Winter Love Ch. 03

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Big Balls

This story, plot and characters are here with permission from the original author: WarmSoftRayne.

I believe the twists and turns Julia and Leslie go through in this chapter and future ones will delight Rayne’s fans. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Rayne and thank her for allowing me to continue the storyline.

Chapter I: Julia and Leslie met intimately on a winter weekend at the Oregon coast.

Chapter II: They met again to confirm their feelings for each other.


Chapter III

After a brief nap, Julia gently woke Leslie by kissing her face, starting at the forehead and working her way to her lips. Leslie slowly opened her eyes, smiling at Julia. She reciprocated the last kiss, sighing as she hugged the older woman, nestling deep into her arms; Leslie felt she was exactly where she belonged.

Julia enjoyed having Leslie close to her. It seemed as if Leslie abandoned all her cares and worries when she was in Julia’s arms, just as her daughters had years before, as if Julia would protect her from the world. Julia thought of the many ways she could exploit that dependency, as if Leslie were hers to own, control, manipulate. Julia wouldn’t do that though, as tempting as it might be. She had raised two daughters and was probably more dominant than Leslie. It mattered not; she loved Leslie differently than she loved her children.

The lovers caressed each other as they both slowly came to full consciousness. Leslie slipped down Julia’s neck, slowly kissing her way to Julia’s breasts. This re-enforced the thought in Julia regarding Leslie as her child, suckling her breasts and feeling so needy. Although she enjoyed the attention and the feeling Leslie’s lips and mouth evoked in her, she couldn’t get the comparison out of her mind. She sighed with delight, closing her eyes and relaxing, her hands sensually exploring Leslie, letting her know how wonderful she was feeling with sighing and pleasurable moans.

Leslie smiled to herself as she felt Julia’s hands caress her skin. Julia’s moans of abandon encouraged her to continue her efforts as she kissed between her breasts. Leslie had her own thoughts about her relationship with Julia. She realized she was enamored with her older lover and knew Julia could take advantage of that. If asked, she would do almost anything for her Julia; she just needed direction or guidance to go beyond merely pleasing her lover in bed.

Her hand slipped down Julia’s tummy as she nursed the nipple that felt so good between her lips, her fingers gently teasing Julia’s mound. The soft yet stiff hairs felt comforting. As her fingers got closer to Julia’s pussy, she could feel Julia stiffen and then relax, anticipating the touch between her legs.

Julia enjoyed how Leslie slowly made love to her by taking her time and enjoying the journey. She made a slight hissing sound, sucking air past her lips when Leslie would come close to slipping her fingers inside, teasing her. The sound made Leslie intensify her love making.

In the few times they had made love, they each had discovered touches that excited the other, each woman gently exploring and remembering the little nuances each enjoyed, building on those delights each time they made love.

The first time they made love, Leslie discovered Julia had very sensitive breasts. She enjoyed suckling Julia, and Julia loved the attention. Maybe there was some Freudian thing about that, but she didn’t care. It excited Julia which in turn excited Leslie. She loved pleasing Julia and that made her excitement and satisfaction greater.

Julia was in heaven; Leslie was at her nipples suckling, biting. Leslie must have a breast fixation, she thought to herself, not caring because it felt so good. Julia slowly spread her legs wider, wanting Leslie’s hand to creep closer to her sweet, sticky vagina in route to her aroused clitoris, which waited anxiously. She didn’t want to hurry Leslie but she was becoming more aroused by the second.

Julia and her husband John rarely made love twice in one month these days, let alone twice in a few hours. When they were younger, she remembered he could satisfy her easily. If not the first then the second time, which was something she missed from her husband.

Although not quite his fault, despite his regular gym workouts, he really didn’t have the longevity and stamina he had had years before. They had tried Viagra just to see what effect it might have and he had either not taken enough or it just didn’t work for him, which was a big disappointment to them both. She appreciated his concern for her satisfaction and loved that he tried. She realized this and, through her own guidance, he had gotten much better at cunnilingus, but he was no match for the woman who now shared her bed.

Julia’s thoughts about her lack of satisfaction abruptly vanished as Leslie’s slim digits slipped between the rapidly moistening lips between her legs. The combination of Leslie’s skillful mouth and tongue on her breasts combined with her long slim fingers between her legs drove Julia back into her pillow in sheer beşevler escort delight. She arched back as Leslie hit that glorious spot in her pussy that was becoming so familiar to her lover. Leslie smiled as she let Julia’s nipple loose with a quick pop, giggling as she did.

“Well, hello, Dolly,” Leslie teasingly said as she placed her mouth on Julia’s other breast, which she felt she had neglected.

“Leslie, you are a devil, a sweet delicious devil,” Julia replied as she squirmed, enjoying the pleasure Leslie was giving her.

Leslie grinned to herself as she covered Julia’s breast with her mouth, sucking on it, stretching it deeply into her mouth and gently biting the swollen nipple, her fingers gaining deeper access as Julia arched further back, spreading her legs wider. Leslie found Julia’s clitoris, swollen and anxious for more attention. She gently stroked her fingertips over it as Julia bit her lip, stifling a loud moan. Julia’s breathing became more audible as Leslie continued her focus on Julia’s nipples and clit. The spasms of delight reverberated through Julia, pleasing Leslie and confirming that Julia was close to another orgasm.

Leslie’s arousal heightened as she responded to Julia’s body, enjoying pleasing Julia as much as she enjoyed being pleasured. It was almost a synergistic effect, something they once had with their husbands but now had with each other. It seemed to multiply so intensely.

Leslie continued greedily devouring Julia’s breast as she brought her lover to another orgasm with her strategically placed fingers. Julia’s lurching and bouncing was not only proof that she approved of what Leslie was doing, it also reaffirmed their compatibility.

With one final orgasmic twist, Julia screamed Leslie’s name, thanking her for her wonderful touch and how wonderful she now felt. Leslie slowly removed her fingers, bringing them to her lips, licking Julia’s honey and smiling as Julia tried to catch her breath.

Leslie softly kissed Julia’s brow, removing the tiny drops of sweat that had appeared there during their lovemaking session. She had released Julia from her grasp and scooted up to hold her lover close, squeezing her tight as Julia regained her composure from the quick and intense feeling she had just experienced.

Having caught her breath, Julia hugged Leslie and whispered her thanks for another wonderful ride. Leslie smiled and settled back into her lover’s arms, purring as a kitten nestled against her mother after being fed.

When Julia regained her composure she tried to reciprocate Leslie’s attentions. Leslie politely redirected her lover so they could just lie together and talk. She loved the closeness they shared and the feelings she got from satisfying Julia. She lay there and softly explained this to Julia who squeezed her tighter when she found out Leslie had climaxed also during their brief interlude.

They lay discussing their relationship for quite some time until they were disturbed by Julia’s cell phone ringing. It was Margaret once again. Julia thought about letting it go to voice mail, but that might arouse some suspicion with her daughter as to why she wouldn’t answer. Julia answered, taking her time talking to Margaret as Leslie laid against her, quietly listening to the conversation.

Julia’s tone of voice and gentle demeanor while talking to her daughter reassured Leslie that Julia was a very loving woman. Leslie could hear Margaret’s somewhat panicked voice talking about some crisis at school through the phone. Julia slowly calmed her down and after some time Margaret’s voice was as smooth as Julia’s. Leslie began to wonder how closely the young woman resembled her mother; she had a lovely, sensual tone in her voice, just like her mother, and a smooth relaxing style.

Leslie closed her eyes and imagined Julia in her early twenties. A shiver shot through her as she pictured her lover younger, firmer, sexier laying next to her. Leslie adored Julia the way she was though; she had no idea why the image of her being younger excited her. She kept her eyes closed as they talked, picturing both Margaret and Julia while trying to refrain from enticing Julia one more time.

The conversation lasted about five minutes with Margaret ending it, having to get back to studying, a bit calmer and able to continue her day. When Julia hung up, Leslie kissed her quickly on her lips.

“What was that for, sweetie?” Julia inquired, not really needing an answer.

“Just for being you, that’s all. I overheard you and Margaret. She must be a very lovely girl, I mean, young woman,” Leslie stated, complimenting Julia’s demeanor with her daughter while secretly curious as to her looks.

“Leslie, you are a doll.” Julia smiled as she kissed her lover once again. “You’ll have to meet Margaret and Cynthia; maybe the four of us can do lunch or go shopping together. They are great girls, I mean, young women. Of course, I’m slightly biased.” Julia smiled, knowing Leslie understood.

“I’m sure they are perfect young ladies with you as their beypazarı escort mother, my love. Of course I’d like to meet them. They are a part of your life and I’d like to think I am also,” Leslie told her lover, not wanting to go as far as telling her she felt as much like Julia’s child, safe in her arms.

Her daughters probably felt that way at one time in their young lives too, snuggled against their mother’s breast calmly nursing and cooing. She smiled with the image of two younger women resembling Julia, which excited Leslie slightly. She would never destroy the relationship she and Julia had together by acting inappropriately towards Julia’s daughters. It was a pleasant thought but was so very wrong on so many levels.

“We’ll figure something out as far as getting together. Right now I think we need to hop into the shower and clean the bed up so your unsuspecting ‘better half’ remains clueless,” stated Julia, smiling as she slowly rose from under Leslie’s sweet body.

“Darn, you mean we can’t stay here forever?” Leslie joked as she playfully tried to hold Julia to the bed.

“No, baby we can’t,” Julia sighed as she thought about how fun that would be as her feet hit the floor.

Leslie shivered when she heard Julia call her “baby,” a term she hadn’t heard from any lover since her first initiation to female lovemaking. It struck a cord in her that made her heart soar with the possibilities she and Julia could achieve in the bedroom: pet names, roles, positions, the list could go on and on.

Leslie sighed and led the way to the bath, turning the water on for the shower, adjusting the hot and cold for a slightly warm water temperature. Julia followed her in, adjusting the flow when she went through the stream. Leslie noticed and said nothing; she liked Julia being “in charge” and wanted to see if Julia noticed that at all. In the future, Leslie might ask first or take it upon herself to make sure her lover was comfortable.

After the shower, the two lovers said their good-byes after placing clean sheets on the bed. They promised to call, setting another date to get together, if not for intimacy, then for social reasons. Each woman in her own way regretted that they had to part, while each knew they would soon reunite, at least on the phone if not in person. They had ideas where their relationship might go and each knew unconsciously that the other wanted it to last.

The lovers talked over the phone during the next few months. Unfortunately their schedules didn’t allow for many intimate moments. When they were able during dinner dates with their husbands, they would sneak off together and hold each other, renewing their bond at the very minimum. Mid-March, Julia called Leslie and invited her to a book club meeting that her daughter Cynthia was having. They were going to discuss one of the New York Times’ Bestsellers that her daughter and her friends had been reading the past few weeks. Julia thought it might be fun to get together with them. It would allow the two lovers to spend time together while commuting to the meetings.

The meeting wasn’t for another three weeks, which allowed Leslie enough time to purchase the book and read it. The book was light reading and Leslie had no trouble going through it a few times just to be sure she understood it and had topics to discuss.

On the scheduled date, Julia stopped by Leslie’s house to pick her up. Leslie’s husband, Bill, was home. Bill greeted her at the door and let her in after the usual hugs and questions about Julia’s family and their well-being. The couple’s dogs did their normal tail-wagging greeting for Julia then curled up by the couch and waited for someone to pay them more attention. Bill and Julia had a brief conversation while Leslie finished getting ready.

“John and I were talking,” Bill remarked. “We really like that you and Leslie have hit it off so well. We really weren’t sure at first that you would become as good of friends as John and I.”

Julia smiled to herself, knowing he had no clue how close she and Leslie really were and suspecting Bill and John hadn’t become that close.

“Well, Bill, all I can say is why did it take so long before we did?” Julia grinned, shrugging her shoulders.

“Maybe you both were a bit too shy; John gets all the credit though. He won that crabbing trip.” Bill smiled as he turned to see Leslie ready to go and waiting for them to quit gabbing.

“Yes, I’ll have to thank John when I get home tonight,” Julia stated as she winked at Leslie who was having a hard time holding in a laugh.

“You two have fun. This is a book club with your daughter and her friends, Julia?” Bill inquired, reassuring himself of their plans.

“Yes, her friends from college, all sorority girls, well, young women now.” Julia smiled as she said that with a slightly lecherous grin.

“You two enjoy. I’ll be working out in the shop, so call my cell if you need to get in touch with me,” Bill replied, kissing his wife good-bye then shutting the door as the women left. He then took ankara escort the ever-jubilant dogs to the shop with him.

“What was that all about Julia?” Leslie asked as soon as they were out of Bill’s hearing range.

“Oh, just small talk. He’s happy we hang out together,” Julia informed her lover with a sly smirk.

“What about that look? When you mentioned your daughter and her friends?” Leslie asked, not really sure what Julia was thinking.

“Sweetie, you will see. Just be sure we both stay on the up and up. I don’t want anyone to get any ideas about us,” Julia warned.

“Oh, your daughter isn’t aware, right? I’ll make sure I’m all prim and proper in front of them. But you know I’ll be lusting after you the whole time, no matter how cute they are.” Leslie grinned and licked her lips as she opened the door to the car and sat down in the passenger seat.

The drive to the meeting was uneventful. The two women talked about all that was happening in their lives since their last phone call. They talked a bit about the book. Leslie was a bit nervous, not having been to a party with this type of theme before. Julia reassured her after hearing how thoroughly Leslie had read the book that she would be fine. They parked the car in one of the few vacant visitor spaces in the condominium project that housed Cynthia’s rental and walked to the stairs.

They arrived at Cynthia’s apartment and knocked on the door; Cynthia opened it after peeking through the privacy hole.

Recognizing her mother, she opened it wide with a huge smile on her face, flinging her arms wide to hug her mother. She looked over at Leslie as she wrapped her arms around Julia then closed her eyes as she embraced her mom. After a brief pause, she let her go and softly kissed the older woman’s cheek. Turning to Leslie, she smiled and finally spoke.

“Mom, I’m so glad you made it. This must be Leslie?” Cynthia asked as she stood waiting to hug Leslie. Leslie smiled and quickly scanned the young woman she had heard so much about.

Leslie was delighted. Cynthia didn’t look quite like Julia but she could tell they were related. She smiled and quickly glanced up and down the twenty-five-year-old standing in front of her.

Cynthia stood next to her mother, a bit taller, her auburn hair, parted off to one side, hanging down to her shoulders with a slight wave to it. Her eyes were a deep blue almost surreal in color; Leslie thought she was wearing colored contacts. She’d never seen such a deep color without their help. She was barefoot, her toenails painted a sparkling shade of blue to match her eyes and fingernails. She wore a tight spaghetti strap top that revealed her flat tummy and belly button piercing. Her breasts were full and round, not overly large, Leslie thought, although she wouldn’t mind seeing them closer. She imagined them as full and as lovely as Julia’s, just firmer and perkier. The low-rise jeans fit snugly on her hips and accentuated her slim frame, which made Leslie almost wish Julia wasn’t her mother so she could get to know the girl better. She was nice looking and would become as lovely as Julia in a few years once her girlish looks matured into full womanhood.

Cynthia lunged forward giving Leslie a hug almost as enthusiastic as she had for her mother. Leslie blushed, not expecting such a reaction from this stranger. She felt Cynthia’s breasts press against her own, and a slight tingle raced through her body. The girl’s hug was genuine and Leslie hugged her back, eyeing Julia as she did.

“Mom has told me all about you, Leslie. I’m so glad to finally meet you,” Cynthia confessed when she released her mom’s friend, kissing her cheek and brushing Leslie’s lips with her own as she did.

Leslie looked at Julia briefly, wondering if Julia had told her everything about her and then remembered their talk as they walked out of the house.

“It’s nice meet you too, Cynthia. What a nice apartment,” Leslie quickly mentioned, hoping Julia hadn’t noticed her quick appraisal of Cynthia’s body and the near kiss.

Julia smiled at Leslie as she turned, walking ahead of her daughter into the living room of the two-bedroom unit. Leslie and Cynthia followed with Cynthia holding Leslie’s hand, leading her as if they were a couple.

Cynthia had a very nice job and could afford a place of her own. She roomed with one of her former sorority sisters in order to pay off her student loans quicker. The apartment was decorated tastefully, the girls having saved some college mementos that they now displayed on the various shelves and on some of the walls. The mementos blended nicely with the rest of the décor, which could have been professionally done.

Julia greeted the girls of the club as each stood or walked over to hug her, some kissing her cheek and whispering to her. Julia would smile and say something back, which Leslie couldn’t hear. Some would blush while others just smiled more broadly when they broke their embrace. She then introduced them to Leslie after telling them Leslie was a close friend. Leslie smiled and greeted each girl, trying to connect each name with a face. After all the introductions, Cynthia pointed out the refreshment and offered the two women their choice of “adult” beverages or soft drinks. A blender could be heard in the kitchen mixing some fruity concoction that seemed to be in everyone’s glass.

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