was feeling curious. She got the wand and began to examine it. “How the hell is this going work?”

None the less she plugged it in. She placed it down to undress herself. Her pussy was freshly shaven, soft, and a little wet in anticipation despite her doubts. She laid down on her couch and took a deep breath. She ran her hands all over her body. She teased her pussy lips and tweaked her nipples. Her pussy was getting wetter every second.

When she couldn’t take it anymore she picked up the vibrator and turned it on low. The hum was quite audible. The vibration was strong though, exceeding anything she has tried by a long shot, and it was only on low. She spread her legs wide. Her mouth was tight with anticipation. Her pussy was screaming to be touched.

She pressed the vibrating head against her pussy lips and let out an audible gasp. She realized quickly her doubts were incorrect. She guided the vibrator over her pussy hole, spreading her legs as far as she could.

Once it touched her clit though, she was gone. She spun off into pleasure she had never felt before. This is what it is like. She almost couldn’t take it. She had to remove the vibrating head from her clit in order to catch her breath; the pleasure was too intense. Her hips began to buck and then she flipped it on high. Now they bucked uncontrollably as she let out moan after moan, hardly able to contain herself.

As Lauren felt herself approaching orgasm she tightened every muscle in her body, pushing for it, wanting it so bad. As she let out her final yell she could feel her juices running down the inside of her thigh. She ran her fingers over her juices, reveling in the fact that she just came on herself. She could feel the contractions of her pussy that normally would be squeezing a cock.

She was out of breath and her mind reeled as she went over what just happened. She was in awe and had never felt such relief. She had waited so long. She came four more times that night.

The next morning she felt revitalized, as if a huge weight had been lifted from her. She glowed and everyone around her saw it. She was turning heads as she walked through the office and to her desk. She swung her hips, making her shirt tease her nipples into obvious erectness.

As Mr. Hart approached she tried not to look at him. She didn’t want him to see what was in her eyes. She knew he would know; he would be able to read her instantly as his eyes would scan her body.

“Good morning Lauren.” He barely looked at her as he approached the door to his office but suddenly stopped and turned around. “You ok Lauren?”

“Yes, I’m fine sir.” She didn’t even turn around. She knew she was caught. Mr. Hart smiled at her and went into his office.

It was 4:30, almost time to go home. Lauren finally began to relax, maybe he didn’t notice. Of course though, just as she was gaining hope it was dashed away. “Hey, Lauren, I have something important I need you to do for me tomorrow. Make sure you come see me before you go home.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Hart.” Her face burned as she blushed, knowing he knew her secret.

“Call me Bill sweetie.” With that he shut his door. As Lauren procrastinated her visit she continued trying to reason with her self that there is know way he could know. She was just paranoid and the idea didn’t even make sense.

As she continued to ponder she actually found herself beginning to hope that it was true. All of her fantasies began to flood her mind and she became hot. The man is so damn sexy. Bill was not very tall, around 5’8, but he was muscular; he had a presence that demanded your attention and makes him irresistible. She felt so vulnerable with him. Lauren’s thighs squeezed together as she continued to think of him, his strong hands on her body, holding her hips tight as he fucks her from behind. She found herself wishing she had that vibrator right now.

When she was able to get herself together she went to see him in his office. She realized now, though, that she would probably look extra guilty. But she didn’t mind, in fact, she hoped she would. “Hey, Mr. Hart, I mean, Bill. What is that you need from me tomorrow?”

He got balgat escort up from his desk and began to talk as if he really had something to say. Before she knew it though, he was inches from her face and had forced her back to the wall. “I need you tomorrow Lauren. You look so damn hot today I can hardly take it.” She could feel the bulge of his pants rubbing against her thigh.

Lauren’s whole body was shivering, her heart pounding, and pussy heating up. “I want you to come to work tomorrow with no panties and a nice skirt.” His stare burned directly into her eyes as he pressed his hips harder against her thigh to make sure she felt his cock, and went back to his desk

Lauren was left with her head spinning, “Ok, sir, Bill.” A smile was growing on her face now. “No panties and a nice skirt, no problem.” Bill was just sitting behind his desk now, happy with how he made her crazy. He was looking her body up and down as she spoke. This time when she left his office she looked back to watch him check her ass out.

Later that after noon she met up with her met up with Susie and Clair for dinner. Clair got right to the point, “So Lauren how was it?”

“Clair, it was everything you said and more. I came so hard, over and over and over…” A sly smile grew on her face as she thought about the night before.

“That’s fabulous Lauren!” Clair and Susie seemed as excited as she was.

“That’s not all that happened today though.” Lauren told her friends about what happened with Bill.

“So you’re going to do it then, right? I’ve seen Bill myself and he is hot. Those muscles are gorgeous.” Lauren was getting hot just thinking about it. It’s true; the man does make her knees weak.

After they ate and chatted a little more Lauren called it a night. She wanted to be rested for tomorrow. She went home and picked out the perfect outfit. She chose her white blouse that was just thin enough to show her bra and her beige wool skirt that fell just above her knees.

She couldn’t take it any longer. The fantasies were driving her wild. She could feel her pussy swelling. She ran to her dresser and pulled out her new toy. She stripped off her clothes and leaned her full length mirror against the wall. She laid on the bed and admired her naked body.

She thought of Bill and tomorrow. He was so strong, she knows he’ll fuck her brains out and that it will be fantastic. Lauren watched herself as she felt her body and tweezed her nipples. Her eyes closed as she moaned with the pleasure. Lauren spread and legs and looked at her pussy.

It glistened in the mirror from being so wet. She ran a single finger down her pink pussy and coated her lips with her juices. She penetrated herself and automatically arched her back. When Lauren pulled her fingers out she brought them to her mouth and watched herself suck them clean.

She moaned in frustration. She needed more. She picked up the vibrator and put it on high. She vibrated her nipples and drew it down her stomach to the inside of her thighs. She pushed the head against her clit and slipped away…

Lauren was still wet when she woke up in the morning. Bill was the first thing on her mind. She felt sexy and excited and the anticipation was killing her. As she dressed in her special outfit her whole body felt sensitive. Every touch made her shiver. She took a deep breath, “Get a hold of yourself Lauren.”

When she arrived at work she surprised herself by how quickly she was able to begin working. Still, every minute or so Lauren turned and looked to see if Bill was coming. She wondered when he was going to take her.

When she saw him walking toward the desk she pretended to be reading something. Lauren felt her heart quicken and heat spread over her body. She coyly turned her face to him as he approached and smiled when she saw the grin on his face. When he came up to her desk he leaned in close to her, “Why don’t you take lunch in my office today cutie?”

“I think I could do that Bill,” She could hardly speak she was so excited. She tried not to show it but knew that was pointless with Bill; she liked it that way though.

The morning dragged on. It seemed like lunch was never going to come. Lauren did the best she could to not think about it, hoping time would pass more quickly.

When lunch rolled around she took a deep breath and got up from her desk. Lauren entered his office and shut the door. Bill looked up at her. “God, you look so damn sexy Lauren.” She could feel his eyes on her; she could feel his eagerness and breathed deeply to steady herself.

This time Bill walked to her slowly. Her breathing got heavier causing he breasts to push against the blouse. Bill could see the intricate lace of her bra and drew his breath in. The bulge in his pants grew bigger. Lauren was pushed against the wall and Bill pushed against her. She could feel his cock digging into her hip, just like the day before. She wanted it so bad.

As Bill unbuttoned her shirt it felt like electricity running through her body. ankara escort Every one of his touches sent surges through her. Her pussy was dripping, making her thighs very wet without the protection of her panties.

He pulled her blouse down took off her bra. As Bill grasped one of her perky breasts, which had rock hard nipples, he put the other in his mouth. Lauren nearly fell to the floor. Her hands slammed against the wall to support herself as her back arched and she tried to push her tit further into his mouth. She wanted that cock; she needed it.

Bill continued to lick her nipples, teasing them, knowing how much he was driving her crazy. He even slipped a hand up her skirt, just to see how wet she was. When he felt how moist her thighs were and, swollen her pussy lips were, he decided to let the poor girl have some cock.

He stood up and looked directly into her eyes; they were pleading, desperate, and hungry. Bill took her hands in his and guided them to his belt. Lauren smiled and bit her lip. She was ready to devour his cock. She quickly unbuckled him and pulled down his pants, getting on her knees as she did it. His cock was long, but not too big. Ok, it was perfect.

She lightly gripped the base of his cock, just enough to guide it into her mouth. She began by sucking the head, feeling every contour with her mouth, and worked her way down until she had taken Bills whole cock down her throat. She could hear him moan and feel him pump his hips slightly, fucking her mouth.

Lauren sucked his shaft up and down. She was an animal; the slurping noises echoed in the room. She never thought she could want cock so bad. Her spit coated his cock and dripped from the corners of her mouth. As she pulled away to catch her breath strings of her slick saliva hung from his cock.

Before she could shove it back down her throat Bill stopped her head with his hand. He tipped her head back and got on his toes. He then lowered his balls into her mouth until they were fully submerged. Her wet, warm mouth almost made his balls melt, but when he felt her tongue tracing around he let out and audible grunt.

It was his turn now. Bill had been thinking about Lauren’s pussy ever since her felt her juices coated on her thighs. He removed his balls from her mouth and brought her up from her knees. He grabbed her ass and lifted, carrying her to his desk. He sat Lauren down on the edge and hiked up her skirt.

Meanwhile Lauren was reeling. She had never felt so good. She had never had sex so passionately. She could hardly take it any longer. Her pussy needed to be touched. The whole time her pussy had been pulsing and when he had first touched her thighs and felt her it had not helped.

Bill slid his hand up her thigh and stopped just before her pussy. He lightly ran his finger up and down her swollen pussy lips. He had a devious smile on his face as he watched Lauren squirm. He knew how bad she wanted it. The smile on her face was sign enough that she was enjoying what she was getting. With that he slipped a finger inside her.

This time Lauren let out a long, low moan with the relief that washed over her. It was immediately taken over though, by the intense pleasure he was giving her. His fingers circled her clit, rubbed it and dove into her pussy. She almost fell back but her hands hit his desk and held her up.

She was now putty in his hands. He took her off the desk and brought his arms around her to unzip the skirt. “I want to eat your pussy Lauren. Your cock sucking was amazing so now I want your pink pussy in my mouth.” Lauren was speechless and let him take her. Bill slipped off her skirt and put her back on her desk. He spread her legs as wide as he could. Her pussy juice dripped onto his newly refinished desk.

He went to his knees and took her in. He couldn’t get enough of her. Bill drew his pointed tongue all over he pussy. He put extra pressure on her clit and smiled when he heard her moan. His tongue penetrated her pussy as he continued to drink her up. Bill then put his fingers back to work, doubling her pleasure. When he could tell Lauren was about to lose it he stopped.

She really was about to lose it too. Lauren couldn’t believe how close she was to coming. He hadn’t even fucked her. Bill would be the first to make her come and she was glad that it was him. When Bill stood up Lauren could see her juices all over his face. It was pretty nice. He took her off the desk again but this time turned her around. She could hardly stand it. She shook her ass for him, tempting his cock. Lauren knew that Bill wanted it as bad as she did.

He guided his head to her pussy lips and worked them apart. He rubbed his cock up and down to coat it and then slipped inside her. He almost lost it when he felt how tight she was. He pushed deep inside of her and then pushed more.

Lauren’s sweaty hands gripped his desk as he picked up the pace and really began to give it to her. She could feel his balls bang against her as her pussy swallowed his cock over and over.

Abruptly, he pulled out and swung her around. Bill picked Lauren up, with abandon, and sat her ass back on his desk so she faced him. He quickly rammed his dick inside her again. He had never had such a good fuck before, he couldn’t believe it. He held onto her tits as his hips slammed into hers.

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