Why Not Watch Ch. 02

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It was a very nice Saturday morning and I was out in my driveway washing my car when I saw young Megan heading in my general direction. Not so young, these days, as she was quick to point out. I’d had an interesting meeting with Megan a couple of nights previous. I’d caught her peeping through the bedroom window next door and I’d had a little chat with her.

I learnt that she’d been told to do so by Denise, the occupant of the bedroom, in an attempt to broaden Megan’s sexual education. I’d suggested to Megan that that was an idiotic suggestion and she was an idiot for going through with it. As for her sexual education, I took it upon myself to give her a brief lesson on the practicalities involved.

If you’re thinking I took unfair advantage and seduced the girl, young woman actually, then you are wrong. My noble instincts came to the fore and I let her off the hook, although I did tell her that was the only free lesson she’d get.

I have to admit that I also took the first opportunity I had to read the riot act to Denise. Damn it all, she was married and should have had more sense. There again, at twenty, I guess she’s entitled to be as scatter-brained as any teenager. My discussion with Denise got quite heated at times but I do believe that I got my message across.

Now Megan was walking my way. This would be the first time she’d seen me to speak to since that night, assuming she was coming to speak to me and not going to march straight past with her nose in the air. I rather suspected from the determined look on her face that I was her targeted destination.

If I had been reading her the riot act and taking unwarranted advantage of her why would she be coming to talk to me, you ask, instead of heading in a different direction at a high rate of knots? I was asking myself the same question but suspected I already knew the answer. I had invited her back to have a follow-up lesson on the practicalities of sex as applied to a young woman. She was now coming to politely tell me thank you, but no thank you. She was always a polite young lady.

I smiled at her when she arrived with genuine affection. I liked the girl. She blathered on for a few moments about the weather, before finally coming to the point.

She took a deep breath, blushed, and rushed out with it.

“I’d like to come around this afternoon to visit you. Is that OK?”

“Of course,” I promptly said, confused. Exactly what did she mean?

“I was talking things over with Denise,” she said, and all my alarms started ringing loud and clear. Just what had Denise said to her?

“Well,” she continued, “Denise agreed with me that you’d be perfect to teach me about sex. I mean, if I try to experiment with someone my age when neither of us know what we’re doing then it’ll just be a mess and I don’t think I’d enjoy it at all. Denise agrees that someone slightly more mature, like you, would be perfect to initiate me. You won’t mind will you?”

I directed a very firm ‘down boy’ in the direction of my penis and smiled as I assured her I wouldn’t mind in the slightest. Mind? She was lucky I didn’t go all cave-man and drag her into my cave right away.

“Oh, good,” she said happily. “I have to go down the street for mother right now but I’ll come around right after lunch.”

With that she headed off to get her mother’s shopping.

I was watching her go, her bottom swishing back and forth in her tight jeans in a very enticing manner, when someone started giggling behind me.

“Hullo, Denise,” I said without even bothering to turn around. I knew that giggle. Then I did turn around and looked her over appreciatively. She was blonde with a very nice figure, a figure currently being shown off by a sun-dress, a sun-dress through which the sun was shining, outlining that lovely figure.

All I could think of as I looked at her was the fact that I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t mean sometime in the future, but right then and there.

“So did Megan break the news to you?” she asked, smiling like a Cheshire cat.

“What news?” I asked, my face giving nothing away. Or I hoped it was giving nothing away.

“Oh, good, she did,” giggled Denise. “Do treat her kindly, won’t you.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but speaking of treating someone kindly, could you step this way for a moment?”

I stepped around the corner of the house and Denise followed me, trusting little etlik escort soul that she was. Silly of her as I’m quite sure I’d given her no reason to trust me. As soon as she stepped off the driveway and was around that corner with me I moved, pushing her firmly up against the side of the house.

“This is what they call a blind corner,” I told her, holding her firmly with one hand while the other was lifting her dress and pushing her panties down. “They call it a blind corner because no-one can see what goes on here unless they walk down the drive. This little area is not overlooked by any of the neighbouring places or from the front yard. We might be outside but we are completely private.”

Her panties were down around her knees by this stage and my hand was pressing between her legs, fondling her. My other hand was undoing my zip and bringing my not so little friend out to play. I moved closer and she could feel my erection pressing between the cheeks of her buttocks.

“Gods, you’re going to rape me!” she exclaimed.

“I most certainly am not,” I replied, continuing to rub her pussy, finding it warming up nicely. “If you tell me to back off I will back off. I may not want to, but I will. If, on the other hand, you say yes, I am going to fuck you hard and fast. It will probably be the hardest, fastest, fuck you have ever had, and you will have to keep quiet while I do it because this corner is blind, not deaf.”

“You can’t do this,” she protested. “We’re out in the open.”

“I just said that. Outside but unseen. Yes or no?” My fingers probed in an indelicate way as I waited for the answer.

“Argh, fuck you,” she gasped. “Yes. Do it, damn you.”

That was all I needed and I drove in fiercely, going full length in one quick stroke. She gave a muffled scream, muffled because she had her hand jammed tightly over her mouth. Now that I was in I was setting to with a will. My hand went up inside her dress, pushing her bra aside and clutching hold of her breasts while my hips were already in over-drive, taking her hard and fast.

She had a couple of false starts trying to adjust to my sudden driving need but then she was moving with me, bucking under me just as frantically as I was giving it to her. She had one arm resting on the house and her head resting on that arm while her hand remained jammed against her face.

Even with her hand gagging her I could hear a continuous stream of cries and what I was willing to swear was language that would make a sailor envious.

I was crushing her breasts and still going hell for leather but I wasn’t going to last much longer. I wondered how she was going, but only in a disinterested way, I have to admit. My driving need had me fully committed to what I was doing.

Then I was climaxing and she seemed to go into contortions at the same time, bending almost in double she was pushing back against me so hard. Her muffled screaming rose to a crescendo and then tailed away and she leant against the side of the house, exhausted. I was in a similar condition.

“What the hell was that in aid of,” Denise asked as she hastily tidied her clothes.

“A warning to mind your own business, perhaps?” I suggested.

She just looked at me.

“Well, don’t expect that to happen again. That was a one-off that never should have happened. You should be ashamed of yourself, jumping a poor helpless woman like that.”

Where was the poor helpless woman, I couldn’t help wondering?

“Anyway, back to what we were discussing, when are you seeing Megan?”

Some people are born snoops and it seemed Denise was one of them.

“We weren’t discussing Megan. I don’t discuss ladies. Goodbye, Denise.”

She humphed and grumbled but departed, leaving me to finish washing my car. Should I have been surprised at her willingness for me to all but rape her? Probably, but somehow I wasn’t. It had, all things considered, been a totally unexpected encounter. Unexpected by both of us, really, but sweet for all that.

Megan turned up just after lunch as promised. Being a gentleman I didn’t rush her straight off to the bedroom. I escorted her into the front room.

“You’re probably feeling as nervous as a kitten arguing with a Doberman,” I said, “so I’m going to make you even more uncomfortable.”

I smiled at the look on her face.

“I want you to get undressed,” I said. “You’ll find gaziosmanpaşa escort that it will actually help you to relax and will also give you a little bit of a sexual thrill. You’re committing yourself and you’re taking those first steps to show it.”

She blushed and looked around as if making sure there was no-one else here. Then she started fiddling with buttons.

“Um, do you have to watch?” she asked.

“Yes. It helps make you more aware of your body and that you’re female. Getting undressed knowing I’m watching will actually stimulate you.”

She blushed some more and then set to work. She didn’t try to turn away from me, facing up to me as her clothes slowly came off. Once she was naked she just stood there, hands behind her back, her face slightly flushed.

“Let’s just sit on the couch for a short while,” I suggested, following up on the suggestion by sitting and drawing her down onto my lap.

“You know what I’m going to do now?”

She nodded. She should have known. We went through this scenario the other evening. I bent down and kissed her breast, lightly suckling on a nipple.

For a while I followed the path she already knew, teasing and touching and generally arousing her. Once she was nicely warmed up I deviated from what she expected. I swung her to her feet and stood up.

“It doesn’t seem fair, you naked and me with all these clothes. Why don’t you take them off for me?”

She was flushed and breathing hard and now slightly shocked.

“You want me to undress you?”

“Uh-huh. You shouldn’t find it too difficult.”

She chewed on her lip for a moment and then started undoing the buttons on my shirt. She had no problems helping me out of that and found taking my singlet off was quite easy, too. I was quite fit, not having a pot-belly yet, so I didn’t think seeing me naked would frighten her away.

She was a little more nervous when she took my trousers down, eyes continuing to flick towards my shorts and the bulge under them. She took a deep breath and started pulling my shorts down, breaking into giggles when the waist-band promptly got hooked on my erection. She was still giggling as she unhooked it and pulled them down, with the giggles fading as my erection was revealed. She raised one hand as if to tentatively touch it.

“Play later,” I murmured. “Right now you’re removing clothes.”

She very hastily finished helping me out of my shorts and then stepped back. I calmly sat down again, pulling her back onto my lap. The significant difference was that she could now feel my erection, pressing hot and hard against her side. I moved her hand against it and she grasped it firmly. Too firmly, but I didn’t complain. I was willing to give her a chance to relax a little. I went back to my touching and tasting, quickly bringing her back to the aroused state she was in before that little interlude. I was also pleased to find her vice-like grip relaxing as she explored her prize.

Wanting to kick things up a notch I turned her around slightly and laid her back on the couch. Her hand relinquished its grip somewhat reluctantly it seemed to me but she couldn’t both hold me and have my face in her pussy. She chose the face.

Again she sort of knew what to expect, clutching at my hair and twisting about as my tongue wreaked havoc with her nerves. I was arousing her, exciting her, building up her passion, and she knew what was coming and was quite eager to receive it. She was also in error about what was about to happen.

She was yay far from climaxing when I changed the scenario on her yet again. I moved up and over her, my cock pressing first against and then into her. She had time for a look of shock and a startled cry and then the world must have seemed to come apart around her.

I took her virginity but before she could scream or protest about any pain her climax hit her, the intrusion of my cock being the last straw as far as her body was concerned. She screamed and bucked underneath me, shuddering with the force of her climax, incidentally almost impaling herself on my cock, although I must admit that I helped a little there.

She got herself together quite quickly and lay under me, looking up at me with some astonishment. I must have seemed to her that one moment she was just lying there and the next she was lying there with a cock in her.

“Um, ah, you,” ankara escort she mumbled, fluttering a hand in the general direction of her groin.

“Yes, I know,” I told her. “In case you’re wondering what next all you need to do is move with me. Just try to push towards me when you feel me do this.”

I pressed slightly more firmly against her to demonstrate. Pressing a few more times, not really withdrawing to any degree, and she started to get the idea, pushing against me as I pressed. With that much established I started to pull back a little bit more and soon has a nice interaction going.

Although I was the one screwing Megan I suspected that she wasn’t really connecting the act with me. She was experiencing a cock inside her for the first time and moving with it with a slight sense of wonder. Her face was dreamy as she savoured the feelings being raised within her, for the time being just drifting.

That was fine by me. I was quite willing to drift along, just enjoying the feel of this young woman under me, enjoying her responsiveness. I was happy to keep up this gentle rhythm for as long as she liked. I did suspect that it wasn’t going to be all that long. After all, she had just climaxed and was bound to be feeling a little extra sensitive down there.

I could tell when what I was doing was starting to get to her. Her dreamy contentment was changing to eager excitement and she was pressing harder against me when I glided home. I changed style from an easy glide to a more forceful thrust and she adapted quickly. Now she was making eager little sounds, asking for something more. It didn’t take much effort on my part to give her that little bit more.

I estimated that Megan was fairly close to her first cock inspired climax and started putting on a little more power. She was tossing her head about a bit, giving gasping little cries, all set to finally explode, so I started the end game, driving in hard enough to bounce her off the couch. She bucked once or twice to the new rhythm and then gave a loud wail as her climax just swept her away, me hastening to finish off before she came down to land.

Separating I quickly grabbed some wet tissues that I just happened to have available, wiped myself down, and pulled on my trousers. Then I carefully wiped her down, wiping away the worst of the juices and things. I didn’t think she needed to see the streaks of blood that demonstrated her new lack of virginity.

That done I settled her on my lap and held her while she snuggled up to me, letting her take her time coming to grips with what had happened.

“Oh, wow,” she finally said. “That was something different.”

“It was,” I agreed. “Anyway, you now know what happens.”

“I do? Yes, I guess I do but I still feel a little confused.”

“You won’t be the next time you decide to have sex,” I assured her. “You’ll find you now know more than you realise. Do it once and you’re an instant expert. At least, you’ll think you are.”

She giggled, still feeling totally relaxed. After a while she started making noises about getting dressed and I let her go. Once dressed I could almost see the change in her attitude. It was a case of, oh my god, will he want to do this some more? Was once enough or should I come back if he suggests it? What do I do if he doesn’t suggest that I come back? What do I do if he does? Oh, lord, what if I’m pregnant?

“Megan, you were a little too distracted to notice at the time but I did use a condom,” I gently informed her. “I couldn’t take the risk that you might not be on the pill.” I smiled at her look of relief. “Also, if it’s what you want then this is a one-off. I’m not going to pressure you for more sex. I’ll also point out that it’s highly unlikely that I’ll refuse if you feel you need another lesson or ten. Just remember that what we just did hasn’t committed you to anything.”

“Oh, right,” she said, smiling. “I understand. I suppose I seem a bit silly thinking you might start chasing me.”

“You’d be silly if you didn’t think men are going to be chasing you,” I pointed out, “because they will be doing it. It’s just that you’ll find that some men are more subtle about it than others.”

“And just why am I thinking that someone I know would be one of the more subtle ones?” she asked the air, and I grinned.

“Run along,” I said. “Think about what happened and consider what else you may want to happen. I live but to serve.”

She gave me a brilliant smile and departed happily. I felt a vast sense of relief. That was the sort of thing that could have gone badly but all seemed fine.

I couldn’t help wondering. Would it be possible to get Denise and Megan together at the same time?

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