Whole Diary: Used

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The stories in this series are based on real events, if you don’t believe it, just ask me.

Read, enjoy my story and leave your comments, I’m always trying to be a better me.


Whole Diary: Used

“Baby, let me rest, please!” I implored him.

The room was so dark, about all I could make out was his deep breathing. I tried holding my legs firmly together as he pushed them apart, while kissing me, but his hand easily pried them apart.

‘Oh, no, not again!’ I thought as he felt me, completely.

I wanted him to stop, to rest and to sleep!


Maybe I should start from the beginning. My name is Lily. I’m twenty-four years old and am medium height with a small frame. I’ve been called pretty but that’s mostly by drunk guys. I’ve been a hooker since my coming of age.

The crowd in the club was thinning so it was time to find one last customer for throughout the night. The weekends are always good, I’d earned quite a lot today, so far. I was full of energy as I made my way outside of the club. As I rounded the corner, I heard someone shout a greeting. I looked to see a young taxi driver vying for my attention.

I realized there was someone else in the taxi after I’d made my way to the passenger side of the taxi. The greeting had come from the back seat, he asked about my service and we agreed upon a price. I got in the back with him and off we went.

My backseat client didn’t talk much other than telling me his name was John. I could see his face in the reflection of the window as he stared outside of the car. He wore spectacles, looked to be young and handsome.

“Sorry, let me open the door,” he said when we got to his room.

I didn’t get to look around the room, much, but it was neat. He offered me the bed while he sat on the only chair in the room and held it tightly, not making a move. I could tell he had never been with a hooker before because he looked nervous. The silence was awkward.

“We should get started,” I told him.

He nodded his head but still made no movement so I climbed off of the bed and began to remove my clothes. After my top came off, he got the idea and began to remove his clothes, too. I laid on the bed, wearing only my panties and bra, and waited for him. He looked at me with a big grin plastered on his face and climbed onto the bed, too. He was completely naked, very well endowed and covering his cock with his hand.

“Put some music on,” I told him.

“Oh, yes,” he cebeci escort agreed, as if he had the same idea for a long time.

He came and laid on top of me and moved to kiss me.

“Wear a rubber,” I said.

He kept fumbling with the rubber, failing to get it on, and when he did get it on, he couldn’t unroll it so I helped him and, in no time at all, the rubber was completely on.

‘This is good. He’ll probably finish fast and then we can sleep,’ I thought.

He removed my panties and bra before, again, laying on top of me and kissing me. No sooner had he pushed his tongue into my mouth than he broke off the kiss. He seemed to be thinking of something but then decided to get on with it. I found out, later, the smell of alcohol repulsed him.

He was OK at kissing but his redeeming feature was his desire. He kissed his way to and along my neck. I wasn’t feeling aroused as he was very clumsy with his technique and his hands and body only laid there, not moving on my body. I was OK with his sloppy caresses so I closed my eyes and took it as a time to rest.

‘Oh, that felt good.’

It was his mouth on my breast. He moved from one breast to the other kissing and sucking. It felt good to only lay there, him doing the work while I got the money. He began to use his hands, squeezing my breasts as he sucked. His technique was lousy but he more than made up for it with his enthusiasm.

I felt him kissing from my breasts and down to my stomach as his hands traced further down. Oh, it felt good as he got closer to my pussy. I felt sorry for him so I put my hands on his head and stopped him from going onto my pussy with his mouth.

He came up and began to kiss my lips and, this time, I kissed him back. I sucked on his tongue as we kissed and his fingers lightly played with my pussy. It felt good enough to make my pussy wet. I wanted him in me so I held his cock amidst the kissing and directed him into my pussy. Oh, he felt so huge.

As he began to move into my pussy, I held on to him tight. He was stretching me and it felt good. I began to moan as he thrust in and out of my pussy. I felt my climax coming, the heat spreading from my pussy to envelope my whole body.

I wrapped my legs around him as he took me through my orgasm. I heard the sounds coming from my pussy as he fucked me through the orgasm and didn’t stop after it. I thought he had also cum but, girl, was I wrong! He continued to thrust in and out. I loved the feeling of being wanted.

‘It’s çukurambar escort going to be a good night,’ I thought.

He increased his pace, fucking my pussy so fast and frantic, it began to hurt. He buried his face in the pillow, masking his moans, and fucked me relentlessly. He suddenly stopped moving with only his moans persisting. I felt his body stiffen and then shudder. Yes, exactly what I’d been waiting for!

He pulled out, kissed me, got up and began to wipe his cock with a towel. When he finished, he threw the towel onto my pussy and sat on the chair in front of the computer. I couldn’t see, exactly, what he was doing but, using the light from the computer screen, I did see a thin sheen of sweat glistening on his body.

“Oh, I’m fixing this phone,” he said, turning as he did so.

I’d barely closed my eyes when I felt him sucking on my nipples. I opened my eyes and told him we should rest.

“What? It’s been forty minutes,” he said.

He separated my legs and pushed his cock into me…it wasn’t nice this time. The sudden invasion of my pussy caused me some pain. He was thrusting fast and deep from the onset but I wasn’t as wet as before so it hurt me.

“Baby, Baby, John! Please stop! It’s hurting!” I said.

“Only a little more, Baby. I’m about to finish,” he said.

He didn’t finish, soon. He kept thrusting into my well and thoroughly fucked pussy as I closed my eyes, trying to think about anything but sex. Each time he thrusted in deep, he brought me back to the reality of my situation.

‘Oh, please finish, now,’ I thought.

It’s amazing how time slows down when you’re in pain. My sense of time was gone. I was certain it was around midnight when we began fucking the first time but I was shocked, when I looked at the computer screen, to see it was only ten minutes after three in the morning. I thought it was much later!

I’m not certain what happened but I woke up to find him sleeping next to me. I fell asleep, again, only to be awoken by one of his fingers tingling in my pussy. All I wanted was to sleep and he was supposed to be an easy score. My pussy felt overused and there he was still trying to fuck me, again.

“No, Baby! I can’t, I’m too tired and sore!” I said.

He stopped fingering when I closed my legs. He sat on the bed and pulled me, by my hands, into sitting, too. I was still sleepy, I heard the snap of fingers near my ears and I looked at him.

‘Damn, this bastard still looks energetic!’ I thought.

“Look, ankara escort I want to fuck but, since you’re too tired, I’ll tell you what…suck my dick, instead. I’ll cum real fast and then you can sleep.”

I refused his offer without any thought because I hate sucking dick.

“OK,” he said.

‘Good, now I can sleep!’ I thought.

Soon, I felt him on top of me. I was upset and meant to push him away but my pushing availed nothing. I’d thought he was a scrawny guy, I was wrong…he was well toned. He pried my legs open as I resigned myself to my fate.

“Fine, I’ll give you a blow job,” I heard myself say.

He stopped trying to get into my pussy and smiled. He laid towards the edge of the bed, I got a pillow on which I knelt, I held his cock and began to jerk it.

‘I’m only going to jerk it,’ I thought.

I felt his hand directing my head to his cock and I opened my mouth to let his big cock-head in. He moaned when the head entered my mouth and as I began to suck on the head while I slowly jerked his cock. I didn’t enjoy sucking and I still don’t! Usually, my fee for a blowjob is so high, most guys only fuck. There I was, forced to suck for the same price as a fuck. Why? This was supposed to be my easy score.

Each time my teeth grazed him, he slightly flinched. After only a few minutes, but what seemed like hours to my jaw, I stopped, got off of the floor and laid on the bed with my legs open as my physical invitation. I didn’t want to but had to. I saw him smile but I didn’t return it.

“Sit on my cock and ride me!”

I looked at him with tired eyes, got up, spread my pussy onto his cock and began to bounce up and down with my hands resting on his chest. I only bounced on his cock for a few minutes, then I stopped moving and remained seated. I refused to bounce despite him asking with his eyes. It felt good but I didn’t care, I only wanted to rest!

“OK, let’s change!” he said.

Oh! That felt better than before, he was entering me from behind, banging my pussy while my face rested on the pillow. I felt my pussy get wet and he must’ve felt me loosen up because he began to thrust faster.

“Oh, yes!” I began to moan.

It was feeling good and I climaxed, again. He fucked fast for a time and then held my hips with a firmer grip and thrusted with short, quick successions. He stayed buried, for a few seconds, after he stopped moving, planted a kiss on my back and pulled out of my pussy. He handed me the towel, once again, after he’d wiped. He got off of the bed when I finished wiping and turned the light off because sunlight was streaming into the room…it was time to go.

Sex is fun but don’t be dumb…always use a condom! Yes, you!


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