Who Effed Jessica Rabbit?

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This is the first story I have posted on Literotica in over two years and I am very excited to get back into writing. I had a lot of fun writing this short story and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Happy Halloween!

* * *

Have you ever wanted to become somebody else? Mind, body, and soul, transform yourself into another person, even if just for one day? Well, I do and that’s why I love Halloween. Halloween is the one time a year where you can take on another persona and do whatever you want to do, even if it’s only for one night a year.

Jessica Rabbit is my spirit animal. Yes, I know she is not really a rabbit but still, she is the person I wish I could be every day. And this is the year I am going to become Jessica Rabbit for the one fateful night of Halloween. I’ve worked my ass off at the gym and I spent all year preparing, planning and saving and now it’s finally the night.

In the morning before work, I lay out everything I need to become my temptress alter ego: The long red sequin dress and matching pumps with a bold platform toe and a five inch heel, a black lace corset to give me an accentuated waist, long satin violet gloves, flaming red hair dye and crimson extensions to tease my hair up, a dark makeup pallet and the thickest fake eyelashes that exist. With all of these items, along with my muscular but slender five foot seven inch frame, long wavy hair and natural curves, I can become Jessica Rabbit in just a few hours.

Later that day, I get home from work and let out a loud sigh as I kick off my shoes. “Time to get this show on the road,” I say to myself as I begin unbuttoning my blouse. Once in the bathroom, I stand naked as I put the hair dye on my golden locks. While it processes, I take a long, hot bubble bath. After I rinse my hair, get out of the tub and dry off, I get to work on building Jessica’s signature look. I blow dry my hair upside down and once it is dry, I start adding extensions. I tease my roots with a comb, swirling together real and synthetic fibers until it looks like my new do should belong on the head of a Southern Belle. Then I pull all the hair off my left shoulder, pin it in place, and spray in almost an entire bottle of hairspray. “Perfect,” I say to myself with a smile.

Just as I finish my hair, the door bells rings. “Right on schedule,” I say as I stroll over to my apartment door and let my best friend in the small living room.

“Holy shit, girl! Your hair is crazy amazing,” my friend Liz says with her mouth wide open.

With Jessica’s signature half closed, side eye stare, I gaze at Liz. “Well thank you, darling.” We grasp hands and kiss each other on the cheeks so as not to deflate my hair. “Are you ready to strap me into my corset?” I ask her as I pull her toward my bedroom.

Liz and I have history. We met in college and we’ve been best friends ever since. Actually, we were more than friends for a while. She was the one who helped me break out of my shell, sexually and emotionally, and experiment to find myself. We tried to make it work intimately but we were too volatile as a couple. She will always mean something to me and we are very comfortable around each other. We haven’t been intimate in a while but I think Liz wishes we were.

I show her my outfit that is laid out on my bed and she screams with excitement. “Oh my God, I cannot believe you are going tonight as Jessica Rabbit!” I usually don’t tell my friends about my plans for Halloween because I enjoy seeing their reactions when I walk into whatever club or party we decide to go to that year.

“Yes ma’am. And you are not to tell a soul about this before tonight or I swear I’ll make you regret it,” I say playfully as I drop my towel. I can see Liz looking at me hungrily as I go to the bed, pull on a thin black thing, and pick up a padded black strapless bra. I smile wickedly as I lean over to shake my large breasts into the cups, watching Liz’s gaze move from head to toe down my body. “Ok, now the fun part.” I hand Liz the corset and she moves behind me to synch the back. I feel my nipples harden as she breathes down the back of my neck, slowly pulling the satin laces tighter as I hold the corset in place.

As she straps me in, I look down to admire how absolutely huge my breasts look. I have very nice natural D cup breasts but with a push up bra and the corset to top it off, it looks like I just got implants twice my size. When Liz finishes with the back, I stand in front of the etlik escort mirror to admire how the corset adds curves in all the right places. “Thanks babe,” I say with a kiss on Liz’s cheek. “I could not have done this myself. See you tonight, right?”

Liz slaps my ass and starts to walk toward the door. “Yes, Jessica.” She turns to look at me seductively. “I will be there. I won’t be looking as smoking hot as you but I will be there.” As she pulls the door shut behind her, I go back to my vanity to start on my makeup. An hour later, I have a fully made face, from foundation to two pairs of fake lashes on each eye. I look at the printed picture of Jessica Rabbit on my vanity and smirk – I look just like her!

Before applying a last coat of lip gloss and slipping on my dress and heels, I go to the freezer and pull out a bottle of vodka to make a quick martini. I swallow the drink in one gulp and lick my lips as cool liquid courage fills my body. I make a second, down it, and return to my bedroom to finish my transformation.

Halloween is my Christmas so I go all out. I hire a car with a driver so I can do whatever I want and not have to worry that I won’t make it home. The car arrives right on time at 10pm and I go out to the street. The driver, a young man with dirty blonde hair, dark rimmed glasses and a slim physique stands with his mouth wide open as I walk up to him. “Here’s how this is going to work,” I say with a stern but sexy smile. “You are going to drive me wherever I need to go, whenever I want, until I tell you to bring me home. And you are responsible for getting me home. You are going to give me your cell phone number and if I need you, I expect you to answer. If you do all of these things in a prompt and fashionable manner, I will give you two hundred bucks tip at the end of the night. Agreed?”

“Uhh…yes, ok. Miss…?” The driver stammers out. I mentally give him a high five because he has managed to not look at my breasts the entire time I spoke to him.

“You can call me Jessica Rabbit,” I say as I give him my hand and we shake. “Now let’s go. I’ve got a party to get to.”

I give him the address to the club and we drive into town. Kyle, the driver, and I make small talk. When we pull up outside Exotic, Kyle gets out of the cars and walks around to open my door for me. There are a few people milling about outside and they all stare as I exit the vehicle.

With these heels I stand about six feet tall. The deep crimson pumps make my legs extend for miles as I walk to the door. True to my alter ego, the red sequin dress has a slit on the left leg that starts at my hip bone and continues to the floor. The hem of the dress sways heavily as I swing my hips with each step. As I step up the bouncer, his eyes immediately fall on my tits. I brush my side swept bangs over so I can look at him seductively with both eyes. “Are you gonna let me in or what?” I purr.

The bouncer’s eye shoots up to mine and he blushes in embarrassment. “Oh yeah, sorry sweet cheeks. You got an I.D.?” I pull the right side of my dress up high to reveal a thigh strap where I have a small pocket holding my phone, money, debit card, license and a condom. I give him my I.D. and he barely looks at it before giving it back and ushering me into the club.

When I walk in, I immediately command the room. There are a lot of people in the warm space but Exotic is not full yet. I look around but don’t notice my friends at a table on the far side of the dance floor until one of them screams out loud. I turn and saunter across the floor, characters parting for me to walk through the crowd. I lock eyes with a few men and a few women on the dance floor and give them the Jessica Rabbit sexy eyes that I’ve been perfecting for weeks. When I get to the table, all of my friends scream in delight as they comment on my new hair, my tight physique, and how great my ass looks in these shoes. Liz just sits back, sips her gin and tonic with lime, and admires my admiration. She knows she already saw the best part of the costume earlier.

After a few minutes, I manage to break away to go to the bar and order a drink. I decide on a cosmopolitan; something fun, flirty and ready to help get me fucked up. “Here you go. Jessica Rabbit, I presume?” I smile and nod as the bar tender gives me my drink and I take a sip, tasting the cool fruit and feel the vodka burn on my tongue. I pull a twenty out of the top of my dress but the gaziosmanpaşa escort bar tender puts his hand up to stop me. “Already paid for by the gentleman at the end of the bar.” He nods in the opposite direction towards a man in army fatigues with a beer in hand. He raises the bottle in the air and takes a drink. I smile, pick up my Cosmo, and slowly walk toward him.

The first thing I notice is his presence in the small space of Exotic. He is relaxed but gives off an air of confidence. He is physically a large man: broad shoulders, wide set jaw, and he sits taller than the bar tender stands in front of him. When I get closer, I notice he has maybe a day or two of stubble on his chin, chocolate brown eyes framed by thick lashes and cropped dark hair. He smiles when he sees me walking towards him and settles back on the chair to watch me in return.

“Hello,” I purr. “Is this seat taken?”

“No, please,” he says calmly, motioning to the chair next to him. I put the glass down on the bar so I can settle myself on the chair, making sure to show off my legs without letting this dark stranger catch a glimpse of my goods. “So, Jessica, where’s Roger?”

I shrug and reach for my drink. “Working. He told me to play nice.” I take a sip of my drink but look my new companion over my thick lashes. “And you are…?”

“I guess you can call me Private Ryan.”

“Well, Private Ryan, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I give the stranger my hand and he kisses my knuckles softly. “And thank you for the drink.” He smiles back at me and we clink glasses together.

We order another round of drinks and chat for a little while about Halloween, the club, and our costumes. More and more people arrive and Exotic starts to fill. We are sitting close to the entrance so I get a lot of looks as people enter; some of which I return, others of which I don’t even notice because I am too involved with Private Ryan. When a house mix of Kanye West’s “Monster” starts to play I finish my drink and stand up from the chair. “Dance with me.” I say, more as a command than a question. Private Ryan downs the rest of his beer and gets up to follow me to the middle of the floor.

The music is loud and the bass is hard as we start to move together. Private Ryan is behind me, holding onto my hips and grinding on my ass. Even with my heels, he is still a few inches taller than me and as we dance, my hands touch him anywhere and everywhere: in his hair, on his face, on my own body, over his hands, down my own legs. He is good at moving with the beat and following my movements to match the vibe I’m giving off.

As the song changes to a more sensual rhythmic beat, I take hold of Private Ryan’s hands and move them lower, letting his hand dip into the slit of my skirt to feel between the smooth skin of my thigh and the rough lace of my panties. I lean back onto his chest, feeling his body tense against mine as he rubs my pussy over the lace with one hand and holds me against him with the other. I turn my face away from him and pull his head down to my neck and he starts giving me little nips and licks between kisses. I grind my ass onto his package and I can feel him getting hard for me. I bite my lips and moan as I feel him slip a finger inside the panties, teasing my pussy. I turn my face back toward him and whisper, “Do you want to get out of here?”

Private Ryan spins me around to face him and kisses me hard on the lips while cupping my ass with both hands. “I thought you’d never ask,” he says gruffly. With that, I grab his hand and briskly walk off the dance floor to the exit.

Once outside, I see Kyle a few car lengths down the street, leaning against the sleek black SUV talking to two girls dressed up as a sexy strawberry and a sexy banana. I pull Private Ryan toward the car and when Kyle sees me coming toward him, he freezes. “Get their numbers and let’s go,” I say quickly as I open the door and climb into the SUV followed by Ryan. Once he gets in and shuts the door, I straddle his lap and simultaneously attack his face and shirt with my face and hands. Private Ryan snakes his hands under my dress and kneads my ass. I hear Kyle get in the driver’s seat and before he can speak I say, “I’ll give you an extra hundred bucks if you drive to the nearest alley, park the car, and get out.”

I can hear Kyle mumbling in the front seat and I clear my throat to signal him to speak up. “Oh sorry, yes, that’s fine.” With ankara escort that, he puts the car in drive and I go back to giving all my attention to Private Ryan.

Private Ryan slips his hand underneath me and into my panties. I feel him slide his fingers down my smooth mound to find my wet opening and I bite his lower lip with my teeth as he strokes me. His touch is gentle but filled with need. I grind my cunt onto his hand, using the back of the seat for leverage as I feel the car turn and the lights outside get darker. Kyle, in true to his word fashion, cuts the engine and gets out of the car. Once the door clicks shut, Private Ryan pulls his fingers out of me and I fiercely unzip his pants to free his cock.

I smile wickedly down at Private Ryan’s lap. “Very nice,” I say as I rub his very long, very thick cock between my hands. I lift myself up and pull aside my thong to tease the head of his dick between my wet lips. Ryan lays his head back against the head rest and runs his hands up my ass as I play with his member without putting him inside me. When I feel he has been tempted enough, I pull back my dress and take the condom from the pocket on my thigh. I slowly tear open the foil package and roll the rubber down his shaft, then guide his thick cock to my dripping wet hole and slowly lower myself down. When he is completely inside me, Private Ryan pulls my hips down hungrily onto his manhood. I grip the head rest again and we lock lips as he starts to bounce me up and down on his cock.

As we move together, it is just as fluid and sensual as our movements were on the dance floor. I breathe heavily into his ear, “You have such a big cock, Private Ryan, and I love having it inside me. Do you like this, do you like fucking Jessica Rabbit?”

“Oh fuck yes, Jessica. Your pussy is so hot and wet. It feels so good,” he says into my neck between bites and kisses.

I lick his ear lobe and suck on it while saying, “Touch my clit. Do you want me to come, baby? Touch my clit.” I lean my body back and Private Ryan pulls his hand around to use his thumb to tickle my clit while I bump and grind on his cock. “Oh fuck, that’s it. That’s what I want.”

“I want to come, Jess. Can I come?” He asks with his mouth pressed to my tits.

“Oh God, yes I’m coming. Come for me, Private Ryan,” I moan loudly. I throw my head back and scream as the orgasm rocks my body. Private Ryan pulls me down and slams his cock into me one last time before I feel him shudder as e orgasms with me. I lean back against the front seats and Private Ryan leans forward against my chest, both of us sweaty and breathing heavily.

After a minute of catching my breath, I open my eyes and Private Ryan lies back against the seat, his hands still caressing my thighs. “Well, Private Ryan,” I say to break the silence. “That was something!” Ryan watches me curiously as I get up and settle myself on the seat next to him so I can make myself presentable enough to invite Kyle back into the car. I take box of tissues from the pocket behind the driver’s seat and give one to Private Ryan. He takes off the condom and wipes himself off as I do the same. He zips his pants and buttons up his shirt as best he can but there are a few buttons missing. “Sorry, I am a little bit aggressive.”

Private Ryan smiles and pulls me toward him. “I like aggressive,” he whispers smugly before kissing my lips.

After we part, I roll down the window and motion for Kyle. “You can come back in the car now, Kyle.” As he makes his way back to the car, I turn to Ryan. “Listen, Private Ryan, this was fun and all but I have to get going. Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday; I’m a big believer in fate.”

Private Ryan looks at me with a smug smile. “Ok, Jessica Rabbit. Someday it is.” He leans over to give me one final kiss on the cheek and a wink before he opens the door and jumps out of the SUV. I turn around and watch him walk out of the alley, standing tall and strong, whistling something as he walks.

Kyle opens the door and gets in. “Where too, Miss?”

I think for a minute, trying to decide whether to call it a night or go back out on the town. I decide the latter. “Do you know where Electric is, Kyle?”

“Yeah, of course,” Kyle responds with a glance in the rear view mirror at me. “Would you like me to take you there?”

“Yes,” I say confidently. “And before I forget, here is your three hundred dollar tip.” I reach into the pocket behind his seat, pull out an envelope with three hundred dollars in twenties and pass it to Kyle. “Now Kyle, this doesn’t mean I won’t need a ride home later so don’t run off with that sexy strawberry,” I tell him playfully as I hand him the money.

“No ma’am,” Kyle responds with a grin.

“Good. Now let’s go!”

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