Where Is My Son Going To College

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My son was taking the death of his father very hard. They were great friends as well as father and son. Billy would look forward to being with his father as a best friend on weekends. They would go off to spend the night in the mountains fishing or just camping out by the lake. So when Greg was taken from us so quickly with out warning the shock was even greater.

It was about a week after the funeral that this all started. I should have seen it coming and stopped it or maybe I would have even encouraged it who knows now.

Like I have often heard it said “We can not change those things that are meant to be.”

So maybe it was meant to be or maybe not. I really don’t know but what I do know is neither myself nor my son want to change things now. We find it highly exciting, erotic and very loving to live this kind of life style.

It was late summer so Billy and I have been talking about where he wants to go to college. There is an excellent Junior College right here in town or if he wants to get away there is one over at Bay City just as good.

Bay City is only a few hundred miles away and he can make it home when eve he wants to. I was hoping he would choose to live at home and go to school right here.

I had bought Billy a new car with some of the insurance money. So he took me for a ride and we ended up at the River Side Motel and restaurant.

We were seated off to the side way from the main flow of waiters and the regulars. It was nice to get out and it was nice to see my son finely getting his mind on other things.

Billy is nineteen but looks older so when the waiter asked for our drink order I did not object when Billy ordered a high ball. I ordered a Manhattan on the rocks. I also got the idea that the waiter thought Billy was my date rather than my son. This made me feel good for two reasons. One I felt that maybe I looked good enough and looked young enough to date a boy his age. Secondly it made me feel as if I could get on with my life and maybe even start dating again some day but not this soon.

Through dinner Billy reminded me this was the weekend he and his Dad always went up to the Lake for a few days of camping before he had to go back to school. I know Billy looked forward to these days and I wondered if I could take him camping and be as good a friend as his father had been.

We talked about school, cars and then what life would be like now for him and later for me. Billy said he would understand if I wanted to start dating after all I was still young.

I am forty-two and as Billy said “Mom you’re a very beautiful lady.”

I had never considered my self beautiful but I did know I had a better figure than many of my friends of the same age. True I had had only one child and my best girl friend had three so maybe that accounted for the difference. I also worked out at the city gym twice a week and more often when Billy and his Dad were off on a trip.

These boy Dad trip with out mother started when Billy was about twelve and after a couple I found my self with too much time on my hands.

I went shopping and visiting my old school friends. Then I volunteered at the hospital but that was not for me. I can not stand to see people sick. So I started going to the city gym to work out.

The very first night I met a wonderful lady named Karen. We hit it off and she showed me all the ways to make a fool of myself. Then she pointed out a body builder named Tony she knew very well. Tony was in his early twenties while Karen and I were both thirty-one.

That of course was ten years ago.

That first night at the gym was also my third night alone so when Karen asked me out for a drink I accepted.

We each drove our own cars and met at the Hotel Bradley down town. Karen has an apartment near there and knew the hotel bar very well. She introduced me to the young bartender and a few of her regular friends. Every one was so nice I felt like a real member of this social order almost at once.

I also found this group to be very risqué and to tease a lot. Dirty jokes were common place and I was soon being picked on as well. It made me feel so welcome. I started to accept when strangers asked me to dance.

Before long Tony showed up and joined the group. But I saw many of the other guys fade off when Tony showed up. I got the feeling he and Karen were a thing. I thought I should also get going and leave these two on there own. But Karen insisted I stay so I did.

Tony asked me to dance and by this time I was feeling pretty good so when he pressed his very hard erection on my leg I welcome that too.

We returned to the booth and I found myself between Karen and Tony. I had both hands on top of the table but felt two hands on me one on either thigh.

It did not bother me and kırıkkale escort I laughed about it with them.

Then they got a little bolder and each found a tit to play with. I asked Karen if she liked my breasts and she said she would like to see me naked on her bed with black silk sheets. Some how this did not seem strange either and I asked if Tony was going to join us.

Karen said if I wanted him too he would.

I said “It would be impolite to leave Tony here in his condition.”

We laughed and left the bar headed for Karen’s apartment. I don’t know why I let myself be lead down the path of adultery but it never occurred to me that what I was about to do was wrong.

Once in Karen’s apartment Tony put on a record and took me in his powerful arms to dance. Karen joined us in a slow dance and as we moved around both she and Tony slowly removed my blouse, skirt and bra to leave me in panties and shoes.

Karen took me into her arms and she kissed me full on the mouth while caressing my bare breasts. Tony I saw was dropping his cloths across the room.

He returned to hold me from behind slipping his cock up between my legs. He reached around to capture each breast. Still dancing it was very strange to feel his muscles pressed to my back as we dance. It was also very erotic and arousing.

Karen was naked a moment later and the three of us drifted toward the king size bed with the black silk sheets.

Together we fell on the bed. Tony rolled me on my back and quickly removed my panties. Karen hugged me and kissed me again. I had never in my life kissed a woman with desire and passion raging wildly through my body.

Tony lifted my legs, spread them then placed his mouth over my very excited and wet pussy. Tony was an expert at licking, sucking and titillating my clitoris. Karen was still teaching me the fine art of kissing another woman and letting our tongues dart into each others mouth. This special attention from two lovers was over whelming to say the least.

I guess I gave myself away with wild cries and shivers. Because Karen quickly moved up to straddle my face with her legs and Tony took my clitoris between his lips and squeezed it.

I had never in my life done any thing like this and it was so enormously exciting I went crazy. Using both hands I pulled Karen’s cunt open and buried my face in it. Tony somehow reached up and quickly drove a finger up into her ass and at the same time he shoved a finger up into my ass as far as it would go. Again this was all new to me. My ass was virgin territory. However at the moment he could have shoved a beer bottle up my as and I would have loved it.

I screamed, Karen wiggled and moaned flooding my mouth and face with her sweet juices. I let go and felt my climax go off like a rocket. To say “Climax” only is a gross under statement.

What I had was nothing like any climax I had ever had before in all my life. Nothing compared to this feeling. My whole body shook and the tremors were like waves at the beach they just never stopped.

I can not explain it nor am I able to fine the words to say how I felt at that moment so I just passed out cold.

When I came to Karen was holding a cool washcloth to my forehead. Tony was on his side with one of my legs up over his hip the other leg between his and his very ample cock in my wet cunt. He was not moving but once I came awake and knew what was going on around me again. He reached over and took a nipple between his fingers and rolled it softly causing it to come to attention quickly. Karen lowered her mouth over the other and rested her fingers on my swollen clitoris.

Tony was well hung more so than my husband and I must admit he was making me feel things in a way I had never experienced before.

These two lovers were a team and they knew how to give the greatest of pleasures. Tony was fucking my other wise only used pussy three times before including my husband. But here I was with two strangers having my first ever lesbian encounter, my first ever threesome and my first ever adultery affair with a total stranger.

Karen said “Tony is a great fucker and he never goes soft so enjoy it sweet thing, enjoy.”

I did just that I closed my eyes and made my self feel every bit of his cock move in side me. He was good and I gave Tony another climax not nearly as wild as the first but still petty damn good. I think Karen helped with her expert hands.

After I came Tony rolled away resting now on my right side leaving me to shiver and enjoy the aftermath in my own way. I sat up as Karen leaned cross me to take Tony’s cock in her mouth. Her tits were pointed and hung down as she positioned on all fours.

I reached out taking a tit in my hand. A woman’s tit was there to kırıkkale escort bayan be played with to be shared between lovers. I watched Karen expertly suck Tony‘s cock. She was very good and I could see Karen loved what she was going.

It did not take long for her to get Tony off. He was very ready. Karen sucked every drop of cum and licked his cock and balls clean.

That was my first out side affair and it started because my husband wanted to be alone with out son.

So over the years I came to fine one or two groups of people that would fill that void in my life when the guys were out.

Father and son took two full weeks a year and several weekends thru the year to do Father and Son things and I happily moved from one affair to another where and when ever I had a chance.

Tony and Karen filled the void in my life several times in a row. But then one weekend Karen set me up with a couple of her friends.

All were married like me and also were left alone at the wrong time in there lives. One Linda was also a girl I had known in high school. This was hitting a little close to home but what the hell. It was a fun threesome all girls to discus all the short coming of our men.

It was not that I set out to be a local whore but if my husband was going to leave me alone so much I was going to make up for my lost loving.

The weekend approached and I asked Billy if I could stand in for his father and go camping with him this weekend.

Much to my surprise he said “Mom I want you to come with me but as yourself, my mother and good friend not as a stand in for Dad. I know he is gone and I will always have wonderful memories but how I want you to share with you what I shared with Dad.

The wagon was packed full, the house was locked up and we were on our way. Billy had hinted at how remote the camp sight was but I had no idea just how remote till we hiked I for nearly an hour before coming to a wide spot in the trail and an old fire ring. We were above the lake and could see for miles. It was truly a wonderful spot.

Billy made two more trips back to the car while I set up camp. Upon his return with the last of what we needed for now I had a resemblance of a meal bubbling away on the camp stove.

Billy set up the tent and when he was done he came to sit in one of our make shift chairs. I handed him a plate and took one for my self. The drink was coffee and for the first time in a long time I relaxed with my son as my only partner.

After we cleaned up the tin plates and coffee pot Billy showed me how to get down to the lake edge. Here there was a small sandy spot not much larger than a kitchen table. However Billy told me he often came down here spread a blanket and hung out in the nude.

The trees were thick and hung over shading the spot and hiding it from view of even boaters that might cruise up this far. It was cool and remote and I could see how he might enjoy the privacy here. For a few seconds I looked at my son and thought of him nude. It was a pleasant thought after all I would be using this time for my own pleasure if I were at home so why not do the same here.

“Would it embarrass you if I were to join you here in the nude?” I asked in a soft motherly voice.

“Oh, Mom, Dad and I loved to be nude up here. We almost never wore cloths at any time. I think Dad was a nudist at heart but he thought you were too much of a prude to join in.” Billy said with a smile on his face and a gleam I his eye.

It was getting late and the sun was dropping behind the western ridge. It would be dark before we got back up the hill. So nudism was going to wait till tomorrow.

Billy went ahead to lead the way back up the hill. It was kind of exciting for him to hold my hand and help me along. With the closeness of trees and high grasses I had little to look at except my son muscular behind. I could see the muscles ripple under his tight cut off jeans. I wanted to reach out and touch him. He resembled Tony in that powerful rear end department.

My thoughts were my own and in many ways they were exciting and also laughable. To have sex with my son had never entered my head. Well up till now that is. It was not a need or a want but more of a risqué thought that floated around in my head. I had been using this trip for my own pleasure for so long it was hard to stop the excitement that came when ever the (guys) were about to leave town. The only difference now was that I was one of the guys and here in the middle of no mans land I was still feeling the need for sexual excitement.

At the steepest part of the hill Billy stopped to give me a brief rest. The ledge were we stopped was narrow and we stood close. I let my arms dangle between us feeling the blood pumping back escort kırıkkale into my extremities.

It was not a plan moved but my hand came to rest on my son’s erection. I had no idea he was excited to this point.

I turned and taking a grip on it I asked “What is this?”

“Come on Mom, don’t do that. It just happens all the time I guess it is part of growing up.” He said.

I did not loosen my grip on his erection. I was measuring it by feel. The dim light did not allow me to see my son’s eyes but his breathing gave him away. He was excited as I was. I felt no shame as I loosened my grip and tightened it over and over.

“Mom, please are you sure this is what you want to do?”

His words were followed up by an arms going around my shoulders. He pulled me closer pressing my breasts into his chest. This is when I lost all control and knew I wanted to have a relationship with my son.

I said “Billy take me to the camp now!” my words must have showed how I was feeling because his erection jerked wildly I thought he was about to cum. But he did not. He pulled me up the hill and we were soon at the camp. He lighted a lantern giving us some light and driving away some of my lustful feeling. However I saw that Billy was still aroused.

We closed the flap on the tent and could see well enough by the light coming through the tent material. I could stand but Billy was too tall to stand erect. So I opened out sleeping bags on the double wide air mattress while Billy dropped his shots and shirt next to one of the sleeping bags. He was not wearing any underwear. His erection was formidable to say the least. Billy stood hunched over just looking at me.

Why I was so aroused and excited I can only guess at. But I slowly removed my t-shirt and bra.

Billy eyes widened and so did his smile as my breasts came free to the cool night air. The nipples were already firm and pointing proudly at his kneecaps. It was awkward but with some effort I managed to remove my shorts and panties while kneeling and still looking at my son erection pounding away.

This was not the first time I had been on bended knees in front of a man. So I did what came naturally. I pulled him closer and took his cock into my mouth.

There was no movement, no words or anything to give me a warning as Billy shot a sticky fluid into my mouth. It was such a surprise I could only suck and pump his cock with my hand. His sperm was thick warm, salty and I loved it. I tried to swallow his cock whole. I tried to take it down my throat. I wanted to suck the very life out of him. Licking, jerking his cock and sucking every drop I went kind of nuts right up till his knees gave way and Billy was on his knees facing me.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. His tongue licked the cum from my lips and sucked what little was left from my mouth.

We fell locked in one another arms on our sides. My hands were still holding his lipid cock. My hands were covered with the last of his warm juices. I brought my hands up to lick the cum from my fingers. Billy took my hands and licked some of his sperm from them. He pushed my hand back at me to finish the job.

I had often licked my pussy juice from men’s fingers but not the other way around. But it was kind of erotic and sensuous. However it gave me a vision of my son and husband joined in guy, guy sexual thing.

So I asked him “Billy did you have sex with your father?’

He kind of shook and I knew he had.

So I said “Don’t be embarrassed by it. Some times guys can enjoy other guys and women too.”

Then I had another thought and asked “Billy have you ever been with a girl?”

“Kind of once I guess.” He said

I did not want to press the issue right now so I told him to relax and I would show him how much I loved him.

For a young man with little experience Billy did very well. His touch was soft and when he finely rolled over on top of me. He was not as excited and aggressive as I though the might be.

Billy slowly lowered himself into me. It was erotic and wonderful filling me with a sensational lusty feeling. It was slow and deliberate every move was expertly done for the most sensual effect. Me lifting my hips to give Billy the best angle and him pressing down to fill me to capacity.

Each time he would pause with the head of his cock pressed firmly to the bottom of my pussy before he withdrew to do it all over again.

My son was fucking me better than anyone had ever fucked me and I loved it. I came with a rush wiggling and clawing at him to do it harder. Billy responded to my demands and drove harder and faster till he arched his back screamed and jerked filing me with warm thick sperm.

“Wow, Mom that was the best ever. Wow, oh shit that was great. Mom, Mom I love you so much. God all might what a rush. I want to do it again. Can I Mom can I do it again?” Billy was so excited and I was feeing his excitement as I lifted my hips so he could start again.

So Billy has a decision to make and I do hope he wants to stay home and go to College here in town.

The decision: (Part two)

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