Wilson Peak Pt. 04

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The story jumps from when Mike was discovering the pleasures of RV travel to his experience at Wilson Peak.


I started out easy: loaded the coach and headed out for three or four days at a time in the Rockies near my home. Then I ventured out a little further, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming. Always looking to make the experience a little more interesting, the coach and lifestyle more comfortable and efficient. I started eliminating things that I didn’t use and adding things like a security system, that I would. I chose a fun and interesting system that allowed me to mount GoPro cameras on all corners of the roof, with the feed inside, to your phone or even uploaded. That might prove to be fun.

I toyed with the idea of putting in a washer/dryer, but after a few interesting experiences at laundromats, decided against it.

I learned that on the open highway, operating my coach was like driving a billboard—wind is going to play hell with you so I found a way to get accurate weather information wherever I was. And slow down. I went through a bunch of mountain passes and open prairies at 30 miles an hour because the wind could blow you right off the road if you went too fast.

Finally, when I felt I’d learned as much as I needed, I decided it was time for my dream trip. I rented out my house, sold most of my stuff and put the rest in storage. Then one fine spring day, I pointed her toward the Pacific Northwest, and took off.


Dinner was grilled salmon, broiled new potatoes and asparagus with a dill-lemon sauce. I was glad to see Eve had an appetite and even got seconds on the potatoes and salmon. She looked impossibly cute with her blonde hair wild and no make up, wrapped in just my robe and some thick socks because it was comfortably warm in the coach. All through dinner I would get tantalizing peeks at her perfect breasts when she would lean forward.

After cleaning up the kitchen, I asked her if she wanted some coffee. She gave me that look again.

“Got any whiskey?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, but alcohol will lower your core temperature,” I said, as she looked very disappointed, “unless I put it in coffee.”

“That works,” she said, smiling again. I noticed how dazzling bright her smile was. Even with no make up and under bad circumstances, she was stunning.

“Wait a minute,” I said, putting the kettle on, “how do I know you’re old enough to drink?”

She laughed. “Oh I’m old enough,” she said, “to do whatever I want.”

Was that a double entendre? Or was it just my middle aged mind wanting to think this beautiful child was interested in me?

“Hmmm. In your current state of clothing I don’t think you have proper ID,” I said, giving her my best stern look, “so I guess I’ll just have to trust you.”

I pulled a bottle of Jameson Irish out of my bar. “How’s this?” I asked.

“Oooo, I love Jameson’s!” she answered.

“Well then you should be ecstatic,” I said as I added shots to our coffee.

We talked easily for the next hour, listening to the wind howl through the mountains, sometimes even shaking the coach. She was funny and charming and laughed easily, a far cry from the frightened, confused, wounded child I had found in the snow. I talked about my failed marriage and how I got here. She asked all about my plans and where I was going next. Finally, after we had enjoyed three cups of hot Irish coffee, she looked at me and said,

“Listen, Mike…I really want to thank you—first for saving me,” she said very seriously, “second, for not trying to take advantage of me, and last, for taking such good care of me.”

This time she smiled a little girl smile from behind a lock of blonde hair and I just melted.

“I’m glad to do it, Eve,” I said while brushing the hair away from her eyes, “I hope that you trust me enough to tell me what happened to you up here.”

A look of pain darkened her blue eyes, and I immediately regretted mentioning it. “I do,” she said, “but not tonight.”

She lowered her head with the thought and I gently put a hand under her chin and lifted it. “No pressure,” I said, “I just hate the fact that someone hurt you.”

She looked deep into my eyes for a moment, as though trying to resolve an important issue, then brought her lips to mine. We kissed softly, gently for a moment. Then she pulled away and looked into my eyes again, finally whispering one word:


I pulled her head to me to me and tenderly kissed her again, opening my mouth a bit after a moment to coax hers open with my tongue. She sighed and leaned her upper body toward me as she began a spirited tongue duel with me.

I brought my right hand up to gently stroke her lovely face. After a few minutes, she pulled back to look at me again with a hungry, almost desperate look in her eyes. Her faced changed to that dark, enigmatic look and she stood up, took my hand, then led me to the bedroom.

When she reached the bed, she dropped my hand, ostim escort turned to face me and pushed the robe from her shoulders to the floor. She was naked, that glorious body on display for my enjoyment.

I learned long ago that most men have no idea how to make love to a woman. More accurately, they don’t know what women want or how to give it to them. For instance, most men (including the 30 years younger me) would just rip off her clothes, push her on the bed and start fucking her. But by talking to women and trying different things, I found that most women are more excited by the gentlest of touches, the faintest of sensations.

Of course, the primitive part of my brain screamed “TAKE HER! SHE’S OFFERING HERSELF TO YOU!” And my cock would not have resisted.

Instead, I took her softly in my arms and kissed her, barely brushing my lips on hers before slowly lowering my mouth to plant kisses on her ear and down her neck. My hands started on her taut waist and traveled up her ribs to her breasts, which they circled without touching.

She gasped and put her arms around my neck. I took her hands and moved them back to her sides and she understood they were not to budge from there. With my fingertips, I made little circles around her nipples, barley touching the skin while I continued licking and kissing her neck. I felt her breathing quicken as I moved my fingertips and mouth closer to her nipples. Meanwhile, I slipped my leg between her muscular thighs and started rubbing the outside of her pussy with my pants. For the next few minutes I kept up this tease until she was breathing harder and humping my leg.

Suddenly, I grabbed and pinched her right nipple while biting her left.

She squealed “Oh god!” and came with a scream.

I immediately stopped touching her in any way. When she had recovered from her orgasm, she looked up at me with disbelief.

“That’s never happened,” she said, “what did you do?”

I just smiled and kissed her again. She returned my kiss with passion and urgency and her hand went to my cock, rubbing it through my jeans. Then she undid my buckle and snaps and lowered my pants and boxer briefs to take her first look at my cock. She sat on the bed, slowly jacking me off and rubbing my balls. Looking up into my eyes, she put the head of my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked my cock and balls, watching my face for reactions. Then she would alternate between sucking and licking to jack me off, and after a few minutes, I was ready to cum. So I stopped her and made her lie back on the bed.

I removed my clothes while feasting my eyes on her flawless, porcelain skin. It was smooth and silky, broken only by some freckles on her chest and tits., which were flushed a light rose red with her excitement. Leaning over between her legs, I resumed licking and sucking her magnificent breasts, while listening to the erotic music of her moans. My fingers found her perfect little pussy and it’s hidden pearl. I wet them with my mouth and slowly penetrated her with my middle finger. She arched her back as my thumb made lazy circles around her clitoris. She gasped as I added another finger and started fucking her with them. I felt her pussy lubricate to welcome my thrusts.

I licked and kissed my way down her stomach until I felt her body stiffen. I looked up between those lovely mammaries to see her looking at me with alarm.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“What are you doing?” she replied.

“I’m going to lick you.” I said, admiring her perfect little pussy.

“But I’m…ohhhh,” she said as I planted a soft kiss on her clit, “I’m…Oh god, oh god…” she cried as I gave her a soft, languid lick and curled my fingers inside her.

I pulled her knees up to her chest and indicated she should hold them there. She did.

I took my fingers out and did a slow, flat-tongue lick from her asshole to her clit. Again she arched her back and let out a moan. I gave her another lick like that before putting my hands under her ass and pulling her pussy to my mouth.

I began giving her clit soft, quick licks, with my tongue penetrating the hood and moving over the little pearl. I alternated this pattern with fucking her with my fingers, curling them inside her steaming hole.

She was now moaning constantly, occasionally stopping to hold her breath for a few seconds before beginning a new, higher-pitched moan.

Then I did one of my favorite things: took her clit into my mouth and began gently sucking it while simultaneously giving it quick, light licks. Eve reacted immediately.

Her legs closed around my head and her moan became a panting shout. Her feet went down and her ass rose from the bed. My world went silent as her muscular thighs squeezed against my ears. I continued to lick and suck while thrusting my fingers inside her and curling them. Suddenly, she froze as her legs gripped my head even tighter. A few seconds later, a tremor began in her upper body and spread downward. sıhhiye escort She released my head and I heard a soft, high pitched cry coming from her throat. Her eyes were rolled back in her head which was thrown back as she shook from the force of her orgasm. Her voice dropped to an incredibly sexy moan as she thrashed on the bed.

After a moment, she began to still, breathing hard with her eyes closed. I quickly stood, picking up her feet and putting them on my shoulders. I lined up my cock with her soaked pussy and slowly began to push in. Despite being wet, she was tight and I had to work to get the head inside her. Her lovely eyes opened, but didn’t look at me. She was floating, lost on a sea of sensations, her lithe young body on overload. I started mini-thrusting—slowly moving in and out no more than an inch at a time.

I simultaneously circled her tits with my hands, gently at first—teasing and massaging the nipples. Slowly I began increasing the depth of my strokes into her molten furnace.

After getting about half my cock in, I stroked a few times to get it really wet, then, with one fierce, powerful stroke, buried the rest into the youthful beauty. Her eyes snapped to mine, looking at me desperately as I gave her a second piledriver thrust that forced her head back and ripped a deep groan from her throat. Another deep thrust into her soaked pussy and her breath caught in her throat, as though somehow she actually forgot how to breathe.

I held still for a moment, fully embedded in her, and allowed her body to adjust. After a few seconds, she began to breathe and looked at me with pure lust.

It was time to fuck.

I withdrew to the head of my cock and started doing half thrusts into her steaming slit. A few strokes in and her hips were rising subtly, trying to get more cock. As I continued slowly fucking her, her eyes closed and she started making little mewling sounds, all while her hips rose further off the bed, urging me to fuck her deeper, harder.

I subtly increased the depth of my stroke, still going slow. I then withdrew to the tip and rubbed it against her engorged clit. She made a squeal of frustration and tried to climb up and take my cock back.

“No,” I said, “you lie back down on that bed and behave.”

Eve immediately stilled, and looked up at me with big eyes. “Wow,” I thought, “that worked. I wonder how far I can go with that?”

I decided to find out.

“Turn over and get on your hands and knees.” She looked up at me and cracked a tiny smile before rolling over, jumping up to hands and knees and looking at me over her shoulder. I began rubbing my cock on her pussy, watching for her reaction. She pushed back toward me, trying to get me inside her. I pulled back and spanked her once on the ass. Her breath caught in her throat, but was it surprise or excitement?

“Be still,” I said in my most authoritative voice. She quickly stopped, looking back at me with anticipation.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I said, as I rubbed her pussy some more.

She groaned with frustration but kept still. I slapped her ass again as I stroked her clit with my cock and demanded, “I said, do you want me to fuck you?”

She whimpered an answer that I couldn’t understand.

“Speak up. What?” On ‘what’ I thrust the first inch of my cock back in her scorching pussy.

“Oh god, YES!” she said. Pulling back, I thrust two inches in.

“Yes what?” I shouted.

“YES! YES!” she cried, “Please fuck me.”

With that, I rammed it home—driving her down on the bed. She screamed and grabbed handfuls of sheets and comforter. I followed with forceful thrusts, slowly increasing my speed and power. She was now flat down on her stomach, but raising her ass slightly to meet my cock while she fought for breath. As my plunges came faster, she started a low wail that climbed in power and pitch. I knew she wasn’t far from an orgasm, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to hands and knees, without losing the power of my thrusts. Again and again I slammed her hips against mine until I felt the beginnings of my own orgasm.

By now, her wail had reached a shriek and I knew she was seconds away. I seized a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, pulling her upper body off the bed entirely, while giving her all I had.

That did it.

She gasped several times, and for a few seconds the only sound was my cock driving into her drenched pussy. Then her body went stiff and began to tremble as she let loose a howl that could be heard in Denver.

Just then, I felt the familiar thrill of cum bubbling up in my cock and I knew it was time. In some tiny, civilized corner of my brain it occurred to me that I didn’t know if she was on any kind of birth control, but my prehistoric beast self was beyond caring. Wad after scalding wad of cum blasted from my cock into her saturated cunt and I collapsed forward on her back. When she felt it, it heightened her orgasm further and ankara escort she growled and shook with the force of it as she fell forward to her stomach once again.

We lay like that for what felt like a long time, catching our breath and feeling the heat from our bodies dissipate. Finally, I rolled off her and onto my back. After a moment, she turned over to her side to face me.

“That was…” she said, searching for words.

“I know,” I said, slipping an arm under her and pulling her to me. We lay there basking in each other’s warmth until we drifted off to sleep.


As I said before, god bless my sister Suzy. Whenever I would come back into town, I’d stay with her and her husband Gene. That way I could do whatever work was needed on the coach while spending a few nights in an immobile bed.

Gene didn’t talk much, to anyone, which was fine with me. He liked drinking and riding his motorcycles, of which he had 3. One or more were always broken down so he spent a lot of time with wrenches.

Suzy would always set about trying to find me a girlfriend so I spent considerable time dodging or begrudgingly accepting blind dates. Most of them were perfectly nice women but as I told Suzy over and over, I wasn’t interested in another relationship.

Then she introduced me to Judy. She was a co-worker in her early 40’s, tall and lanky with pretty green eyes, a nice ass and lovely C-cup breasts and was just as uncomfortable on our date as I was. We went to a nice restaurant, had drinks at the bar while waiting for our table and tried, unsuccessfully, to converse. Both of us were guarded, not good at small talk and not willing to open up to a stranger. Finally, at dinner, I looked over at her and said, “Look, you’re not into this and neither am I so why are we wasting our time?”

She looked at me and for a moment I thought she was going to cry. Instead, she started to giggle, an infectious sound that made me smile, then start to laugh. That made her laugh and soon we were both laughing loudly with each other. This went on for a couple of minutes before we were able to regain control. But somehow, we felt this tremendous sense of relief. She dabbed her eyes, grabbed her wine glass and offered a toast: “To honesty.”

“Here here,” I said, raising my own glass.

“I would honestly like another glass of wine,” she said.

“I will honestly call the waiter,” I returned.

Again the giggles started and I signaled the waiter to bring us a bottle. We refreshed our glasses and conversation flowed naturally.

Judy had been divorced a few years and had a 22-year old daughter named Anna that sometimes lived with her. Anna had just gotten out of an abusive marriage of her own and was trying to find work as a massage therapist. She was also out on a date, but Judy said she tended to pick losers and tonight’s guy was no exception.

“But,” Judy smiled, “I hold my tongue.”

“Nothing else you can do,” I added.

I told her about my failed marriage to Felecia and how I found a new purpose traveling. She seemed intrigued.

But here was the best part: she wasn’t lonely or looking for a relationship.

“I’ve learned to live on my own,” she said, “and I rather like it.”

“That’s exactly how I feel,” I confided.

After dinner, we took a walk and looked at the stars over the mountains. It was nice.

When I took her home we shared a gentle kiss at her door that started to turn into something more, but she stopped.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she said, as she unlocked her front door.

“Okay, whatever you want.” I said.

After stepping inside her door, she turned to face me and said “Well I, for one, had a very nice time.”

Just at that second, I saw an incredibly striking young woman step from the living room to the hallway about 20 feet away and look at me with the most piercing green eyes I’d ever seen. But what was remarkable was her body. She was wearing a crop top T-shirt and a thong that was barely there. Her perfect tits wore no bra and the nipples strained at the fabric of the shirt. Her toned body flared out at the hips and descended to long, smooth legs. She stared at me with no shame or embarrassment, just an intensity I’ve rarely seen. It seemed we looked at each other a long time, but it was probably no more than a few seconds. I tore my eyes away to look back at Judy.

“So did I Judy,” I said, leaving the question of a second date for her to decide.

“Guess I better say good night,” I said, leaning forward to plant a gentle kiss on her mouth.

As I turned to leave, I heard Judy say “Maybe we could do this again sometime.”

I turned back. “I’d like that.”

“Call me?” she said.

“I don’t have your number.”

“Oh,” she said, turning to the young woman, “Anna, hand me a pen.”

She turned back to me with the pen and motioned me closer. Taking my hand in hers, she wrote her number on my palm with her name beneath it. When she finished I looked at it and said, “Not likely to lose it there.”

I looked back up and both women were staring at me and I could feel my cock getting hard. I figured it was time to get out of there.

“Well, good night ladies,” I managed to choke out.

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