Wife plays strip poker (Part two)

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Wife plays strip poker (Part two)I’d like to be able to share all the interesting details of how the poker game went but according to my wife, she was drunk enough by then that she just doesn’t remember all of them. From what she can recall and confess to her future husband, it went down something like this:The same five guys agreed to play along with my wife and Susan. The rest of the group were somehow permitted to stick around and watch. The other girl left so that left just two extra guys. My wife said she later recognized that was ridiculously unfair that was for she and Susan – what guys get to stick around for a possible free show of hot naked girls??? but she didn’t recognize it at the time in the overall craziness of the scene. My wife and Susan insisted that jewelry be allowed to be counted as articles of clothing… but that idea was shot down flatly by the guys (including Kyle). Unfortunately, that left the girls on a level playing field.Perhaps that, along with her string of bad luck that night, were signs of things to come… My wife said It wasn’t long before she wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into when she realized early on that a summer blouse, shorts, bra, panties and two shoes don’t go very far in strip poker. After a dozen hands, everyone had lost at least one time and thrown in an article of clothing or two including herself. it was the first time she had stripped at all in front of more that one man. She said it felt really weird especially in front of guys who she knew well in an odd sort of way. Plus everyone was in the same boat so it wasn’t too bad.But unfortunately, it was my wife who was forced to surrender her third piece of clothing to the growing pile in the corner. She remembered her first feeling of embarrassment (met with equal enjoyment from the guys) as she found herself sheepishly deliberating with Susan over article of clothing she should remove first – her shorts or her blouse… minutes later, everyone got to see that she’d decided to reveal the plain white bra C cup bra she was wearing that evening.Removing her shorts was equally strange, but was obviously easy to justify like she was wearing a bikini – which she had done countless times before. But when the girl who would become my future bride lost another hand, she said she was faced not only with the reality of what was to happen next, but also the announcement from Dean that he was finally going to get to see some private part of her tight, tanned body that she’d hidden from him for so long. My wife had never flaunted her beauty in front of men, she received enough looks and attention as it was to satisfy her ego. She always exhibited a quiet confidence in her beauty which I had observed 5 days a week working with her. Now she was forced to expose herself in an unfamiliar way against her will. With this realization, my wife sobered up really quickly. How does a young lady get herself in this sort of position – deciding whether to reveal either her tits or her pussy to a group of guy friends that she never intended to reveal??? In fact, she thought something was really peculiar, it was rare that she lost in this manner and she briefly started accusing the guys of dealing from the bottom of the deck. She later said the two extra guys were probably walking behind her pretending to get beers… but in reality revealing the girls hands to the guys – but she said kocaeli escort she just couldn’t put her finger on anything for certain. In any case, the guys would have none of it, knew she couldn’t prove anything, and worst of all, her claims only served to accelerate their harassment. So she had no choice but to stop making accusations.In any case, she had to take off either her bra or panties in front of a group of very interested young men. After more deliberation with Susan, with her head down and an embarrassed smile that she sheepishly confessed: “G___ damn it… I’ll take off my bra… “Of course Dean had to chime in, “Let’s see it!” as he clapped his hands. “Let’s see those sweet titties!”As she reached back and started to undo the clasps of bra, she remembered looking at both Susan and Kyle and noticing they felt some pity for her – having to do this in front of a group of guys – especially knowing one of them was none other than Dean. But there wasn’t much she could do about it now. So with shamed resignation, my pretty wife slowly removed her bra and revealed her lovely breasts to the group. She did her best to cover herself. In her embarrassment, she forgot to throw it in the pile and let the white sheer garment drop to the floor.Despite her obvious plight, Dean would have none of that. “Into the pile!”Briefly displaying the internal frustration she was feeling about her dilemma, my wife retorted “What???” “Into the pile!”She scoffed. “What’s the fucking difference?”Susan stuck up for her friend “Stop being an ass hole Dean. Just shut up already”He started to chant “Into the pile, into the pile, into the pile”. Only one other guys joined in.She wasn’t sure which was more shameful – trying to throw her bra across the table openly revealing her bouncing tits to the group…. Or getting up in her panties and bare breasts to walk over and drop them in. Either way, she hated Dean right now – despised him for somehow coercing her into this position. But she really had no way out of it now no matter how she was feeling.So doing her best to position her arm to carefully cover her nipples, she stood up, made the walk of shame to the clothes pile, and dropped her bra in. While she was up she decided she needed another wine cooler to deal with the embarrassment she was feeling before sitting down.She noticed all the guys reactions. Rob and Dave, the two non-players with no skin in the game literally were glued to her body, the other guys playing expressed various states of sheepishness – caught between whatever glimpses they could muster without letting her notice and looking away completely. That went double for Kyle she noticed and my wife exchanged many glances with him throughout the whole experience. Then of course, there was Dean. My wife vividly remembers that prideful glare looking her up and down with an expectant smile. The shame for her was only matched she said by what she would feel just a little while later…Eventually after the excitement wore down, they resumed play. At this point, my wife just wished it could end, but she knew that couldn’t happen. They had here where they wanted her. Or at least Dean did.Next would come the simple movements she had to make – like picking up her cards and holding them, let alone taking an occasional drink, required arm movements that resulted in glimpses, not to mention outright open views, of her nipples, to whichever kocaeli escort bayan of the guys wanted them. She wished so badly on several occasions that Susan, not her, had been the one who had to expose herself first – but she only had removed her shoes thus far – which left my girl’s boobs the center of everyone’s attention.”God you’ve got nice tits”, Dean commented. Their focus on her tits would change soon however… once again to my wife’s eventual dismay.The game continued for a while at least. The next 10 or so hands resulted in each of the guys losing another piece of clothing or two and even Susan had been reduced to her panties and bra which distracted everyone’s attention for a while at least. But eventually, the hand was dealt where my wife had no chance to win. Ironically, the dealer of the hand was Dean. So when the cards were revealed which would eventually require my wife to openly reveal her pussy… she felt she had no choice but to protest in an effort to save her dignity.“You cheated! You dealt from the bottom of the deck!” “No I didn’t – Stop being a sore loser. Now let’s see that beautiful snatch!”He was referring to the dark pink panties that were covering the last part of my wife’s body. He had virtually been staring right through them imagining what was nestled behind the sheer material for the last half hour anyway. Now he was going to get to find out.He was supported by the rest of the group (except Susan and Kyle). Even if Dean had cheated, now that my princess was about ready to reveal the last covered shred of her body for their viewing pleasure, there was no way they were going to let the opportunity get away from them.Arguing further was pointless. My wife knew it. She was really only arguing as a way to distract her thoughts from the inevitable shame she was about to experience anyway.“Stand up” Dean said. “What????” refuted my wife.“Stand up and show us while you take them off. You lost, now be a good sport about it”He wasn’t done with his attempts to objectify her “Fifty bucks says she’s shaved.” The rest of the guys weren’t that prepared to discuss that topic openly in front of my wife. Unlike Dean, they had far more respect for her than Dean had. They just wanted to see the answer for themselves!“Shut the fuck up Dean,” chimed in Susan “God you’re such a dickhead.”Out of sheer anxiety and nerves, not to mention embarrassment, my wife could only smile, half laughing. She would later say that oddly, the direct demands of her nemesis actually had a surprising effect on her. For the first time in her life my wife, who always prided herself on being in control of every situation she was in, she was resigned to submission to someone else. She had lost. Dean had won. For a brief moment she said, he was in control of her fate – and her body – and it kind of turned her on. She looked at Susan and Kyle and they both rolled their eyes. Not much they could do to help her obviously.My wife stood up. She nervously slipped her fingers underneath the thin strips of elastic in preparation for what she knew she had to do next. The room went silent as 7 horny guys stared at her intently. They all were looking her up and down now. They’d since grown somewhat used to seeing her boobs by now. Dean reached over and turned up the lights just a little bit brighter. My wife feigned objection but it was half-hearted – she was the center of their izmit escort attention and she might as well make the best of it.It was time to get it over with. She began to lower her panties… before stopping briefly mid-movement to question one more time how she got in this awful position. A tuft of black curly pubes poked out from the top of her panties as she tugged reluctanty.. As she looked at Susan, she muttered out loud: “I can’t believe I’m doing this”And with that, she pulled her panties down and stepped out as they fell to her ankles. She raised her shapely tanned arms to the side in a half shrug as she looked at Dean as she said:“Happy now???”“Wow!!! She’s got a bush! Diane ______ has a bush! Didn’t expect that! You guys could have had fifty bucks!”He was admiring my wife the way he always wanted to see her – naked and helpless.“Come on now….. turn around please…..”Resigned to her fate, my wife turned around slowly, letting all her friends take in her beauty – her bubble butt, her bikini shaped tan lines, her taut breasts and of course… her full mound of fur. After completing a full 360 and stopping again, it was Dean who inevitably said, “Thanks for sharing Diane! Ha ha ha! I finally got you naked!”So my wife’s exposure at the hands of 7 guys, including her nemesis Dean, was complete. Humiliation might be a better word for it. She said although it didn’t help her in the big picture, the only thing that saved her in the moment was how drunk she, as well as everyone else was. As it turns out, my wife said she ended up making the best of it. After giving them a show, that was the end of the game really. They all got to see what they wanted to and it was late. They let Diane put her panties back on and spend the next hour or so drinking and socializing. Susan, probably feeling either bad for my wife or perhaps even a bit jealous, ended up flashing her tits to everyone’s approval at some point. My wife said her flirting continued with Kyle. Being topless in front of him, and being the center of attention for over an hour had actually made her very horny.She said there was one only way she could think of to make the best of the night and in a demented sort of way make Dean jealous and wanting more. That was to have sex with someone besides him. Kyle was the obvious beneficiary of that when she started kissing with him here and there and eventually guided him back to his room.That’s where she promptly fucked the shit out of him. Most everyone had left by then – only Dean and a couple of the guys remained. In her mind, that’s all that mattered and knew she had accomplished her goal when they came out and Dean made the comment, “you just can’t let me win can you?” to which my wife smiled – innocent girl made guilty.It’s nearly impossible to picture my wife now ever being in such a compromising situation – she never allows her own husband to put her in that position – but that’s the way she explained it. Like I said, bits of the story initially came out when we were messing around together at our office just months later. It turned me on so much that I continued to ask for clarification on more than a few occasions even years into our marriage. She won’t talk about it one bit these days. She said it’s c***dish and can’t understand why I like to hear it. Perhaps the only resemblance between the young girl then and the woman I know now… is the pelt of fur that she still keeps between her gorgeous legs :-).In any case, just writing about it to share for you has left me with an erection the entire time picturing the scene and reliving it second hand. Excuse me while I go take care of that.

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